Ali Hammuda – The Most Patient of All Men

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a person who died at the age of eight and was later transferred to his uncle. He saw his mother and his stepmom, and killed their children. He also saw his stepmom and his stepDAughter, and experienced painful sadness and terror at the loss of their bodies.
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Who was more patient

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than the Prophet Muhammad's Allah, Allah Allah who was who suffered more than him.

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every shade of every trial of life was given to him so that Allah may give him every shade and color of pleasure in Jannah.

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Think about it.

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He came into our world without a father. He was an orphan. His dad died before he could even meet him.

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Then at the age of six, he saw his mother breathe her last in the deserts of Arabia. When they came back from a trip visiting his uncle's he saw her die,

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that he was transferred over to his grandfather's care. He loved him so much at the age of eight, two years later, his grandfather dies

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then he is transferred into the care of his uncle Abu Talib.

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And he loves him so much. It Abu Talib does not become a Muslim, and he sees him dying as well, but this time without Islam.

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And then he sees the death of his wife Khadija, and he sees the death of his wife, Xena betta Hussein. And he buries every single one of his children. They all die during his life. Mostly as toddlers, with the exception to Fatima, and even her he was told that you should tell her,

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you will be the first one to die after me. And indeed, she died six months after he passed away.

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Then Allah gave him grandchildren as a compensation, but his enjoyment would be limited there. Because he would receive information through a revelation that they are going to die a gruesome and cruel death. So he would kiss them and sniff them and carry them on the pulpit. And he knew that these are men are not going to last till their full age.

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And he would see his companions corpses carpeting the battlefield, that's difficult for a human being.

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And the intestines of animals would be placed on his neck as he frustrated to Allah and Fatima would come and clear it and cry and make dua against those who live this.

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An oak bobbing lobby might would suffocate the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he was in Santa till his almost breathed his last.

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And he and his tribe were trapped in a valley and boycotted for about three years. And many companions died because of that, and he just health deteriorated fatally because of that siege. How much can man take? Then he was accused with regards to his sanity in cused. With regards to his mind if he was accused of being a madman at soothsayer, Bewitched, storyteller, poet, forging stories of the people of the past, forms would be placed in his way in front of his home.

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stones will be hurled at him when going to the city of LA if and His only crime was wanting to save them from *.

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hemorrhage would be something that he would experience on numerous occasions during battles, news was conveyed that he was killed on the day of Ohio. That's how badly he bled.

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And towards the end of his life, he had to pray sat down because his feet were too tired. They couldn't carry him anymore. Ali, his Salatu was Salam.

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Despite all of that, what were his favorite words?

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Your G morning fan?

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I love optimism.

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Look, I do have to figure one out you have What have you said?

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I was subjected to fear in the path of Allah at a time when nobody else was made to be afraid.

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When it was easy to figure out who you are now you that I had, and I was harmed in the path of Allah at a time when nobody else was harmed.

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Well look at a guy like Attalla yesterda Tune McBain Yeoman Valina and I remember a time in my life when 30 Days and nights passed by.

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were madly Wallaby learning ammonia, Kevin and me and Bill had no food to eat

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Illa shame on you worry able to build except what little food bill was able to smuggle for us above and that is

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the most patient of all men was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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