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AI: Summary © The host of the show discusses the concept of Zika, a coffee brand that can be distributed globally. They emphasize the importance of distributing care to certain groups and not profiting anyone. The decision to distribute the meal is discussed, including rules for the mandatory soda program and eligibility for non- Islam individuals. The importance of trusting individuals and the community is emphasized. The segment also touches on the collection of gifts and the importance of avoiding bribery.
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You agreed purify you Well, the glue round and where you live, look at all the good you have to can give a little love your

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hand somewhere hold on mouth to feed. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need give our time give, give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee

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alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato and welcome to the thick of Zika. I'm your host Jamila on the thick of the cow we've been discussing many issues regarding Zika discuss the definition of it, what it entails the different descriptions of the types of Zika that can be given and we also looked at recently the recipients of Zika to help us go through this and expound We have with us Sheikh Mohammed Salah salaam aleikum wa alaikum Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato Thank you Jamil. It is indeed My pleasure. Pleasure sharing the previous episodes, we tackled the issue of the recipient winner in some detail into them. Can we start again to sort of refresh myself and for the viewers,

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who are the recipients who can take as Akasha is Mila Raman Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah and Avi oma suffer from ama that Praise be to Allah alone. Will pays him and will seek His help whomsoever Allah guys is a truly guarded one and never leaves astray. No one can show him guidance may the best peace and blessings be upon prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a lot of mighty determined

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the eight categories who are entitled for fizika the mandatory Sadako in Surah tetovo in verse number 60 those are alpha hora and Misaki Allah emilian Allah and Allah to kulu boom and Federico Alvar Amina officer Sevilla, he was in his Sabine the poor weather for Cora or Masekela subgroup of the poor, and those who employed to distribute and collect the Zika. And those who are in debt and for free and capitals. And for the sake of Allah covers a very broad spectrum. As we say, there's more I agree that it is mainly Jihad and sending the Muslim armies.

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What is surreal is the wayfarer, who lost his positions and does not have any means to send them off to that location. Now, a question comes to mind is that when we speak to these people who are giving zikalala brothers and our sisters, sometimes when they come to giving the oldest have a question, and one of those is Who do we give to give to all of these eight categories equation? How do we give? Well the masala or the issue of whether it shall be distributed as a care of an individual or the group shall be distributed over the eight categories, the essence that you have to give each

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recipient of those categories or it would be sufficient to give it all to one person this week about an individual? I have an assault that owes a Zakah I owe 1000 or $2,000. Would it be sufficient for me to see one miskeen

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Oh, Moshe, we Sevilla or at our center in the West, or a program that clarifies the deen to the people, particularly non Muslims refused misconception

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or a wayfair have and just give it to him and say, take this animal chef he holds the view that one must distribute his care to cover the eight categories and if he's distributing it by himself, or by somebody who's raised it to him, that means the eight categories have been reduced to seven because Li Molina haha there is no amin Allah there is no one who's employed to collect it and distribute it. So it will be only seven. And Mr. McManaman humble says it is better to cover them all. But if you can, then it is permissible to give it to one Abu hanifa. May Allah bless him said from the beginning it is permissible to put your interests occur in the hands of one person or one category.

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In a manner Scheffer. Hey, may Allah have mercy on him, relies, in his opinion on a Hadith, which we discussed before, when somebody came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and asked him to give him from the southern

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I said in hello hello Mila here coma, NaVi Yun Alavi who for socket.

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Allah did not accept that a profit or anybody else will determine who are the recipients and those who are entitled for the mandatory sadhaka had hacker fear rather he ruled himself in it Federal Reserve for many of the edges. So he determined the eight categories for in continental can apply to.

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So if you fit in any of those eight categories I will give you. So he says the meaning of this text says that we must give to the eight categories because there is a termination of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The other scholars and all of them have understood a different state, the purpose is to help the poor. So if you have one,

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it is permissible. If you have plenty of money, somebody the other day was telling me that his his minions, Masha Allah, may Allah bless him, and all the rich Muslims who are paying the Jew rights in their wealth, may Allah even enriching them more and more and more. So when somebody is okay, is it millions, you're not gonna give it to me, let's say this is for you a million,

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it will be given to the poor until you satisfy his basic needs, doesn't have a house, he doesn't have a ride, he wants to get married or whatever, we assess them based on that. So that's why the best solution is number one, the opinion of Belgium who

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overrides opinion of our chef, Chef Li mission.

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And we can say that, it is permissible definitely to give it to one person, especially if musica is very little somebodies occur is if you have innocence for sheep, and you have one goat, one sheep that is owed on this, you just give it to one person or a poor family, it will be very sufficient for them. Somebody who has barely than a sob

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equivalent to 85 gram of gold or 595 gram of silver. And there's a carrot on that is

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2.5%. So two $300 or whatever, if you give it to one person, that is permissible, but if it is a lot, then it is highly recommended to distribute it to cover as much as you can of the recipients of the soccer coaches application. A question which may lead from this is then who's entitled to receive it, or there's some people who are not entitled to receive the second, if you recall the eight categories. We agreed before that they're all Muslims.

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Right? There is one exception, which was in the past during the life of the Prophet Salalah. And some scholars said it may be available whenever it's needed, in the case of Mr. left at home or for reconciling the house of those who are interested in Islam and so on. The scholars have agreed that it is not permissible to give the cat to non Muslims.

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But it is permissible to give them from the voluntary charity and abuse of Allah said to

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one of his companions

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to uphold the ties for mother from the sort of the voluntary sort of not from the mandatories Okay, because whenever your salatu salam said in Hadith smile to her, the woman of near him, or Abdallah for him, the pronoun him refers to the Muslims to be taken we don't think there's a careful non Muslims. So we do not pay to non Muslims. But for the voluntary charity it is permissible and abuse Allah said I'm useless system Muslims. And he said with regards to the neighbor methodology very loose when he will job Tawana to say you are so encouraged to treat gently our neighbors even if there are no Muslims and give them food for whatever we eat, share with them happy moments, share

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with them sorrow events and give them the condolence and so on. So assisting them financially if they are in need or erythema from the voluntary charity that is permissible and you definitely receive a reward for that like you're given a Muslim exactly whenever it is needed. So non Muslims are eligible for the mandatory soda which is okay.

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Let me give you another reference for Allah subhanaw taala said it is permissible to give from the voluntary charity said well clay monaca Allah hubby Myskina nuea Team nycrr

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the rivers they give the food and they feed the those who are in need with their food or

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orphans or prisoners of war for the sake of Allah and obviously

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p o

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p o w prisoners of war are non Muslims. Yeah, right. So they are eligible Not only that, and will be rewarded for that as occurrences. The second category are not eligible for the mandatories occur is the family of the profit or loss.

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When Hashem refer to early or LRP, Lucia for annual adverse wellheads

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there is general consensus that those people and their descendants are not eligible for this okay. Once in the house of America Salalah hasn't picked up a date. He does not differentiate between this date is sada and his date is a gift and this date is.

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So he picked up a he was about to eat it. So now Viola Samson, getting caffeine out

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of her throat away, and shelter and soda. This is a sound Harris agreed upon his authenticity, didn't you feel that we do not eat the charity. So neither the Prophet sallallahu Sallam nor his family members and their descendants are eligible for the mandatory sort of the scholars differ with regards to the voluntary charity, which is not mandatory, whether it is permissible for early nebia Salalah family to accept it or not. And the summary to that one and abuso Lawson said let the hill learner soda soda is not permissible for us. In general, it covers whether it is voluntary, or mandatory as we explained earlier, that soda is a common word that covers the voluntary and the

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mandatory which is as the cat is specific.

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m Nakajima male learners and him said that Alabama were hanifa and most of his students and followers and remember chef very well Hannah Villa

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are of the view that it is permissible to give them from the totowa the voluntary charity, not from the fault. Why? Look at the beautiful reasoning, because when an abuse Allah Allah has

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to afford live now best when he came to ask me to hire him to collect the cash so that he can get paid? He said, I will stephanus so I will say awfulness, the filth that comes out of people's wealth is a mandatory subject. But besides that the worth is pure. It has been already purified by taking out the Zika. So they said this Hades. The catch in this hadith specifies that what is prohibited for the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is the mandatory sada which is Zika on the voluntary one.

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With that, we're going to take a short break and shallow 10 a couple minutes please do stay with us on the thick of Zika Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you well.

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Back to the Prophet.

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Join Shaykh Ahmad in the program back to the Prophet, wherein he teaches us practical lessons from the prophets life and how this can help us to overcome our challenges in the present. We talk about the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him seeking guidance for ourselves. In the early days after the revelation of the Holy Koran. The Muslims were greatly persecuted, so much so that quite a few Muslims had to leave Arabia and migrate to Africa to live among Al Khattab Christian people who follow the gospel of Christ.

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Back to the prophet in Ramadan on Hoda TV.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give our well Gibala give us

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome back to the thick of Zika. Shake just before the break, we were going through again, looking at who is allowed to receive the Zika. Now, here's another question, who's allowed to distribute the Zika.

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Before I go into that, I still have to continue. Okay, those who are not eligible for this account, because it's not only limited to non Muslims, and the family or the profit. You're not allowed to give

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User care. If you're rich and you have an insight you're not allowed to give this occur to your children,

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even if they're married, and they have their own houses, why? Because my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren, what we'll call it in Arabic, or in nasm, their descendants, their financial responsibility is on me, if I'm capable, financially capable. Similarly, one should not pay the care to his parents or

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even if they are the grandparents, Eman Malik said the grandparents are exempt from that one can assist them from this occur if they're eligible for. So if somebody is rich, and he is he has to pay the care, he cannot give it to his children, nor his parents, even if they're a sin, or in case of the children, even if they do send in their grandchildren and great grandchildren, and so on.

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Because the financial responsibility is on either their parents towards their children, or the children as they grow up. And now they have worth and the worth is accountable. The financial responsibility to cover all the needs of their parents is do upon them. As will enter America. They have EQ and what you possess belong to your father as well. The fifth category of those who are not eligible for this, okay? Is the wife.

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Wife. Why didn't you say the spouses? No, because in Islam, the financial responsibility of supporting the family is due upon the man, not on the wife. That's why a wife is not is not required to support the family financially, even if she has her own positions or inheritance or the diary, which she collected from her husband.

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In one incident and the view Salalah. encouraged and motivated women to give to charity. So Abdullah had numerous roads wife was attending, and she had some money and jewelry, gold and silver. So she decided to give this account on that all the charity. So Abdullah said, Would you give it to anyone more worthy than me and my children? She said, You my husband. He said, Yeah, I know. I'm eligible and entitled for you sada if you wanna give it to somebody, and more worthy than anybody else. She said, Now before I asked the Prophet salaallah, Lhasa, and she went, and she consulted him, and the prophet SAW the loss and approved it. So the wife may give her the care to the husband, because

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she's not required to support him financially. While it is the other way around. The husband may not give his account to his wife, unless, if the wife encountered a debt.

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I'm not supposed to sit with her debt. This is something where she came to my marriage life with she owed before. So I'm not required to take care of that. It is not because of my shortcoming. She was not buying food for the kids or so in this case, she will be eligible for entitled for DACA not as a wife, but as l or D mean, those who are burdened by debt and unable to pay it. So now let's go on to the question about distribution now. Yeah, so how does the distribution differ who's allowed to distribute the second

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at the time of the prophets Allah used to send his workers employees to collect this occur?

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And then he will collect it and redistribute.

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That went through until the oma expanded and became bigger and bigger. At the time of Horace Mann if not fan, he gave a hookah and he said the Shah Rosa catacomb people used to pay does occur during the month of Ramadan and until now, people prefer to pay during Ramadan, seven can an income Allah hidden salia Buddha who had

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unwelcome federal abdomen Hezekiah What does it mean? He said, it is due to failures occur during this month. So if you guys owe any debt, go ahead and settle your debts before may obtain your second order to pay zakat. This has benefited so many things it benefited number one that if the debt is due immediately, it will be deducted from the nisab or the amount which is equitable or otherwise the more I opinion as long as it is deferred, postpone, then you still pay the care. If it is paid immediately, it will be dropped from the amount which is a cap and benefits number two that he gave them the permission to calculate and take out and distribute this occur on their own by

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giving them by the duty of distribution

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There's a car without waiting for his employees or government worker to collect it.

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In this regard, there is a very important thing that is worth mentioning. One Hobbes stated that a man when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, sent amongst the,

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the care administrators to collect the Zika, he came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he dropped this occur that he collected, and he said, Hey,

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this is yours.

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But this is my a property or food or gains, or whatever gift. This is, what is this said, Oh, you guys send me to click the sucker collected. But those people destroy all those people. The villagers give me this as a gift for myself.

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And we also

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gather the companions. And he climbed the number, and it gives a whole industry Oh, God, is it hella jealous how to configure it? To me, man younger man ain't at

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why one, why wouldn't one of you stay home, stay in the house of his father or mother. And let's see, if people are going to give you gifts. They only give you a gift for one reason.

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So that maybe next time we take it easy on them. And instead of taking this head, you take that, instead of taking this, you take this. So to make it easy for them to go easy on them. That's called bribery. If anyone is employed by the state, or the government is not allowed, he's not allowed to receive other than his salary.

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What sometimes we call it a gift, or you're being generous, or cuddle, or you name it, whatever. And we use Alasania expected that people are going to give the harem different names. But that would not make it halon. Still, it is heroin. So this is with regards to

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the care administrators who will collect and distribute as a care being employed by the state or the me if you if we live in a Muslim state, and the state or the governor or the sheriff or the man requires us to bring our Zakah to right in that

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state bandits collected tour. We collect our charities whether the mandatory or the voluntary so that we can redistribute it upon the poor and those who are entitled for it, yes.

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If this is the case, we would love to so this way, we don't have to deal with individuals would deal with the state and the state would guarantee the welfare of the entire society. So if somebody cannot buy his medication, or cannot go to the hospital, the state will be blameworthy, and the state will be required to suffice his basic needs. But this is not the case. Nowadays, we cannot really find this

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hypothetical being what do you trust the Imam or the mayor or the president to give him your soda, because we see that it's wasted, whether it is the taxes or the customs in many ways that whether this is a lot or does not it is also panel data. So in Mohammed rasheeda said

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in these times, it is best to dispense disposes or care on your own towards those who are eligible for at least you make sure that you're putting it in the right place. Because still you say, like you said, an organization you trust, for example, like especially into some of the Western countries, a lot of the supplies collected by organizations themselves, but as long as you trust them, you say, you check them out, you make these kinds of real honest people, you can give it to them. Remember what we said this is called individual distribution, what I did is I took out my Zika without having the state send somebody to estimate what I have and calculate my Zika. So I still did

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it on my own, and give it whether to an individual individuals or an organization. So this is different than where where it was in the past that the state was sent people to collect this occur, and they have their own lists of eligibilities and those who are entitled for it. So if anywhere that you find a nonprofit organization, or an organization that is working in collecting and distributing this account and you trust them, that's fine Anna Sydney Malik may Allah be pleased with him narrated that a man came to the prophet SAW last for many, many and said has to be a rasulillah either a de persichetti in our silicon socket burrito minha illawarra Sula messenger of

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Allah if I just give my Zika news to

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Your messenger to your administrator. Am I done? Am I free from innocent my blameworthy? Because I've done my part prophets Allah Allah Allah SMS it Nam. Certainly indeed, either a data ihlara suli socket very minha you're free from innocent sonica. Juha. What is mohalla? della? And the sender of will be on a person who will change or do otherwise, I trusted you Jamil and said would you please make sure you drop this money to this family? Or we don't have any for in our community? Can you take care of distributing the Zika is such sure we volunteer you to the machines everybody? I know a lot of poor people, would you please give us a candle collected so we trusted you, we'll give you

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this occur, we're done. Our part is done and we're free from any blame.

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It's only you who are responsible before Allah subhanaw taala if you do properly you'll be rewarded. And if you betray, you will be responsible and you will be the only person who is buried in the sense that all your advice today and all explanations again will come to an end to another episode of Corsica hope you join me next time. Until then, Salaam Alaikum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed purify you well look around and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give given a little love your

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hand somewhere.

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To fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. give out time give out well Give. Give ourselves no loss each and every hidden D