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Do you agree purify you? Well look around and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give, give a little love.

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There's a hand somewhere hold on after fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need give our time give, give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden D

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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to the thick of Zika difficulties occur we are discussing the issue of the car totally, what it means who we give it to who receives it. To help me go through this and expound upon this I have with me, Sheikh Mohammed Salah salaam aleikum Shechem Welcome, welcome. Salaam Rahmatullahi wa barakato. Thank you, Jimmy. I was just checking the previous episodes we spent some time going through the recipients of Zika those who can receive it we did speak about the eight categories and that is not recommended or shall we say it's not a compulsory on you to give it to every single person. It can be given to any one of those you did of

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course a to be good and better if somebody gives it to the poor the Misaki a question comes to mind here. Is there actually a preference of the type of person you give the car to

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa kibito de matar clean? Well, how do I know a lot of what they mean are salat wa salam ala Sayidina.

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Muhammad, while early he or Safi has made some ameba.

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Yes, indeed, there is preference as to whom should you give user care who has the priority as a recipient with regards to a Salah righteousness versus rebelliousness with regards to Alka raba versus Albert, kinship, or somebody who's far away with regards to within the locality or send it abroad. So the Sharia explain in details for innocence. The priority is for your family members who are eligible for this occur.

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Because in the view of Salatu, Salam assayed,

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have sort of fatwallet Myskina sada, when you give a poor person, a charity, this is a sort of how you receive its reward. But if this miskeen happened to be me, skene

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and Luca raba, you can share because in your aunt, your uncle's,

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those who are eligible because they say the parents and the children and wife are not eligible for the mandatory sada for this account.

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Other than that, if you know that your cousin is poor,

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then the priority is to give your cousin until you satisfy his need from user care, before sending user care to somebody else, or to any other

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person who's entitled for the Zika.

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With regards to sadaharu fatawa, or the voluntary charity, likewise, a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said jasola I have a DNR

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I want to give it to charity. So we lnf sic, the sadhak behala, Neff, sic, mean, give it to yourself as a charity. Because we know that in Islam, when I buy a job, or when I buy an outfit, when I buy a suit, or sherwanis, my clothes is a charity for myself. I give myself a charity, by dressing nicely, this is a charity by making sure that I live in a good place. This is a charity that I give myself from a lawful earning. He said, I have another one. He said,

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give it to your wife.

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He said I have another one. He said give it to your son, for your children. He said I have another one. He said give it to your servant. He said I have another one. He said then put it wherever you want to afterward after you take care of yourself, your family members. And that's why Zakah is not compulsory on any person, unless if this person has the basic needs fulfilled. Not only that, and he has an extra, and this extra is an assault is a big amount is you serious today, equivalent to 30 $300. That's a lot more than what he really needs.

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So in this case, the preference is for the Corolla, or the kinship

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given your kinship from the care is permissible other than the fear

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Of course, and the children and the wife, and you receive double reward for upholding the ties of kinship, and the word of giving in a charity, then with regards to Asana versus a fist, it is definitely preferable to put your soccer or soda in the hands of one who is righteous to suffice his need, instead of putting it in the hands of somebody whom you know that he's a wicked person, it is permissible to give it even to the officer, as long as he's a Muslim. And we also Lola Salaam, said this is an example of a Muslim is a human being, and the demand goes up and down, increases and decreases. So maybe yourself I will help him out to improve to be a better person to certain

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himself. But if this person is very rebellious, and you're so the height is going to increase through the various, somebody who's alcoholic, and he is poor,

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I would not give him my charity, because uh, you know that my money would end up buying alcohol, or cigarettes, or marijuana, or that he's going to date a girl and commit adultery because he is used to that. So then it's preferable to give it to one who's eligible and righteous. What about if this person does not pray indefinitely, I should not give you my soda because not praying is the biggest sin after shift and reveal Salalah is

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allowed to live in an albedo of Sala fennel, Taka, taka taka, this sin can lead to cough to this belief well ahead of Allah. So given in a charity should be given the priority to the poor, who are righteous as well, you know, you've got something else to add to that. The third, let's pick which is preference with regards to place. country? That was the question mentality because we find that in many country, people see the sufferings of the Muslim see abroad in certain parts of the world and they feel that they're sicker as the cows get to do more good in those countries than their own country. Is this something which is applicable? Actually, first of all, there is a general consensus

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between the scholars that once you suffices the needs of your locality, then you can send us a rod if nobody is ready to think there's a catch everybody Mashallah research, could this ever happen? As a matter of fact, it did happen.

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In the golden times of the Muslim state, for innocence, it's not only once or in one place, various places and several times at the time of the failure of Omar Abdel Aziz may Allah be pleased with him. They could not find a single poor person that who's willing to take the photo.

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So you started giving the youth from the solder heart in order to get married and if somebody does not have arrived does not own a house will buy him a house we'll get by him all right. We're getting hired him in order. Why because people really self sufficient and everyone did not want to take the solder Why? Because he did not need it.

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Said no more muhaddith ninja

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sent one third of this account she collected to Marina autobahn, he was the holiday. He said, What is this Yamaha? I did not send you to collect her Raj or Gz because the GZ is upon non Muslims. This is a Muslim country. There's a cash would be distributed amongst the poor of your people. Don't you remember that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told you to huddle up near him? What What do you call him?

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him him the pronoun of the same locality, Muslims of the same locality from the rich and the poor. And on meluna via salatu salam, the care administrators the prophet SAW Selim use to send one would go and collect this occur and will distribute it in the same place and would go home empty hence

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is done his job.

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But they differ with regards to

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sending the Zika abroad if the locality is still in need. So Abu hanifa may Allah have mercy on him said it is permissible but it is disliked.

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The other four cohorts such as Malik and Abu hanifa are more strict in this regard. But there are exceptions. Such as, for instance of what hanifa said, Alyssa, if you're sending it to your relatives, then this is a legitimate reason okay. And Malik said, it is permissible only if you know that there is another Muslim locality, Muslim country Muslim neighborhood which is struggling

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With a calamity or a financial disaster or a hurricane or a flood, that they need an immediate help

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or they are in jihad. So, they need an immediate help or the person is living in a non Muslim land, where he just leaves as a guy there might be ended up in the camp. So, he wants to send it to his relatives or in a Muslim country. In this case, it is permissible from all of that we understand that

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the general consensus that we should begin with our locality, whenever it is sufficient, it is permissible, but if there are needed somewhere else, while there is still in our locality, people who deserve this occur, it is permissible during during calamities that affect other Muslim areas, crisis, financial crisis, but if somebody is doing it for a better reason, such as supporting his family, or his kinship, okay, does that look I should clarify that.

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A question that comes up another question regarding the people who are giving the card the way you give it, you spoke about giving it abroad, and so forth and giving it to your family? What if somebody actually doesn't give his liquor, he abstains from given his liquor.

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There are many ways that people can really skip this account.

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And obviously, those who try to do that, they do not realize that Islam deals with one's conscience.

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That's why

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a true believer will never do that.

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People nowadays they are not forced to do or to give the care. So somebody can not pay, there's a cat or

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if this person is living in a Muslim state, it should be forced to pay the care or will be taken away from his worth, against his will. As you said before, imagine in in today's world, if somebody tried to skip the taxes, what will happen to him, not only they will take it away, and he will be confiscated, he will be arrested, he will be thrown in prison, he will be tried and he will be penalized. All what we need from this rich person is to pay this very little amount, which is there's a

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there is another way to do it. where some people would come before the thing that they can outsmart the Sharia. So they're evading or they're bypassing, exactly by evading or trying to evade this occur before the house is rounded up. And before this occur is odd. They would come and distribute their wealth, perhaps amongst their children or whatever to divide it up.

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Somebody who has 40 sheep, so you give his son one alternate one.

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So that when he passes by the house, he recruited back, so this way he evades paid

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for such people. I remind them that Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Al Kala in avalonia valonna as harville jannetty aka Samuel akosombo layer three mana must be well as that's known for family health or

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mood for us the hacker sorry,

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this is pertaining a story that there is somebody who used to look at the produce of his garden was divided into three portions, one portion he would give to the poor in a charity 30% 33% one third, and one portion would say for himself, his family members, and the third, he would invest it back in the garden. So what happened is when he died, his children said that our father was poor.

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Our father was full.

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That why would we have to give the poor lazy people, one third of our earning, you know what, we're not going to give them anything. And since the poor they will use to come by the end of or at the time of the harvest or the produce in order to collect their sort of hot, they decided to go early morning before anybody would wake up in order to harvest the garden, so that they will deprive the poor from it at night, and before they get up Allah subhanaw taala centerfire against it and it was all ruined, and it was reduced to ground. So Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us that if there is a share or a right of the poor in your worth, and it is not taken out and somebody is trying to evade

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it, then Allah subhanaw taala warns the person that he is going to destroy his empire with

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with that we're going to take a short break and return in a couple of minutes. Please do stay with us on the thick of the cast salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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you agreed, purify you well.

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Back to the Prophet.

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Join Shaykh Ahmad in the program back to the Prophet, wherein he teaches us practical lessons from the prophets life, and how this can help us to overcome our challenges in the present. We talk about the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, seeking guidance for ourselves. In the early days after the revelation of the Holy Koran, the Muslims were greatly persecuted, so much so that quite a few Muslims had to leave Arabia and migrate to Africa to live among Al Kitab Christian people who follow the gospel of Christ.

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Back to the profit in Ramadan on Hoda TV.

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Much that weekend do for so many who are in need, give us time give us

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give us, Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back to the thick of Zika. Chick just previously, we're speaking about again, recipients and the ones who are withholding as well not the ones who are just giving. I've got a question for you, which sometimes when we ask people say, Well, how can this happen? And I'm sure people have asked too many a time. somebody's not painted their car for many, many, many years somebody negligent somebody is not seen the importance not known, for example, that now we explained the penalty for not giving and he wakes up and he wants to give what is this person tissue tober in such case, is not sufficient by itself. And it would not be

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considered a Stober. Unless if the person fixes up his mistakes, by pain does occur that he owed on the previous use. Even if there were many years, 1020 years, since the year that he old as a car because he possessed an assault, he has to go back to the old books, if he has an accountant, if he keeps record and sees the net position of every year. We on his basic needs, and look at the new sub that he owned, or the value of all of his position and pay the user on it. After that many years. Yes, that will be a sign that he is sincere in his repentance. And the use of the Lavanya psyllium seed a woman who came and said My mother died and she owed one month fasting. Shall I make it up on

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her behalf? And also La Jolla, San MSA de la he had a new acaba after he said that what if she owed money to somebody? Wouldn't she have to pay off? She said yes, he said then a loss right is more worthy to be fulfilled. And he stated a loss right? That is the right of the poor. So we have some it's like when somebody steals

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and he says, Oh Allah I repent unto you and I will never do that again. is a sufficient you have to give back the money which you stole to their owners. So same thing if taken something which is not us. You have to pay to the poor, even after many years. So does that also include the person who doesn't do negligently but just never understood that it was something that was ordered upon him say somebody who comes starts practicing again knows that a lot of auditing what is there are certain things in the deen which there is no excuse for any person to say, I didn't know. I was not sure such as prayers, fasting zeca and hatch.

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Let's call Mr. Luna Dini with Aurora. Every Muslim every ordinary Muslim should know the pillars of the deen what Allah wants from you.

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I understand that.

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Sometimes people are born in Islam, but they were far away from Islam. Now you started practicing for the rights have to be fulfilled a Salah if you are not praying before, you don't have to make up what you did not offer for that many years according to one of the two opinions on opinion. So you have to make it up with each prayer and so on. And so you will start from scratch with repentance as a new Muslim.

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An increase in our for Zika. You have to give the poor the rights, which you've confiscated.

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over the many years, so if say count can can live in estimation in this as well, can you estimate if you can't be the only way? Obviously, not everybody has both books and records, but it will be an approximate estimation. Okay, just

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another question now, which is, of course relating is when the person comes to be to paying his liquor. Now, like you said, if somebody, farmer has livestock, for example, and he has 40 sheep, he'll be giving one of those sheep. So he decides not to give that sheep and wants to convert that item into its value. Okay, can he give the value in seconds? That's a very good question. This is a point that the scholars have discussed in detail whether it is permissible to pay the value instead of the item itself or not.

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Whenever the case is owed Aloo Malik, wash FA are of the view that you must give the same items which had been specified by the Hadeeth. We discussed over several episodes, that there is a carried on cameras when they reach five is one sheet, when they reach 25 is been to my heart, I'll ignore labuan when they reach 36. So whenever you sell or sell em, specify what should be given as the same sort of Apple photo specified slum in dumb slums abhi Swami Sharia, it's a

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with regards to cash cash regards to gold and silver. So from every item, whether it's livestock or crops, for instance, the grains and the fruits, as an abuse salon as a seed, specifying the items from the items, he sets, all of them will then have them in and take their gains from the gains accordingly and do more based on the explicit text, they say that it is not permissible to pay the value unless if it is not available, the item itself is not available. So in this case, you may give the value only mm over hanifa. May Allah have mercy on him, who said it is permissible to give the value if that is bearer for the poor. So he said if the poor doesn't need a sheep, or been to

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Muhammad, or been Tila boo, or does he need a saw of food, of gains, raising? Rather, if you give him $10, he will be more than happy with that. So he said it is permissible.

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Obviously, the opinion of Andrew Moore is much stronger, and based on the explicit evidences and Hadith which are narrated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Okay, now we're going to go into a question, which is asked many a time and people asked this question shift is because people are, like you said, very worried sometimes about who they give the car to. What if you give the car to somebody you think is trustworthy is a good person. And then you find out later on, that this person wasn't actually from those eight categories. Know what onus is on you as the person who's giving it that happens.

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And I really like the view of Imam Abu hanifa and his student, Mohammed Al Hassan as well, both of them are his students,

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where they said, the person in this case is free from any blame, and his a car payment is valid. Why? Because according to his best estimate, in this judgment, he thought, this person is in need, and he's eligible. Somebody came to you and say that my daughter is in the hospital My wife has given birth I need money or else will be phased out of the house. So you did your best and you said he gave him from this account. You thought he is pleasurable. Later on next day you saw him that Benz was the mistake whatever

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is 600 or 700. What does this say? He's a rich man.

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So does he owe another zeca? You know what? hanifa Mohammed what hasn't another said UGC or who? That is fine and he doesn't have to repay it again. Based on a couple of references one which is how do you narrated by man if nears it? He said his father took out some donation and some dernier finish and he went to the masjid and he gave him to some guy and said that distribute them. So now I'm going to the masjid and this guy gave him from the charity. He doesn't know that he is his son. He has his son. And he thought that in any year and he won't home and he was talking to his father. He said, Well, this is the money which was just given donation. So they went to the Prophet

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sallallahu and he said

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And to judge between them whether what the what man did is right. And whether it's his right to take this charity which his father just gave but his intention was to give to somebody else or not. So NW Salalah is lmsc lakia man hunt Wallach as he do man wait. your intention is your intention is intended to give it to the poor other than your, your son. So your intention is valid. Even though this hadith is pertaining the voluntary charity but by analogy, it can be applied to the mandatory as well. And he said to man, since you're eligible since you bought a ticket, even though it's coming from your father, but he did not intend so also there is another very interesting Hadees

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narrated by Abu hurayrah the Allahu Allahu Allah. He said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, a man said, opposite the con la la usaba somebody made a vow that might I'll go out and I'll give any charity for her service photocopy out folder I have here is Eric, he gave somebody his soda, and that person happened to be a thief.

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So in the morning, people started talking to Layla, Darla Sarah, you know what somebody gave her a charity to the thief last night for Carla along Malika hamdu la casa de Carnival Sadako hamdulillah tonight I shall give another soda. So, you want to admite and he put the soda in the hands of somebody who happened to be azania and adulterous. And in the morning people started talking about it. So said Alhamdulillah la casa de con la la camisa. Once again, I will give in a charity in the evening. So, he went out and he put it in the hands of somebody in the morning they were talking about, you know, some somebody gives us all the car to the rich man. So he given the first night to

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receive second night and adopters and the third to enrichment for OGF like in his night vision and angel came to him and he was told that with regards to your charity, it has been accepted

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even though you give it to receive and adulterous and to enrichment and there is a dual benefit because perhaps your sadhaka to the thief would make him quit and to there's any I will make a repent and to the rich will encourage and motivate him to give in a charity, Allah Jazakallah, Hachette Mohamad for the advice today particle Africa. As you can see, we've come to an end another episode of physical physical information which is vital for all of us in this day, how to give us a car and of course how to distribute this account until next time, I leave you with us Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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you agreed purify you well look around and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give. Give a little love your

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hand somewhere Hold on.

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There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give our well give. give ourselves a loss each and every hidden D