Reminders Thankfulness Part Vi

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alaminos salatu salam O Allah, and we're sitting in early

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May. But

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we are on the our topic of thankfulness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, where we saw from the ayatollah Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala said we're in Shackleton lesson

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and we are looking at all the different things that we need to be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for, and I'm saying be thankful, I mean actually consciously thank Allah subhanho wa Taala because then thank Allah, Allah for this.

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And among those things,

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one of the biggest, now I might have Allah Subhana Allah, Allah,

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself by means of his column, but also handled that as a man or woman, or as

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he said, a man is Allah Subhana Allah himself, who is our man, I level or on the one who taught the Quran.

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Allah Subhana Allah called himself for teachers, the teacher of the Quran.

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The Quran is not a creative thing the Quran is the column of Allah it is the attribute of a loss of anoter. The haoran is the closest that we can get to a loss of hanos Allah in this world. In this world we cannot see Allah subhanaw taala but we can listen to his column and we can recite his column and we can understand this color. Allah subhana wa tada sent this column saw it to be understood and followed. And he said, Well I at the bar owner or an IRA follow up, follow up. He said Do they not reflect on this score an or is it that their hearts are sealed up and locked up? We ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep our hearts always open to his color, and to give us inshallah of his

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color in our folder in our hearts, so that our hearts are filled with the knower of his color. Allah subhanaw taala sent this for an as a criterion of guidance between right and wrong.

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And he said devarakonda Z, and velile for Karna Allah Abdi Healy, akuna de La La Nina de la. And he said Glorified be he

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who sent on his abductees and on Mohammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the criterion alpha con which is one of the names of

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Leah Kono lil al Amina zero, so that he can won the world.

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And he can be that can be a warning for the Halloween for the world's meaning the gin and the incense. The Quran came to be understood, it came to be reflected upon, it came to be acted upon it came to us as a means of guidance in this world in such a way that it leads to success in this world while

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the Quran came for did not come only for Africa came for this world. And the reason for this world is because if we live our lives according to the caliber of Allah subhanaw taala. And according to the son of his results a lot as I was alive, it leads us to

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success in this dunya as well as

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it is very, very clear, abundantly clear. Today, more and more and more, that the those who insist on disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. suffer for that. And those who continue to obey Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gives them back in their lives. And therefore it is a very dangerous thing. I always remind myself, I remind you that if you want to pick a fight, go pick a fight with somebody or on sighs Why do you want to pick a fight with the law?

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Why do you want to pick a fight with a bigger fight, resemble your arms and go fight, fight, fight, fight somebody a lot. I mean, I'm not saying the good thing divide anybody but if you want to so he was all you know, keen on fighting someone go fight somebody or say you want to fight Allah.

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You want to accept declaration of war from Allah, you want to accept disobeying Allah subhanaw taala and

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the foolish very, very foolish, that does not fool ourselves Satan is always there to fool us and confuse us that does not fall into the trap of said that the Quran, Allah came for this and that is why Allah does it but they will initiate on the regime. Without

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First they will cheat on the regime Allah when you want to read the Quran, asked for the protection of Allah subhanaw taala from shape energy.

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And so we have the protection of Allah subhanaw taala from Chetan, to be able to read the Quran to understand it and for our hearts to be opened to the column of Allah subhanaw taala Duda and Allah along with this column,

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He sent his messages on a lot is I was alone which I mentioned in the last reminder. And that mentioning of risotto, why did you send them in order to explain this color? When he said like a gorilla computers who rely on Hashanah, he said in the life of my enemies and allies and I was the best example for you. And what is the meaning of another example is so that we understand how to implement this Quran in our lives. And that's why last Massara did not just send the column he sent the column with a person to explain how it is to be followed what exactly it is with what exactly is to be done. And therefore it was looked into the life of a seller seller read the Quran, and see how

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the Quran is implemented in the Sunnah of mama sallallahu alayhi wasallam Sal

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and if we do this Dallas vadodara What did he say with regard to that?

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For him condom DiBona life? Only you herbivory como la

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Nova como la for a demo claim to love Allah subhanaw taala do my evil imitate me to follow me in every single thing that I do? Salalah Alayhi Salam and then what will happen? Allah will love you. I love your hubby, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will love you and what happened? He loves you. Yeah, we love a little Marco Polo for him. Allah Subhana Allah will forgive your sin. And the last Ronald L is the most forgiving and most merciful. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins. We make sense your Toba and we are going to handle data to forgive anything that we have done wrong, knowingly or unknowingly. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from the nose out of that and

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to fill our lives with the Baraka of obedience to Him and the following of the son of his mama Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Allah La da da Vila Karim. Allah Allah Allah He was has he has made it clear from what I'm reading