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And this is why he has foot soldiers in the form of human beings to propagate his message. And from amongst them was learners.

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And the promo video the description that I've come across that there was a pole coming from the oven onto the, into the fire of owl.

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And then what he does he come from the oven,

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sliding all the way down into the fire of hell. And then he fought to the devil.

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This is the sick thing

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that we are facing in this day and age and many people they want to follow the trend.

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They want to follow this trend. They want to look cool 666 trainers were made

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with human blood in it with a pentagram on top of it a form of an amulet always to call upon the jinns

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Alhamdulillah Hiro Bella Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah say you del Moro Celine was early he was happy he admiring woman Serbia Hornby axoneme Isla yo Medina, Amma BB, after praising the King of all kings, the Master of the Day of Judgment, the one the only Allah Azza wa Jalla, the mighty and sending salutations on the Imam of the Prophet, leader of the prophets, the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Allah, the Almighty, the king of the world, Master of the Universe, he says

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that Shavon is your enemy.

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Satan is your enemy.

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So take him as an enemy.

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From Allah alayhi salam

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Roy Pender time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right in this present day, right till the Yama Shavon will try his best

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to deviate to destroy

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those who believe

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there is no God worthy of worship except Allah.

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Every nation that had come

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he tried to destroy them

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by giving them false ideas.

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He tried his best

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and he succeeded in many

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making people bow down to idols

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making people believe that God is in a statue

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shape on is your enemy. So take him as an enemy.

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Oh Muslim.

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This is not a message

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just for Muslims.

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But this message

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is for Jews, Christians

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and indeed for the Muslims.

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And that is

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this rapper

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Lil nurse

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recently released some trainers.

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Satan trainers, yes, you heard

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He released 666 training

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a pentagram on

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an upside down cross

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the belief

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of everyone.

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Jews, Christians, Muslims.

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We know that shaytaan is our enemy.

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And he is on a path to destroy those who believe

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that God

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The hola is one

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that is mission

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so we use these individuals

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to paint a picture

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some are scared to come in the public

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they have come out with a different religion and that is Satanism.

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And this is no hocus pocus

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Wallah he this is happening

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years back

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we had rappers put the Quranic verses in the rap

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disrespectful to the Quran

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years back. We had singers dancing on the verses of the Quran

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Yes, but

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we are Jay Z jumped on the on the on the podium

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and said,

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The Holy worship

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one said, I worship Jesus, who do you worship? I worship so and so. Who do you worship? I worship Allah, Who do you worship?

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I worship so and so.

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And then he said,

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Allah message,

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you guys are broke.

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Look where you are. And look where I am.

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I worship Satan, Satan has done this for me. Lucifer has done this for me. He's made me rich. He's made me famous.

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So we know

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that there are people out there who worship Satan.

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Just as

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these individuals have come out with this trainer

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on Allahu Akbar trainers, that has literally

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blood inside the bubble,

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injected with a bit of red ink,

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a pentagram as the form as a charm 666 Calling a punch a tender does what they believe

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that if you keep on saying 666

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It's calling upon

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shaytaan Satan to come

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and be present.

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And on the side,

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Allahu Akbar.

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They mocked the old book.

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The verse

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that Satan

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was cast out of the heavens, like a thunderbolt.

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Allah Who?

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These people did not spare the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims by open coming into the public eye, releasing trainers that are literally

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from the ideas and the mindset of shaytaan himself.

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And many people say that why is blank got to do with anything? I'll tell you what bloods got to do

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with magic with Satan himself.

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There was one woman

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she returned

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back from the misguidance that she was upon.

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She said

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that tell me

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Will Allah forgive me

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for the crime that I have done?

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She said I want to tell you

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I was a magician.

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I sat in the graveyard.

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I called upon the gym.

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The gyms gave me a legions, but there was one gene.

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That said the sacrifice needs to be made.

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Every time

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I made a sacrifice.

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It involves blood.

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So she said

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I burnt a Quran

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I urinated on the court

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I dropped my Men's durational blood

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on the Quran. I told the Quran I burned the Quran, I disrespected the Quran and the jinns came to me and gave me a legion.

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Yeah, yes pass on I was involved heavily in magic, destroying people's lives marriages

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by turn, and I returned to Allah, and I made Toba

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will Allah forgive me

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one more he this is happening.

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People will cut animals heads

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and throw it in your front garden,

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to call upon the gyms to attack the family.

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There are people out there

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who will disrespect the Quran just to get a bit of fame.

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And same goes for the Christians.

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The shaytaan wants you to

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disrespect your religion.

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And some people believe that I only have to disrespect Allah know

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any person that is following a religion other than Satanism.

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shaytaan wants you to disrespect the religion that you are following.

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Break the cross put across upside down. That's nothing to do with us. Or he said we'll do that himself when he decided when he comes from the island.

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But today what we are seeing the many people have falling in the path.

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And following the path of ShaVonne. Allah is saying do not follow the path of shaitan. But he's sad to say

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the many people follow the path of shaytaan.

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Why? Because some people want to become famous.

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Some people want to hit the streets, they want to sell drugs, they want to go clubbing. They want to go public, they want to pop pills, they don't care.

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This is in the meaning of following the footsteps of shaper. Because he wants you to deviate.

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He wants you to enter the fire of jahannam.

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And the ultimate goal for shaytaan is

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that you don't pray

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your salah the ultimate goal of shaytaan is

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the if you break that connection between you and Allah

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from that day,

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your dollars won't be accepted.

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If you break your connection with Allah through salah.

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Allah the Almighty

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will put you in question on the Day of Judgment.

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So shaytan will try his best

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to make you

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to corrupt your mind.

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And to make you believe

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that worshipping Allah is long, but let me tell you something.

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On the face of this earth, in the center of the world is the carrabba Allahu Akbar, there is millions and billions and trillions of people have come and gone and they have encircled the Kaaba worshipping Allah. But let me tell you something above the Kaaba, there is a first Hamlin Allahu Akbar, the distance on 500 years is the second heaven than the distance of 500 years is the third heaven, then a distance of 500 years is the fourth term and the fifth, the sixth, the seventh in between is the distance of 500 years and there is a house

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in the first heaven that the angels summer in RUCO Summer Institute, some are standing and they're worshipping Allah and they will continue to worship Allah like this.

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Why? Because they know this connection that you have with Allah through salah.

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Allah the Almighty will defend you in every aspect of life.

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When sad to say today, we have no time for further we have no time for God. We have no time for answer. We have no time for Margaret. We have no time for a short why because mums are busy.

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A thought is your enemy. So take him as an open enemy, that he is here to destroy you to destroy your life and to destroy everything that is around you. His aim is that you disobey Allah.

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And this is why he has foot soldiers in the form of human being to propagate his message. And from amongst them was learners.

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And the promo video, the description that I've come across that there was a pole coming from the oven onto the, into the fire of owl.

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And then what he done he come from the oven,

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sliding all the way down into the fire of hell.

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And then he fell to the devil.

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This is the sick thing

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that we are facing in this day and age and many people they want to follow the trend.

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They want to follow this trend. They want to look cool 666 trainers were made

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with human blood in it with a pentagram on top of it a form of an amulet always to call upon the jinn.

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And it was sold out just like this

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will send out even Mike themselves are suing him

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good on you night.

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You know why? Because these people deserve to be exposed because they are attacking everyone.

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I pray to Allah azza wa jal at the mighty that Allah saves us

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from following the footsteps of shaitan and make us from amongst those people who follow the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So till next time, salaam Wa alaykum warahmatullahi wa wabarakatuh