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Humans can do a little bit out of needle for us we'll send them wirelessly using mortal sin wire to only deal with each name

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considered to be from the

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Think of the human being exporter of human beings

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over time, the sun and the way and the methods and practices of all the profits from

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the molecules so that was around two hours you know, Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all the profits Susan Ariza moves up Brahim masala to sleep. So this is the meaning of fitrah and I mentioned the Hadees, where the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that 10 things are out of fidra

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chances are from Sakura for sushi clipping of the moustache were found at the lengthening of the beard was similar to using of the seawork essential not erasing of the nose waqqas sola puffery and clipping of the nails will hospital barrage me and washing off the joints Lynette from ABC.

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the removing of underarm hair will help with it pubic hair, shaving it and intercostal nerve which is stingier, cleaning yourself when you go to the toilet and the last one which the narrator of the Hadith For God's sake, he thought that most likely it is not model which is calling of the mouth. You see this is the hardest mentioned I said many books have had he says another there are another similar type of hygiene and some other words have been used. And so one more of the sutras but has also been mentioned in another habit which is called

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circumcision to circumcised the newborn baby circumcision, an Arabic

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language with a partner but in the Arabic language, we call it a fetus. So anyway,

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I talked about the first one, which was the tipping of the moustache. And the first day I talked about the importance of purity, the importance of fahara how it's very important for a Muslim brother or a sister, male, female, to remain pure. It's a rural chaperone, the man was talking about this two days back, the Sahara is half of human. It's a Sunni man, it's half it's part of faith. And Islam places a lot of emphasis on remaining clean and pure and purifying yourself and making sure that the body is physically pure, because what happens and this has an effect on is the spiritual aspect. The person keeps his physical body clean and pure that inshallah will have an effect on his

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soul, his heart and for his spiritual progress. This is very important to me, and not offensive.

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There's an incident mentioned a very famous incident where the

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messenger for loss of the level it was sending him when he was going for the Battle of

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the hypocrites, as you may be aware of this agreement, a Masjid in a place called equality Masjid.

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And these two columns listed, there are there are means that Masjid builds for the purpose of what? For the purpose of harming other people. So these were the monarchical hypocrites, they were non Muslims, you know that. Outwardly, externally they were showing and expressing that they were Muslims, but inwardly they were not Muslims. And they had, this is what he

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means to be a hypocrite. So

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they need this Masjid and the sole aim objective purpose and goal of building this Masjid was that they can make plans against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make plans against Muslims, against the habit of the law and home and how to attack them and how to try to kill well, so when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they also made this plan that when Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when we come there will do somebody will throw a stone from top of his head from the top of a mountain or from from a top of a mountain or something, and drop it straight directly on our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in this way,

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you will die with a little bit of luck. Anyways, they made this message, the hypocrites outwardly showing and expressing that they're Muslims, but they were not Muslims, but they build this Masjid. And one day they called the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they said that can you come into our message? This is a new message in our locality.

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And we want for the Baraka, we want to receive and gain Baraka so therefore, if you can come and just come here and perform to the guy in the field and make

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this a habit of the long run these to do that, you know when he's to buy a new house and even people do today but even needs to buy a new house. The first thing is not just what do I do today? What do we do when we buy a new shop or when we open a shop or a house, we will call them you know, the mom or the shape we will call him and make a door that sits in the shop. The Sunnah is that you call a person who you think is pious and godly and saintly, and who's knowledgeable and pious, pious that he comes in performance to follow to this Baraka in there, and why so that that's the place of you performing your Salah at home, the Sahaba of the Aloha who needs to buy and purchase a new house,

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they used to invite our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said come and perform please total kindness with optional prayer. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to perform his took on nothing prayer there, and the habit of the one who the person whose house it was, he would consider and make and regard that place as his place of worship. That's his message. As you know that women what's their take off their ticket is in the house, in the homes in the homes. But the ohada Some scholars mentioned that this means that in the place of the worship, the message of the house, the worst messages of the home, where's the message of the home a

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woman should make sure that she should assign and fix a particular area of the house where she makes a bad she should do that it's very important and that's why when you sit in the attic of a woman when assistance is an article, she should be in natural light if you have a like a Brock's room or something if you have like a you know a small room or somewhere like that it was from anywhere in one corner of the room, you've got your you know, the prayer mat there and you've got your Quran there. You've got some of the books there. Your silver, you know, when you read the speech on and you've got a few of your books and Quran and things like that kept in a small corner and whenever

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you perform whether it's the harasser, demokratischer the sister goes there and performs that's how that's the real way to do it. Not actually what happens is sister she's praying one Salah in the bedroom, and Zahara is in the kitchen and then our studies in the corridor and the mother is near the washroom and probably issues in the, you know, garden or something. But anyway, but it shouldn't be like that. And she's there like right next to the kitchen and then half halfway through the cooking, I'm just Prema to the car, you know, quickly finishing up, just put the food on. So if something goes wrong, it starts burning, able to come quickly and break my spirit is right next to

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the kitchen door Allahu Akbar as wrong sisters, not it shouldn't be like that Sarah should be performed with Hulu, with Hulu with devotion with a lot of devotion is very important. And it should be you should have fixed a particular area of your homes. Whether it's the bedroom, whether it's some other room in a corner, where you keep your prayer mat, the masala, the prayer mat, you keep it there, and you put the Quran there and the books there and everything's there and that's the deal assigned fixed area. And this is the magic of your homes. Anyway, I was talking about the Sahaba de la used to do that as well. So these Manasa t in these hypocrites they call the Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And the purpose of Allah while he was sending when he went for the Battle of the group, when he was coming back, he was intact. He was supposed to be going to the masjid. But Allah Subhana Allah revealed to him and

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a Lost Planet Allah made the Messenger of Allah sallallahu already aware of this through revelation made him aware through revelation and a central washing on him that these people are they've got bad plans they won't try to kill you. Anyway the story goes in a particular way Who are you serving did not go there. And I was printed on a review the verses about this in the Quran and he said that letter only he don't even go and sit the sooner performs will understand and perform salah and pray in the masjid. Other than never, lemma student who started taqwa because that's mustard there are that's a message that's been built on trying to harm other people. The hypocrites, but arose from

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hundreds artists have demonstrated this early warning over the years and I have learned double Murphy, that that message which is built on piety on taqwa from the first day, which was listed, as you know, the first message was the message of Oba. So, the message was built on Titan that was that's more rightful and worthy of you making performing standing in this. And then I lost this theory journal and this is what I want to say, finish the journal.

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In that mercy that those people who like

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to be pure will love your Hebrew theory. And Allah likes the pure people. Allah likes the team people Allah loves the train people

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So in there, there are people who are who love to remain pure and Allah loves to love. Allah loves the pure people. So purity loves and Allah loves the pure clean people. It's very important and then it's been mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he went to the Sahaba he asked them that why has Allah you know, said reveal this to me that what do you do? So the Sovereign of the law on him they mentioned that whenever we go to urinate, we make sure that we clean ourselves with mud and stones and also water we make sure that the drops of urine are completely cleaned from us so much that Allah subhanaw taala present the Quran significant. So anyway, these this is about

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purity, which I was talking about. And anyway I talked about that there are 10 things of Fedora. The first one in the Hadith was to Sherry be shipping clipping of the moustache. The second one which was there, I thought was

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so which is lengthening of the beard. This is a very important topic. It's a long topic, but I don't want to go into the details. This is one of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we should learn send men especially if this is for men, of course, they should learn the beards. And emammal bahara Rahim Allah tala nourison. From CD ROM or even Alma for the Allahu anhu that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and he could show arriba

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that, ship your trim and clip your moustache and lengthen your beard. Now they're hiding it as well. He says, our holy cow hollyfield modules

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will surely

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shave your mustache, lengthen your beards, many, many heads where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has ordered and commanded that a man should lengthen his beard. It's the son of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for a person who loves our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he does not go into the you know, Nitty gritties of whether it's necessary or it's illegible what it is and things like that isn't it isn't going through all of that. The You know, there's a poet

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in Arabic. He says he's got a very nice poetry he said that Locarno, shabu Casa de Karnataka, who in the movie Berliner Hippo do that if your love was truly

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correct, then you would have obeyed Him, because another person who loves another, he follows him, he obeys. He follows his ways. So therefore, if we have true love, for our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then we as men should try we should, you know, try to lengthen the beard as much as possible. I mean, of course, remember, I want to say one thing here. I mean, I know the importance of beard and does everybody knows about it, and people want to talk about it. But one thing I want to say here is

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to keep a beard does not mean that you remain filthy.

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There's a habit of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he says men can and who shall remain, if a man has hair, this is Mortlock in Arabic language or in the terminology of the forehead is considered to be a metallic metallic means generally, any type of hair for you could remove that person should take care of it, a male or a female or a female, a male or a female, if you have hair, then you should take care of it. If you can't take care of it, then remove it, you should look after it. That includes the hair of the head and that includes the hair of the mustache and the hair of the beard and also the underarm hair and the pubic hair and that's why it's coming

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one of these things in the Supra so you have to remove it this is the focus of Sharia to take care of it but man Canada who Sharon for you cream whoever has hair because now the head the hair of the head of a man if he's keeping a long hair then he should own it. He should make sure he keeps it clean. does not move it dirty and greasy with all you know. dandruff inside it look after it if you have a problem, then clean shaven, don't keep ahead, especially and also a woman as well. Same thing and beard also, keeping a beard does not mean that you know your beard is all over the place like to the few hairs towards the right and towards the left and it's massive. So much so that many other

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people have given this fatwa. Well this isn't the one of the rewriting the Hanafi school of thought that trimming it after 150 is Roger even though that's not the mainstream opinion, but trimming the beard after one fist is Rajan you are sinful if you don't trim it up the ones who have heard that you have to keep it to one fist which is correct Of course, but another opinion another also another opinion is that after one fifth you must trim it not just that you have to keep it in what this but that you can't even keep keep it longer than a fist fistful.

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So if you have the beard and that does not mean that you keep it filthy and you know, like all over the place, because Islam is the teaches, keenness purity. When a person looks at you, he wants to look at, you know, a nice face and so they

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With your beard, you should oil it you should call me keep it nice. And in good condition. nobody's saying that, you know, just keep it

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that if somebody looks then he gets put off, but you know keeping the beard. So if there's a lot of importance about keeping a beard and the first thing which is trimming of the mustache trimming of the mustache which I said yesterday I mentioned that the emphasis on that and lengthening of the beard trimming of the mustache.

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There's a

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story mentioned, where the Prophet salallahu a lot of people in the in the history books they mentioned this,

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our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once wrote to the king of his tongue kisara, inviting him to Islam. And he said to people that are derived from the offer of the Allahu anhu. That was he sent a good lesson for Dasa, for the Allahu anhu. He gave him the letter inviting this kisser, you know, the king of the time, inviting him to Islam. And

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this letter was given to kisara.

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When he reached you received the letter, he read that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is inviting him towards the worship of Allah and towards himself. He wrote the paper, the professor of law, while he was sitting when he came to know of this, when he became aware of this he was greatly disturbed. And he made douar that Allah subhanaw taala just as he has dripped, and tear my letter into pieces, unless panels either completely destroyed his kingdom and His, him him being a king.

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And then after that,

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the kisser

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he wrote to one of his associates, that sent to people to this person who claimed to be a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to people, and go and talk to him, see what he's asking the noise from what he's saying. So these two people, two people have kisara they came to our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with clean shaven, no beard and big massive mustaches and big massive you know, as I was talking about yesterday, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he even did this did not even want to look at it. Gary had never a Hema. He turned his face away from them. And he said, Well, no Kumara Kuma bajada that want to be rude. You need to do

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this have big mustaches and shake things up. And they said that our new our kin, Kesler ordered us to do this, the prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said, we're looking around Europe BBI initiative across Asia. But my lord has pointed me to me that I should lengthen my beard and clip and trim my mustache. So it's the opposite the tables have turned today. So therefore,

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brothers, this is very important for sisters, as I mentioned yesterday that they need to trim you know, if I'm going to talk about the facial hair, which there's no time for today, I know at the time of status here, but I'm not going to talk about that. But for this order, my mom and me and everybody will agree upon this than not that it's just permissible, it's necessary that if a woman has some facial hair on her moustache, then she must remove it not keep some sometimes women just keep you know, like hair on them stash which is wrong. It's not right, they should make sure that they clean and they are doing themselves for the husbands and it's very important if they have hair

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on her on the chin and that should remove that. It's not Rajat, but it's Mr. Harmon it will be greatly rewarded if you do it for the with the intention of pleasing your husband. So for a woman it's very important she does that she should adorn herself with the husband, it's very important to invest in that for the husband and women should not adorn herself should rather than so much encouragement but too limited to a level too much too much. Excessive makeup is not good. Too much excessive going you don't make your purpose aim goal of life. Too excessive and remember resistance too much excessive make.

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Exposing natural beauty is the best natural beauty which Allah has created the human being one simple as a royalty for NASA, we should be happy with the way a las panatela has created this. Yes, a bit of adornment with jewelry and a bit of makeup. That's okay. But you don't go to the extreme excessive, you know, right. And it truly truly is poised spoils your face. You know, people who have so much surgery done on the faces, you know, these famous actors and the old actor, what's her name was named Liz Taylor, for example, face to face list of the faces, you connect to Jackson, he has a problem, that he can't even come outside without an umbrella in his head. Why? Because his face is

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going to know he can't even come outside without an umbrella. So, so much punishment, Allah has given him punishment in this world. And therefore, you know, these people when we look at these models, and we when we look at it, but I'm not saying you're supposed to but we know about them that they have makeups and they do this and do that. This is just artificial beauty. Tell them to go and wash the face, and then wake up in the morning and you look at your face to be the most abused.

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person in the world. So you saw that artificial just with a camera and just with a scene and just what that period should be this time. And then when they grow old, remember the way to determine where the beauty is I know of just going over time, I'm just gonna finish this. But you look at an old Muslim lady in her 50s and 60s who've grown in Islam, whose, you know, raise children, some of those performances are Givens that God made on Raj, you know, she's been a good Muslim or Muslim lady. Look her look at her the new the light on her face, when she's in her 50s and 60s, and look at an old 56 year old lady who's spent all her life in coffee, when she was 2526. She was probably the

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most beautiful woman in the world. But look at her know how ugly she's become. There's no light there's darkness on her face. So the beauty is not that artificial beauty the beauty is the light the moon which is on the face, which commerce of channels Allah gives a lot talks about this in the Quran.

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That light is in the face, in the faces light and the noodles in the faces because of the effect of such the Remember, you know, some people will think that you know, this on the forehead is some kind of darkness. And that's a sign there's nothing like that injury. I mean, I've never read anything like that. And there's a lot it's not it's not that dark mark on the on the forehead. Allah says he would you lean on his face, that they have light, General light and nude in the face, because of the effect of such that because of so much a burden worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala puts this great light in the face. So artificial beauty excessive too much makeup and, and cosmetic surgery and

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plastic surgery, all of that should be must be avoided. But that does not mean that you kind of do it yourself. There are limits to the shot. I'm going to talk about this further along tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'm not going to be here. But on Monday and few other things in short, I'm going to try to finish these 10 things of cetera.

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And with this

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season, I'm 101 which mean was the harmonic minor little muscle but I've got