Adnan Rajeh – In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #09

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various plans for the upcoming evening, including a pm and Witter for the first day of the year, a Day of alpha for students, aOP/AD/EM/EM event for graduates, and a student's visit to the house. They emphasize the importance of creating a strong resume and not missing out on opportunities. The segment touches on the title Islam and the "by the way" titles, as well as the importance of praying for the great and the need for a coalition.
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trial and error you know have you been out early he was lucky he had your manual bad. So a few things tonight before we read the Hadith.

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First things first, so inshallah we'll have a pm right after the Sunnah. I'll do four workouts and then three Witter and make a dua for those who you'd like to stay, we'll do the same thing. And Charlotte tomorrow as well, tonight is the night of Ottawa. And tomorrow is the night of alpha and alpha is the only day of the year that has a night before it and a night after it. So it's very specific in that terms, which is why people can go for hydrogen then come on the day of alpha after Milgram is still stand and get the job because out of Ise two nights and Yeoman Nahoko is just a day it doesn't even have a night before it. So we tonight is out of tomorrow's Arafah. So we'll do that

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down in Charlotte right after so now for those who would like to stick with us. Tomorrow with Charlotte data, we have a Arafa event that we started 730 I'll go I'll do a little bit of a workshop on the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam people can participate and you know, be a part of it and like, I'll explain things about it and the people get to talk about a little bit and maybe contribute to the to the event will happen right before Muslim inshallah which is a beautiful time to make dua on the day of alpha. And then we'll have a thought we'll have a Kahoot based on some of the helot that I gave last year for for PT students or people would like to kind of

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compete and get the job and then we'll pray a shot and have them afterwards. So that's the plan for tomorrow. If you're able to register just so that we know the number of people that are gonna show up, it'd be helpful. It's not, it's not paid, but we just want to know how many people do expect

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with us today in Hamdulillah. One of our students is I want to get to here to here. Where is he? His dad's here? Where's he ready to go? So his dad is here so you can congratulate his father today brother I'm gonna shout he's on the head about Luffy Allah subhanaw taala bestow it was stood his ultimate blessing upon him, where he received his chain of narration and the color of house and also from his chef chef Manish Sharma and it's Is he here? Am I not here to do I have no one none of them here. Somebody here or elsewhere was gonna believe me?

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My shoulder said Hamdulillah. And so how I got mine. It was it was the day of your resume and it was the day of a little time he gets out of here. These are beautiful nights. So you can create your look congratulate the student I think How old is already 1516 At least 15 years old and he has this chain of narration. We have some aluminium in place to shelter we have a machine.

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Barranquilla make dua for them that Allah subhanaw taala grants him the ability to hold on to this amount that Allah has given him. It's a huge responsibility and it's the biggest blessing that he'll ever receive for the rest of his life. He asked Allah Subhan Allah grant him the strength and the steadfastness and the grit to continue to carry this until the end of his life in sha Allah, may Allah grant him the baraka of the Quran inshallah and all of our children to be the light out which is the point of all of this. I

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think that's it Yahweh.

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Yahweh, the Imam or autonomy the you if you Jimena he beside him Hassan and Abdullah hit me I'm looking at also the Allahu Anhu called by the Law School of Law he said Allah Allah Samson has denied the collection and you're telling me that it has an acceptable chain of narration Rachel's by Abdullah had been humbled in the house. And Palestine says he'll do it. Do Young me out of here on oil two, and when maybe you don't I mean, probably the ILA in the Allahu Allahu la sharika the Hula, hula, hula hamdu Hawala Coalition for the year. He said Allah your salatu salam, the best dua is the dua they have out of. So within the next 24 to 36 hours of Make dua make as much do as you possibly

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can and make dua for yourself and for your loved ones and for the Ummah and for everything that you can think of this is the day Allah subhana wa Tada looks at his his creation, and He shows them how his creation came to him and come back and return no matter how far they go astray, they always come back and that believes was wrong when he believed that it was not possible for them to do what Allah subhanaw taala has destined them to do. So it's a beautiful time and it's one of the best scholars differ on what the best day of the years and the difference is really not what you think the difference is whether it's Yeoman alpha or Yeoman Nadeau whether it's a day of aid or whether it's

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the day of Otto that's what they differ on. They don't even talk about other the other Ramadan is nights they talk about nights nights where the deal is the days is it is between the contenders are day number nine tomorrow, or the day number 10. So it's really between those two days. So definitely take the blessing of these days. And that he said, I think it's awesome, the best thing I ever said, and all the prophets before me ever said was Allahu Allahu la sharika, the Holy moley, who Allah cliche,

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and we are commanded within these days to increase our delille and Takbeer. And to Hamid and to spear and to be more accurate when we talk about the Creator specifically. So here, what the what the scholars or the schools of jurisprudence saying so everyone, but the Maliki essay starting from the Fajr of the day of out Have you performed to be mocha? Yeah, remotelock meaning just just do tequila as you go along is something open for all the 10 days of the ledger and the four days after, so that's open but

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Peter Mackay had meaning to me that happens after prayers mean Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allah. Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allah and I'm the one that we all chant together that starts from the failure of the day of our of our for the majority of the schools aside from the medica who say it starts the lord of Yeoman Nahata which is a which is a day or so afterwards but even within the medic EMF there's an opinion that pushes it backwards so so starting tomorrow so starting this federal that's coming once we pray Fraser before him data could be right after solid pharma and then over and then also some parts of the so this the Shafia Yeah, and parts of the Hanafi madhhab

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actually say you should do it after all types of prayers even if you're praying Sunnah the honeybees call it wardrobe, they actually see it's not a sunnah it's a wardrobe it's something in the hand if you have a specific kind of breakdown of between a funnel then as soon as you have something called a watch, which is you know, their their breakdown, but it just it just indicates is actually a little bit more important for them you should do it that if you don't do it and you speak after salon you don't start doing it VSM actually there's there's a there's an amount of sin that you carry, which is just again even if you don't follow that opinion, it just tells you that this is

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something very important for the scholars and they see it as something worthy and it keeps on going until the final episode of ionic tissue so you do this out of nowhere and the three days afterwards ending the author of that final day and will continue to do that and show me this message as explained within like two hours so pretty soon inshallah and then we'll we'll have a few records pm if you are interested to stay you're welcome to do so. Yeah, the email was gonna be the up Jeremy. He said, I've been hustling and a biller hidden camera in the house of Allah who and whom I've been following the videos on Allahu Allah who were early he was like, have you seen him play him

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according to and when maybe you will probably have one playable Do I Do I owe me Alpha? Well, haoma cool too. And now when maybe you want me on probably the la vida que la sharika that will move forward. I will have him working on a coalition and sort of Rasulullah sallallahu Haliotis I'm sort of sparkler behind the Shinola. Atlantis. Don't feel too

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