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You agreed, purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Okay? All good. You have to again give a little love your

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hand somewhere to hold the mouth to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need give our time give our well Gibala give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of Zika episodes where we are speaking about this very important topic that affects all of our lives, how to understand it, how to implement it. To help me go through this I have with me Sheikh Mohammed Salah salaam aleikum, Chef alaikum Salaam wa rahmatullah moto G's application for being with us, which is that Baraka love shell in previous episodes, we've gone through a lot of information about Zika, we spoke about this definition and, and the wealth the types of wealth went through livestock through crops, we went through treasure minerals, and always but always there's one topic that you come up with, which we

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haven't addressed, and I think some of the people say, Well, this may be one of the important topics here is Who are the people who receive Zika or the recipients of Zika

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa keba to Lima Taki in Walla Walla Walla, Walla Walla means Ameen for salat wa salam O Allah, Allah Allah Farina sadhana Mohammed on early or sotheby as main please be to Allah and own we praise Him and will seek His help pumps of Allah guides is a truly guided one and several ladies astray. No one can show him guidance made the best piece and listen, we have on Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in one Hadith that Allah did not let any person decide and determine the recipients of the care other than himself did not leave this up to anyone even a prophet. He revealed a specific verse, verse number 60, of surah October, which determines the categories of the recipients of zakat. There is something common in between which is poverty, because when an abuser Lola Salaam sent more either punishable to alien, when he instructed him to take, like I said, inform them that Allah has ordained upon them Zakah to be taken from the rich of them, to be paid to the poor of them. So there is rich and poor, the opposite of each other. And

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soon we'll be able to recognize who is rich, according to the Sharia, and who's considered to be poor, and eligible for or entitled, for the mandatory sort of the first first forces in nano sort of hard to count with me in normal sort of, at least for karate. Well, Misaki Well, I'm Melina Alia. Well, more or less at Yoku boom. If you recall the will or Amina. Wolfie Sevilla, he will be in his city, ferryboat Amina la en la Halima Hakeem.

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So, the arm should be given to the following categories and fukada he will miss a keen

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eye for Cora is one category and Alma saggy and Misaki is the second category, but I would give them both the name the poor, what's the difference between them, both of them have the Porsche

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count the eight categories then inshallah we'll tackle each one in details. So I would say alphacard the poor and Mr. Kane the poor. Then the third category is Elia Molina, Allah, those who are labeled by the state by the government in order to collect the Zika from those who owe it and distribute it amongst those who are entitled for one more LSAT Allah boom, for those whose hearts are to be reconciled. We'll explain that meaning as well in details with a real copy and for the freedom of those who are captives while Horry, Nina and for those who are burdened with debt or feeling severely low E and for the cause of Allah

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be the wayfarers.

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farinata min Allah This is a duty imposed by a law law who Aileen Hakeem and Allah is on our and all Weiss alpha Cora on May 2 back to your question and the difference between both of them because when I translated that said, the poor and the poor

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And for our poor people will Mr. King or poor people, some scholars spend tremendous amount of effort, amount of time and effort in order to distinguish between and Misaki. Also Karasin, some say those who do not have provision enough for six months, and those who do not versus those who do not have provision enough for one year, etc. While we already have one Hadith that explains the difference, and Misaki in our subgroup of enfocado.

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The main difference between an Misaki and or for Cora, the MSA, kids are poor, but they are unknown

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to the community and to the society as poor people. You see people who go to school wearing maybe the same outfit throughout the entire year, but they always look clean.

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They always look happy. Nobody knows that. Maybe they don't have food enough for tomorrow for the day. But they're very modest people. They never back. They never asked they did not file for welfare. They do not seek any assistance even though they are in a difficult and

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miserable financial conditions. So in a way of salaria alerted us to pay attention to such people whom as the Quran says less loon and NASA will have the long back they feel embarrassed to search out their hands and say give me they would rather die and not ask for help

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such people and have your cell alone as lmsc as in the sun Hades which is collected by Buhari Muslim and narrated by Abu hurayrah de la de la salle miskeen Ola de todo Tamara to attend Ratan while a local metal will look Medan enamel miskeen already if the crow lays alone unless it has

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them in scheme is a poor person, his or her career.

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But he is not known to the society. And to the rich people who are paying there's a CAD use. They don't know that this person is for career.

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Maybe he is a colleague at work. And they keep asking if you know somebody who's eligible into foster care, and he doesn't open his mouth Hello is embarrassed yet if he feels shy to say I'm poor, he would consider this like complaining about Allah to his creation. So he is not the one who

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won tomorrow two days would suffice him and that he's a beggar that he asked for anything. She would give him a date or two or a mouse one or two. No, no, no.

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And miskeen is one who is extremely poor. But yet

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he feels shy to ask for any help.

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In another

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Hadith, he said listen Miskin hula de aku fallenness those who look metal will look mutton, what tomato tomahto yato fallenness, such as the baggers, they knock on people's doors and they as they once you roll down your window, they say I need to eat or whatever, some of them are faking.

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And some of those people, the vendors, when they die, they find they have treasures, there are millionaires, it happened repeatedly and we read in the news. So the take this as a job

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and miskeen maybe starving, but he would not declare his need or poverty to people. So, such people, Allah Subhana Allah specified them as a second category to alert us to pay close attention to them to look for them. You may find a doctor

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an MD who is eligible for Zika and guess what, there are many and many of them today who are eligible for zeca because there are thieves.

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They do not operate in abortion. They do not do a cosmetic surgeries they do not do things which are Haram. They verify the Hillel torque and they help the poor so they themselves do not possess the nessa who is alpha clear. Alpha clear or and miskeen is somebody who does not possess the SOP and then he saw in any worth as we explained in several episodes in the past, excessive to his basic needs. What are the basic needs house or at least 11

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food, clothes, drink, lawful drink and

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Whatever provision that's needed for a family to survive sick, does that mean like modern day, modern day survival, or we're talking about survival loaded, because like you said before, in previous episode, in the olden days, we spoke about the PSA, that you know, survive on a handful of greens for the day, a handful is somewhat remote, sorry, I mean, I mean, equivalent.

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But nowadays, you know, it may be a couple of burgers, and it may be, I think, you know, a couple of packs of crisp and a piece of chicken and a beef. As a matter of fact, this is a very important point, because, in America, for instance, when we come to the severe desert, somebody says, I cannot pay my rent, I will be kicked out. So we secure the rent for one entire year for the person, you know, how much is that we're talking about between 12 to $20,000 for one person,

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such money can enrich in a whole neighborhood in some other countries, if you go to Pakistan after the flood right now, and you spend $20,000 that can make a lot, but one person will be the beneficiary. So, it varies from place to another, and from an individual to another from time to another time. So, it is not the same with every person in every place, and in every time what will determine that the conditions and the need of the needy person. So, this house this food, these are the basic necessities now, this house has food this electricity, the water this this is it correct and even a servant if they need a maid or an assistance in the past that was included as a basic

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necessities, so that anything that he owns and it is nisab attains in itself or more beyond this basic needs this person is rich, but after having a house and having enough food and drink and tuitions for the school and and all of that and even the salary for your maid or whatever, and you do not have enough money to attend any so this person is considered poor. It is going to take a short break now and return in a couple of minutes please do stay with us on the opposite Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at

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you agreed purify you well.

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The philosophy of Islamic law

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the program for restoring belief and trust within Muslims mind and heart

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and for for establishing a true concept once then approves for us.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give, give, give us

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Welcome back to the topic of Zika just before the break we went into the categories of those people who are going to receive the crown we started with two than a second and the four cut off so we spoke about the poor poor people and within the another sub category of those are and

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put them in the wrong way around but sub category the second of those who are not known. A question comes to mind when given out to what level Do you give to the Porsche is their level you go up to that's a beautiful question. Rama Rama haka, radi Allahu Allahu Allah said, either our Titan fell

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in the Altai tomb forever, No,

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you do not give, we're talking about as a care, not a voluntary charity, when you give this a cat one person you do not give him just to eat for now, the purpose of the care is to turn the person from

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poverty into satisfaction. So he is satisfied. His needs his basic needs are fulfilled even for an entire year. He doesn't worry about the rent for the next few months. He doesn't worry about paying for the school for his children or buying food or or or for the entire next year is the appetite of Elmo a sadhaka. There is a very interesting Hadith that will explain that and this hadith is a cornerstone in the subject of this occur recipients who are eligible for this occur and up to how much Shall we pay

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The person by the name this is a sound Hadees collected by Amador Muslim Oh Buddha would wanna say and others kabisa Ivanova Haruka Hill le a companion who came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and say Dr. Salalah, the hammer to hammer Latin, the Hamilton hemella means I am burdened with a debt, this debt. It's not his own debt, but he was trying to reconcile so we guarantee the debt of others. The Hammer was an Arabic tradition that reflected that the Arab or generous the Arab world,

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having good manners and morals, basically, if somebody wanted to reconcile between two tribes, or two families or two individuals who are fighting for so long, so maybe there are some pending payments that are blood money, or ransom or penalty. So they will judge this person must pay to that person that much, but he's not willing to pay, nor does he have. So a third person will say, I guarantee that money, but I guarantee that that's called the hemella so this man kabisa Abner mojarra

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he may be rich. He came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he needed help. So NW Salalah Selim said efthimia kabisa had the DNA of sada To find out more aloka vihara hang around until we receive the charity so that we can give you some of it. Then another useful olana Sanam seize this opportunity to explain to kabisa and to all of us at large that who is eligible to take from the mandatory so that

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they say they are coming so you gotta know that

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in Allah tala, the Hindu allele, a hadith aletheia. The sada is not just fine, except for three individuals representing three cases or three conditions. It is not permissible for you to ask nor to beg or to seek help or to take from the sada except if you fit in one of the following three cases. The first one is the case of this companion, who is kabisa Rajaraman tamela, Hammersmith and for Hamlet lowness, Ella to have their usuba some am sick. So now we guarantee that it will help you out even if this person the guarantor is rich, whether is rich or poor? Yeah, we're gonna help him out because he is a good man. And he's helping others that is helping the entire society. He's

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making peace. Yeah, so we can help him out from the Zika fund in order to resolve this issue until his debt is resolved and his commitment is fulfilled. Then afterward he upset us It means anything beyond that is not allowed for for you.

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So now his name is addressing the people's conscious

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to be aware of a lot of prisons that you're dealing with Allah Subhana Allah does something hidden you can come to bite and marry come to the masjid nowadays and say, I'm stuck and I owe that much money. We're not going to investigate you can present many blank checks and you say I will go to prison, we will take your word for granted because this is an Amana Unfortunately, it has become so common. And now we have to further investigate or otherwise who might end up giving people who do not deserve as we will see in some of the following Hadith. So that is the first case. The second case is

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a man who was struck by a calamity which destroyed his holdings.

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Somebody today is a multimillionaire.

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Then he invested in the stock market. And he's grounded. He lost his entire money. He is all his shifts. We've seen that on the CNN, somebody who's living in house multimillion dollar and then he was kicked out when he is working in a grocery store.

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Why? Because if you don't work, you will be kicked out. You will be homeless. So if this person is in such devastating calamity financial crisis, if he's a Muslim, he is eligible to receive from the Zika fund, what will make him satisfied suffice his entire needs for one year. The third person is a person who is reduced to poverty, okay. And three men of caliber from his people decide that this person is poor and is eligible because it is impossible for the person who's in charge for distributing the care to know the conditions of everyone. Yeah. So it is this fight for him that he is pulled by three wise caliber men. Then he's eligible also for the sada and we will

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Give him what will satisfy his basic needs as well. So what about somebody

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who says his paws reduced to poverty for example, but he's able his fit is able to work but doesn't does this person come into these categories or not?

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Once two men came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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during hydrated water while he was dividing and distributing the charity. And they asked him for the charity for help, so w Salalah has

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looked at both of them.

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And he noticed that they were very strong, physically fit tall, muscular, so he asked them

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but in a very beautiful and modest way. He said in shape Toma are pleased to come

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while or have you heard live on Ian, when the Korean mock test?

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Look, this hadith is very, very important. In Toma alpha tokuma, they came claiming that

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he does not have any means to verify whether they're eligible or not. So since you claim so I will give you but you got to know that law. However, if you have an invalid moccasin, it is not permissible for each person to take out of this sadhaka nor for a person who's physically fit and he can earn can earn. So that helps us to understand if we give somebody who claimed that he is in need, we fulfill our job will not blame worthy if that person was not eligible. He is but I'm not the second. They're not every person who's poor is eligible for the sadhaka. Maybe he is a person who is lazy.

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When you look at the this system, the welfare system in the West, you will be surprised. There are a lot of families whole neighborhood who do not want to work while they say why would it work? Why would I even get a high school diploma or go to college? Why do I have to bother? So they live their life on the welfare? Why? Because they say free work. And they make 10 hours $10 an hour. And by the end take that much taxes for me. As a matter of fact, living on welfare is better. So this way, I don't have to worry about work. I don't have to worry about paying bills or utilities or rent. I'm better off.

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Islam does not assist the lazy to live such a lazy life. So if he is physically fit, and he can get a job, find work and can make his earning, he should work.

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It encourages him to even be rich, aroma. mahato May Allah be pleased with him into the machine once and he found somebody was sitting in a very prior and in between. So he inquired out of curiosity about what kind of job does he do? Because he's always there is what I do what he says so how do you live? How do you survive? He said, my brother supports me financially

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carry this around real estate, which is called the DERA he beat him with it and said get out. Your brother is better before Allah then you his name is not a religion that causes people to stay in the marriage or not work, work and do your rabada and work itself is an act of worship if you intend so I never use a lot of cinema see mercola hadn't planned and caught hyperammonemia cool. I mean, I'm already in Nana, viola Haider would can a coup in harmony Idi Amin, Naveen illawarra Ilana, there is no better food than the food which you buy out of your lawful earning that you earn on your own. You work hard for it. And by the way, profit, the route David who's a king and a profit used to eat from

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his own earnings. And he also mentioned that there was not a single profit, but he was a shipment. So if the prophets used to work in order to support themselves and those who are under the guardianship, why are you lazy? If you're physically fit? Why didn't you realize in your hand that Allah subhanaw taala tlusty. Wait a minute, we have to clarify a very important thing, which is sometimes the unemployment rate is on the rise because there are no jobs. Yeah, the financial crisis is striking the whole nation. So I will not come to a person who is physically fit and Masha Allah is very powerful. I say you don't deserve the car because you have to give me a job. Give me a

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shovel, do it. We're talking about

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A person who is lazy, a person who does not want to work, but a person who would love to work, but he is laid off and he cannot, he cannot find a job that is suitable for a person like him because he cannot ask from a person who's never worked as a laborer, or carrying loads of bricks or stone or sand, and who was taking a good procedure is up to tell him that I gotta walk in as a janitor.

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Now, it's them does not humiliate people, but it differentiates between a person who sees and a person would like to be lazy. So do not encourage people to be lazy, but if somebody is truly eligible,

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the initial supporting until we satisfy their basic needs does occur. Again, check Mohammed's for explaining these and expanding upon these bits of information which is going to help us implement our xikar how to go about giving it have to go about taking it and giving it to others and we're going to look at all of these topics in the other episodes are going to come on the back of the car, hope you join me then, until then Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agree purify, you will drown and where you live, look at all the good you have to give. Give a little love.

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There's a hand somewhere hold on after fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Give our time give, give. give ourselves no loss each and every hidden D