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What don't you think you just want to say?

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Yeah and also you see the wisdom behind behind the aroma linen and found on front of Mr. Linton I was in Ireland last Hanukkah and Milena in Arlington,

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especially brothers and sisters. As you may be aware that since yesterday I've been talking about the shadow, mineral footprint, the 10

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natural ways of the 10 natural things

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10 things which are considered to be from the natural way for a Muslim, it's from the norm. And it's fit for, you know, see see the issue of the law and have the full hand it is an issue it's already a law one. And circumcision is a means of great

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it's a means of purification. And basic hygiene for men who was in shock will not eat was full of walkersville barrage in a wonderful ebook. on it when the course will not see the shadow the Allahu antenna writes that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there are 10 things from Tripura from the natural way

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with creaming code, the clipping of the clipping of the nails,

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washing of the joints,

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removing of underarm hair, remove it do circumcision, so there's a lot of wisdom behind it, and therefore should not be avoided. When is the best time to do it. There's no specific age mentioned but other than shaving of pubic hair in the cost of not the last the ninth one is

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performing stingier cleaning yourself after really relieving yourself when you go to the toilet.

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You may be wondering the only nine isn't here yet. The hat it carries on saying that most are the are the most are one of the narrator's His name is Musab, he says that when a see to La shirota in the under Kunal mobile data that I've forgotten the 10th one except that it seems most likely that it was Mother Mother, Mother Mother means garbling of the mouth when you Gaga you know when the governor performed a pollution and model so rinsing of the nose and guardian of the mouth.

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The another thing which comes to mind is that these harbor of Yamaha and Honda they own their followers at about Burien and ODIs narrated the regenerators of Hades, they were extremely careful and cautious in narrating the Hadees. This is another topic what altogether

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a slight two minute puzzle, you know that the child will not able to feel it

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as far as the return and the circumcision of them. And here's why we see that for example Seaton, Abu Bakr, Siddiq Ravi Allahu anhu. He used to narrate it, very rarely. He had a whole collection of headings which he burned, because of the fear that he may have just changed one letter word somewhere here or there. So anyway, that's another topic. I don't want to go into that topic because

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I want to talk talk about what I'm trying to say here today. So,

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these are the 10 things I should supply. And yesterday I showed I mentioned briefly the importance, the importance of purity of bahara. It's a powerful image of bahala Tunis, Halima chateauroux. Lima and it's half of the face. It's very important I mentioned that story which I remembered that did not this non Muslim lady became Muslim entered into the fold of Islam just by looking at clothes of a Muslim Student because when he is to remove his clothes, he never used to have stains of dirt on his clothes, whereas the non Muslims their clothes used to have so she became a human being. So therefore it's not something which must not being Oh must be done. And in what as I mentioned that

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and it's an honor it's a token for a woman in a Muslim in his book of sorry,

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Mama Buddha number. Muslim is the name of the Imam. His books name is a flashy and it's not just a fajita Nanning mama Buhari are the era who and who is not Buhari? Or is like it's his name. Somebody says it's in Bihar it's like saying it's in. It's in use of ready news of use of the name of a person brother. So Buhari his name email, his name is Mohan, who was in his 30s or something. And he came to the committee the respected leaders of the community in that area in that village or something, and he said I want except of just remember this but many of them are stated that for example, the name of Emmanuel Buhari is a German or sorry, Hulu Muslim, aka Saruman, moody

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was suniva yummy. That's the full name of Sahil Buhari and in January Muslim

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Maria Sri Lanka salon

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Not able to tolerate it and Barrett

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said No, you cannot accept Islam until you go and circumcised. So this person I think was from India, which was long to learn name and each part of the name has the benefit in the Imam putting that in in the title of the book. So it's not Buhari, it failed so we should say it properly so he can have your normal body especially whole buhari, buhari Sharif and detoxing from machetes but then he was sorry her body and he have human Muslim and as soon as

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as soon as mama Budo So anyway, going off the topic again here but

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these amounts of narrated this hadith cetera what is the current mean yesterday I mentioned this that cetera et cetera et means you know what's gonna happen? So therefore,

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you know, I wrote an article I set up some is very easy. Just accept Islam. There's no such thing as you have to do certain moves. threes are looser, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all of the prophets it's as soon as it's the rate of food, the prophets and we have been ordered to follow in the footsteps of these prophets. Allah says in the Quran,

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Allahu Furby. houda surah number 19 verse number 19, without a person who was born as a Muslim, but the parents did not carry out circumcision on that newborn baby, he grew up he became old is an additional or an adult. cetera means it's the certain ways of all the profits at at the forefront. theodon Ebrahim article Salatu was Salam.

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And Mengele have mentioned this that fidra means sooner to nubra He said, The meaning of surprise here is a sweetener to ebrahimian some of the eugenic Brahim fair to a salon peace be upon him, input him peace be upon him, say the name Brahim Anissa. And another meaning I mentioned this yesterday as well, that is the fifth chakra, it's the natural rate, the pain of it, then it's not necessary per se, and it should be left at times it should be left. So therefore, some people who make this record is clean and pure, and you will be inclined towards these things that are not healthy for insomnia. It's the Fit for Life, the natural way upon which a human being is created. So

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these are the 10 things. And the first one of them was associatively.

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Associated, associated with me,

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picking up the moustache.

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In fact, your husband's or your brothers, for your sons.

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For all your father, there are a lot of men and men in the house. So

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rinsing of the nose. And gardening of the mouth. Gardening of the mouth is called a Mother, Mother, Mother Mother in Arabic. And

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it's good to know I mean, of course and they will be shallow. This brother is also listening to the Ramadan program because of not just just before I came in somebody else somewhere and somebody just said to me that Yeah, I listen to your show. Was it okay?

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Anyway, so

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keeping up the mustache.

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You see, Islam puts a lot of emphasis on purity on, on being clean on hygiene. You know, they think they've got to, when we go to the bathroom, when we take a ritual, obligatory bath both of these to our farm, there are obligations that are compulsory there are they are necessary and could this long term back, even though Muslims are not practicing, Muslims are not practicing. This is not the it's not the fault. It's not the fault. The fault is not with Islam, it's with the people who don't act upon it.

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And it's true that in our Asian community, the Indian subcontinent community, there are things that people you know, they don't take care of hygiene and stuff like that. It's very important. We should make sure our gardens are clean our you know, outside our front door. Can we keep it clean, keep a house clean, we should keep it clean. It's very important. You know, make sure everything's clean. We don't have to over adorn it. Remember slides, rough adornment, pink, remaining, clean yourself, your body as well as your house, as well as surrounding yoga. It's very important.

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And the type of food we cook in Arabic and Arabic language, do not try to not suppose do that rather, it's a sinful act. But

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Shane boo ki Adani, not too much adornment but remain dry something less food is less than what he did not reach and also is not done. If the hotel is not fulfilled and it's not complete, then our follow on prayer is not complete. Now, so therefore we should we should make sure that everything remains clean.

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a lot of emphasis on hygiene because of this

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A beloved messenger for masala Mohan even some people clean shaven and big messy mustache. It's wrong. It comes all the way above the upper lip when it because when a person has a, you know long stache bushy mustache and believe me I've seen some

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I don't know how people can keep long mustaches I mean this was not the way of which we'll go through your throat and your break your fast and even in nose. So this is about goggling of the mouth, it's very important that we thoroughly rinse our mouth having a buddy, you can see you know, you know, you can see the food being stuck in from the top part of the moustache, which is wrong.

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This is the reason why we eat food does not get stuck in your stash. You don't need a you know, pots of food in your stash. And because of that, make sure that he tends his mustache. The word also has been mentioned trimming of the moustache now here.

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It's mainly based on hygiene, making sure that it's not right one of my teachers, one of our chefs, when we're studying, is to really get angry if somebody in this class is too stiff, it's gone disco go, it's dirty, it's dirty, its filthy, it's unhygenic it's not appropriate for a Muslim to go around an eating and afterwards many washes not as well as food destruction in his moustache. So therefore, Islam put a lot of emphasis This is fetullah This is purity, that a man should remove his mustache. Now removing his mustache there are a lot of Hadith narrated in this regard. There have been, for example, there's a hadith where the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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serrana majesty, take my right to the soft part of the nose. Make sure that everything is clean. And except if you are fasting if a person is fasting hoodman Sheree he for listening

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Subhan Allah

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de Felice Amina whoever does not remove and take from his mustache is not from us.

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is not from our people. Just imagine so much worried and warning given for that person who keeps a big massive stash

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it is hard it is as Muslim noted this in his son and he nonattainment inherited this in his book as soon as he mama tell me the

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number 2761 in almond missing in his book with the rock on number 14 mama did his Muslim husana Fibonacci Shiva many many books this hadith has been narrated

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where the Messenger of Allah sallallahu conradie Allahu Allah who narrated the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Melania

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Amina whoever does not take from his moustache is not from us even know about things in Abdullah him my birth rates that can another use Allahu Allahu wa salam yakusoku Misha de la Cana honey Dora

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that our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to take or trim from his moustache. And Ibrahim Honduras man the friend of Allah union, Rahim Allah His salam, the prophet of Allah, He used to also do the same in nama tenemos innovativeness, Hadith, and considered to consider the Hadith to be hasn't found a great morning that whoever does not take from his moustache is not from us. And the professor of law when he was telling us to do this. Mama Buhari narrates in his book that you do not have the luxury of neuroma for the Allahu anhu, the son of

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a gorilla in

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Ghana was Fisher Reba who

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used to be so extreme in shaving of his mustache that you could see the whiteness of the skin, he's to completely shave it is to exaggerate in shaving.

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So now, it's very important now,

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I agree on this that

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the sun will be achieved, the sun will be gained, it will be achieved, it will it will be acquired and to be obtained by seeming it excessively and making sure that the moustache is not big and massive, making it short trimming it making sure the upper part of the lip just above the lip, it does no you know, because the objective will begin which is to be hygienic and making sure that food does not get stuck into them stash

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because that's the main objective. There are other objectives and Paloma stated that the reason and objective purpose is to go against the non Muslims hearty food seeking because they used to in those times is to keep keep big mustaches, shed the beard and keep big mustaches. So the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he wanted the Muslims to go against the machine and are non believers and go contrary to that. So this is one of the wisdoms behind it. So one wisdom is that and another is that it's hygienic and it's making sure that dirt and food and stuff do not get gathered in the in the moustache.

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So the sooner or the math stated sooner will be gained by making sure that it's short and

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clipping off them start just above validity.

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sip sufficient, and you expose the reddish area of the lip. Okay. And so now it is the signal will be gained and achieved by cutting it fine and trimming it, even though if you don't shave so that everybody is agreed upon, but after that, I have a bit of difference of opinion that whether it is better to completely shave it, or just trim it make sure you don't shave it. There are differences of opinion, I don't want to go into that. Some have said it's better to complete and shave it. Mr. Malik, who from the Maliki school used to be used to get angry he used to say that whoever shaved his beard completely is not today is an innovator is committing a bidder. But at the Illinois State

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even in the Hanafi school of thought we have differences of opinion, some said it's better to completely shave it. Others said no, it's better to just trim it

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and shave it. But both nobody both okay. Sooner is gained by remember, there's not a big difference of opinion here soon is achieved by what by making sure and making sure that you don't have a big moustache. After that you completely save it, or you keep it short, both, okay? Which one is more preferable? There's a bit of difference of opinion here. Some, you know, prefer that some prefer this, your mama to hug you. And one of the great moms of the Hanafi school of thought has gone to extreme lengths and detail in his book shadow Manasa. He talks about it in detail and he prefers the complete shaving over the just trimming and making it short. But then nevertheless, it's not a big

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problem. And we don't need to make a big deal out of it. So as long as

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the person does not keep the mustache really big a niche makes sure that dirt is not gathered in his mustache. And food is not gathered there.

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And it's important that we change the mustache. So if brothers are listening, Moody's important, keeping bidding stashes, it's not a sign of thing. It's a sign of, you know, being a man.

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To that beard, it is not of being a man, some brothers of us unfortunately think that they need to have a big mustache to show that he's a man.

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That's not a sign of being a man as a beard, not not on the stash. Premium stash, keep it short, keep it small, you see, and it does not even look nice. However, okay, keep this under. So this is the first thing with regards to the mustache and the trimming of the mustache. And making sure and this is part of Fedora and it's very important that you know, we don't keep it massive and you don't keep it big and make sure that it's trimmed whether you shave it completely

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you know, it's not shaving completely but it's just made short and extended.

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According to Ron Howard I mentioned many of them have said shaving it is better and this is what I think it's you know more appropriate that if you can shave it almost all of it should be okay, it's not a problem.

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So this is the first thing which is the fifth which is part of nature. So it's very important. So I talked about a bit briefly about removing of them stache clipping of the mustache. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about the lengthening of the beard, which is a really long topic in itself but I don't want to go into too much details but I've mentioned certain points and then we go into the third one to see what using of them is swag and all the other things until 10 things of Fedora in sha Allah

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I'm going to leave you with this is our budget over here for listening and make dua for me and everybody oh no and all the Muslims inshallah chisako Hello Sarah monokuma, moto moto barakato