Marriage – Deen Vs Culture Part 3

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam gives a talk on the importance of Marriage in Islam and the cultural influence that need to be squashed.

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So Islam is a it's a it's a religion, it's not just a religion, it's a complete way of life. It's an active active part of our life. You know, Islam is not like the brothers. It's not like any other religion. It's not just certain rituals where you know certain forms of worship certain modes of worship, certain things you do just once a week or once a year. Ramadan comes then yeah, we think okay, now it's a cultural things, you know, some communities, if far is like a party.

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Yeah, if thought is like a party, I was in Syria, and I was telling, I used to see people there. They have nothing whatsoever, you know, they do the store, they fast, they open the fast and then the watch dramas are late all night long. Syrian TV used to give the top dramas in Ramadan, so soap operas, in Ramadan, and they make it slightly Islamic, you know, somebody just come back from the mosque and you know, things like that.

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Seriously, they have, you know, they have the soap soaps, you know, they may decide Islamic and none of you know that for them, but they fast a lot of them fast. No, fasting is more like a cultural thing. You know, everybody's after so there's so much traffic and all the food and you know, preparation family, I'm not saying it's not allowed, you can you can, you should invite and you should open fast with your fellow Muslim Brothers, but it's that religious significance is lost. You go out of this for people. everybody's busy eating and the family and nobody's in the masjid. It's more cultural than Islamic.

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There'll be people fasting, right? Who will not be praying nosara

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there'll be there'll be there'll be people who sisters will not even be covering their head. They're still fasting. picking and choosing parts of the book of Allah. Allah says of a two min una de la del kitabi, where the Karuna evolved, do you believe in parts of the book and you leave other parts? This is what you call a partial Muslim or quarter time Muslim or a half time Muslim? Or what tells us enter into Islam totally Submit. Islam means submission, brothers and sisters. That's what it all means. You know, we say Islam means peace. Yeah, one of the meanings is peace. Right? It is one of the meanings but the word Islam really submission. You know, US Lama use Muslim is a person of

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Muslim the translation of Muslim is not a peaceful person.

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The literal translation, you have a slum use lemo Islam and you're our brother. No, no, he's a slum or Ustream. Islam and for whom Muslim.

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That's Lama he submitted himself use label he is submitting himself. The Islam file the dua Muslim, the one who submits himself the submitter submits to the commando the will of Allah, the peaceful one is silent. From the word Selim Selim is llamosa limit. Salim is the one who is peaceful of Salama of peace. So the literal meaning of Muslim is someone who submits himself totally to the world and Command of Allah. And this is what a lot talks about, you know, the two prophets Ibrahim and his married peace be upon them.

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You know the long story but a lot talks about

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you know, the slaughtering Ibrahim was ordered and commanded to slaughter his own sacrifice his own son. The long story we all know. After mentioning the whole episode, Allah use the word Aslam for the Father, the father when Allah commanded Ibrahim peace be upon him to slaughter and sacrifice his own son, no questions, no ifs and buts. Allah said it full stop, submit. And the sun is married peace be upon him. He never asked any questions he could have said God, You know what? Why didn't why did why did slaughter sheep

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It doesn't make sense. Go ahead and tell you Is he crazy? You know slaughtering a human being your own son, or you might be diluted or you might be deceived or you might have might have learned to draw is a year urbinati if I took him on Saturday, June insha Allah hamina savarin Oh my beloved father do what you have been commanded to do don't even hesitate you will find me from those who have patient and several and he's mentioned that he actually Ibrahim is married the central the father you know what when you slow me down Put me on my neck a sorry on my you know in the back of my head you know, put me on my stomach so that when you see my face you don't have pity in your

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heart and use you know the knife might you might find it difficult so you don't see my face. Slow to me from the back.

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That's why from Atlanta what tell Julio jabeen when a lot talks about this, he says when they both a slammer. Now when they both became Muslims, they're all in the prophets of Allah when they're both submitted to the will and Command of Allah. Islam teaches submission, total submission. Everything we do, from the moment you wake up, the way we pray, the way we eat, the way we drink, the way we do business, the way we trade the way we marriages, divorces. Everything has

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To be in light of the guidance given by Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cultural stuff. It's not a problem. two things. One, it's not a problem. As long as you don't consider it to be part of Islam, you realize its culture. And number two, you should not go against Islam.

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Right? Like, for example, I'm not saying everything of culture is wrong culture. I mean, the goal is like to have fish part of the culture. Yeah, I like fishing resort. No problem, doesn't mean now you can eat it of course you can eat it. So as long as you don't give it extra significance, religious significance to it. And as long as something it's not against the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. So, the point here is that all we need to be Muslims, not by just by name, not by culture, not because we were just born in a Muslim family we could be born in an Indian family or a Pakistani family, Somalian family, Kuwaiti family a Saudi Arabian family, Egyptian families, Syrian family,

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whatever family we may be born in. But for us, Islam comes over and above everything Islam is given preference over and above everything. You can be you know, Eastern Muslim, you know from wherever you are east, south west north, Islam comes first you can be a British person you can be a Muslim. Islam is before being British. Islam is before being Arab. Islam is before being Indian is before being Pakistani before being Bangladeshi before being African. Islam comes before everyone and that solves all the problems you know we have all this year your nursing

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which are now come sugar mocha. Allah says the only reason why we created you into different tribes and groups Lita our office so that you recognize one another it's easy otherwise if everybody was Chinese, you'd be so difficult to realize one another to recognize one another all look the same. If everybody was alone, he would be difficult everybody was Indian would be difficult. You know, different tribes. Diversity is actually good. You learn from different tribes and different groups and later on.

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You know, if you have three people named by the name of Abdullah, one is from Bangladesh. The other one is from China. The third one is from Botswana, for example. So you know Nicki Minaj is in a kurama commando raha Taku. The most honorable Viola is the one who has the most fear of Allah. Now for Lilith and further the art of being a Jimmy, there is no virtue for Arab over non Arab and vice versa.

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In nickel, in the collector behind him in America is one of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in a collector behind him in America is when you don't become good by color. You're not good because you're white because you're black because you're pink or your blue or green. If you get those colors, but anyway, you're not good by the color. There is no virtue in the color of your skin.

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There is no virtue.

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In the favela, who be taqwa, taqwa and the fear of Allah, the consciousness of Allah. That's what makes a person honorable and noble in this life.

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So the first point I want you to take with you here today is we need to be active Muslims.

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You know what active Muslims mean, not being cultural Muslims.

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That's the first point I want you to take with you.

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To be active Muslims, not someone who's just a Muslim because he was born in a Muslim family, not just because you know, you're you happen to be born

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in a family where your parents are Muslims.

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Take Islam as as a way of life. study it. Find out the heckum. The Masada the wisdoms, the rules of different aspects of Islam, make Islam a practical part of your life. Make it a full of life, not just a passive thing. Islam should be active in our lives not passive. It's not just not we shouldn't just go through the motions should be an active thing. Everything you know, as I said from from the moment we wake up our life, our work, our jobs, our careers. Everything should revolve around Islam, everything so short life. I'm telling you once you get into it, then you'll never look back. Seriously as the brothers who are into it once you get into it, there's no better place to be

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in than in the depth of practicing Islam.