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Multiplying of the Hassanat

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Hatem al-Haj

Channel: Hatem al-Haj

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So the reference on this

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segment accidentally slama booty Bella who became the hustler has to

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get us to go

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to perfect his Assam he will have each of his sassenach multiply thing to 700 times so sellers with 10 is a given because that's the last

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thing is a given. That's

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what is sent to 700 pieces based on his ranking

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based on his ranking with a lot is his station

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how blognomic clearly elaborated a lot like this out of one hour clearly service up when he sent us off am a reports from him. He said

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Philadelphia my bedroom gradually

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So he said that house is multiplied 10 times this will reveal concern that our bedrooms ones. So the second one about the Menagerie. And so he said that a lot of automation, a lot of supplies as he wishes for the for whomever he wishes, meaning the mojari this is this is without reckoning.

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You know, those are the people that sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah. Do you think Allah, Allah will treat them for the hustle of the youth? Like he preaches?

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You know, so, he gives like their home charity and that gives to charity and they get rewarded the same, no

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matter not be equitable.

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It may be equal to equitable