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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the best evidence use to establish the relationship between the head of the spiritual world and the Bible, emphasizing the importance of inter acknowledge and the false god being created by actions. They also touch on the theory of a false god being created by people and how it is a result of actions of people who are supposedly deserved to be removed from the world. The intervention of the Prophet's law is discussed, including the use of sila in Arabic and the importance of it being used for inter settling. The speakers conclude that it is not a matter of being in a position physically, but rather a result of certain actions.
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from you,

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we allows peace and blessings be on each and every one of you. I'd like to welcome your dear viewers to another in our series, the best of tawheed.

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In this series, we're looking at the best evidence use to establish the Islamic understanding of Tao head of unique monotheism, the explanations of the Quran and the Sunnah. Give us the guidelines by which to understand a law and to understand our relationship with him, On what basis should that relationship exist. So, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he gave us a number of clarifying statements which gave the background understanding of this general subject of the oneness of Allah mentioned throughout the Quran, we have been looking at the most important aspect of tau head, and that is

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our head and a body, maintaining the unity

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in our worship of Allah,

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that as we worship Him, we don't shift in that worship, to duality, as in the case of the Zoroastrians, who had a God of good and a God of evil. Nor do we

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give a lot of attributes to his creation, as

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some among the Hindus claim, that they are God men, avatars, meaning that they are God incarnate on this earth. Of course, Christians, they made this claim, but it was only once in the case of Prophet Jesus, that he was in fact, God incarnate, as his own son. So we in terms of our worship,

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direct worship only to Allah alone, he is the only one deserving our worship, regardless of the attributes we may give to our last creation,

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elevating it to certain statuses, as people have done with various idols, etc, but still,

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those idols, those false objects of worship, cannot provide, protect, take care of defend, etc, human beings, that's the reality. So based on the fact that the false gods that are worshipped, are not able to do any good for human beings or to prevent any evil, then on the basis of that they should be rejected. And true worship of God alone, is limited to Him alone, there are no intermediaries between ourselves and God. Now, that doesn't mean that a person may not say to a friend of his make prayer, for me, are in your prayers when you're praying. You know, don't forget me in your prayers. These are legitimate statements, which is different from people who may seek

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others to pray in order to carry their own prayers. That is the person's prayers to God, where that person becomes an intermediary, capable of taking our prayers to reach God. Now, what we're looking at in our previous segment, was part of the rationale, which this concept is based on, mean they've drawn from a variety of different sources. But one of the sources is the concept of

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intercession that

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God the Son,

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or, in the case in Islam, prophets, or maybe angels, martyrs, etc, have the ability to intercede on behalf of the dead, or even on behalf of the living. This belief is a false belief,

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not found in any authentic texts, but deduced from other religious tracts which are from Christianity, or many of its various branches. So,

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the basic principle we took from the verse is the part of the verse of what was known as itu courtesy, or the verse of the throne, are more accurate and it should really be the verse of the footstool, man, the lady is far away and who Elizabeth nee who can intercede on behalf of others to him, except by his permission, this only takes place with His permission. So, the people who are interceding are not free agents capable of interceding at any time at any moment, as they wish and as they will. So people who were destined for * are removed from the process taking them to *, those destined for paradise may be removed and taken on to *. These types of things happening can

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only take place

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by the permission of Allah, just as in this world, nothing takes place without his permission. Similarly, in the world to come, nothing will take place without his permission. So, the authentic texts in them we find

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texts, where different acts of exorcism are to be done. The Roman ritual used by the Roman Catholic Church is an example of such a text, you know, others may use their other holy texts or holy objects, which they will use as a means of justifying the use of their powers for intercession.

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having understood that, we have to understand that the whole process of intercession itself, as you mentioned before, the whole process of intercession is really only

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a law giving the power to certain individuals to take out of the Hellfire, because he had already himself decided that they should come out. So you find the verse which supports that reliance for owner illa limani Tada. They cannot intercede except for him with whom

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Allah is pleased. So if Allah is not pleased with the individual, but it's saying here is that intercession will be of no benefit. And that is important, because if it is, that intercession will benefit the dead as a general principle, all of the dead really benefited from intercession, then people would

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feel that they could obtain intercession, at will. So as long as they leave money behind when they die, that people will be hired to recite the Quran, for example, or to do other religious acts, they will continue to do this and ask a lot to take the refuge, which they have done it for, take the refuge as sod apart from themselves, you know something which should earn them reward with a law. So, we understand this is in accordance with principles which a law has laid. It's not just a free for all anybody can come as some people might have thought. So intercession is according to the will of Allah. For those who are law has already decided will go to Paradise. That's how the intercession

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But for the common person, what he sees is certain individuals, prophets, angels, etc, have the right to intercede in their lives on behalf of what turns out to be the satanic forces, because they're causing us to believe in other than a law. And

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when we understand that the person who is seeking intervention, divine intervention to get that person off the accusation or the claim that that individual has, in fact, gone beyond the bounds of the religion. So we can say, even though he might actually predict correct days of the week, that he really does know, and to promote it externally without that certainty is an error. Anyway, the point is, that those who seek to do intercession will do so only with individuals who they're following considers to be, you know, a person of status and power. We're going to take a break here now, before going into the different types of worship, which will take place when intercession takes

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place, what things intercession can

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operate, for, what circumstances we're looking at, really, we're looking at the various

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circumstances in which intercession can take place. So we'll see you in Sharla, after the break.

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Salam aleikum, welcome back from the break. Now, before the break, we were looking at general principle of intercession where people will believe that some individuals have the power to intercede on their behalf. That is, to get them into paradise, either because of the favor, that's on them, they're special, or the favor from a law that they're able to tap into, to be able to get others paradise. So

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reality, again, that we mentioned before is that this process of intercession

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only functions within the boundaries of what has been set by a law. The people who are seated for are those who are law had already chose to go to Paradise.

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They may have been in * for a period of time, but Allah was going to let them out and put them in paradise anyway. So the Prophet intervening in this circumstance is intervening as a messenger of a law and other messengers will be given the right for intervention, he'll be given it at the end of time, when this world ends, this is where the intervention will be functional. So in order for us to benefit from that intervention,

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we need to have done the right thing. It doesn't mean because the processor lamb is able to intervene. It doesn't mean that we could be corrupt individuals doing corruption, but because we have a unique position, relative to the Prophet, may God's peace and blessings be upon him, or his clothing or whatever, that this is going to have some kind of magical, miraculous effect and give us success where the existing circumstance doesn't give us success. So

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we have the verse from the Quran, in which Allah expresses this concept very closely. He said, while I asked for una de la limani Tada, he can only intercede for him with whom Allah is pleased. Only one with whom Allah is pleased, can be interceded for meaning a lot already chosen decided this person was going to

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benefit from intercession. He could have just

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himself, but he enabled and elevated the status of some of his creatures, some human beings in order

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to give them the good feelings of being chosen, etc. But they're chosen to do what a law has already decided for them to do. They're not choosing to do something which can go against that, meaning that a law allows the intervention of an individual to get his lunch from some other source, where he had forgotten to bring money for his lunch for example. So, the

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head of the company or the head of the section, whatever, gives him the okay to go and have lunch and benefit without having the money. So he has interceded on his behalf. But of course, records are kept, and this money is to be paid back, we do have some charitable causes in which people give, and there's not a set amount, general idea of what people need to give, but in the end, It is we who go back and edit that presentation. So, what we find, thereafter lawyers said that they cannot intercede except for him, with whom allies please. So, what they did, then, was to give special powers to either objects of the profits or sell them like is here etc, clothing, etc. So, that

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becomes the symbol by which is sought.

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intercession from will see him powerful enough to be able to do it. So, a last mantra Allah had given permission to some prophets, angels, righteous people, etc. And he is the one who designated He is the one who identifies what crime what error the person has made, which put them in this precarious position, then he will be able to intercede problems that someone will be able to intercede for such people, because the law has already decided that they will be interceded for

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but he cannot promise or sell them cannot intercede for somebody who Ally's decided that there will be no intercession. So it's not a free for all, where person who fulfill certain steps can come and do anything they want. So, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he will be able to intervene or intercede for those who are law has permitted the intercession. The term was sila

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is used to refer to intercession. The other term tawassul is the more commonly used one in Arabic. But what sila is a common use is an Arabic term again, used for intercession. And prophet Mohammed's asylum is referred to in that way, as a was sila, or like a means away, to get to something else. However, Jabir ibn Abdullah under the companions of the Prophet that said, Solaris alum, whoever after listening to the van says aloha murabaha, doubt Tama for Salatin, Karima RT Muhammad in vasila. Well, for Lila obasa, makovan Mahmoud en la the water, for LA, Lord of this perfect call.

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And the established prayer, Grant, Mohamed Salah, the means that's the word sila and the moral excellence and send him to a praise station, which you promised him from Sal Sal and then went on to say my intercession will be permitted for him on the Day of Resurrection. So

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the term was sealed, as we said,

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actually, is explained in another Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salam authentic IDs in which he said, it is a ranking paradise fitting for only one of our servants. And I hope that I may be just that one. So it's not confirmed.

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Who would occupy that place? special place now

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intercession has a variety of different forms from the first type,

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where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam intervenes on behalf of certain people whose scale of evil deeds have outweighed their good deeds. So Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam is able, with the permission of Allah to intervene in such cases, he's not in a position to intervene for somebody who allies decide is going to help. This person is an evil person, etc. and allies decided he's going to help and then along comes the

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individual who has the power now to overstep what the profits are solemn, had approved, and he gives the okay to intervene for that person, or for himself, whatever. But the point is, this is not an individual, right? When we looked at the rights of the servants of a law, on the law and the rights of Allah and His servants, it didn't include this principle at all. Jabir ibn Abdullah, he also narrated the Messenger of Allah said, Whoever after listening to the event says alohomora, ba da da Ting, Tama for Salatin, Karima RT Muhammad in in Wasilla alpha de la for bathroom a common Mahmud en la de da de la la Lord of this perfect call and of the and established the prayer. Grant, Mohamed

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Salah Salam the means

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and moral excellence and send him to a protected station which you promised him

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and intercession will be permitted for him on the Day of Resurrection.

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So it's not just a straightforward thing, anybody can just step in and intercede like that, you know, some of the shares, etc. You know, who have founded schools of liquor, etc. And people idolize them and follow them. These are the people who, in general, ended up making the claim that they could replace a law, they could replace a law and that they know how to run the world. And it's just a matter of being in a position physically, and we will be able to do so again. With that we're coming to an end of this episode. And we hope to see you again in future episodes of The Best of tawheed.

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semi semi of peace, in love

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