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You agreed, purify you Well, the glue round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give, give a little love.

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There's a handsome

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fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need, give our time give our well give, give ourselves no loss each and every hidden fee.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to the thick of Zika a series of programs we're looking to detailed into sakar something which is the third pillar of Islam we have over 30 eyes of the Quran speaking about this important topic, something that affects all of us to help us go through this and expand upon this we have with this chick Mohammed Salah Salam Alaikum Scheffer. Welcome. alaikum Salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakato JazakAllah. Harun Jamil, the sacrificial chef in the previous episode, we went into the important topics of those people who receive this occur and we went into the first two and if I'm correct, I put him in the right order this time, the fukada

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Well, then the my second and experience was one of the poor and the other is a sub sect or sub category of the sub group. And one question may come to mind here who's you spoke about before that to receive the poor one of the characteristics is the one who doesn't even get to the new sub. Now, here's a question for you. If somebody gets to the new sub, but he himself, okay may need Zika is this actually something that ever happens at all she

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was smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Nabi Mustafa seen him hammered in early or sloppy or Manuela, whatever

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it is a matter of your needs.

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And whether what you possess, meet your basic needs or not. You can have a person who has a building, the building is several 100,000. He's renting them.

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And then he collects and he's surviving on the rent. He has minikits some gone to school here and there, his wife is sick and he has a lot of financial commitment, the rent that he could lift does not even suffice his needs for 15 days of the month, and the rest is in trouble. So while he has the new swap, is eligible for this account,

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management, even the humble may Allah have mercy on him said you may find a person who have cattle, camels or sheep has for instance 40 sheep, and you know that they suffer the sheep 40 is 40 then he owes one sheep.

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But the 40 sheep that he has, that he is living in a very tough conditions, either because of the mini commitment that he has supporting big family or because the prices are going skyrocket, like nowadays, government employees, government employees are struggling to live. And when I only look at it, sometimes I recline my chair and I think about it. Russia is heroin.

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It is differently haram bribery. It's a major sin. Leon Allahu Rashi and motorshow rush. Everyone who's involved in Bradbury is cursed by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu taala. But it is a very difficult equation, it is impossible to imagine somebody who's earning official earning and he does not perfect any job. He earns that much. And that much is not sufficient for him for three or four days of the entire month.

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So we're forcing people towards the harm. I'm not trying to justify their misdoing, but what I'm saying is that we have to pay attention to those people because perhaps by assisting them from the soccer fund, they would avoid switching that hands to the hero.

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So lagging behind in one area would lead to a disaster on the other and so on. It can be a professional, a doctor,

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a principal of a school, what a big shift

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or a manager of a company or a government or business. And he's eligible for this, okay. He has a private driver and initial fear that he's taking him to work, you know, the his job

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makes it available for him. But out of all of that his salary isn't enough for him to survive. So this person is eligible and entitled for this ACA fund.

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Okay, now, we've gone through

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And then the second And remember, you go through eight categories. So what are the rest of these categories? The answer is in an off sort of Cartoon for karate, when Mr. Keeney Allah Molina Allah. Take it one thing at a time. Allah Jaime Luna, Allah, all the government employees or the state employees who are in charge for guarding this occur, conflict in this occur and distribute in the second so the custodians of this occur, the shippers if there's a car is canceled, and the clerks for the administration of the Zika

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they are eligible for

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to take their salaries, if they're appointed by the state, or the army, or the men are eligible to take their salaries from the Zika fund, on reasonable basis with conditions.

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Those conditions do not include being poor. No, there's a custodian or the clerks may be rich, but this is his job. So he will get paid from this occur as well.

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But the conditions are number one, that they should be Muslims.

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This is not permissible to give the cattle non Muslims your citizen feed in cases that we'll discuss in sha Allah person.

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And second, not to be from the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so because the prophets family are not eligible for this occur in one Hadith, Allah tala with Nora via the Harris went along with Alfred liberal, our best these are the prophets cousins. They went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said yeah Rasul Allah, generically to a mirana Allah had a socket we came to ask you to

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make us administer this occur Why? So that no civil manual stableness people get paid. So this job, so we wanted to

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get also a share of that. So Neville Salalah is an MSc in a solder kottelat and Barry Mohammed in an early early Mohammed in NEMA. He also honus that's a sound Howdy. It is not permissible neither for Mohammed nor his family

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to receive the sada the mandatories occur, because it is the filth of people's wealth, the filth that comes out of people what if you remember from the very first episode we spoke about as long as a cat or a soda, its amino purification purifies one's worth. So this part of this academy user care in one's worth is even if it stays there. So when you take it out, it purifies your worth. So and abuse Allah Selim said we're not allowed to take the filth that comes out of people's wealth. So if there are Muslims, and the work is appointed by the government or the state, if there is one man that collects is a co founder and distributed, so those people are eligible for the care and they

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can definitely get paid out of this second, in one Harris, which is narrated by Rodrigo de la talanoa, Alda, he said that and abuse Allah La Jolla cinema See, letter Hello sada katoh levani.

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A sadhaka is not permissible. The mandatory Zakat is not permissible to be given to a rich person. Well, I thought you just mentioned a few minutes ago that we can give the salaries of the employees or the custodians, administrators of this account from this account,

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even if they're rich.

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But the hurries he says, Let the Hello soda toolani but it also says lol Hamza, except for five rich people. Number one, ally Molina Allah. Okay, so the administer deca, number two, and then who buys the solar car by his money.

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We live this other car somewhere, and maybe we'll give it to somebody, he doesn't want this particular money, we give the sheep to a poor person. So, he says to a rich person, he wants a cash that is permissible. So, he has taken the particular ship which was given as a soda but he does not take it for him as also the how he he paid for it. That is permissible. I want him or a person who is burdened with a debt. So he may be rich or has an A sub, but he has a big debt he cannot sit there. So we give him from this account.

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I was in feasterville.

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Those who do not get paid by the government and there are Mujahideen enrolled in the Muslim army as volunteers. They get paid from this account, even if they are there.

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Oh miskeen in the sub Dr. Seuss, the human heart. And I mean, hello, Ronnie. Or perhaps you give us all the cartoon miskeen. And this Miskin takes it to somebody else and gives it to him as a gift. And the person has been given this as a gift is rich, so that too is permissible. These are the five cases where the soda is lawful to end up in the hands of a rich person. And it is just fine. If you look examine the five cases, it is not that we'll go to somebody who's rich and give him the soda. There are reasons why it ended up in the hands of such and such person. There's a closer look at this is gonna be the point we're gonna take a short break, please do stay with us on the Salaam

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Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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You agreed, purify you.

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We need to try to know the ruling of the Sharia on a particular incident why scholars had to put a lot of effort trying to figure out how to give the ruling on such topics and issues. Islam tells you to look good to smell good. The reason of the recession was the collaboration between insurance companies and the banks. Some scholars though, stated that it is permissible for you to insure because you're compelled to do this by the government by law, but you're not allowed to benefit from the insurance policy.

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Much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time give out well give us give us Sarah Molly Cumber De La Habra cattle Welcome back to the effect of Zika just before the break we discussed the third category, shall we say? Those people who are distributing or collecting shall I say there's a guy on the on the state for the state. Now let's look at the next category shake because this is one of the ones which I think many people may be new to they may not fully understand and something which needs to be looked at those people who their hearts okay need to be brought closer to Islam. Explain what this category. There is a fourth category of this occur recipients according to verse

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number 60 of Serato in the Masada heartily for karate, Mr. Keeney while I'm Elian Allah, well more or less at Colaba home for conciliation of hearts, those whose hearts are to be reconciled. In what sense.

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It could be Muslims who are living in remote areas, on the borders between us and non Muslim countries. And non Muslims are working constantly on them, in order to convert them in order to bring them to their site. We have to pay attention to them. Nowadays in today's world, we have seen in some Muslim countries, their neighboring countries are working hard on their bedrooms who are living on the borders, utilizing them to spy on the Muslims to vote for them. Why because the state have neglected them.

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It is pretty late for some countries to recognize that those are our citizens. Those are our fellow Muslims, we have to pay attention to them. We have to support them. They have no infrastructure, they have no education means they have no they don't have anything that we have in the city. So this is one time that we give them from this account in order to reconcile the house and tell them you are us. And we are a few we happen to be living far away. But you're protecting our borders. It could be new Muslims who just came to Islam and they we show them good faith and we'll support them financially because the support is not just spiritual.

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Repeatedly when somebody accepts Islam, we travel all over the world. When somebody accepts Islam, we say that we are Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And then what's the next step? Now we need to do the following. Make sure you work in Halloween on Halloween and you make sure you get to do this and you got to do that. We give them a bunch of restrictions say goodbye, see you later.

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That's not proper is not befitting. I have to support those people. Now you told him that there is halal and haram he cannot work in this you have to work in that without supporting them. Support is not just spiritual. financial support is very important. The machineries, there are armies of missionaries, who work hard on converting people who are either Muslims or do not know whether they have a religion or not.

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Particularly in Africa, in some parts of Asia and so on, what do they do? And how do they convert them,

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they do not build a church and teach them the Bible, because I don't want to learn I want to eat. So it's fully 100 you think and food in one hand,

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food, money or medicine within hospitals, medicine, you know, finance. Then on the other hand, you give them the Bible, he is not concerned about the Bible, he is concerned about the hand which gives him the food. So whichever direction you want to direct him, you will the Hector and you maybe you're familiar with this very famous case where missionaries enter a village and they converted everybody

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and they give them food, build schools, hospitals, they give the money started small projects, and when there was a function celebrating their conversion, and there

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they asked him if they needed anything. So they all said yeah, we needed one thing to go for Hajj.

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So, basically, you they may convert people not convert their hearts, but they convert outside of them. So their needs basically fulfill their needs, why because there is negligence on the other hand, there are a lot of rich people who make millions of dollars out of selling oil and the oil was found in in lost properties, it is the right of the Muslims, there is a catch you on that right. So it has to be directed to those people. So we find missionaries who have tons of help private planes fly in hospitals, and tremendous tremendous financial assets and on the other hand, would not do nothing. So no I left at equilibrium in order to concern the hearts of those who may have converted

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or they are on the edge or they do not know nothing about their Deen or on the borders or non Muslims who are thinking about Islam and abuse Allah and Islam did that with the software in Romania, after the conquest of Mecca. So fun. Maya was one of the mecca leaders, Mecca and sheaves who oppose the Prophet sallallahu Sallam repeatedly. And he was very harsh against Muslims. Similarly, Abu sufian and others alkaline Harris, etc. How did interview sallallahu Sallam reconcile their hearts, he gave him safety for four months

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according to the forensic,

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and he started giving him gifts. So one of naamyaa help Muslims in the war against was an uplift in the Battle of Han and he was not a Muslim.

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He supported them with his weapons and armors and all of that and he worked with them while he was not a Muslim.

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After four months after what he have seen from the country of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he looks at the valley full of cameras. He likes it so who said he like it? Yeah, it's all yours.

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Who's How come so when they recognize that Islam is a very generous religion. He said, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Trini hotter in hoonah buenas LA.

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So once said that I did not hate anybody as much as I hated Muhammad. He generously he kept giving me and giving me give him until I really love them. Some people love will be the wallet in their hearts through showing them generosity. In Arabic, these thetas are what we saw in Nikolai when you have your 3d camera keyless the hub

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when you're generous to people, even if you have some false and some drawbacks, people would ignore them, neglect them because you're generous. This is not called bribery. This is counter attack in the effect, or the attacks of the non Muslim party who are trying to convert Muslims or people pull people towards their side. So from the Zakat fund, we are

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permitted and encouraged to support those who are in need to reconcile their hearts. This is a brief with regards to an LSAT. Hello. So let's ask a bit of a contemporary question around the show, if possible.

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Would you recommend then so people who are given xikar because like you said, we're now living in a state or which is many of us, which is not run by the halifa or the Muslim Empire and thus they can take our money and distribute it. So you live in a non Muslim land Can you give to organizations that give down now is this one of those, this is another category would be discussed in this episode in sha Allah zation right now, if we have time, but if you

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want to ask a question that is really related to the subject will be whether can we now give to

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More or less at home, or are there any more left to kulu people on trying to reconsolidate Hospital, Abu hanifa and his school of thought, hold the view that this category has been dropped. So the categories of the recipients of the care are only seven is reduced to seven instead of eight. Why? He said because once Allah Subhana, Allah made the mighty and powerful and the truth prevail, there is no need anymore to consult the house. If you want to accept Islam, you accept it, if you remain in Islam you remain and we're not helping you unless if you're poor, or illegible according to the other seven categories that was used he had. We live in that almarhum hopper has a precedence in

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this regard. alkaline habits and others who are basically murderers who used to take from the Zakat fund at the time of the Prophet salla ceremony, he died, they want our workers to leave. So here are the Mariela elara Tibetan men, and they kept cashing this Zika fund as well I left it when Amara Nakata came in power. And you know that during his era, Muslims have overruled almost two thirds of the world have conquered the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire. So Muslims were mighty power. Muslim state was a big state now. So they came to America with this writing with the recommendation letter. So he thought it and said, Listen,

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no fun for you unless if you're poor, you're not eligible for

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and if you want to remain in Islam, it's up to you, you don't want to. So he said you're not eligible for it. And Abu hanifa a light on the

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while there's women who say this is a category that Allah Subhana Allah stated, it might not be available at some areas or times, it might be needed some other times and alone was best what we'll see in Africa nowadays, especially with the campaigns and the waves of campaigns of missionaries, working on people to convert them, I think that we really need to consider that. And those people are from Alaska to Colorado, and they are entitled for this occur based on this category. So just to recap again, we've got these categories. We had the four Cora, the Misaki, Cora and Misaki in a subgroup of Alfa Cora, we had the people who worked for the state Milena Allah, well more or less at

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calavo for cancellation of arts does that refresh it for all your advice today and especially the expanding and explain to us about these categories within the car until next time, I'll leave you the Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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you agree purify you Well, the goo round and where you live. Look at all the good you have to give, give love.

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There's a hand somewhere hold the mouse the fee. There's so much that we can do for so many who are in need. Time Give, give. give ourselves a long Cz chinda heavy hidden D