Muhammad Salah – Fiqh of Zakah Part 12

Muhammad Salah
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You agreed, purify you Well, the glue round and where you live, look at all good. You have to get given a love.

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There's a hand somewhere to fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give out well give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of Zika series of episodes, we look into the details of Zika how to understand it, how to calculate it and of course, how to give it out. And with this I have Sheikh Mohammed Salah, helping us expound and given some understanding to this topic does Atlas check. Thank you, Chef. In the previous episode, we went into the recipients of Zika and we started looking at these categories we looked at the for kurata Misaki. The poor then we looked at those who worked for the state we also then looked at the ones who we want to bring their hearts closer to Islam, and he spoke about them in some details as local affair. Now can we

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come on to the next group of people

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spread around the moon? federal crop field recap Okay, sorry. Fear of cotton. I was laying in a Shetland regime. smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi wa Kapha or Solomon Allah I bear the Lydian of stuffer Alessia Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa on earning or Savio seldom at the Sleeman kathira wa.

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As stated in nano sadakazu for karate master Kini Allah Molina

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Lafferty Hello, boom. The fifth category is where Federico

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Federico is for free in the capitals. This is a literal meaning, and I cannot just pass by it without expanding on the greatness of Islam in freeing the slaves.

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Slavery was something that is,

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it's a part of life until just recently.

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More than 1400 years ago, Islam came

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stated certain rules that equated all human beings to each other people are equal before Allah Subhana Allah and there is no superiority based on race or color or gender rather, it is righteousness and piety.

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And he equated between the master and the servant and the slave when you come have a look on your servants or about your brothers in the forest of authority Buhari. then furthermore, with regards to slaves who are treated as animals, and insignificant beings, and abuse on the last lm encouraged us in many legislations to draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Free a slave or assist in free in a slave by participating financially insane asleep. The Quran stated many cafaro ransoms for the heart for accident and murder or killing

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for violation of an oath or whatever is to free a slave.

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Then, whenever there are slaves who would like to free themselves, Allah subhanaw taala addressed the owners or their masters to encourage them Al Khattab so a person may make a deal like a deal with his master and say that I will pay that much and you free me so you would give him some time to go work for somebody else in order to generate some revenue and pay is merciless to free himself. So he encouraged the old man to ship and and to assist this person to pay this ransom and to ransom himself. And that's why when a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said yeah Rasul Allah, do Leonie Allah Hi, Melanie Urban immunogen or you don't even know so NW Salalah celibacy at the

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penis amateur karaca

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the man serial rasulillah Aren't they the same? hepco nessa nessa is the sole human being? Well Sakura Kava. Normally the Quranic suppresses about the person by their Aqaba organic, alpha karaca free in a captive or a slave, this is a righteous deed. So it says are in the the same interview Salah lohani Salim said no. At canessa when you

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fully free a slave, or you buy him and you feed him or you pay his price fully and you feed him but third

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Raka when you participate, whether with a great amount or with a little amount, you put a share towards free asleep. So let me just clarify saying that he came to the process of him and he said, Tell me something. I'll bring me closer to the paradise and away from the the punishment of the health. Yeah. And it was the freeing of I'm afraid I didn't say demeaning because that happens sometimes. dulany Allah amillennial careone malgin boyka domina manana guide me to an egg that if you bring me closer to agenda, and it will take me further away from her. Now that was the main concern of the campaign for some of the questions that we don't think about nowadays. And by the

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way, you notice that when you go through the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Hadith, you'll find this question was repeated very often by various companions. And sometimes you might find the answer different. Yeah. Why, depending on the conditions of the questioner, somebody for instance, was lacking behind in this area. So whenever you saw Law Center would put emphasis on it

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with the concept of keeping your duty towards your parents, or in jihad, feasterville realization of tours, freeing the slaves or taking care of your kinship. So the answer may vary, it doesn't mean that there are different answers These are old at huebel Hi, those of goodness and righteousness.

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Abu hurayrah are the Allahu taala, who narrated the Prophet sallallahu Salah satin kulu, whom happen Allah Allah three people, it is due upon Allah Subhana Allah to assist them to fulfill their goals and achieve the objectives. Number one elevar de serie de la de Mujahid who goes out to fight for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala in the Muslim army to protect the Muslim state, when more comfortable and Lady read and macadam is a slave who saw who concludes a deal or a contract with his master, to free himself by ransom and himself, or paying certain amount, so Allah subhanaw taala says, help and him is you upon me. He's encouraging us to chip and to even play a part in freedom

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Academy even buy some shares, if you cannot fully pay for that slave to be freed.

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And the next one is a very interesting one, which is

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a NACA, FF. This is a gift for our youth who are reluctant to get married because they say, when they get a job, when they get older, they say, when I make a good money, when I buy a flat when I move to a bigger house, until the 3035, or 40. So a person who seeks marriage in order to protect his modesty or chastity, a loss of Han autolysin surety by himself to assist him financially and spiritually, and by every possible means, and is also

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a very interesting hint. Allah is hinting to us and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to help those categories as well, to start with, so now we have the situation of freeing of slaves, a question may come up. And people do ask these questions. So I'm gonna be very straightforward. If somebody will say, Well, why is it that Islam never said stop slavery straightaway? Why was it done in this particular issue? Look, when you say stop slavery, you have to find a solution for the tongues for the millions of slaves all over. Whenever there are wars, the prisoners afford to be taken as slaves.

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Islam ordered us to treat them as we treat ourselves,

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to feed them from whatever we eat, to treat them as human beings, not to throw them in Guantanamo, or in prisons under the ground. So what are you gonna do with them, put them to work. And meanwhile, Allah subhanaw taala open various doors of their freedom

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for the cafe rot, and for a Muslim who wants to be free, Allah subhanho wa Taala give him so many doors and encourage Muslims to help him out to be free. So when you come to treat a problem, and you wanna, you want to uproot it, you have to find reasonable solutions, and the most reasonable and why solutions are the solutions.

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resolutions which are presented by loss of Hannah can same when Allah subhanaw taala prohibited alcohol and drinking or intoxicants. It didn't come all of a sudden, or at once. And even though we don't have slavery today, or as we may think there is no slavery today, but by the end of time that will happen again. So this solution has

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To be valid for every time through considering freeing the slaves, if there are any, freeing the slaves is a mean of approach toward towards Allah subhanaw taala is a ransom for sins of violations, or is one of the doors of categories, which is considered entitled recipient for this account. So just to conclude on this topic, before we go to our break, you just give some examples of slavery and how Allah Subhana Allah, He knew the people who was coming to that may be like you said, If slavery was taken away, straightaway, they won't understand it will know how to implement it. And also slavery's something which may come back one time so these rules or regulations are there for

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the whole time for the whole of mankind for the whole ages. Yeah, exactly. We're gonna take a short break there now and return in a couple of minutes. Please stay with us on the fact of the

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cure. You agreed purify you well,

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amazing stories. In this program, we get to know about people of the past whose stories were mentioned in the Islamic tradition and related by the prophet peace be upon him, that verily us meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala, we tell you about the best of the stories we tell you about the best of the stories when we narrate a story when we read a story when we try to benefit from a story. What we are trying to do in reality is to go back through the steps through the different parts and sections of the story until the story is actually completed, and that we can take the actual benefit directly from the story. Shake loot fi will narrate these stories in his program.

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Amazing Stories are lost power, Todd ordered one of the lens to come closer the destination and lost power without ordered one whole city to come closer to move closer to this dead person.

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Amazing Stories in Ramadan on Hoda TV.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give out well give Allah give us

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back to the topic of zurka Sheikh Mohammed just before the break we went into was the the fifth category, we were looking into those who believe slavery, shall we say, set them free. Now, the next category we have is something which we see a lot maybe in the society we live in with the economic crisis, we find ourselves that our immune can explain this category to Austria. The sixth category of the recipients of the care according to verse number 60, of surah. Alba is aloha de mon, aloha moon are those who are burdened by debt and unable to pay

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for several reasons, either because they took upon themselves the responsibility of discharging debts of others, or because they are guarantors of debt of others, or maybe blood money for innocence, or to reconcile between opponents and they stood surety for certain ransom or payment. So in this case, they are in debt. Or maybe they had to borrow for their necessities. Right? They're not to buy a condo here and change into a newer model for car or buy a diamond ring. And we say they're eligible for this occur. We're talking about those who are in debt and burdened by debt for serious reasons. And may, those who are the guarantors of this of others. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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appreciates that good doings, and all those us that we may assist them from the zeca fund element meant and others rated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said and the Hadith is narrated by NSF dematic May Allah be pleased with him and let him alone Miss Ella to L LS LS with the faculty in Makkah, led home in move where only the Buddha this hadith is pertaining exactly a lot he mean.

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He said so realize that the sadhaka or asking for sada is really justified by three or four three reasons with regards to that. Number one is the Falcon motor. When who is troubled by poverty, he is really broke. led warming

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most severe poverty the first one, and the second one is one who's the charity or is a guarantor of a debt of others. And he's in a severe financial conditions. And the third led them in more

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than means the blog money.

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in no idea to Allah, Allah, Allah, somebody accidentally killed somebody, or the murdered person accepted the blood money instead of casaus. So if he does not have we'll go to his family members, and we'll start collecting the data, right? Somebody volunteer to guarantee the data for innocence in order to resolve the situation or he has to pay and does not have seen this condition we can help him out from this occur as a prophet sallallahu sallam, and no doubt this is considered as muckety muck luck, or

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the perfect manner that his name came to perfect. When we see somebody who's super nice, who try to resolve a situation by saying, I guarantee that much money I will pay it, even if he's rich, were encouraged to help out whether through voluntary charity or the mandatory arms. Okay, so now we've gone through six categories now. Okay, so now next category is maybe one that many people have heard of, but maybe not understood, is the one choice a feasibility license put down? Exactly, or he sebelah the word fee Sevilla is very common, and known to every Muslim from different mother tongues and backgrounds, when a few Sevilla means for the sake of Allah. So anything that leads to the

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pleasure of loss of Hannah Montana is called de Sevilla, for the cause of Allah in the course of Allah, whether through L, or human knowledge, or action, action for innocence, Jihad do moral element, the vast majority of the scholars are of the view that the word feasterville Lila here is pertaining Jihad fighting for the sake of Allah. And once again, I'm not hesitant or reluctant to say jihad, because we explain repeatedly before on our screen that Jihad means to fight for the sake of Allah in a Muslim army to protect the Muslim state against attacks of the enemies and to protect the deen and the religious practices of minorities. Like every country, they have their own army,

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nobody objects for that. As a matter of fact, modern civilizations, and contemporary big countries use prohibited weapons. Islam does not allow that under any circumstances. So Islam is the most civilized

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religion when it comes to war,

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or constitution or bylaw at all.

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Because it imposes on Muslims certain etiquette and manners, even at the time of war and on the battlefield. So anyway, the Mujahideen

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those who are enrolled in a Muslim army and do not have a fixed salary from the state that volunteers

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they are eligible and entitled to receive from this ACA funded by them. In the past, it was horses. Now whatever, machines or weapons, cannons, planes,

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10 tanks,

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any weapons that is needed for the battle and building any facility that is needed to make their goal achieved, such as military hospitals, paving roads, not for commercial purposes, but for the military. So anything that is military for the Muslim estate can be supported from

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this category of fee Sevilla.

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We can broaden this category to cover as I said, anything that leads to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala either through en or Harmon

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sending the dua to non Muslim countries in order to preach Islam, clarify to people the truth about the deen and unveil the reality of Islam. Invite them to enter Islam refute misconceptions require armies of law require meaning meaning

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so we can fund them from the second fund.

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We need books, materials, software, computers, buildings, so anything that is needed for Dawa in a non Muslim society can be also supported from this Muslim of feasts availability as well.

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To perform hajj, that's called de Sevilla. Right? Yeah. But can we pay somebody from this occur to perform Hajj?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala said when Allah Allah nurse, 100 beta minister por la la Sevilla, if you cannot afford it financially, you're exempt. You don't have to perform HUD. So similarly, there's ACA is not to be paid to a person in order to perform Hajj. So do not confuse the issues. We brought in the category to cover anything that fee civilian law. School schools that will split the religious knowledge in non Muslim societies will pay the teachers who do not or cannot afford the means of livelihood in order to teach people righteousness and the Quran and the deen from that that fee severely lie as a support the students and paid tuition for students who cannot afford the means

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and why then buying them books and making the life of seeking knowledge, easy for them, that is feasible Elahi as urgent. So if somebody devoted himself to learn a particular branch of religious knowledge, he wants to be a scholar.

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So he dedicated his life and time for that he's eligible to take from this occur as FISA vilella somebody dedicated himself for worship is inactive calf 24 seven, and he's making that for us that is feasible, but for himself, not for the oma. So he is not eligible, nor entitled to receive funds from the saxophone Elise if he is poor. Then it comes into the other category into ifakara Misaki.

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And we did speak in details before the exam encouraged us to go to work and produce and benefit others. In one Hadith and abuse Allah Allah Allah said,

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Elmo, mineral coal you hire, I have a lot

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of wife.

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A strong believer is dearer and more beloved and nearer to Allah than a weak believer. Strong in what sense

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of body, he goes to the gym. bodybuilder physically fit here may be strong, in what sense job position, power? Yes, if he's utilizing all of that to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to give the poor and the weak the rights, he is dearer, and that's why the following statement says, Well, he had earlier higher amenorrhea the souffle and the upper hand is better for Allah than the lower hand. What is this metaphor? It is not a metaphor. It's a reality. And he had earlier Hiraman a lady Sophia, whenever there is a giver, and a taker. Normally, the givers hand is on top, so the beggars hand is beneath. So the one who gives is better before a lot than the one who takes and he had

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earlier, Pyromania is suffering. And if you were to give them a memento

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if the begin by those who are under your guardianship, and your canes and give our kinship and so on.

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So it's Nam encourages us to work, but those who dedicate their life and the time and effort to benefit the injury had during the Muslim army voluntarily, and they do not have wages from the Muslim state, or to seek religious knowledge or a particular knowledge that would benefit the entire home at large, are eligible to receive wages and shares from this account, let's call fi sevillian. Okay, so here comes the question. I didn't say before but you expanded on it, but let's come from a little angle. What about for organizations who use a media use radio TV make these booklets speaking about these come within three sybilla they're given dour all over the world hear these comments.

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This is just simply confirming what I said and what the committee's

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have concluded. Yes, spirit in our This is feasterville illa. informing people about the deen of Allah this is V Sevilla by every possible means. Recently, we want some countries there was a book fair.

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This country they have never witnessed anything like that. Distributing Islamic materials and books and where people came to know about Islam and many people accepted Islam in this visit. So who's supporting all of that? was paying for the tickets was paying for the accommodation? Who's printing the books? Who's renting the whole who's making the commercials

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This is a category of fees Avi Lila, Sophie 70 law, by the way, does not include building massage it. My surgery rich and poor pay in it. Yeah, really in school for regular people. Because everybody benefits out of that. So I, I pay for a metal chair, you go and pray in it, and they pay for music so that they can install AC units, I can pray with ease in it. I'm a beneficiary myself out of wiser care fund. No, this is the responsibility of Muslims and the Muslim estate from the regular charities or other means, not from Zakah. Last, but not the least, is the eighth category, which is a mystery. The wayfarer, one was traveling he lost his belonging or his property, so he does not

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have money we may give him even if he doesn't have to go to somebody to give him alone, some scholars put a condition that he first should try to borrow. And if he cannot find somebody a creditor to lend them, then he's eligible. And I may disagree. And I go the opinion of others who say that, if he is broke, and he's a wayfarer, and he's a Muslim, then he's eligible. We don't have to humiliate him and say, you have to beg and you have to ask somebody to lend you and so on. So ethnicity is a wayfarer, who lost his property or his broke and he does not have money that would enable him to reach to his final destination or go back home. He is entitled to receive funds from

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the Zakat foundation. Okay, so let's recap quickly because we come to the end of the show, let's go from the beginning to the end of this recipient check. So the first category is alpha Cora, and a subgroup of that is and Misaki. The third is Ally Molina. And as the custodians, the employees who are appointed by the government.

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Why am I saying that? Because if Jamil have some sucker, and he sent some people to distribute it, he's not eligible to take from the care as a wages as wages for his employer, that he's paying him his wages from this account, no. But if he is hired by the state, or the government, then he may receive his wages, or what's sufficient for him his basic needs and his family from the Zakat fund and more or less at kulu. Home for reconciling the hearts of Muslims or those who are thinking about Islam. And we discussed the difference of opinions between Mr. hanifa and the vast majority. And we believe that the vast majority his opinion is more right. Because this is a category that is stated

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in the Quran, it may be needed now may not be needed some other times, but it is still there.

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An offer required in freeing the slaves in the captives well or Amina and those who are burdened by debt in cannot pay unable to pay. What he said ILA for the sake of Allah in the course of our life mainly in jihad, the Muslim army, and anything that leads to spirit in the deen or informing people about Islam refute misconceptions. So with our for instance, the dryer, and his category is a mystery. The wayfare Desert affair Sheikh Mohammed again for all the explanations and guidance for circular table this is the end of this episode of Fukuoka. hope you join me next time until then, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed, purify you well look around and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give. Give a little love your

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hand somewhere hold the mouse the fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Give our time give out well, Gibala give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D

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