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AI: Summary © The title of the book Yaseen is the 36th Surah of Surah, and it is divided into four major themes, with Surah of Surah being the title of the Bible. The title is used to describe the personality and actions of the title, and it is highlighted as a symbol of Islam. The speakers discuss the history and legends of Islam, including the use of surahs and the importance of authenticity. They stress the need to be careful with grading in settings, and recite surah scenarios to make them beneficial. The speakers also mention a recent Hayden event and a book about the generation after the Sahaba.
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Relying on a sheet on the regime in which we learn from the data below the mean was salatu wa Salaam Arusha Finkelstein, Sina Mohammed Manali, he was a marine of 11 brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Thank you so much for joining us night number five of our move on 2020 ramadan 1441 series and inshallah tonight after we completed the Tafseer sort of Fatiha yesterday, we will now enter will begin inshallah, the main theme of the month which is the Tafseer of surah. Yaseen. So just we will refine so what is seen in the Quran, surah Yaseen is the 36th Surah Surah number 36. It is found at the end of the 22nd juice and it flows through into the 23rd

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juice and it is found in between surah and 30, which is the 35th surah. In surah Safar which is the 37th surah of the Quran surah. Yaseen is not a very long chapter. It's called 83 verses, and it is a Mexican surah. So as we know the Quran by now we should know that the Quran has been divided into Moroccan chapters and Madani chapters, mccunn chapters meaning the sutras that were revealed to the prophets of Salaam before the eternal and the madonie sutras are the sutras which will reveal in Medina after the hegemon doesn't necessarily mean in Medina itself, they will souls which revealed in Makkah, after the ijarah these would still be these would still be Madani. Surah so really the

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the Quran is divided basically by the hegira. And you would find that the bulk of the Quran is bulk of the sutras that are revealed or makin, and the lesser of the the revelation is maddening. surace. And it's important to know this distinction, because vanilla and this is one of the miraculous things about the Quran, is that in Mecca, the audience was different. The audience by and large, were a disbelieving people. The Muslims are being persecuted, they weren't really a community. And so the the language of the Quran was directed for that circumstances. And when you find in Medina, you have a Muslim community. Now, issues of Muslim community require in terms of the laws and the

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Sharia how to live, these things are revealed in the mud, nice grace. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala changes the language very dramatically between a Moroccan surah and a mighty surah. And before it's important for us to know that distinction, so surah Yaseen was a surah, which was revealed in Makkah before the era and therefore when we talk about the themes in sha Allah, perhaps tomorrow or the day after, and this will become clear why this is important to understand this beautiful Hadith in the Muslim Imam Ahmed, Mohammed Muslim, which really categorizes the entire Quran. And you can begin to see from this categorization we saw as it fits in the Prophet salallahu Salam says, I have been

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given instead of the Torah so instead of a total of maybe mooser, I was given seven long sort of a Sadat one the seven long chapters, and I have been given instead of as a whole, the Psalms of libido would then mean the solos, which are about 100 verses long, and then instead of the Injeel of Ibiza, I was given the Matheny sutras mahtani, meaning those sewers which are often recited, and then I have been privileged meaning I alone was given the mufa son surahs Mufasa, meaning those sewers with many, many breaks and they are short. So these are the last chapters of the Quran. If we're going to discuss this it further, the seven long sutras are the first you know after sort of Fatiha from

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Surah Baqarah to Surah Toba, there are actually eight chapters surah Zinnia prophecy was the seven or instead of the Torah. So why are these eight chapters instead of seven? The surah number eight surah to unfurl was added the bundle Sahaba. So the Sahaba when we know when they put the Muslims together, they weren't sure where to put salt and fat. And so they placed it in chapter number eight, they put it before surah Toba and the generation after them asked, Why did you do that? So they said that sort of unfold, we didn't know what to do with it. And so we looked at Surah Tauba. These two look very similar. They both refer to issues of jihad. And so we placed

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next to Surah Tauba. So really these first chapters of the Quran of the Surah Fatiha, these are similar to the Torah, you know, the Torah are no giving, they are very rich with laws and with Sharia and I can and you'll find all of this in the first sections of the Quran. And then you have as we said, the the meme the next batch of surahs, there are about 100 is in length. And then after then we have the mahtani sutras those which already cited often, which is what I seen fits into these into these Sutras, those which are decided very frequently. And in the last batch of Swords like those induced ama are those which are very, very short and they have a lot of breaks and their

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coffee before so surah. So this is authentic hadith by his Muslim. Moving on to Surah Yaseen, specifically surah. Yaseen has a number of names. And again, we said in our previous lecture, that of the names, some of them that are also lamp named in his lifetime, and other names, the Sahaba added to it, and I said, these names are not from Allah subhana wa Tada, but rather the Sahaba added names to the sutras so that it fell in line in terms of how they use the sutras and you find a lot of benefits to a chapter in how

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The Sahaba namely, it also a name gives us something of its theme something about what the surah is about or an event in a Surah Baqarah. For example, it speaks about the incident of the cow with regards to money. So in so that is why it's called Surah Surah Yaseen, the prophets of Salaam COVID surah. Yaseen, and why we know the first I have the Quranic scene, right? Yeah, scene, right? So that's why schools put up sort of like a scene. The other names that you find the Sahaba called surah. Yaseen, they called it one of the names is a madatha, the one that defends You are the one that repels, why does that it repels and it pushes away that which is evil. So the surah is a sutra

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which is used for the Sahaba in times of danger in times of calamity, in times of fear. For example, we living in a time like that, with this virus all around us. The Sahaba would recycle is seen as a means of prediction. We know that the prophets of Salaam would say daily, I seek protection, were the perfect words of a law firm, all that is evil or that Allah has created that is harmful. So the Quran is a powerful source of protection. Yes, specifically surah. Yaseen was used by the Sahaba another name that they use to call what I asked him the meanings of how they used to call it, they call Allah cada he, yeah, the cowboy. Yeah, the surah that brings about the Kaaba cut off course

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meaning the decree of Allah. So what they would say is that when we would recite surah, Yaseen, and we use the recitation of surah Yaseen as tawassul. So we make to ousia Allah, I recited surah Yaseen, and for your sake, I make dua, please assist me, they will find that you are more likely to be accepted and this is something therefore, many times in our customers we find, you know, the old people would say recycled is seen and then you make the new or maybe even for the deceased we recycle, as you will find that there is some truth to this, going back to some Hadeeth. Then we have another name, which was a harbor and again very closely linked to Medallia is the EMA The Marina,

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meaning that which envelops and covers you. So the surah, which envelops you with a prediction. And so what is seen is recited in times of hardship, then avviso salam will find that you will recite it in the most difficult moments of his life, the hegira when he was about to be assassinated, he recites what is seen as a means of of prediction. And we will find the Sahaba will recite it at times of death. So sorry, I seen is a powerful tool in times of in times of calamity, and we'll get to see why. So let's talk about some of the virtues or the any specific blessings that the Navy so seldom said about it. Is there any Hadith or anything that we know from the tradition that says if

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you decide to write a scene, a specific number of times when a specific place, you will get a certain reward, for example, we know very, very clearly, the Navy so seldom recommended that we recite sewer to calf on a Friday. So there's a hadith about that, and that there is a blessing in that it's a protection against the jail, and it gives you a light. So this is in the Hadith isn't any such similar Hadith. Now, there are many Hadith or statements about surah Yaseen that are floating around, not all of them are authentic. In fact, most of them are not authentic, or some of them are even fabricated completely, completely not going to be so solid, and so we should not act

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upon them. So before I enter into the discussion about the Hadith and the virtues of suraiya scene, it's important for us to take a side note here and talk about authenticity in Islam, particularly about Hades. So we know that we get the lows of the enemies also know all the statements of the enemies asylum is collected in little bits of information called ahaadeeth. On elations, right, and these narrations they were not as perfectly memorized as the Quran was memorizing that I'm going to be suspended. And before after the Prophet peace be upon he passed away the Sahaba and the later generations to Greek key to collect and to authenticate the Hadith. And you know, today something

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like authentication something you might understand now, today we are surrounded by information there's so much information out there the problem today is we don't know which of these input what information is correct or not correct, what is fake what is a conspiracy theory even on your WhatsApp you know, you look at your WhatsApp list you know which people in May you can rely on and which people are not you can rely on if you get a forwarded message from from this person, you know, this person sends me a message I can trust it this person is a reliable narrator of of WhatsApp messages. You might find another person if they send you a message generally your sister your

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brother, your only good for means anything beyond that then I take it with some skepticism. I need some corroboration. And so similarly the Sahaba and not the Sahaba only after them the scholars, Imam Malik Muhammad Rahim Allah the Great scholars of Hadith, they went to great lengths to collect and integrate the Hadith to test it for its authenticity. How they tested it, this is a you know, a question. Very deep question involves the science of Hadith. But briefly just to let you understand the is a an audit chain in my previous life on hamdulillah I was an auditor and for every information you needed, you needed evidence every number in the books you need to prove it with an

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invoice with history.

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If it was the same every time you want to transmit a Hadith, the scholar will ask you where do you find this hadith Give me your chain of narrators tell me who you heard it from. And who did that many years, from all the way back to the novel Salaam, I want a list of names, which is called the chain of narrators to see, it went from Mohammed Salim Ahmed, all the way into part, his book, going back to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if that chain has any problems in it, then we will, it will harm the authenticity of the of the Hadith. And there are many, many things that could harm the authenticity of the Hadith. For example, if the chain is incomplete, we you know, we have narrated

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a, b, and D, but C is missing. We know that B and D never meet each other. So see there's a missing link in the chain, this would cause the chain to be weaker. If we know that someone in that chain is unknown, there was a booter with a hammer in the no one knows what that is, but

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we don't know who he is, was he reliable? Was he a scholar? Easy did he even exist? When someone is module is unknown is anonymous. This would of course damage the chain, also, we look at the character and for the scholars of Hadith, we would actually grade the character of the person easy someone of standing character, could he be trusted Is there any crimes he committed. So similarly, like you would test a witness in the court of law with Hadith scholars did the central is a massive undertaking. And then ultimately, once they've tested every single Heidi one by one, they would then pass a judgement on it and give it a grade, give it a grade. So for example, you know, you go to the

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you go to the market, you find some fruits are graded a grade and some are b grade and C grade, depending on how you know the stronger they are the quality of those products. The same with the Hadeeth you have the highest level of authenticity, meaning 100% authentic is called so 100% inshallah you can you can put your money on it that this is this generation, the prophets also it came from an emphasis on them, if the hadith of Sahaba if the grading of the Hadees on it, then it's like gold, it is authentic, then there's a category slightly less than safe, which is called Hassan good, meaning it's reliable, meaning that it is more likely than not, it's not 100% there are some

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small, small issues, but we can overlook it. It is authentic insha Allah there is it's more likely than a resource Allah had made the statement, then you have the grading below that which is called life it is weak, meaning maybe less than 50% B is some chance of than a visa Salam Could I have seen it, but there is a lot of problems with this Hadeeth you have even less than the if the if G done very very weak meaning chances are this is not a Heidi, mostly it's unlikely, but there is a small maybe 20% chance less than if Jesus were five categories below the ift then you have Moldova fabricated 100% this is not from the numbers on them, it is completely fabrication we know without

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any doubt that this is incorrect this highly This is not even a hadith from going to be sasaram. So again those five categories sorry, authentic Hassan good dive week dive get done very die very weak and mo do it is fabricated. Now why I mentioned these Hadeeth because we will find Why do I mention these grading will find of the virtues that is said to be from Surya seen they fall in this category. Some are authentic, some are weak, some are fabricated, and therefore we must be careful. How do we use this grading? So for us No, no, no worry anymore. The stamp is on there already. You have the books, the work has been done. The grading is already there. You don't have to reinvent the

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wheel you just look what did the scholars say about it? If a hadith is graded as Sahih or Hassan, you can use it and you don't have to worry about it, you can use it and in sha Allah it is it is a great if it is fabricated, you know, so it's the lowest level if it is proven to be fabricated, then not only should we not use it, but we should actually you know inform others not to use it we should stop spreading it is a very very famous Hadith we will see to be headed which is clearly fabricated the Hadith which says claim to see the prophets of Salaam says seek knowledge even if it is in China, even if you have to go to China. This is a fabrication and I've also never ever said this the

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name China wasn't even even they at the time of Nabisco Salaam. And so so of course the country was there. But this hadith is not from the Navy. So this statement is not familiar. Yes, the statement is beautiful. Yes, we agree it conforms with an Islamic ethos go even at the end of the welcome back to wave might be go and find the information button a basis of did not say it and so it is a fabricated statement. As for the other two categories die even if done for a week, Heidi dive Hadeeth many and most of the scholars said you can use it with some restrictions, you should not use it in terms of law. In terms of Sharia. You should not use it in terms of belief, meaning

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fundamental issues. You can use it if it brings about something beneficial. So for example, if you find a weak Hadith that says if you make a special Salah on the day of eat, you will get a plantation in general. Now this is maybe not authentic, it's more challenging.

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is not correct, but to make Sala to make to rock as Is anything wrong with it? No If it says you know reciting surah scenes and you will get you know a palace in general no problem but it's like a million Surya scenes No problem, but we should understand that this is not authentic and that it is weak if it is very very weak then we should actually try and refrain from using it. So, this is the criteria in which different hobbies or different narrations are classified and as we said, some of these narrations from Surah Yaseen fall into these these categories and therefore we need to be, we need to be skeptical. So let's begin and use one of these I will mention more of these chapters and

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what is Hadith and then we will discuss it further. So mentioned one and there'll be a few more to talk about tomorrow inshallah. The first one, the first Hadith we find hustle bustle, a very, very famous stabbing. In fact, he's the most famous of the generation after the Sahaba. He is reported that he heard from Abu hurayrah unless you find in a book called a dynamic sooner that he needs to the book is really like we have Buhari Muslim even a magic is a book called Heidi friction. So in a diary of his book, he has a hadith from Hassan Al basri, who said he heard from Abu hurayrah, who heard from the prophets of Salaam who said the NaVi Salaam is said to have the right said this,

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whoever recites or is seen in the evening completely the whole of surah Yaseen, seeking the pleasure of Allah, you know, he's reciting it sincerely, then all Allah will forgive him, the sin on that mighty sins will be forgiven, Allah will forgive his sins that evening. Now, this hadith is slightly weak. Why is it slightly weak, because we know that hustle bustle, and Abu hurayrah, the Tabby and the Sahabi, these two, they never really formally met and studied, has no boss, he didn't. He was too young to have mickaboo IRA. And so there is a gap between these two. Now between these two men, if there is a gap, it's very minor, because both these men are high, you know, trusted people. If

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has nobody heard from someone else that heard from a war era, then there is no problem. It has no basally gives it to us, we can trust him. He was the greatest scholar in his time. So if he heard it, and he said, this comes from our era, we can kind of trust that it is authentic. So yes, the weak the chain has a weakness in it. But in sha Allah, that weakness is mild, and therefore we can use this hadith. And hopefully this will be so solemn, that whoever recites or is in the evening with sincerity and hopefully almost pleasure, then he sins will be forgiven. So something which we can maybe inculcate in our lives daily reciting surah Yaseen. We'll continue with more virtues of

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surah Yaseen and what the scholars have said about these Hadith tomorrow inshallah, before we enough Just a quick question, sister a message that asks What do I do in terms of I'm pregnant am Allah bless her and child and keep them safe during this time, do I false true and false. So, Pregnancy the person who is pregnant and similarly the sister was breastfeeding, she comes under the category of somebody that is temporarily sick. So Allah Subhana Allah gave us an allowance that if you are sick for the day, you may be having an infection you may be having some issue and if you force that day it will bring you harm then we know you should not force in fact it is haram for you to fast

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rather you should get better and then fast and make the days up when you are outside of Ramadan now you have one or two three days you know as recorded in Katelyn sculpt, you need to pay these days in similarly the lady in a hide in the same category. And so the sister she should look at her own health. Each one is different. The one some might be strong, you you assess it day by day, if any harm comes on you or your baby, then you should not fast You should eat that day. Maybe tomorrow you're a little bit stronger. And each one has their own their own circumstances. And so she said if I break my fast do I miss out the reward of Ramadan? Of course not. So anyone there's a hadith that

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mentions anyone that is had a regular routine of divided but because of sickness or travel he was unable to do that divided that he gets the flu at what it is a lesson for him. So know what is the Sustainer hate for example, she has no choice but to not too fast. Does it mean that she loses out No, she will get the reward of Ramadan insha Allah by fasting after Ramadan, and this is from the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And so we take we take the allowances Allah has given us to handle over but I've been on a personal very close someone almost 90 years old. And by now it was clear that very difficult to fast. For such people were hamdulillah Allah had given them many, many years

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of strength. And we have faith that Allah has accepted those those years. And now we are now unfortunately like children and again, so we don't have the full strength to fast and LIFO we only fast in what we can. And we look after ourselves and this is what's required of us and the 40 would be is is for us while handling up on our quiz. Some of you mentioned that last night's quiz. We spoke about Surah Fatiha, but all the quiz questions also got to animals, the animals in the Quran. And if you're not part of our quiz, you can link up with the link and you can answer the quiz five easy Q and A's until you find it quite strange insha Allah the question sometimes will pertain to

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the talk and sometimes there will be general knowledge

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Questions, so be prepared, but you have 24 hours in Charlotte to Google the answers and so no no problems insha Allah, Allah hate all the best as salaam alaikum welcome

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