Living a Balanced Life

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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swindler Munna Rahim.

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hamdulillah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Colima via whom BSN de Allahumma alumna and founder one find out. I was in

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subhanak aloha Marina Marina Illa Marlin tena,

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Hakim aloha Marina, Congress alternativa Marina bata bata, Marisa finished Inaba, Hobart

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especially his brothers and sisters Selma aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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It's an honor and a privilege to be here again,

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at this Islamic center of Oshawa,

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I was here last year as well, I don't know if some of you remember.

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Same time, November when we came for the same stage to bliss. Sorry, paradise conference.

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I've been to that conference as well before. This is actually my 16th I was talking to my son actually remembers this. This is my 16th visit to Toronto, from 2000 and 716. So every time it counts, it goes you're going this is your 16th time to Toronto. So take me one time I said inshallah, just get a bit older, that you can come with me.

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So it's, it's an honor and it's really privileged to come here Toronto is a very beautiful city, Mashallah Muslims, generally here, it's always pleasant to meet the Muslims. People have a lot of zeal, a lot of desire to learn about Islam very interested, Mashallah. The topics that are chosen, or the various programs or the various massages are pertinent and important topics, which deal with day to day life. And this is what I like, because the topics that we talk about, are not just topics, which are,

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which are also important, but it's not just dealing with you know, topics like repentance and Toba and death, we talk about topics that deal with our day to day life. So like tomorrow's workshop, as Madonna, Shakira just introduced, it's a very important workshop. I'm not here to advertise the workshop. But if you haven't already registered, and maybe you should. It's an important topic. This is my third time for the mosquito broker Pro, a program on

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the taboo word that people don't like to talk about, which is divorce.

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So the title I gave, I said,

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dealing with divorce and the fear of divorce and the rules of divorce and separation, but then they said to me that people actually don't like this, you know, people won't come because because I think I don't want to divorce but that's the reason why you want to come to a program like this because you want to avoid divorce. And we have to take the reality because we have divorces in our communities. And it's not a drama and it's not simple. That's not my topic. Don't worry, I'm coming to your topic. But it's not it's it's a reality. And we have to deal with it, and that's why it's protecting the relationship. And then I'm going through inshallah 10 to 12 different reasons of

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marital conflict. Why do we have problems in marriage? So marriage sometimes young people think it's all hunky dory lovey dovey honeymoon, bedroom holiday, you know, we'll go here and there and then we'll all be living happily ever after. And that's inshallah we will be but it's not what you thinking. It's happily ever after that there are problems along the way. How do you deal with those problems? And what are those reasons that actually break down marriages. So we're going to go through all of those steps and then the rules of divorce and separation. Today's topic is also a very important topic.

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Maintaining a balanced life, which is also a topic that deals with our day to day life. It's a practical topic, is our title, maintaining how to live a balanced life?

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When we talk about how to live a balanced life, and I saw the flyer and there was some questions, such as, how do I take time out to look after my parents? How do I take time out to look after my children? How do I act upon deed? How do I do my studies? How do I do business? How do I study at the University and also read the Quran? Should I offer 510 prayers and Shall I dedicate myself to Islam or shall I study medicine?

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What should I do?