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Brothers and sisters I begin by reminding you of what Allah has reminded us and the prophets of some would always remind us in every hotbar and that is to be conscious of Allah for Allah says in the Quran yeah you hola Dina Amanu tabula Hapa to call to what our temotu in that one two Muslim moon, Oh you who believe be conscious of Allah, the way that it is befitting that you are conscious of him and do not die except in a state of submission. Do Muslims have the stories of the Quran and a story that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada himself has asked us to pay attention to, is the story of the Prophet Ayoub in English known as job the Prophet a you. Allah says in the Quran was the Quran rather than a

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Ube remember Our servant a you? Allah tells you to remember him to reflect about him. Allah wants you to keep in mind the story of you. Allah praises you multiple times in the Quran. Allah says near him allowed to do what a great worshiper was a you Allah says in the hood, a web he would constantly turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada after mentioning the story of a you Allah says that in this is the Quranic oil and BB in the story of a youth or lessons morals for the people of reflection and intelligence. In today's brief chutzpah, I'm going to not only summarize but extract inshallah Tada some of the lessons we need to know from the story of profit are you Valley his salaam Prophet tube

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is of course one of the famous Prophets of the Children of Israel, Bani Israel in and he was from the descendants of his house of Isaac. And the Prophet tube was blessed not only with prophecy, but with wealth and health and family and every blessing of this world. Not every prophet had children. Not every prophet was wealthy, a you by the his Salam, Allah blessed him with a very large family. And Allah blessed him with immense amount of wealth. And his wife was a righteous lady, and she was of the descendants of the Prophet use of the Prophet Joseph. And so he was married into a noble family, and the two of them worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah gave them deen and duniya.

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But Allah wanted to make profit, you have a role model for mankind. And for those who are chosen to be role models, they must undergo elements of suffering and pain. You shall never become a role model. You shall never rise in the ranks in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada until you undergo some types of trials and tribulations and Allah loved Prophet a you and Allah wanted to raise the MACOM the status of Prophet au and so Allah subhana wa Tada tested a tube with a series of tests, tests that we cannot even begin to fathom and imagine tests that if we were given a fraction of them, it might have caused us to go insane. Not only did he lose all of his wealth, because of an accident,

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he lost all of his children. In one night, the roof fell down, and all of his children returned to Allah subhana wa Tada. As if that wasn't bad enough, he's lost his wealth in a fire and a calamity happened and then an accident and caused the roof to fall he lost his family, his children, as if that wasn't difficult enough. Allah then tested him with his health. A you was a vibrant young man handsome. A US vitality was known throughout the town. But Allah tested him with something in his health. Nobody could understand what was happening. And slowly his outer appearance changed, and his skin lost its luster until it seemed unseemly to look at. And then an odor began coming from his

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body so that people asked him to leave the town. So he lived outside the city on a tent in a bank next to the river. He couldn't even live inside the city anymore. And his loyal wife continue to take care of him continue to bring food and do menial chores. She would be a maid servant and get some money and buy food and continue to take care of you. Are they his Salam? Until one day she complained to you? And she said, For how long are we going to live like this? For how long we used to live with such poshness with such grand dewar? Do something you're a prophet of Allah do something. Ask Allah to change our situation. The prophet that you asked his wife, dear wife, how

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many years did we live in comfort? How many years? Did we have wealth and children? How many years were we in? Bless it times. She counted. She said 50 6070 How long she said 60 years we were in good care.

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You said, for 60 years, you never complained that Allah was giving, giving, giving. If Allah has chosen for a few years to take away, why should we complain? Now? You weren't complaining when everything was so good you were taking, taking, taking now that the situation has changed. Why must you complain? Allah is the best of planners, and Allah has a better plan for us. And things became more dire for you by his salaam, his wife was not able to earn income. And we don't know the full story. The Quran references that his wife, perhaps tempted a youth to do something that was not accordance with Islam, some say that shaytaan came to his wife and she thought said, if you do

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something to me, then I will give you back his life. And so you were the Prophet you was wife, it is said in the books of Tafseer, his wife then made this offer to a youth the shaytaan came to me said if you do this, and that you'll get your life, your health, your wealth back. And there you have it. He said, I've got so angry that he said, If Allah ever gives me strength, then I will have to discipline you 100 times I'm going to discipline you right now I'm too weak to do anything. But because you dare bring up the name of shaitan because you dare thought that's going to be good, then I must discipline you, I swear by Allah, I will have to do this. If I ever recover my life. He gave

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an oath by Allah and we'll see what happened to that oath. Things became even more dire. And your his wife had to sell her hair to get some money to feed. She had no money. So she sold her hair so that some young ladies can have hair this is not allowed in our Sharia under Sharia might have been allowed. And because of this, she has come with no hair. When you saw this, his heart broke, you know a man can take a lot on himself, but when his wife when his children suffer, that really hurts a different level. When he saw this, he could not bear it anymore. And so he raised his hands to Allah and he said, Rob being in Naima, Sunil baru, were under our hammer rock him in Europe,

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calamities have afflicted me. And you are the Most Merciful of all who show mercy.

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Yara calamities have afflicted me, and you are our hammer Rahimi, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate of all who showed mercy. And as soon as he uttered that to

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the angel came to him and said, dip into this pool, touch your feet to this water or could village lick this water shall cure you completely. And he literally just dipped his foot in that river. And he became completely fresh and new as he was 20 years ago, so much so when his wife came to give him food, she found a young man, she said, Oh servant of Allah, do you know where are you best? I can't find him. Or servant of Allah. Can you tell me what are you busy? And she said, I am a you will be your husband. And then she recognized it was a you? And how about the oath? How about the head of that he made Allah subhanho wa Taala said, take some twigs, take some leaves that have 100 branches

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and just rub it and that will be your oath unto you. Because in the end of the day, she was a pious and righteous lady, but she slipped up once. And our Shetty says that look, if somebody has a consistent, you know, habit of being pious and righteous and they make one mistake, you cannot judge them like somebody who's a criminal, she slipped up once out of love. And so uh, you have either his Salam, Allah gave him a way out and Allah protected his wife as well from a YouTube's header from a YouTube's oath. Now there's many lessons to be learned in the story of you. Time is limited. I want to extract some basic points. Point number one brothers and sisters. We need to understand that

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being tested and undergoing problems and having traumatic experiences in health, in wealth in our lives in our family relationships. This is not a sign that Allah is displeased with us. We need to remove this type of negative theology from our minds. Marwa dakara. Booker, Omar Carla, your Lord has neither abandoned you know, is he angry with you? Right at the beginning of the result of the message, the prophet system felt that perhaps he was angry with me. Things aren't going according to plan. Things aren't going the way I want. Does this mean Allah is not happy with me? This is the very beginning of the of the message. Allah taught him and to him through him. Allah taught all of

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us don't ever think that your Lord has abandoned you. Don't ever think that your Lord is angry with you. Do not allow any calamity to cause you to think that this is Allah's displeasure and then you turn away from Allah. If anything, it is a sign that Allah azza wa jal wants to cleanse you of mistakes to raise your ranks higher, rather than thinking of it as displeasure. Think of it as opportunity, opportunity that Allah wants

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Need to go higher than I currently am. And Allah knows I'm not worthy of that status. So by this tragedy by this calamity, by this anxiety by this grief, some sins I might have committed that are impeding my journey to Allah, some sins have been gotten rid of. And when those sins are gotten rid of, I now have the opportunity to rise higher than I was the greatest and the best and the most righteous of people of Taqwa are tested by Allah. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when Allah loves someone, he tests him. And the more Allah loves that person, the more he shall be tested. Do not ever think brothers and sisters, that a test that you're facing is an indication that

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Allah does not love you rather think this is the potential for Allah to increase his love. And if I act properly, do properly react properly, then Allah will love me more than before this calamity happened. Second, points brothers and sisters that we learned here. Second point is that patience is one of the highest virtues in our religion, and the use of it has Salam achieved that level because of his patience. Allah says in the Quran in wotja, now who saw built all we found a you patient, we found him to be a patient man. Now how his patients demonstrated patience is demonstrated by controlling the tongue and by keeping one's limbs in check. Patience does not mean that you don't

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feel anxiety and stress patients does not mean that your heart is beating a little bit faster because of some issue in your household and your family. That's normal. You will feel anxious, you will feel inside of you a little bit of you know stress that is completely normal. But patience means you control your tongue and you only say what will please Allah subhana wa Tala patients means you control your limbs and you act in a manner that is befitting to Allah subhanho wa Taala either never once did you have either you Salam complained to anybody except Allah directly. And by the way, this is another point here. We complain to Allah, we don't complain about Allah staford Allah,

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we complain to Allah. We don't complain about Allah complaining about Allah Schofer complaining to Allah is eemaan Europe. I am in pain. This is what you were saying. Europe you see my situation Europe you're so merciful Europe it's difficult for me to bear this. This is complaining to Allah. And this is what a movement does. You raise your hands up to Allah and you open your heart, you let every emotion come Europe this is so difficult for me Europe you are our hamara him in Europe. You see what is happening Europe my child is in pain. My wife is in pain. My money is whatever the situation might be Europe give me Sabra to deal with this and then allow this calamity to overpass

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us. You turn to Allah and you complain to Allah about your situation. We learned this from the story of a young lady who said another benefit we learned from the story of a UBI to his Suriname are we learned this from the Sunnah from the syrup from the ahaadeeth as well is that Sobor is something that you will have to acquire when the calamity happens. Nobody can imagine that a you have Alayhis Salam would be this patient. How can he when he's living the life he has so much wealth, he has so much progeny Who could imagine that when all this taken away and he's still living a dignified life worshiping Allah believing in Allah Sobor is attained Sobor is acquired through only one mechanism.

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Was there one or Saarbruecken illa biLlah Be patient and your suburb will come from Allah Subhan will come from Allah patience will come from Allah. So when you're facing a calamity, when you feel I can't deal with this, it's too much for me realize you can and you shall deal with it because Allah will give you the patience you need. SABR comes from Allah. And there's a beautiful Hadith that is in Sahih Bukhari I wish so many of us understood and memorized it. It's a hadith it's a hadith that gives us optimism. It gives us hope regardless of the problems that we're facing, regardless of how difficult life becomes we think we don't have it in us we think we don't have the

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tools we can deal with this pain and suffering what in our profit system safe woman yet or saw better use of beautiful law. Whoever desires to acquire patience shall be granted patience by Allah. Woman yet Assad bro. You want to have sovereign you desire to have sovereign Allah

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will give you sub Subhanallah Can you imagine if it was that easy to get money whoever wants money will be given money? How much would we have? But sub is more precious than money and it is free, free. You only have to desire it and Allah will give you sovereign. What more can we ask for? Just ask Allah. Oh Allah gives me sovereign and you will get it. This is the Bashara the good news in the Quran was vidwan sobre la villa in the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim woman yet or somebody will submit Hola. You will get as much silver as you desire and you will get as much silver as you need. All you have to do is turn to the one who will give it to you and you will get it automatically. We

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learned this from a youth and from the entirety of the Sierra and the Sunnah. So next time that calamity is facing you Subhanallah brothers and sisters Subhan Allah turn to Allah azza wa jal turn to Allah and ask him for supper. Another thing we learned from the incident of a you and his Salaam is the power of dua I've referenced this a few minutes earlier, I'll go over go over it a little bit more the power of dua, nothing is more effective in combating our stress, our grievances, our pain, our suffering, then turning to our Lord raising our hands up to Him do is I call it theological therapy. It is therapy Imaan based, you know, you've seen people go to a counselor or psychiatrist,

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that's good if you have to go go. But there is a therapy that every one of us can do for free, it doesn't charge us by the hour, there is a therapy that is more precious, there is a therapy that is more powerful, and that therapy is da da, when you turn to Allah and you ask Allah from the depths of your heart, and you ask Allah using his names and attributes, and especially to are done that is alone, and especially to I've done in the last third of the night, during the Salah, tahajjud the nightly prayers, this is the most powerful dua it is the most efficient to our it is to either a prophet system said whoever does it, Allah Himself has said, I will give whatever the person wants

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during this time when he's asking me all alone last third of the night. So when you're facing stress and difficulties, and we're all going to face stress and difficulties, one of the most powerful antidotes is that of dua, increase your DUA, in order to battle the stress that you're facing. Another benefit from the story of you

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is the importance of

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a loving wife or a loving spouse, the husband and wife coming together Subhanallah Are you by day has salaam was blessed with a very righteous wife. And she remained firm with him. She lived through the good and the bad. And the same should happen for the husbands as well. Every person goes through some ups and downs. If at the first sign of some issue, the other couple walked away, every family would be broken. We learn from this husbands and wives couples, try your best to stick together through thick and through thin, sometimes life will be good. Sometimes it won't be that good. You know as long as overall the class the IMA is there try your best to maintain that family unit. You

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know, if you're his wife had left, she had the right to do so she had the right to do so. But she wouldn't have gotten to that MACOM but because she was loyal and because she remained despite financial difficulties, despite the you know, sickness that you've had, because she remained Allah azza wa jal praised her in the Quran. And Allah defended her and Allah taught you a trick out of the anger that you've made that promise that whatever promise he made, Allah said just take these branches and Robert and Hollis you don't have to worry about that Allah protected a US wife's honor from any type of you know, harshness, that maybe even you was legitimately angry at that time. But

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because of her Kurama and dignity because of her loyalty, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed to you this is how you get around this and in this is a divine protection for couples. And I say this very bluntly brothers and sisters, we are facing so many crises today. But one of the biggest crises is the attempt to destroy the family unit is a separate topic altogether. But it must be said in light of a huge story on Muslims. To be blunt, we are the last bastions of normal morality. When it comes to faith. We are the last bastions of morality and marriage and the family unit. Make sure you preserve this unit as much as possible. Make sure husbands and wives fathers and mothers you stick

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together as much as possible, especially in this harsh and unreal world that we found ourselves in preserve the family unit and Allah will preserve your children and your Eman through that as well.

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as you can, but we learned this from the story of a youth ballet his salaam, much can be said brothers and sisters about the story of a young brother his Salam. But we summarize in a nutshell. And that is that this world and this abode is not the abode of ultimate peace. It's not the abode of perpetual that is than what wealth and blessings know, that is the next life ahead. This life you will be tested, some will be tested more than others, no doubt about that. But this is not the abode of perpetual peace. This is not the abode of ultimate happiness, find happiness in the next life. And you will find it when you turn to Allah azza wa jal and overcome the problems of this world.

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This world is the abode of tests. The next world is the abode of perpetual bliss. We don't want tests, we don't want trials, we don't want to be tested like are you by the his Salam, or you did not want to be tested like this. But when Allah chooses you for a test, than realize that Allah has chosen you for a divine wisdom, and Allah has chosen you to raise your ranks. So even though you don't want the test, when Allah has chosen you, you rise up and accept the challenge and you ask Allah that Allah azza wa jal blesses you with the ability to pass that test may Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you will read through the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they

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understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah is forgiveness you as well ask him for his love of food and the ramen

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hamdulillah Khalifa had a had a summit Aladdin amulet what have you that? What am your color? Hoka One ahead. What

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do you muslim is one of the issues in the news that is of great concern to all of us and we're lucky our hearts tremble and our skin stands on end is the blasphemy of burning the Quran in public to send a message to for any political cause that these people might have? And will Allah He brothers and sisters, we must publicly vocally express our extreme anger at this abominable reality. He should not be allowed to do this. And I urge all of you who understand your political system, that if it is possible to somehow make this illegal ban than it should be done, I'm not aware of your systems here. Every country is different, where it is possible. Some countries ban types of speech

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types of acts that incite hatred. If that is the case, then why should not we as Muslims request a similar respect of our tradition and our faith? If other faith traditions if other civilizations of other races can put on this list of what can be banned various things, you cannot say this, you cannot say this fair enough. Well, Allah He we agree, we want respect of people, we will be the first people to respect every civilization. But isn't it fair that we also request the same? So if it is possible, I'm not aware of your legal system, if it is possible that I petition an urge the activists, the legal specialists amongst you to somehow make this something that is not allowed by

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the law? If that's not possible, according to your constitution, then we have to think about the best way to minimize these types of things. We cannot just allow this to happen and pretend as if things are normal. No. And I understand this as a random incident. But I am worried if this incident becomes more and more common. I'm worried of this because it becomes something that becomes a standard mechanism of if somebody wants to make a point on that group, they're going to do something like this, I would have been like no. So we have to work to raise public awareness. We have to work to make sure that it becomes socially unacceptable. If legality doesn't work. I speak to you as an

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American in America, we cannot do anything to ban it because our constitution is different. We cannot do anything legally. The laws are different in our country. But we can work to socially banded, socially ostracized, meaning there are some things that are legal in America, but if you do them, society will boycott you, society will say You have gone too far. So it's not that you're going to go to jail, but public sentiment will be against you. And this is a reality that we're all aware of. We now need to work to make Muslim dignity. To make this Shai are the signs of Allah that respected and sacred, our Prophet sallallahu either he was setting him should be beyond any such

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politics. The Quran should be beyond any such symbolism. You want to make fun of me, my my background, my family, my ethnicity, go ahead, but leave my religion, leave my profit, leave my holy book out of it. And if we collectively come together, and we make a firm stand in this regard, and also also more importantly than simply saying, but showing people the dignity that we have as Muslims, giving people the reality of what it means to be a Muslim the reason why some other faith traditions are a

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Bow to make sure that their sacred relics are not made fun of is because they've made an impact in the community people have a genuine amount of respect that okay these people have contributed this much we cannot infuriate them. We have to work on the social aspect as well. People in these lands need to know who we are and respect us for our values. There must be it's not just the law is common sense

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