The Baraka of Ittiba #2

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi lambier Eva mousseline, Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira on cathedra.

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I'm about the life of Muhammad Sallallahu.

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So, we learn to recite Quran, we need to focus on the skin, the aroma of the hamdulillah very important.

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But then what about the life of resources?

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And hikma is Siraj?

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Unless you're very lucky, can Allah comfy Rasulullah who's worked on Hassan live in Ghana? Your doula will Yama la cara will dakara La Casita, Allah said for you the best example an excellent example is the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam for the one who looks forward to the day of judgment

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and to the meeting with Allah subhanaw taala and remember Allah subhanaw taala agreed, think about this read the surah especially in the last juice Usamah and also anywhere else in the Quran. How did Allah subhanaw taala describe the Day of Judgment?

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He says is a fantastic day beautiful breeze there's water everywhere and you will be sitting on a throne it Allah says no, or HA HA HA

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HA criativa

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all kinds of things.

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They have horror day of travel travel that you like you haven't seen either Godzilla or those in Zara earthquakes.

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But about that day, Allah is saying they will be this group of people. Your doula will Yamaha.

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How is it possible that you look forward to a day like that?

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Only one way?

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Only one way. If you know that all of this will happen. But what happened to me?

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I will be saved.

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So it happens

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who would we say?

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The one who lives his life according to the life of Ross's

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law at Ghana lagoon Phaedra Sula, who's worked on her Sana Lehmann carrier Rula.

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William Willa

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Why should I study the zero? For all the stuff which I told you about this world? And why should I study the Sierra for that day? When I will meet Allah

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when we ask Allah to give us the shade of his Arsh on the day when there is no shade except to shade Allahumma as Ilana that that Ashok

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Yom Allah Delaila Allah grant us the shade of your ash on the day when there is no shade execution.

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And finally,

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to conclude

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what about the ones who do all of this

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I must say, Colin, come to Hebrew and Allah wa oni

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Your Habib como la jolla, Aquila, Congo, Baku, walla wa for Rahim.

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Allah said say to them, yeah Muhammad Sallallahu Listen,

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those who claim to love Allah

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say to them,

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if you will of Allah if you truly love Allah

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then make my Theva

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emulate me imitate me

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in what will happen

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you have if como la Allah will love you.

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And if Allah loves you and may we ask Allah for for us for that for us, what is the boundary condition what is the minimum? Yeah we look around the room

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minimum boundaries start with this year Phil ago. Robocop? How many completely Allah do not say will forgive half your sins no. Yuck will come over well over

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boundary condition begins with

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Korean contemporary.

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But everyone think about that. I'm not smarter. I use two words in the Quran. I'm not sure how to use the word it at

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my youth a la Rasulo Father Father Jose hajima. Allah said the one who obey is the Rasul Allah is Allah and obey is Allah.

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Now, for obedience, and instruction is required.

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to be able to do something I tell you, you are not obeying me. What will you tell me?

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Which is Yeah, but you will never told me.

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You are accusing me of not obeying you, you have what you never said anything I mean, you will just saying, But supposing I say, can you get me a glass of water? Now, if he does it, he is obeying, if he does not do it is not the way

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but if there is no instruction, he cannot, he cannot do it. So, right now, the one who has obedience, What did Allah say? Is very good Islam is obedient Islamism mean name of obedience. So, what did Allah say about that? Oma UTL our water pseudo frog advisor Hold on, one obeys Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu sallam, that person is successful final success. What is final success? Jen? Yes, inshallah we ask Allah virgin.

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But for Allah who's another word what is that word? ithuba Nadi that

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first time you only Allah did not save Antione Fatah rione you live cola.

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You make it a diva of the Rasul Allah Islam. Allah will love you

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think about you just just to sit with this for two seconds. What is the meaning of Allah loves you? If Allah loves you, what will change in your life?

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Don't simply say everything think about that. Let this come into sync into if Allah loves me, what will change in my life

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if you obey Allah, you're good Jan.

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Jana has boundaries.

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It has done

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the agenda according to our

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needs level of Jana according to the deeds entered into Jana by the ram of Allah's murder

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that's what they're asked for Jana to free those which is the highest level which means what there are the lower levels.

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So Jana hamdulillah Very good. Mashallah. But it has hollowed there are boundaries,

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there are things in one Jannah and the things in the other than that are better than that.

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We are at this for this. The Aster is also in this area. So the what is the the one who says Subhanallah one time more than another one?

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One word of zikr more than YAHWAH he says Allah will give him a Jana of a higher status higher level. This is also the how high is that is it from that you see the stars that high?

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For one time they grow more.

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So there are the

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what is the DeRosa of

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Allah loves you. Does that have?

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The hope of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala that you are Habibullah.

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Does that have boundaries? No. You do it that you were done. You do whatever you get Allah

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the one who Allah loves

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if he or she raises their hands

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or do that.

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The world will change.

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When we think about this, how is it we have so many problems in this world? And we are making dua and we are making dua and we cry and we weep and Ramadan and in in lyrical color and in the NPRM and you know the Imams they make long dua that everybody's crying and crying and collect the stuff for a second and think Did anything change

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in the world

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did anything change?

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So what good is are

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you meant to just go for reason ojala go do this yeah all right. Help us Yeah, Allah save us.

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Is it happening?

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I'm not saying don't do it do I will advise you brother so you will get the swab for this but my point is, if I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala for something and getting the saga but I'm not getting the thing you're asking me what what is what what is

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what was the situation of the cyber

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one Xavi,

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he came home he asked his wife everything which is another thing.

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He left went to the muzzle

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brake rocker

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mid da came back home.

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As you have anything you should have nothing going back again to the masjid

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rather Turaga made dua

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he spent some time there. When he came back home advisor Something strange is happening. He said what he said you know the grinding stone

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with which we grind barley and wheat he said she said this has been moving from the time you left this is moving by itself and bar and flour is coming out

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she said I filled every pot in the house and whatever we had with I filled with with flour it is still going on.

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So he's a man

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so what do men do?

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They put their nose where they should not

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so what did you do? He opened it to see ya.

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So it stopped

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me imagine if this happens to you or me send the hammer he was so happy he was fantastic a little too. He learned to the margins Jarocin the layout and he says whatever he told us was he asked what has happened

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and if you had not touched that thing Allah subhanaw taala would have produced far from that yourself

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so how God This doesn't happen without why?

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Because our daughter has no role in it. It is only words the role comes from the diva of Muhammad Rasul Allah is that I mean our lives

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that's where the soul is otherwise the body

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how many of you have did you have? How many here have built a dead body? Did you do some puzzle of jazz everybody?

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What is the difference? Same person many of the people who passed him what changed with them? Nothing. Same body right? Noses still same eyes as everything same.

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there is no life. Right?

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The body is there. No row is gone. This is the problem with I am feeble minded. This is a problem with our salah. This is the problem with our door, there is no room.

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Only the words, only the body.

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The row is the diva Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because it Teva comes from hope.

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You do the Theva of those you love that's how these influences work, right? You look at the influencer, they're doing some dumb thing and you do the same damn thing because you love them.

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You dress like how does fashion work? That's how fashion works.

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edema is the surest sign of love. And Allah subhanaw taala saying you love Mohamed Salah salah. Show that to me by his ithuba and I will love you

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what's a bigger and better deal than this?

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He says you will love my interviewer is Sarah show that by his a diva, imitate him look like him walk like him talk like him. Don't wait for there's no instruction. Why do Why do you do this because Mohamed Salah Salem is loose. That is why we need to study the Sierra because the Sierra has all of this.

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You see is for example, the beautiful book of of Hotel Le Cheval Muhammadiyah.

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It has a detailed description of the physical presence of our supervisors. And

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we study that so that you bring it into our lives. And when we bring into our lives that Allah subhanaw taala promised to love us. Ask us rather than a general rule to fill our hearts with hope for a reason and for hope for Allah subhanho wa Taala diligent, ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us with the reign of Muhammad Allah said, to make it easy to buy every single thing in the way we walk and talk and we live our lives and we run our our affairs, we ask Allah Subhana Allah geladeira to open the doors of hair and baraka and Africa for all of you in your life. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to ease any difficulty that you have, whether you know it or you don't know it, or whether the

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difficulty has come yet or not, ask Allah Subhana Allah to remove that from your life, as well as whether to accept your draft the way used to be the way he was to accept the draft of those will have asked us Valterra to make all of us people who become the walking talking models of the life of Muhammad Sallallahu Ali, while he was at UCLA, was handled very violently he was allowed to go to Hawaii for cinematic Umatilla Oregon.