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The speaker is giving instructions to their group to practice a declaration of faith on a day. They encourage everyone to take things one day at a time and build faith with them. The speaker also offers a small donation to the group.

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Hey, everybody,

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I shall law

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what a MOBOTIX day. Really bless the day, we're so happy to have you with us Liza

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Shala I'm going to just talk a little bit kind of shelf, kind of talk our way through chat a little bit. So we're going to say, Inshallah, the declaration of faith. But before we do that, just a couple of things, because I always like to make sure that if there's any questions we can answer or anything we can kind of help clarify because I it's usually after a person says the shahada, you'll see, which is the declaration of faith, you'll see that there's just a lot of hugs,

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a lot of excitement. And sometimes things get lost on almost two things. Two things. Okay. Excellent. Is this going somewhere?

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It should have been you.

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So I did want to ask if there's any specific questions that I can help answer first, or really any of our teachers

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very overwhelming, so probably can't think straight. But

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I want to acknowledge mashallah that it can very well be overwhelming. And this is a marathon. It's a long, long journey. This is just the start of an amazing, amazing,

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amazing chocolate.

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to celebrate my shell.

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And so I'd like to just make sure that we can remind ourselves actually everyone here and in fact, what I'm going to ask everybody here it's not just Lisa is taking Shahada. What are we asked for everybody who's here is that we actually all renew our faith together, every single time there's an opportunity to it's a beautiful thing for everybody to actually renew faith, Michelle law and kind of renew that commitment. So this this, what we're going to be basically saying is, as you probably know, these just kind of explained through what we're going to say together, it's the declaration that there is no God but Allah,

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the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final messenger.

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And from there that simply enters a person into the faith, it is a simple declaration and subpanel loved person immediately comes into the faith. Well follow us can feel of course overwhelming because of there may be, you know, different steps and rules and things. But my suggestion for you my humble suggestion, inshallah is to take things one day at a time, and to build to allow the building blocks to happen, you know, layer upon layer upon layer, and that might take a little bit of time. Hopefully, Inshallah, with the group that we have here at the MCC, there's a you know, a new converts kind of welcome group, which is really wonderful. And they're, I think, kind of

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figuring out what are the priorities from their channel. So I guess I'm saying all of this just because it can feel very overwhelming. And it can feel like a lot of rules all at once. And I don't think that's the point. The point is actually, to have that deep connection with God and know that he loves you and always has loved you. And this is kind of a in many ways, coming back to a declaration that was already said many, many we believe as Muslims in a different stage of life, we already had submitted our will to God and in many ways we're refining that at this moment. So without further ado,

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it was a Sunday want to come closer to

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your you're sure. We're so happy to have you with us too. All right, so I'm going to go ahead and say that Arabic slowly I'll have you repeat Inshallah, and then we'll say it in English as well.

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Okay. And everybody please, as we say, it will ask all of you to say it as well.

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as shallow as hidden and now an la ilaha illa Illa Allah and Allah will enter when anna Muhammad Muhammad Rasulullah Rasul Allah

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So, what we basically said is that I declare that there is no God, but Allah would you like to say that with me as well? I think that there is no God there is no god but the one God, the Lord, Allah, Allah, and that Muhammad and that Muhammad peace be upon me to be upon this this final messenger this final messenger, Michelle law, my dear sisters, please give destroyer Luiza your love and do as

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you know what I'm jealous you all have to be jealous of Lisa cried. Why? Explain it to her because the person who comes to a snap, anything and everything before is gone.

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So you're coming like a newborn baby. We all have a lot of baggage, a lot of things we have to explain so that's why we are jealous. And I remember making dua for you may have lost pantalla keep you strong europea me say me, keep you strong and teach you and make you a leader for everyone, including Shelby, give her a big hug everybody. And before you do that, on behalf of the MCC, we wanted to offer you a small gift. There's a

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microphone still doesn't like

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called being a Muslim, and I hope inshallah that helps and of course, the flowers for you. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow this clean slate in this new beginning to be one of a beautiful journey and hopefully in sisterhood with all of us for me, my turn.

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Thank you. And thank you to my husband

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I've been thinking about this for a really long time. And I actually grew up in Oman and then I moved to America when I was 18.

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And so the religion has always been with me not necessarily in a practicing way but I feel as though the time has come and it's been a while

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I think my husband actually told me about it

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did you expect to

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see a lot

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You know, what was the point at which you have to know these

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granted, what was the moment they said that's it? That's it I'm doing

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all of your words resonated with me.

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And you can ask him like we've been crying like all day.

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Just so many things just has touched on our

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conference here too, I'm sure if you can come up to her share with her share numbers and show you how.

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bossing us with your

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eyes wide this is just icing on the

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