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Furthermore, that's even more serene.

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Ah, my, Allahu Allah And Pharaoh now in front of him on LinkedIn I was in China to learn

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more about special brothers sisters soleimani Kumar, tomahto barakato.

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As you may be aware, that I am focusing on and talking about the 10 things of football, of

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purity of nature, connected to remain sheen and remaining and staying pure. And I discussed the importance of purity in Islam, the importance of teens in Islam the importance of physically remaining teen, and that having a an effect on the spiritual aspects of the human being and discuss all of this in detail. And I don't want to really go again and recap because that's what I do every day, but time is very short. So I guess there are 10 things of the past 10 things regarding which the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they are from Sunnah. They are the practices of all the prophets. And a lot of emphasis has been laid on these 10 things. The first one

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was about cutting off the shortening of the moustache, which I discussed in detail. And number two is lengthening of the beard, which I talked about yesterday and the day before, certain aspects connected to that I mean, each of these things, you can dedicate an whole day for what or you can, you know, rise to the whole book on just just one of these 10 things. It's a very detailed subject. And then number three, I talked about using of the miswak or the seawalk, which is a very important lesson of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and people should try men and women, both of us brothers and sisters, should all of us should try to use the swag. As much as

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possible. It's a very neglected so now also brush your teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush, but also have a miswak which is a certain in itself.

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Now the fourth one, which I'm going to talk about today,

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in return,

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you think the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which I recited earlier, and which I mentioned to you was that Arsenal, middle Cipro, there are 10 things of nature, in there this return, which means circumcision has not been mentioned, there are 10 things. And in another Hadith, he says, There are five things.

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And neither circumcision has been mentioned. And other things have not be mentioned there. So maybe you could say 10. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to this one called limb of the mouth and mincing of the nose to separate things. We'll consider that to be one. And we'll take certain session so it stays and remains transience of flipper, so, and Seaton

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will sit on it.

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It's very important

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to know. And, as you know, I don't want to go into the details of it, but it's, you know, the

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cutting on the private parts of the child.

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And you see, there's a lot of Puritan.

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Today, non Muslims have raised objections on this, that how can you harm a newborn child? And how can you do that? How can you cut

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some part of the skin from his body when when the child is so young, but there is so much more there is so much wisdom Subhanallah, there's so much less than hand benefit. And many people have researched this issue of circumcision and doctors have, you know, discussed this in detail. And they've mentioned so many benefits.

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Recently, we had was it was organized by some some organization, I don't want to go into the name, some place,

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organized by some organization. And there was a big event at some place close by, in in near Leicester, where all the doctors were called invited. And it was like, four Sundays, every second Sunday of the month. We were discussing it it was Islamic jurisprudence and medical ethics. And we were discussing different things. So what happened was that issues contemporary issues such as organ transplantation, blood, donor circumcision, blood transfusion, abortion, contraception, birth control,

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brain, their life support machine, you name it, all the different topics were all discussed. And what happened is that

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on each issue, a doctor

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specialist, a specialist and a qualified doctor, people doctors came from all over the country. And there was a big fee for the people who attended. Because mainly for the doctors, a doctor would discuss the issues from a medicine perspective. And then an Ireland, who was given the opportunity to put up on the issue from an Islamic perspective. What are the rules concerning contraception, about abortion, about

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organ transplantation and all of that, and I was also, you know, honored and privileged, I was invited, I did give to three different different senators gave talks on on certain issues. But anyway, what I one thing really shouldn't change me. I wish I heard from a doctor when when a doctor was discussing circumcision, he says that

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he said, which I mean, there are so many benefits he mentioned. But this just one which hit me was that there's been research has been done. And that's stated, and this is an accepted fact, in the Medicine Department in the medical field, that a person who

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has been circumcised

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has been done upon him, he has been circumcised, he is far less

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prone to be being affected with AIDS and HIV. A person who has been circumcised it's very unlikely that he will not present but it's very unlikely and his chances and risks, the chances and risks and the fears of him being

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affected with HIV. And AIDS is far less than that person who is not circumcised soprano. I was just absolutely amazed. When he gave the facts and figures, it was all there with with you know, the facts. It wasn't just something which he just said it out of his pocket, there's research has been done on this aspect. So there's just one thing which really tricky there are many, many things and there's so much wisdom behind this and one of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us whatever Islam informs us, there is much benefit. It's for the benefit of all of us. Whether we understand or we don't understand it, regardless of whether we are the ruling comes into

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our head or it does not come into our head. Whether we understand the logic and understand the benefit behind it, or we don't understand it. We just submit to the will of Allah subhanaw taala we submit to the command of rossano Tada, this is the meaning of Islam submission, we submit whether we understand we don't understand. So anyway, this return, which is the Sunnah

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is one of the salient features of Islam from the Sharia.

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Many of them are lacking on the Sharia law, the Allahu anhu and many imams have considered circumcision to be logic.

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However, according to save money for the Allahu anhu, our demand for the mom of many people suddenly not be plentiful. So maybe Malik is a family social service, whatever. But according to him, it is not watching. But nevertheless, it is greatly emphasized in the accreditor. It's great to emphasize

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it's one of the salient features of Islam. If the whole community if everybody starts leaving the circumcision out, then they'll be doing a grave grave error, and it will be a grave sin.

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It's greatly emphasized, and according to some it is Roger, it's necessary. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith recorded by Mr. Muslim in his Muslim world, and emammal very happy that circumcision is suitable for men

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and an honor for women sooner for men and an honor for me when I talk about women anywhere but

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and in another heading in again in Muslim men get rid of the hair of disbelief and perform the condition performs the condition and then even in this, the, from the nature from the things of nature, it's been mentioned that, you know, circumcision should be done. So it's it's a salient feature of Islam, it has a lot of it's got a lot of emphasis and therefore, it should be done.

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Now here

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in the main queue has been strongly emphasized in Islam and when the foreskin is not removed urine and other you know, filthy things can be Gods is that it's an important aspects of circumcision.

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You see, because

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the hora remaining key

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Call it color Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ashura mineral crusher on mineral security associate dB, where it was silver grid, and we collected under the uniform did skin, I don't go into too many details, but and therefore, not doing that, the area becomes, you know, you know, it can be painful infections can occur there from bacterial growth, and many other things. And therefore, stash the lengthening of the bed using of the seawater,

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rinsing of the nose, with water, and boys, and from females, of course, and this is the reason why I mentioned that they are far less, you know that there's far less risk of them being affected and infected, affected and infected with STDs, the transmitted diseases,

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and at the forefront of all of them, HIV and AIDS, of course, so, therefore, there is a lot of purity and also you know, that the users man, you know, it will not be really harmful for the newborn babies can, you know, tolerate and bear the slight bit of trouble with some have said this, that, but it's that it should be done before reaching puberty and also in a time when the earlier than the better, better times the child will have to go through. And that's the best time to do it.

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don't self doubt in the hiding in the wording of the Hadith, they would not say they were extremely precocious books, Aboriginal on the subject who can read about it.

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It's very easy nowadays, because a lot of medicines have been

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created, whereby it becomes easy. And also I mean, you know, nowadays, it must have one thing like that it's just not, it's just permissive, especially in the Hanafi school of thought, it's not something necessarily or women of the female or women is he is concerned.

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The orama have stated that it is not logic, neither is his son commended per se or must have not committed

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and even permitted meaning that just the slight trimming, but it's from yesterday. Anyway, and so these 10 things are from FIFA. And then I explained this that Modus superadmin this happens, as I mentioned yesterday, narrated by Muslim mama Buddha, the tip of the you know, the area that is just very, very, very, you know, small minor type of cutting that. And if it's done, and if she if you want to do it on a newborn female, then that's also permitted. But if not, then there is there's nothing wrong whatsoever.

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And Buhari has What's his books name? His book. short name is a general sorry, but it's a long name, like for example, men are demonstrated this. And so this is a few things about fantasy time. And also one thing to remember here, I remember one thing here that

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once I got this question over the email by some people, I think, though, from the emails from India, that a community, there were people, a person who wanted to accept some and others maharlika Salama, someone who a yummy long name. Similar is the case with Mr. Muslims book, a long name in his book, he ran with me, I don't recall as well, it's cloud. And they said that you can't accept Islam until you learn circumcised circumcision is a requirement to enter into the fold of Islam. So he said, You know, I mean, it's very difficult for me, at this age for me to, you know, carry out circumcision on me, it's going to be really difficult and I mean, the people learn that how can you you know, if a

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person wants to accept Islam, and he comes to you, and he is delayed, because of the new woman's means, but I think a year back so, I wrote a long article on this as well. And I was really, really appalled by by these are things which are from the Sunnah from the Suenens from the ways and practices of all the prophets, saying you do not urgency and you action then you will be asked about this on the day of because nothing was the person was except you don't even say anything except Islam. Now, first and foremost, accepted, say the Shahada

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and then go and do whatever you want to do, then tell him about the condition. You don't need it if he went away and on the way he died that somebody had a homeowner who for the Huda home attorney, these are the people who have guided him his profits. So follow that guidance. So therefore

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In order to enter Islam, there's no such a thing like that. He told you that

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it's not a requirement for an adult person. If a person grows old, even only should they do circumcision or not, I must say that if it's tolerable if they can tolerate it, then no problem. They won't do it, they can do it, it's good that they should do it if they who accepted Islam came into the fold of Islam.

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The situation of both these two people are those people on whom circumcision has not been good. What's the route towards which good people they get inclined, and they are, it's the natural way, which is for the human being. And if your hand if they can tolerate it, but if they think it's harmful for them, sometimes people may perish. So if it's harmful for them, they can't tolerate it if they if they are not able to bear that necessary current requirement that Okay, don't you can't accept you can't be a Muslim until you don't. So can you find yourself it's completely outrageous, is not. Now

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this is of course connected to just to male, I know, sisters are listening at home. But you can listen to this and then you can correct it's not in line with the understandings of Islam, you need to get a deep understanding of the ruins of Islam before we make statements and before we come to conclusions jumped to conclusions. So therefore, an elderly person, an adult, it's not necessary, they can do it, then, and hungry learner problem. But if it's untold, tolerable, and if they cannot bear it or tolerated, then they can avoid it, rather, they should avoid it. So this is a few things about return. So this is the fourth one we've done. So out of the 10 things of a nature

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we come to the fifth one now, the combination of squinting of the nose is cold, and it's thin, sharp,

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thin, sharp, which means shrinking of the nose.

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Very into hygiene, you know, rules and regulations with

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you know, concerning

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hygiene and being cheap Islam, putting these two are extremely important.

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Both of these things of the nose, as you know, that when we perform ablution and universally they are foreign. It's very important that when when especially when we are taking an arbitrary bath, we rinse our mouth, Sara Lee, without them our hotel, our obligatory bath will not be completed will not be fulfilled. So it's very important in Sunday to Sunday and we'll go into the extravagant is also not liked by Sonia in a MOBA daring to be extravagant and all the spending which is called the V and a Seraph. No pieces of flair have moved on to bits and pieces of food should not remain between our teeth. If they remained in our house again not be complete we have to be very extra

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vigilant and extra careful about not at times after they come out and gonna take you know something's going to stick or something. And something comes out from the from between the teeth especially if you've got spaces between your teeth. It's very important that when you take a hotel when you take an object that's not even a small should this first thing has been mentioned the taping of them stash the trimming of the stash the cutting of them stash

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right is very important you need to do Mother Mother and we goggle our mouth properly take the motor to the throat and you know, like you know new vomiting like that it's very inoffensive

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Model T shirt, Willesden Sharpie, messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam says exaggerate in your goggling and rinsing of the nose, in the intercooler for him and except if you're fasting, so if you're fasting, then you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't exaggerate take water right to the throat. Because very like the Shinya sharing gave us this guidelines and this, this, you know, this is the center of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is from the fitrah that a man holding the knob is also about purity about remaining clean, not harming other people with bad smell and bad odor of the mouth. If in the morning, don't just go somewhere without doing you know

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performance work and brushing your teeth. It's bad manners, you know, when you're talking and you're standing on sitting right next to somebody and that bad odor comes from from the conduct from the mouth, it's not right. So therefore make sure that the breath is nice and fresh and you have a clean, fresh mouth. And also the rinsing of the nose is very important. rinsing of the nose is very important. A lot of times people you know, they keep on sniffing they sit in imageless and they keep on sniffing which is we seem you know shy of taking everything out from the nose. But it's better to completely because people are they're completely removed everything then go into

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Whew place and rinse you know if you've got you know fluids and we keep it in a tissue or something go and use water and sniff sometimes you need performance just listen to this hadith he said manga

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a manga

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imagine listening into the gathering and keep sniffing so therefore it's bad manners and it's not right keeping the nose team as well and also this is in Mosul it's necessary it's not up

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to this hadith is as Muslim and I'm gonna say no to this in his son and in an academy the narrated this in his book as soon as you mama tell me the

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money should not do that. So these two things are very important. And as you know that in Moodle, we cover the mouse and when we perform the skin sharp rinsing of the nose, then what do we do? We use our both hands and I'm going to handle this initial loss of this this is the fifth one and not another will be shocked gobbling up the mouse and rinsing of the nose. inshallah I'm going to enter this at the moment just record locally for listening