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Juz’ 26: Al-Ahqaf – Az-Zariyat 1-30


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Mohammed Bismillah

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Mohammed Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Allah vena cava.

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armella whom those who disbelieve and avert people from the way of Allah, Allah will waste their deeds, no matter what great works, they may be the first right is Allah right? So the person who does not give the right of Allah, then everything that he has done, ever is useless. It is void, it does not carry any weight in the sight of Allah, because the person does not believe in Allah. So why should a love believe his deeds? Why should I acknowledge his deeds. And the second crime that is mentioned here, subdue arencibia law, stopping people from the way of a law. And this is in many ways, forcibly preventing people from accepting Islam or torturing them, abusing them so that others

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are prevented from accepting Islam, opposing their religion, false propaganda about Allah about the Quran, about the prophets about the religion in general so that people do not like Islam. All such efforts, Allah says, they are rendered waste, they will be fruitless, they will not make it they will be fruitless when Medina and Manu are middle slowly hurt, and those who believe in the righteous deeds. Well, I'm an OB manos de la Mohammedan. And they also believe in what has been sent down upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well, who will help Camilla be him? It is the truth from their Lord Catherine whom say it you will also have Burleigh whom Allah will remove from them

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their misdeeds, and he will amend their condition. So that jaza the recompense is according to the actions, good efforts bring good results, especially what is mentioned over here is they believe in what was revealed on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning the Quran and the Sunnah Allah will remove their sins away from them, Allah will improve their condition. This is a lost promise. So it is necessary that we believe in everything that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam brought everything that he taught, whether it is the Quran, or the Sunnah, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, beware I have been given the Quran and something like it, meaning something with it,

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something else in addition to it and what is that the Sunnah, the prophets of the laws that have also said whatever I tell you is from Allah, there is no doubt in it, meaning I don't make things up. And this is why Hassan monopoly Yeah, he said gibreel came to the Prophet son lesson with Sunnah. As he came to him with the Quran, he taught him the Sunnah as he taught him the Quran. So believing in what the prophets Allah sent abroad, and the one who believes only then he can follow and the one who does not follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said millennia men bestow natif Elisa me, whoever does not do ama does not practice my

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Allah, then he's not off me. So if we really want our sins to be forgiven, and if we really want our situation to be improved to be corrected, then what is it that we have to do? We have to believe in the sinner also, we have to love the sin. Now we have to mold our lives according to the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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That is because those who disbelieve, follow falsehood, and those who believe follow the truth from their Lord. Thus does Allah present to the people their comparisons, so what category people fall in? What is their true status, Allah knows about it. But what is mentioned over here, Allah has clarified it, those who believe their deeds will be appreciated. Those who disbelieve their deeds will be destroyed. So when you meet those who disbelieve in battle, strike their necks until when you have inflicted slaughter upon them, then secure their bond, and either confer a favor afterwards or ransom them until the war lays down its burdens. Here are some rules concerning battle are

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taught, and the details of them we're not going to go into. However, what this shows to us is that our religion is complete, that it guides us in every respect, so that even when it comes to a battle, a person does not follow his desire. Rather, he follows the rules, the etiquette that Allah has given.

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That is the command. And if Allah had willed, He could have taken vengeance upon them himself. But he ordered armed struggle to test some of you by means of others, meaning Allah can give victory to the religion without you even isn't it? I mean, the province that allows him if he wanted, he could have given him victory within a second Khan, I would allow all these people that finished, right, could have happened. But this is not the way of Allah. Allah brings victory to the religion through the people of religion. They are brought to the battlefield they're put through hardship. Why? So that they really value the deen. And you see, it's easy to talk. It's easy to say I believe I love

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Allah. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what matters is our actions. What do we do? Because actions are valued near Allah.

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And those who are killed in the cause of Allah, never will he waste their deeds, Allah will value their deeds, Allah will grant them immediate reward, great reward. You see suffering in the way of Allah is not suffering.

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It is not suffering. It's only gaining gaining more from Allah, Sadie him while you sleep obala home, He will guide them, and he will amend their condition. You do something very small. You're sitting over here. You've been sitting for quite some time. I'm sure you're tired. All right. But I mean, even if you were at home, with your housework, and with your children, could you have slept with the phone ringing? I mean, what happens these days you fall asleep and the phone rings,

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isn't it?

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So I mean, problems are part of life. But when a person suffers in the way of Allah, then that's not actually suffering. He's already suffering anything, any loss, he's only gaining, he's only receiving from Allah, because Allah will guide them, he will amend their condition, he will improve their life, and he will admit them into paradise, which he has made known to them. Meaning gender is not an unfamiliar concept. It's well known to the believers. And of course, when a person will enter gender, he will recognize his home immediately everything will be so familiar. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said by him in his hands, the life of Muhammad is sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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everybody will recognize his dwelling and gender better than you recognize his dwelling in this world.

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Better than that alcohol alone, Allah has made it very familiar to them. Just like sometimes you leave work. And the next thing you know you're standing in a driveway. You don't even think about your driving, isn't it? And that's so dangerous. Because sometimes you don't even think about it. You just go and then in your house also, you don't have to think okay, where is my kitchen? No, you know exactly where your kitchen is. right in your kitchen. You don't need to think about Okay, where's my frying pan? Well, you know exactly where it is, isn't it? Why? Because it's your house. You know it genma Allah says these people whose deeds a level reward, who will be admitted into

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agenda, they know it, they will be so familiar with it. So Oh, you have believed in some sort of law. Hi, I'm so calm. When you submit akadama calm. If you support Allah, Allah will support you and He will plan firmly your feet. Support Allah what helped us a lot need a lot doesn't need help. Then what is this help? Helping the deen of Allah, meaning when you're called to serve the religion of Allah when you're called towards Allah as religion then don't come walking

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come running, come running. And remember Allah will support you and He will give you firmness, he will give you victory, he will not leave you, but those who disbelieve for them his misery, and he will waste their deeds. You see a person when he takes even one step in the way of Allah, to strengthen the religion of Allah to serve the religion of align any capacity, every deed has been rewarded, and a person who disbelieves his efforts wasted, wasted in this life. What do we want? Every day as we live our lives? What do we want out of each day? That Okay, I cooked and I cleaned, and I did laundry, and at the end, yes, tomorrow again.

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All that cooking needs to be done again. All that cleaning needs to be done again, all that laundry needs to be done again is that what we want from our life?

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More right, something more in Sharla. So when a person takes a step in the way of Allah, Allah will make his effort so productive, so so fruitful, you submit up Dharma calm

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but those who disbelieve for them is misery and he will waste their deeds that is because they disliked what Allah revealed. So he rendered worthless their deeds, what's the crime over here? they dislike what Allah has revealed. And this is something that we really need to be careful about because a believer loves everything that Allah has revealed. loves the Quran, every hook of every Ayah loves it. We should not have in our heart any dislike, for any part any matter of the deen

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because when you love somebody, you love everything about them. You love everything that they've said. So truly loving Allah soprano Donna means loving everything that he has instructed. Even if it seems a little difficult, let's do a little detour. Villa Europa. Have they not traveled through the land and seen how was the end of those before them, Allah destroyed everything over them and for the disbelievers is something comparable. That is because Allah is the Protector of those who have believed. And because the disbelievers have no protector, that it can be anila Mola, livina armano ally is their protector, so don't you want the help of your protector? Indeed, Allah will admit

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those who have believed and then righteous deeds to gardens beneath which rivers flow, but those who disbelieve enjoy themselves, and they eat as grazing livestock eat, and the fire will be a residence for them, meaning there's no difference between their lives and the lives of these animals. Just their lives seem to be a little bit more complicated, a little bit more glamorous, but other than that, animals also eat they produce waste, they reproduce, and they die. What are we doing? We need to see

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and how many a city was stronger than your city which drove you out? Because this is the motherly surah This is when the prophets of Allah Islam had to leave Makkah, he was in Medina. So he had been expelled from Makkah basically, Allah says how many cities are stronger than your city maka which drove you out? We destroyed them, and there was no helper for them. So what do these people think when they come and fight against you? So is he who is unclear evidence from his Lord like him to whom the evil of his work has been made attractive and they follow their own desires? Are they the same? Never metallogenic Atilla t worried Elmo takuan the description of Paradise which the

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righteous are promised, what is that description? Allah says in it are rivers of water that is unaltered water that is unaltered because what happens to water when you keep it in a jug for like five days what will happen?

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It smells isn't it, there's a change in the taste. And sometimes what happens the water is perfectly fine, but you put it in a plastic bottle. You know, sometimes try to take a sip from your children, sippy cups, or plastic bottles how the water tastes it's horrible, horrible load of Unfortunately, when they're given plastic cups to drink from. That's just a side thing, by the way. So anyway, what happens to water it gets altered, but water in general, and altered rivers of milk the taste of which never changes, rivers of wine delicious, to those who drink and rivers of purified honey, in which they will have from all kinds of fruits in general, and forgiveness from their Lord, like that

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of those is this Can this be compared to the end of those who abide eternally in the fire and are given to drink scalding water that will sever their intestines? Is there any comparison? no comparison, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Indiana there will be oceans of mill milk, water, honey and wine and from them rivers will gush out. So it's not that a river will come and then it's finished.

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No, there are huge reservoirs, endless reservoirs of all of these drinks. And among them all profit are those who listen to you, until when they depart from you. They say to those who are given knowledge, what has he said just now. This is who the munafo who here, but they don't retain anything. Those are the ones of whom Allah has sealed over their hearts and who have followed their own desires. When Medina todo czar, the home, Hoda. toccoa home and those who are guided, Allah increases them in guidance and gives them their righteousness.

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Allah increases them in guidance. As they learn, they increase in guidance, and Allah gives them their righteousness, then to their await, except that the hour should come upon them unexpectedly. But already there have come some of its indications, then what good to them when it has come will be their remembrance, meaning will they change them? What are they waiting for? Once a person learns what Allah has said that he should bring about the change in his life farlam and the hula Illa Illa la was still fairly them big well in mininova, Mina, La Jolla sakalava, comb warmoth wa welcome. So no prophet, that there is no deity except Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sin, and for the

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believing men and believing women. And Allah knows of your movement and your resting place. Over here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has told seek forgiveness for your sense. Does that mean the prophets that allows him committed sins, he was a human being, but allowed to save him from committing sins. So what is meant by this? You see,

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the greater someone status is, the more is expected of them. Correct. So the profits or the loss of status was not like the status of any other believer, his status is the highest. Right? So what was expected of him was also great indeed. And this shows to us that as we learn the Quran as we go through the Quran, and remember that what is expected of us is also higher, greater. So a person must never ever stop seeking forgiveness from Allah soprano. Never, ever think I am now good, no, the good you become, the more you need to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. All right, so was thoughtfully them big, and don't receive forgiveness for yourself, but also for the believing

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men and believing women. And remember that Allah knows about your movement and your resting place. He knows when you go around, from house to house, or in the streets, and from one highway to the other. He knows your movement. And as we're sitting in one place, and we move Allah knows that also, and must work on he knows your resting place where you live, what's your final resting abode will be? Nothing, nothing of our actions is hidden from Allah. So really, we should fear him and beg him to forgive us our shortcomings our errors, because he knows our faults more than we also know them.

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We are going to levena Amma no Lola, New Zealand surah. Those who believe say, Why has the surah not been sent down. But when a precise order is revealed, and fighting as mentioned there in you see those in whose hearts is hypocrisy, looking at you with a look of one overcome by death, and more appropriate for them would have been obedience and good words. We learned that when the Muslims migrated to Medina, they wanted to take revenge from the machine of Mecca. However, they were told not yet. Right now you're not allowed to fight. So even though the Muslims wanted to fight back, they were not allowed to fight back. And eventually when the sutra was revealed, meaning when the

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hookah was given that now you fight the enemy, what happened? They were now hesitant. This is something very normal that happens in people that when they're not allowed to do something, they want to do it. But the moment they're asked to do it, then what happens? More than half the people they don't even show up before something has started before something has begun. Everybody shows enthusiasm. Everybody shows that, yes, they want to do it. But when they're asked to do it, then majority of the people they take a step back. Allah says that had they been obedient and had this had good words that would have been better for them. And when the matter of fighting was determined,

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if they had been true to Allah, how would they be true to Allah by fulfilling their word, it would have been better for them. So would you perhaps if you turned away, caused corruption on earth and sever your ties of relationship? Those who do so are the ones that Allah has cursed? Who is it that a lot

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has cursed those people who spread corruption and earth and they cut off their sever relationships. So he definitely them and blinded their vision. So basically over here The reason is being given for a delay, that why is it that the command was not given sooner, that if the Muslims have been allowed to fight sooner than what would happen in their enthusiasm in their zeal, they would cause more corruption. Why? Because they were not prepared, they were not ready for this particular command. And many times this happens with us also, that we want something to be facilitated for us at a particular point in time, but it doesn't happen. Why? Perhaps we're not ready for it. Perhaps we're

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not mentally physically spiritually prepared for it. But then when Allah facilitates the matter for us, then what is our responsibility that we sell a bake we say samina will Alterna

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fly into the Brunello Quran? Do they not reflect upon the Quran? Allah, Allah Akbar to her or are there locks upon their hearts, all of us are being addressed over here. You see, when a person reflects on the Quran, then what happens? He finds answers to every question that he has every question that he has, he will find answers to it from the Quran. And also in life we have many problems many confusions, where do you see the solutions? Where do you find the answers in the book of Allah?

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But if a person does not even read the Quran, then anala hood the crowd then what will serve as a reminder for him? So over here, all of us are encouraged a fella to the Brunello Quran, why do they not reflect on the Quran? Meaning they should, because reflecting on the Quran is a means of opening our minds it is a means of unlocking our hearts carbon bar said hold fast to the book of Allah. Hold fast to the Quran, for it sharpens the intellect. It is the light of wisdom and a source of knowledge. It is the most recent of the books revealed by the Most Merciful. Allah revealed in the Torah, that O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I will reveal upon you a New Testament, which

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will open blind eyes, deaf ears, and heatless hearts. And this is what the Quran does. It opens up blind eyes, deaf ears, heedless hearts, it unlocks the hearts it opens up the mind. And really, a person needs to bring the Quran into his life in order to see these benefits in alladhina Alta, do Allah or bury him. Indeed, those people who reverted back after guidance have become clear to them. shavon enticed them and prolonged hope for them. This is something very frightening that many times it happens that we show our willingness to do something. But then when we have to do it, we turn back What does Allah say, those who turned back after the matter was clear to them. Who is it that

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affected them, it is shavon that affected them. Because Chopin never ever wants a person to do something good. Always it will happen that when a person starts doing something good shaitan will create difficulties for him. So those who stopped those who sees a loss as the children has affected them what Amala home, and he has prolonged hope for them. That is because they said to those who disliked what Allah sent down, we will obey you in part of the matter. This is mainly about the hypocrites who will go to the disbelievers. And who will tell them that look, we are your friends also. Yes, our religion is Islam, but never think that we are disloyal to you, we are with you.

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Because the fact is that they wanted to keep both happy. They wanted to keep Muslims happy, and they also wanted to keep the non Muslims happy. And in that process, what would they do? They would compromise on their religion. Allah says And Allah knows what they can see. Then how will it be When the angels take them and death striking their faces and their backs? This is punishment for hypocrites, those who claim to be Muslim, that at the time of death, they'll be beaten. That is because they followed what angered Allah and disliked what earns his pleasure. So he rendered worthless their deeds. You see the crime over here? What is the crime? they dislike? what pleases

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Allah? What can you who do Bwana Who?

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Aren't mela whom so Allah has wasted their deeds? So those who do not like what Allah likes? Then what is the worth of their deeds? Nothing their deeds are ruined? And has he been led in a field called ob moroccon? Or do those in whose hearts is disease think that Allah would never expose their feelings of hatred? Allah will certainly expose the reality of their hearts when Allah puts us in difficulties every now and then. What is the purpose? The purpose is to test us that how true is this person in his claims? how sincere Is he in his religion? How pure How serious is he? Because many times we might

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make claims and it's easy to make claims, it's very easy to say, I will fast, I will pray, I will recite the Quran, it's very easy to say these things. But then when Allah puts us in a situation where we have to fast where we have to pray, where we have to give in charity, then what happens? The worst of our words is exposed, the true state of our heart is exposed, because the actual state of the heart cannot be covered by words, very easily. I mean, a person can think something else. And with the mouth, he can say something else completely different. But what is in the heart, remember the actions they can never conceal it. The actions can never ever conceal the true state of the

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heart. Very soon, it will come out. Does it not happen that you like somebody? And then what happens when you see them automatically a smile comes on your face? Why does that come? It's natural, isn't it? You can't hide your feelings, or you dislike something. And as it comes in front of you what happens expressions of dislike appear on your face? So Allah subhanaw taala puts us in difficulty every now and then big and small difficulties. Why? To reveal the true state of our heart to reveal to bring to surface what is hidden in the heart. So this is something that we should really be afraid of, um, has he been letting a few Kuru be moroccon la hora de la Atlanta home, no, Allah will

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reveal the true state of their heart. So it is so important that we correct the state of our heart that we remove from our heart, any dislike any contempt that we may have for the religion of Allah, and that we clean our heart of jealousy, of hatred, of bias of all negative feelings, and we filled our heart with good things.

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And if we will, we could show them to you, and you would know them by their marks, but you will surely know them by the tone of their speech. And Allah knows your deeds, while in a blue yonder calm, and we will surely test you have done our lemon Mujahideen, I mean come was sobbing, whenever you are about to come, and we will surely test you until we make evident. Allah wants to expose alone wants to reveal who those who strive among you. And those who are patient, meaning the sober of the submarine is not going to remain hidden, just as the hatred of the haters is not going to remain hidden. Likewise, the goodness of those were really good is not going to stay hidden. Allah

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will show that Allah will reveal that whenever you are about to come, and we will test your affairs, meaning you will not be left untested, you will not be left untried. Indeed, those who disbelieved and averted people from the path of Allah and oppose the messenger after guidance had become clear to them. Never will they harm Allah at all, and he will render worthless their deeds, meaning whatever they do, while considering it to be very good. All of that will be ruined. Yeah, you have Latina Amano, oh, you have believed, obey Allah and obey the messenger and do not invalidate your deeds. Do not waste your deeds. Do not render them waste after performing them performing good

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deeds. Is it easy or difficult? It gets difficult sometimes, isn't it? Especially when we learned that Allah likes those good deeds which are consistent. So for example, you've been fasting everyday everyday, you've been coming here everyday, everyday, what happens after three, four weeks, you begin to feel tired. So you have to push yourself, push yourself. Now imagine good deeds that are performed with so much difficulty. Allah says lotto bucklew armonico. Don't waste your deeds, hard earned good deeds, don't ruin them. Don't waste them. How is it that deeds are wasted? First of all, when they're not performed in the right way? What is the right way that something should be done for

00:29:14--> 00:29:53

the sake of Allah, and it should be done according to the way that Allah has prescribed and what is that way, the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if a deed is performed contrary to this, then no matter how hard a person has worked, that deed will bring him no benefit whatsoever. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, He who innovates something in this matter of hours, meaning Islam, that is not of it, will have it rejected by Allah. Meaning if a person does something in the name of Islam, and it's not actually from Islam, he's made it up the prophets on the laws that have never taught that action. The Sahaba never did it. It's not found in the Quran, and a

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

person invents it. He follows it. He does it. Even though he's putting in a lot of effort in it. Such an action will be written

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rejected, rejected. Imagine if a person is sitting for an hour and reciting words which are not found in the Quran. And so nobody's reciting them as if he's saying the best speech in the world. What good will that bring him? Nothing. Allah says that you have to be careful about what you're doing in the first place. Is it something acceptable near Allah. And then once you have performed the good deeds, then don't follow them up with sins, so that your good deeds are wasted. Don't do that. You see, every time we say a big word, a big claim, I'm going to be patient. I'm going to say this though, I'm going to say this because then what happens? A lot puts us in a situation where we

00:30:42--> 00:31:26

have to observe patients. So the intention was 100, a lot a good deed. Now when the situation comes on, you have to be patient, don't become impatient, and unleash your anger so that your good deeds are wasted, they're destroyed, lead to Pluto. armonico. Be careful. And you see, performing good deeds might be easy, but preserving good deeds, that is the real challenge. Because good deeds are preserved when they're performed consistently, regularly, and they're performed when a person does not follow them up with sins. In alladhina cafaro was a dancer vilella Indeed, those people who disbelieved and averted others from the path of Allah and then died while they were disbelievers.

00:31:27--> 00:32:11

Never will ALLAH forgive them. So do not become weak. Allah says, Let the he know, have courage, have some strength, keep striving and call for peace while you are superior. And Allah is with you, and will never deprive you of their award of your deeds when they come home. It's something that gives you so much hope when lainnya to come out Morocco, Allah will never waste your deeds. You do something purely for Allah, why would Allah waste it? This worldly life is only amusement and diversion. And if you believe and fear Allah, He will give you your rewards and not ask you for your properties, meaning Allah has no interest in your property is the one who gave it to you in the

00:32:11--> 00:32:53

first place. What does he want from you good deeds? And if you perform good deeds, then what does Allah promise you in return, much reward ESL, como ha, for your table? Hello, when you wanna come? If he should ask you for that meaning if you should insist, if he should demand from you, that you spend your wealth that you give all of your wealth in the way of Allah, then what would you do, you would withhold, and then he would expose your unwillingness. So it is Allah's mercy, that he has only asked us to do things which we are capable of doing. So what we are capable of doing, let us do it happily. Here you are those invited to spend in the cause of Allah. And sometimes we're not asked

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to spend our money. Sometimes we're asked to spend our time our energy. But among you are those who withhold out of greed. And whoever withholds only withholds benefit from himself. Well, my call for innama enough say earlier, we learned that whoever is grateful, he is grateful for whose benefit his own benefit. Here we see that when a person is stingy, he's being stingy with who? himself. Because you see $1, you keep with yourself, what does that turn into? Nothing, you can lose it, or you eat something from it, and it's finished. But $1 you give in the way of Allah, and Allah makes it grow? Allah multiplies it 700 times minimum 700 times minimum. So if a person says no, my dollar my money,

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and if he doesn't give even a little bit in the way of Allah, is he not depriving himself? Who is he being stingy with himself? So who am I yeah, Bohol for innama Palawan FC? Whenever we hold ourselves back from doing good, remember, we are only depriving ourselves. You know, sometimes we want to preserve our energy, and we say, today, I won't recite the Quran, it's okay. No, don't preserve your energy by leaving the Quran. Even if you can recite three I at one page, do it. But don't withhold reward from yourself. Because we may yet call for in Nanaia color and FC one lavillenie you are untouchable. fukao And Allah is rich, free of need. While you are the needy, Allah doesn't need your

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deeds. Allah doesn't need your charity. He only asks you to do good for yourself, because you are for you will need to invest that money. You need to invest in those good deeds for your own sake for your own benefit. Now, what we learn over here is that giving one's wealth and Allah's way is certainly a very noble deed, and a person who spends in worldly causes, but he does not spend in Allah's way, then who is he?

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stingy in Allah cite that a person very willingly spends his money on rent on car on food, on clothing. But when it comes to the way of Allah, then over there person gets stingy, he doesn't even spare a little bit. This is what stinginess, even if a person is spending 1000s of dollars in food and clothing, in rent, you know for his accommodation, whatever it may be. If he's not spending in the way of Allah, he's not considered generous. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, the worst characteristic that isn't a person is restless stinginess. Sharon had earlier on Sure. stinginess, that is restless meaning that makes a person impatient, greedy, and what juvonen holier,

00:35:43--> 00:36:28

unrestrained cowardice meaning such weakness that doesn't allow a person to do anything good. And you see stinginess is something that brings many, many problems. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when people become stingy with regards to their home and enough money, right, when they become stingy with their home andina, and they begin purchasing high quality and expensive things, meaning for their own desires, they don't mind spending money. I mean, one pair of shoes could cost easily $100, no problem. One bag that a woman is going to wear for just a couple of months could cause over two $300 no problem to $300 is even less. They start purchasing high quality and

00:36:28--> 00:37:15

expensive things. And they begin to follow the tails of the oxen. What does that mean? That they're just stealing the lands, they're just greedy for more and more and more, and they abandon jihad, feasterville Allah, then Allah will send on them trials, and will not remove from them those trials until they return to the religion until they return to the religion. You see, we were not sent to this world, to worship this world. We were not sent to this world to make money, especially as Muslims, we have not been chosen, so that we make money and we live comfortable lives and we just think about how we can improve the quality of our lives here. No, we have been sent here to prepare

00:37:15--> 00:37:47

for our homes in the US. And that is earned how by spending what Allah has given us, by using that time that Allah has given us in good works. And when a person leaves that and starts following the dunya, then what will happen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Allah will send on them trials, trials upon trials, difficulty upon difficulty, and this situation will never ever returned, it will never go away until they return to the religion.

00:37:48--> 00:38:33

stinginess is one that a person does not spend where he should spend. So sometimes we see that the dean needs needs that money, just like our houses, think about it. Do they need to be painted every now and then? Yes, our garden does that need some money every now and then? Yes. So likewise, the house of Allah Masjid also it needs maintenance, right? It does. So how can we think that we can spend all our money on ourselves and when it comes to the religion of Allah, then we get stingy over there? No, this is something that does not benefit people who love the one into one low. He has little Coleman Morocco. So Malaya kuno and Salah calm, and if you turn away, he will replace you

00:38:33--> 00:39:27

with another people, then they will not be the likes of you. Meaning if as Muslims, we do not put in our share in preserving the religion of Allah, in spreading the religion of Allah, then Allah will bring another people in our place, he will give them a man he will give them his kita and he will make his religion continue with or without us. Remember, the deen of Allah will continue with us or without us. If we are given the chance to have a share in this noble cause, then this is truly a last favor on this. This is not our favor under the this is a last favor on us. So if any work comes in our share, we should consider it to be an honor because this is a loss fuddle on us and never

00:39:27--> 00:39:53

ever should we feel uneasy about a loss favorite on us that he has chosen us for something of his Deen whether it is to teach one eye of the Quran to somebody or it is to help somebody go to a particular class or anything, any service for the deen. This is truly a last favor on us. And remember, if we're not going to take advantage then what's going to happen. A lot will bring other people because this work will continue with us or without us.