Muhammad Salah – Fiqh of Zakah Part 9

Muhammad Salah
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You agreed purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give. Give a little love.

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There's a hand somewhere at home to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give out well Give. Give ourselves no loss each and every hidden D.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of soccer. This program we aim to answer your questions in elaborate about this topic of soccer. We have more than 30 eyes of the Quran speaking about this topic, we have details about it. It many people don't know the importance of this topic. And that's what we have come today to do with me to explain and expand upon this. I have shaken hands a lot. So I want to shift away from Salaam warahmatullahi, or what occurred to me. Thank you very much for joining us My pleasure. As chef improves episodes, we've looked into the cause of the wealth of monetary items of gold and silver. We've even I think in the last episode,

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we're into a very difficult topic, of course, which was livestock and cattle. Today, let's start looking at other elements and one of the most How would you say quite interesting elements of Zika especially is that of minerals and treasure, something that many people think Wow, well, what does that got to do as a car dealership? What does minerals and treasure got to do is smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi wa kafa salam on Allah river de la de la stuff Ella cm and Mustafa sallallahu Allahu Allah early he was he was a limiter, Sleeman kathira about

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the scholars have agreed that there is a catch you on the money that somebody may find buried under the ground, which is called recurse. Because this is a particular treasure, which was buried from time of Jay helia, before Islam, and the scholars said, it's easy to recognize it since of ancient previous nations and so on. And because if you belong to Muslims, then this is a locata. This is less than found and you have to declare it so that the person who lost it would claim it. And if it was buried in somebody's house, you will be given to the person who abetted it if he's known or his ears, but then he cares. It's a treasure that is buried by intonations. And somebody dug it out by

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So he was lucky and he got out a feature or a jar full of gold or silver or valuables. So in this case interview Salalah Holly Solomon said we're here at Castle Holmes

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is occurred you on Eric as the scan of treasures is a homes that is one fifth 20% of what you find. That would be paid as as a catch you on it with regards to an iron ore minerals, which we extract from mountains and from under ground, such as gold and silver, aluminum, copper, brass, or even oil.

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There's a cap on it

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is a little different than the case of the case.

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In the case of free cause, it was found, luckily and by chance. But in case of minerals, we spotted certain areas where we say that it is search of minerals. So we tried to extract that does occur on it, the rate is similar to the rate of gold and silver and monetary, it will be abolished, or 2.5%. The difference between these occur in the conditions of minerals, which we extract

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from the ground or from the mountains, and there's a cap on gold and silver. There is no house. Once it is extracted, we get a separate the right of the poor, which is about 2.5% immediately. We don't have to wait for 12 lunar months to round up in order to pay there's a cap. So there's a cap on repairs and treasures go and minerals does not

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require the health Alinea to pass by lunaria to pass by. Okay. So who would be the recipients is the same as previously we have this certain group of recipients what we were told or does it change with us in the case of Arabic as the treasures in mhfa.

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May Allah have mercy on him.

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Say that

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The Maasai are the recipients of this occurred you are owed on treasures, which are found

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the same like the recipients of the regular Zika. The eight categories who are mentioned in verse number 60. of Surah attell. In the Masada quarterly for Cora, you will miss again you will Amylin Allah to the end of the verse will be discussed and explained in details inshallah in future episodes,

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and he used the reference to that he said, once somebody found a picture, in a deserted building in El Kufa, so he took it to an Imam Ali. May Allah be pleased with him. So Halima, Vitaly ordered him to divide it into five parts of portions. Then he took the one fifth or 20% of it. Then after the guy was about to leave, he called him and said, Do you have neighbors who are poor and in need? He said, Yes, he said, go ahead and pay to them. So he concluded from that, that there's a care to be paid on treasures to be paid to the same recipients of the regulars. Okay.

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Well, alum hora Malik, Ahmed, Abu hanifa

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hold a different opinion say no, in the case of Eric as the recipients are the same recipients of L fe.

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And fe is a very interesting term that we have also to learn about it, which is the word spoils or the word booty.

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In verse number seven of salted hash, Allah Subhana Allah says, Mahathir Allahu Allah Suleyman, el Oro Valley lei whenever suli Wali, the quarterback polyatomic Well Mr. Keeney webbing is semi specified the recipients of alfei or those spoils that will be given one fifth of it would be given to a law to Allah, meaning the messenger salado would take the share and distribute it as he wishes

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to the prophets family, to the orphans and to the poor, and the wayfarer, okay, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his family do have a share in this fake verses in Azteca, it is totally prohibited for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or early beta he has family members to receive a music app.

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So based in this area as a whole man Acosta ferry maliko al Madani mo hanifa said, the recipients of this occurred you on

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treasures are the same recipients of and fate.

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According to the area of Surah Al Hush, what is the reference? They said? Once somebody found a treasure outside and Medina limit in a deserted area, so he taught it to Medina Tamati Maha pub of the Allahu taala It was 1000 dinar golden, Deena.

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So how much

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are they allowed Allahu Allah took the

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the share, which is a 20% and he distributed among some poor, then he had some left oversee, we'll call the man who found the treasure and said, Take the remaining part.

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So they said when are Mourinho top gave the one who found the treasure and it's a lot so he maintained 800 dinar, there's plenty for so he's not poor, so he's not eligible for the regular cat. So, when I gave him a part that indicates this is not the same recipient of the care and he can be rich and he can be given out of this fate. Not only that, in the case of the car, we cannot pay the car to non Muslims. While in the case of the fate, we can pay a part of that to non Muslims. Also the case is not mandatory of non Muslims as we said, while if the recast or the treasure was dug out by non Muslim same rule apply. So this more right opinion is opinion of ultra more Malik Ahmed Abu

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hanifa. May Allah have mercy on the exact location? We have a question which I think is tied to this slightly and especially quite modern question. And nowadays treasure is not dug up anymore. Some people go to faraway lands and they find property, which is not in the ground is above the ground, but he's got no marks of ownership. It's been there for a long time. Does this classifies treasure or does it have to be something dug up and something in the ground?

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That is called a lucado. And a local author in Islam has a very beautiful route that many Muslims do not know about it, which is if you find something you do not just claim it because that found property

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is lost by somebody else. So if you know him, you have to pay it back to him or her to them. Allah Subhana Allah says in the law unto Abdul mnpt illa Allah, Indeed, Allah commands you to pay back the Mnn the trust to those whom they really own it.

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So if you find something which you know the owner, you have to give it back to them if there is any sign that indicates it belongs to him. What if you don't know them? Yeah, then if it is a valuable thing, it has to be declared for an entire year. You go in the same place and you declare it on a regular basis everyday, everyday everyday. There indicates that the person before touching anything that you find on the ground, you will not think it is a good luck, rather, it's a responsibility. So if you find your $50 bill while walking down the street, you can't do a valuable thing. But $50 you will have to declare it for three days not for foreign entirely. It varies according to the value of

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the item which you'll find. There is a very interesting catch in the two Hadith which you mentioned whether the incident of the man who found the future of gold, or the silver that are him in Kufa, then he took the whole thing and went to olive

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oil. And then in the case of the man who found the treasure or a jar full of 100 Gold dinars, then he took it the whole thing. And he talks to Omar a lot. What kind of people were there? I just want you to imagine that if you find such worth or money, that what would you do with it? Right away, people will confiscate and say this is mine. Even if the car people rent a vehicle, and they find valuable sunglasses,

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after a while protection, or they find a watch or a wallet, very, very few people would render it back this money is how it is not used. So those companions would take are those true Muslims would take the properties to the Khalifa or to the Muslim ruler, nowadays are afraid to take it to any person who may limit himself or why because of lack of honesty. When Muslims recognize their responsibilities towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and they live in their awareness of Allah's Presence throughout the entire time around the clock, then things should be completely different. This is a closer look, we're going to take a short break, and they shall return in a couple of

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minutes. Please stay with us on the thick of zakat. Salaam Alaikum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Agreed purify you well.

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Back to the Prophet.

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Join Shaykh Ahmad in the program back to the Prophet, wherein he teaches us practical lessons from the prophets life and how this can help us to overcome our challenges in the present. We talk about the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him seeking guidance for ourselves. In the early days after the revelation of the Holy Koran. The Muslims were greatly persecuted, so much so that quite a few Muslims had to leave Arabia and migrate to Africa to live among Al Kitab Christian people who follow the gospel of Christ.

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Back to the prophet in Ramadan on Hoda TV.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need time.

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Give Allah give us

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Welcome back to the thick of the car just previously we were speaking about a very important topic which is treasures and minerals in especially Zika how to go about finding it and check you expanded upon some really interesting things. One was that how honorable a Muslim should be somebody should be upright and so forth. Another thing that Muslims have to find out especially when it comes to soccer

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What do they do when they get income that comes in all of a sudden? How honorable they have to be? Because the guys like you said, it's something which they want to give, and they should feel like giving to the poor. Can I give you an example? Somebody's got a lunar year. And he finishes say, just before Ramadan. And just before this, he inherits a big amount of money. What does he do? How does it incorporate this into the circle? Sure.

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While we were gone for a break, I just remember a sound Hadith in which Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was describing how honest should be people when you say that somebody purchased a house from somebody from donations before us. And he found a treasure, a jar full of gold in it. So he took it to the previous landlord, the one who sold him the house and said, Well, I found this money in the property, it's yours. He said, Well, you bought it from me, I saw that you, then it belongs to you. He said, I cannot take it because it was buried in it. And it is yours. Just imagine, they were arguing that everybody wanted to give it to the other.

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Look at the honesty, because they believe that there will be a day of resurrection, recording, and everybody will be held accountable for every penny that we earn, how did we earn it? And how and where it was suspended? So anyway, they kept arguing and disputing, and they decided to see the judgment of a righteous man, they visited with him and said, this is a case I said, Do you have children, he said, Yes. And you have children. He said, Yes. One of them had a son and the other had a daughter, I said, well marry the son to the door, and spend on the marriage from this treasure. And by that he diffused the problem

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that shows us

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how important it is for a person to be honest, and to make sure that you will not take anything, claim anything that is not yours. Even if you if it is something that you you find in the street, you have to announce it. And you have if there is a valuable thing, you have to announce it for an entire year, so that the person who lost his property may go back in the same road or state and look for it. So he would claim his lost property.

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Now, if somebody

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orders a car on his wealth, and let's say that he pays his account every year in the beginning of the month of Shabbat, or the beginning of the month of Ramadan, and he had some income that came to him or earning right before paying the old Zakah.

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Obviously, there is one case where if he did not own the new Saab, then once an earning would come to him, and this earning is equivalent to the nisab or exceeds it. In this case, we will start counting and you will from the moment that you earned that NASA whether he inherited it or get it as a gift or he profited from a business that he was running or invest in in it. But if he has already then you saw and he orders a car, he was about to pay it in a few days or next month or so, we will have to look at this earning. And see it is one of three categories. The first one or the first case is if this profit or money was a growth of his position, his investment, he owned so much shares in

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the stock market. And just a few days before

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he pays his occur, the market went up. So now his money was doubled. In this case, because this profit was a natural growth of his already owned nisab then this entire money will be the cattle and he owes the care on the entire thing once the care is old, and do even though he earned it just yesterday. And there's a care issue tomorrow as long as it is within the house. Why? Because we said in the past if somebody owned an assault and possessed it, then in the middle it fluctuated it dip down or below then is up. So we said according to the more write opinion, that will start over whenever he pauses, we don't say in between if it goes up and down that we consider the beginning we

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consider once human team Daniel Saab from point A to point B, the end of the house the end of the world lunar months. So this is the first case if the growth of or the profit is a natural growth of what he already possessed. Min gens II have the same category. Yeah, it can be according to the second case it can be of the same category. cash and cash gold and gold but

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Or cattle and get it, but not as a result of what I already possess. For innocence. I have the nisab. And I'm supposed to pay this occur, then I received an inheritance.

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This inheritance is cash and I already have cash or cattle and I already have livestock which is a cattle. But this is an independent wealth, it is of the same category, the same type of what I have. But it was not as a result of what I have, it wasn't a growth of an investment or it's not a growth of my position. So in this case, what you do is you start a new home for this new earning.

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Okay, as long as you already own the new SOP,

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you start a new house. And whenever the particular earning that I have earned completes a house by itself, that will be a different year than the regular year which I pay my regular soccer.

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So if somebody earns his salary,

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that's not a growth of my, my my investment. So this is money I get, but it's a result of my hard work my job. So in this case, you have two choices. The first one is either to put a timetable and say I earned this salary on the month. So next year around the same month, I would pay zakat on it. And each month like why is that this is very confusing and troubling. And not everybody can do that. And that's why I will say, since it is permissible, and okay for a person to pay his occur in advance, I say, once you earn this money,

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and it is from the same category of what you already own as any slot, then it is better to pay there's a cap on it all together. Whenever the house is due, you don't have to. But this is better in order to take it out of the confusion of specifying how for each earning, or this is an inheritance. And this is a get complicated. And this is and this is a salary, you're going to have too many

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commitments to pay on specific times the third and earning

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that is not from the same category. Such as I'm a businessman, all of a sudden, somebody gave me 40 sheep.

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For a sheep. That is bizarre for the sheep. But I'm a millionaire. I was never in the livestock business. So this livestock that I have gotten, or I purchase or inherited would have an independent house. Because it's a different category of wealth.

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Even if it is he has sheep, and he's got in some camels or cattle. So each position would have its own how if he wishes he has this allowance or it is permissible for him to do so. Great. Okay, now, now you're speaking about Whole Again, I'm going to ask you a question, which is very close to what we're discussing here is what happens if somebody's coming to the end of the lunar year. For example, let's look at somebody who has crops for example, it's come to the end of his lunar year now. And just before the end, something devastating happens, either his crops get destroyed or, you know, unfortunate sometimes robberies happen and so forth. What does he do then? Nice come to the

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end of his linear What does he do? This is a very important question. In order to answer this question, we have to first answer a question before that, which is whether the car is the responsibility of the owner, or it is due on the holdings themselves, the holdings, whether it's the cash, or the cattle, the livestock or the crops,

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even has

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and this is also the famous opinion of mmm it believes that there's a car is the responsibility of the owner of the Nissan. So he says, if he owed as a car

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and his entire worth crops for innocence were ruined. Once the whole round, once the crops are collected, and he orders a car, then he must pay this occurred you on but he lost the whole crops, according to their belief, the effect of course, that it is due on the person the responsibility of the owner, not the holdings

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in our hanifa may Allah have mercy on him

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believe that it is due on the holdings. So he says if the person

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Not the reason, nor was he negligent or did not cause his belonging or his positions to be destroyed or ruined. It is not his fault, then he's not blameworthy. He doesn't or in his account, even though it was due, because the entire holding were destroyed. Okay. That's why in

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this email address and him said the purpose of Zika is to entertain and assist the poor. Right? Yeah. So, if somebody lost his property, he is poor is eligible for Zika we cannot just overburden him by asking him that you have to pay as a car, while you already do not have any position. And I do not believe somebody would intend to destroy his wealth or his properties. Because there is a car owed on it. In order to wait as a car or not paid he would just ruin his entire worth. That doesn't happen. This is a different case than if the person separated is a California and he was going to pay to the poor and he was robbed. In this case, he has to repay it. Because now this is an Amana he

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separated. There's a calf and whether it's cattle sheep died, or a camel winter Levon or even to Muhammad and he died, you have to bring another one. It is your responsibility to give it in the hands of those who are eligible for it are entitled for before that if you dies, if it's throwing or Rob, it is your responsibility to make it

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folio. Beautiful advice today as you can see another episode of the stickers are very informative episode. Until next time, I live with us Salaam Alaikum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you well the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to get given it and love your

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hand somewhere hold mouth to feed. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Give our time give, give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden D

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