Both Outward & Inward Sunna Are Important

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the horrors of starting a war to stop me when I was a better guy than usual booty and putting on the

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idea that why should we give up on what the Buddha said he was going to get an hour from me when I was watching our eternal conversion photo 11 was Sunday was certainly more than adequate at the median on 130 Here's where you get home for dinner was me and my daughter putting the video that we

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did about my argument and when you start when our partners in our main center we did in our original technical model my dad didn't

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give or wasn't ready and help can help calm or feedback or

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better word.

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For that

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perspective Brothers Sisters once again

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in this session, I want to talk about the importance of sunnah this whole retreat or this whole event program for the last two days revolves around the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah,

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Ascendance, my topic, as you may have seen on the flyer, the importance of the outward and inward sun, the importance of the external and the internal sun. Allah subhanahu Adalja our Lord and Creator has given us this beautiful religion, these about Islam. And this deed, which should not really be translated as religion. It's not only a religion, it's a comprehensive way of life. And this is a reason why some of the scholars actually dislike to use the term religion. It's not a religion, it's a complete way of life. It has guidelines, it has injunctions because laws, it has rules. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep. From the time we were going to be a

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mature all the way to when we pass away. It's a comprehensive way of life. Islam is not restricted to certain forms or modes of worship, and one of the province where do we find in our societies that many of us we have restricted the rules of Islam we have restricted the understanding of Islam to particular forms of worship. For some people, Islam is just praying for. For some people, Islam is just worshipping Allah. For some of us Islam is only good character good manners. Some say it's only about the hush contains only about a bit since it's only about hedge. Islam is not only about these things in the comprehensive way of life, it's a comprehensive way of life itself. It has ruled

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connected to all different aspects of our life, comprehensive way of life teachings in all aspects and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran He said yeah, you will learn enough to do holo with silly me further, or you will believe and into Islam, God for them fully, totally, wholeheartedly completely. Submit yourself completely with Hulu facin weeka allowances in another place number two, we know that these are always kita because at full whenever you believe in certain parts of the book and leave other parts of the book, we only take pick and choose from the book of Allah the things that you like, and that there are easy for you to act upon and you take out other

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books, other parts of the book of Allah. Islam is a comprehensive way of life. And we must ensure the Muslims that we don't pick and choose we act upon Islam in entirety. in its totality, comprehensively we act upon the laws of the Quran and Sunnah, the guidance given to us by the Messenger of Allah and Allah and He will send them on their own love of this ummah. After looking at the Quran and Sunnah they've actually divided the laws of the Quran and Sunnah into different categories. We have the category of archives, that's the first branch rules connected to our belief, while you must believe in and then you have another category riba that the laws and rules of

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worshiping Allah all the rules of purification of Sahara of Lulu have also heard of them of purification of menstrual periods and the rules relating to that of this danger of going relieving yourself and cleansing yourself all those rules and all the rules of Salah whether it's obligatory prayers or not real prayers whether it's voluntary, pious Isha or be whatever prayer it may be not really thought of, Why did you wake up all the rules of prayer, and then everything to do with fasting everything to do with Zipcar, all the rules of hygiene Onra all the different Verba if and all the different rituals and worshipping of Allah we do, all those rules are included in this one

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category one branch, which is called the branch of viva.

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That's the second branch has to apply has to do with a belief so that

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It's never occurred in terms of the things we must do and we must not do first branch. And then you have other branches. Second branch of Islam, laws of more Arusha more are sort of social rules, social etiquette, things we must do or not do in terms of our relationship with others, how we should have a religion how should we act as husband, how we should act as wives how we should act as parents, how should we act as children, our relationship with fellow Muslims with non Muslims with animals with people around us, and then you have the third branch, which is more on financial transactions, business transactions, and then you have the last category called a block the internal

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aspects the role of the soul, having good praiseworthy character traits and removing all the blameworthy character traits from the heart. So these are the four branches. Now imagine if there's a human being someone who restricts Islam to just worshiping Allah subhanahu o only restrict Islam to worshipping Allah, there is a person or there's any pictures in our in front of you. There is an individual who is absolutely punctual with his part time prince. He is in the Masjid 15 minutes before he probably you know, he's there involved in the masjid. And he is extremely punctual with all his natural prayer and voluntary prayer and his he's also punctual with his tarawih and it's

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Solon and he's now worth it and you worship Allah and send blessings Allah was on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and a lot of wildlife and this and that this we had this far and everything. He dresses like a Muslim, he dresses like the Muslim externally, and his potential with Ramadan and fasting and all the rules of the garden. He goes Hajj maybe every five years and every year every other year he's going to perform this person who's not just preaching in front of you. If he is neglectful in terms of the rules of Islam, that relates to Arusha he doesn't treat his wife properly. Or if it's a female, she does not respect and obey and treat her husband properly. If it's

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a child, or if it's a son or a daughter, then they don't respect or give the rights of their parents neglectful in relationships and Marsha, and neglectful in the way they do business more more unless they are involved in gambling in interest in Malala. Uncertainty, deception, the fraud taking place in your business transactions, they don't deal in a way Islam tells them to deal in and they are neglectful of the aspects of the heart and that person what I just pictured in front of you, the one who comes with Tim's liberal version, he is only acting upon one quarter of this not from the full branches only his quarter was not even a half time was not even a partial, partial, you know Miss

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Muslim, he is a quarter Muslim, three quarters of the teachings of Islam this individual is neglected. And Allah says to put the foot of the silica and to into slang completely. When you look at the rules of Islam, you have the body rules and above that you have the law here you have the body. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran was the rule of law here and it's me about a cleaner avoid, stay away from the external things as well as the internal there are two extremes unfortunately we find in this day and age in this OMA, we find two extremes of you know, Muslims. For some people, Islam is nothing but external for them if it only relates to the external, what you

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do as a Muslim, how they act, and maybe how you dress for some people as long as it's just about being just about wearing a thong just about wearing the AMA on the head. And that's it when you describe a Muslim, very pious, practicing Muslim.

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That's the only thing that comes in some people's mind when we describe someone is a good Muslim mashallah is going to be said 101 things. You know, sometimes the person got to be it but he does nothing. All day long, except backbiting. He's committing a major haram, which could make him a first a sinful person. Backbiting Allah says cleaning up what our environment. So for some of us, Islam is just external. You just dress like the Muslim us bow your head, you're not wrong, but you've got to be it. And you just do a few things externally. And for some people, they go to the other extreme, which is also an extreme in our society, for some people.

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Should we clean? You know, Islam is just about the heart, my heart is clean. As long as my heart is clean, it doesn't matter what I do externally. That is also another extreme. Islam is a comprehensive way of life. Do not go to the extreme to the right, do not go to the extreme to the left. Islam is about external rules, as well as internal rules important is laid on external nose as well as internal rules. You know, restricting Islam to one or the other is in its deviations, but other than the fist sinfulness. So we have to ensure that Islam and that's why we see the Sahaba the companions of the messengers of Allah who doubt that I need to assign them than they were extremely

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careful. They follow the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa send them funny totally, you know, they

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If they follow in his footsteps completely, and this is a reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them that position that rank and status in the world. They follow they never, you know, they never cared about anyone mocking the Sunnah of the messenger SallAllahu even send them external or internal, they will not never care. They will never fear people's mockery, they will not fear the top 20 of people, or they or people ridiculing them, there was no fear, because they had this extreme deep love for the messenger of allah sallallahu. And he was sending many examples to the external thing was not on our phones or your loved one was a third party for the Muslims on the day

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for the via when he was sent as an envoy to the people of Makkah that we should recall. He they started mocking him and then his cousin brother was called a bird with a liberal arts. He gave him a haven and then he asylum and he took him and then his cousin was a surgeon he said Morocco The question was why why would you I see why you Why are you acting so humble? And that's one of the messengers of Allah Allah. He was saying I was doing his garment halfway between the knees and and the ankles not going into the debate whether it's haram or not, or whatever. But the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to wear in between the knees and the ankles. So he said,

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Why are you doing that? These are people that we've not created, you know, look at, you know, wearing really high up trousers or whatever, or your garment is you no less than you're gone and slightly,

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because he's gotten to us halfway between his knees and his ankle. So US Marines are fun. The third is Islam of the Muslims. He's looked at him and he said, her that is actually Venus of Allah when he was seven. I don't care about anyone. This was how the result of our messages was

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this this, these are the examples of this a hug or the love Usama Musa rhodiola, or another companion.

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So even almost sent him to the Allah or who sent him to his country is one of the superpowers of the time and he wants to have a meeting with him. He said, I wonder and I sat down jealous to for you guys. To see him in the hub, I sat down and then I realized that I'm sitting on a chair, we are going, not going to Muslim, it's not permissible, according to the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah or any celebration to use the chance of the goal or sit on cushions or whatever, you know, chairs made out of gold. So I quickly move. So the head up looked up is eliminated. Why have you left that under the account? Let me Why have you left that which we'll move on to do it. So he looked at it,

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and he's a kidney surgery, submitter to Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam years, and literally, I held my beloved, imagine yourself a law forbidding from something like this. It doesn't matter that our companions that one companion was eating whilst eating a morsel of food fell on the floor and you picked it up according to the message, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Another Sahami another person was in Nigeria in the way in this auspicious gathering, you know, highly ranked people don't think you wind poor or something you take picking up on the floor is anything else we celebrate? He mentioned him

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returning, he said, person has a heavy reliance on a loved one. I mean, he was a language we have learned from us. Should we need the Sunnah of Our Messengers on a walk or listen because of this, the Scottish people, the Sahaba was the Allahu Anhu. They never worried about what people would say, we live in this time. What we do is we make divisions between distinctions in the Sunnah of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam that we learn, we interpret things. We say, oh, it's not appropriate for our time. Oh, it wasn't that time. Or it's just the Sunnah. We just, it's so nice to see something big. Just assume that, you know, this is something normal, so no, meaning, okay?

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That's just his way, some of what he says, My way is probably better way. That's really what he's here to the person you're trying to say. So, you know, if we want the respect, and we want the dignity and we want that MACOM and that position, and then rank and that status in the world, as the Companions only Allah, we must follow in the footsteps of the messengers of Allah, externally, as the word of eternity, but I'm just talking about externally right now we need, the way we eat, the way we drink, the way we dress, the way we do things. None of the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we tried to follow him even if it's not one of you. Some things are not

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necessarily to do with some people not necessarily to do but a lover who will love someone who doesn't distinguish between what is necessary and what is not necessary in whatever you're gonna do. But one who loves another he follows him regardless whether it's an obligation or it's a necessity or not.

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You know, the Madonna Leila, ashram and Marshall the

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Romeo and Juliet of the time, there were two people. Minoan was an Irish that's what it was called mentioned to him because it was crazy. And he used to love His Beloved ladies. And then he

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faces names. He has lines of poetry in his book to divine the poetry. He used to go around the house of his Leila his his beloved, and he used to make Sawa. He used to go around around St. Kitts this you know the walls of the house and then rather and he said a mu and a dare dare later for up because he doesn't he wasn't Judah, on that front would be every Shabbat Nepalese Well, that's the problem. And certainly Dr. He used to go and kiss the stone in the house and then he will take a more who are the Dr. I go round the houses of Leila, I kiss this woman and kiss dad. Well, it's not that I have lost with his world. But the love is of the person driving we're living inside of the

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house. So anything that is remotely attached, or connected to the message of Salah or use and anything that is attributed to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have loved to use and distinguish externally, the way you dress as well, we need to try to bring up something in our lives. But then that's not enough. As we said, Islam is about external laws as well as internal rules. That is not enough importance. It's very important that we give

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significance to the internal Sunnah the inward. And this is actually very important because sometimes in our community was sometimes we really don't know if you're here, but the inland log comes. Significance is given sometimes just too much to the external. So number internal, some and many people forget and it's very, very

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scary because what happens like some of the scholars said that if someone is neglectful in the external sunnah, he realizes that he's doing something wrong, people don't consider him to be practicing as well. Because he, you know, realizes that I'm neglectful. And I'm not really following the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah when he was serving its totality. So he feels he doesn't feel you know, like an absolutely pious person in the world. He feels, you know, remorseful slightly somewhat and there is a time when inshallah he may start practicing on this sooner, but the one who externally dressed like a Muslim practices or soon everybody considers him to be a practicing

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Muslim, you gotta be and everybody says, How do you saw this song, whatever some. And then you think yourself, oh, yeah, I am maybe something. And internally, the person is corrupt. He has all sorts of relationship problems, his backbiting, jealousy, hatred, then cutting off type, relationship problems, business problems, fraud, deception, that everybody considers you to be a good practicing Muslim. Just because you look like a good Muslim. That's actually more worse and more scary than the one who is the opposite. Because here, you won't even consider yourself to be neglectful, you will think that I am good. If everybody says I'm good, then I must be good Muslim. You know, one of the

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chefs of the subcontinent Shepherd on actually with his book, you mentioned the story. He said, There was an old man stingy must, who used to be very, very miserly and stingy that he will keep all the money under his bed, never give anything to anyone. So you know, the young people kids in his village, they used to come and Jesus gave him some you got some souvenir value got something, you know, come on, give me one day, there's about 10 Kids came to see my title. He made something up. He said, You know, he knows that street on the other side of the town does that Uncle distributing halwa and tweets and this and that, go? No, hello, let's run. So everybody start running. So he

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looked at the running, it looks terrible. And then he start reading as well. But someone said to me, who was sending all your whatsapp, he just made the company, you're running as if they were running you might be true. You know, this is an exam. He uses that as an example that people sometimes know for a fact that you're not a good Muslim, but everybody tells you that maybe we know the reality. I know the reality how sinful I am. I know my heart. I know as in my private life what I do, but everybody around me thinks I'm a good Muslim. We forget that we are sinful. Because it's like that old man who actually knows for sure for certainty that he is a sinful individual but he's on his

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kids ready to go in might be true. That's like me thinking with my mother am I really be practicing Am I really be a good Muslim. So we have to be very careful internally that our rules of Islam Wireshark Wireshark, is from the word ratio, which means to live with people. Like what other speakers were saying yesterday, a human being is a social animal, we have to live the Messenger of Allah and he was telling me that hadith and Sunnah Timothy he said, a Muslim lady, you heard it when NASA was crewmen and Muslim Indonesia, you call it when NASA when I was a believer who mix it with people, he mix it with people and then he exercises someone and patients on the harms, which means

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that as human beings we live with the people, it's inevitable that our feelings will be hurt. That's part and parcel of being a human being this connection towards

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is my sad because we're all different. Now it's better that we live with people and make some of them not living with people not making someone just going somewhere in some kind of you know, jungles. So they should have more Asha is to live with people there are rules about how to live with people how to how we should live our rights to parents, our children's husband, why don't let the topic of its own, the person can be externally acting upon sooner with the you know, the greatest film of the time. But if he as a man, husband, he is going home, he is not looking after his wife, he is not giving the rights of his wife, Allahu Subhana was the other things were as you wouldn't

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have been in my room. Treat them well. Sometimes I'm Muslim, they think you know, the new member walk outside. And they think they do a lot of homework been undergoing everywhere in the world, but they can't treat basic woman or child or children. They don't give the rights. There's no benefit in going all over the world and doing things if we cannot give rights to our own wives and children. This is part of Islam. Islam teaches about why Shala is part and parcel of the rules, rules and the laws of Islam. Well as you know, we live in America who is still serving as the Messenger of Allah, are you something I advise you sincerely about women treat them well treat them equally, treat them

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fairly and treat them well. For in the whole country literally, because a woman is created from a rib we're in our job is linear. And the big and the most bad part of the roof is a crooked path. You know this, this hadith some people actually use this to condemn women look, the messengers of Allah or the US Allah called Your crooked Ben three of you know, they say, oh, cooking one, I'm going to straighten you. Sometimes we'll do that.

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Actually, the beauty of a rib is it being bent the beauty of a woman it means that she is you know, from a man's perspective. It's like, I'm standing from here. He looks I'm not gonna bend here. Okay, because I'm looking at from another angle, you in other words, you're a man You're not a woman, you can't understand that she is different from you. This is the meaning of the Hadith. And the messengers of Allah are you listening is trying to say that a woman is more sensitive, sensitive, she has more emotional she has more fragile Handle with care. You know, she's she's very sensitive. Don't treat her like a man. Some husbands they want their wives to be husbands.

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If you want you want to be like you know, when you marry a woman, I'm not saying marry a man but a woman. So you have to understand, they remember the Hadith that Allah do not decide to happen. She is you know, lesson internet. So you should have double the intellect. If she's less internet half apple, then you should have developed, you should have doubled Saba, you should have doubled patience you should have double Helmand forbearance. So for a man it's very important that these are the sudden look at the messengers of Allah He said an Irishman the woman I was asking the messengers of Allah or at least in America your selfie baby what was was his action at home kind of immediately

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I think he was in the service of his family kind of B'Tselem in the heart and he used to own a smartwatch or not come home and be reserved. Okay, today is first video me too much salts less salt, kind of a sermon, the heart and you all is mine. This mining in some of his so now we have forgotten some of us we actually think it's part of religion, being practicing Muslim and part of piety is to be reserved, actually wouldn't really told me this. He said, I said to us, okay,

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at the moment, trying to practice this. So what's that going to do in practicing yourself being reserved, the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam was never reserved, genitive Abdullah and Virginia of the Allahu says Maha Giovanni Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what? Mu muslim to Allah and some of you watching since I became a Muslim, the messenger of allah sallallahu

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never placed a barrier between myself and himself. And never did he see me except very small dramatics. So not the Messenger of Allah just like keeping the Venus or Serena smiling is also a son of the messengers of Allah who sent him. Both are important. Both are important for the Maharaja Demian Allah He didn't tell them what to call it the fact that money is on carbon and football and how the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says to him that if you are charging, if you are hard hearted people will affect you deserted you Sahaba will pollute to the Messenger of Allah or any once in a while, because of his character. He was the son of the herd and he was gentle. Let me

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a confession. Whatever the frustration, there was 1200 aggressive with Iran and you would never curse whenever harboring a swamp. You will never shout in the market. He was very soft, very gentle in his tone in his in the way he conversed and had conversations with people. This is one of the messiness of Allah and can lead the seal

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That's something we fail to do sometimes read the seal of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So, there are rules of how a person should be I told my nightclub, I don't know what a women's assistant or anything I forgot. Now there are rules about women as well. How you should treat your husbands. There are sunnah for the women as well. Because OMA had to move meaning or the Allah or and we're gonna treat them with respect, treat them with with is with Corona with dignity. Don't come you know when your husband comes home and if you've been home all day, as soon as he comes into the house. You know what time you come what happened? You're late 20 minutes when you go,

00:25:33--> 00:25:36

we know that this needs to be done that needs to be done. Let me we'll just come up.

00:25:37--> 00:25:49

Unless you just have alarm or you set them set a good woman the definition is when a man looks at him, maybe his she smiles at you. So learn to make him happy. In other words, he has a virtue

00:25:51--> 00:25:57

or harmony, because he she's sweet now. She needs to respect her husband used to obey your husband, the messengers of Allah.

00:25:59--> 00:26:40

And Murad will have Salah consol was slow, Masha, Allah azza wa jal, the gentleman at work, he shared a woman thoughts and prayers, she observes that she passed in the month of Ramadan, and She obeys and respects her husband, she will enter paradise when from whichever do she wants, it's so easy for sisters to enter paradise. Just treat your family well control the tongue of the mouth, which is the most important part for sisters to control even brothers, but especially this is very important. Don't Don't say anything and everything think 10 times before the mouth is open. Now I also don't mean opening in the religion of singularity. This is something very dangerous. Sunanda

00:26:40--> 00:26:59

tells me there's a hadith of the Messenger of Allah Allah said, Well, how do you cook bananas? Have you learned either with Julian in the house or you do a similar thing? Nothing. Makes people fall deep into the fire of hell, except the sins committed by the tongue. You know, sometimes women really need to control especially with dads when they say everything and anything that said oh

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come on, you know, the man is also has some feelings is not like to just a robot. He has some feelings. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe about after a week, maybe one year, two years, slowly, slowly is going to have an impact and effect on him. And he's going to be psychologists, psychologically, he'll be disturbed slowly, this management ends up in divorce because of all that's been building up for the past 10 years.

00:27:25--> 00:28:00

He's not saying anything right now that that does not mean that you have a license to say anything and everything and curse. Some women do think that he conquers me, but I can I'm a woman, you know that that's a wrong understanding. And we need to treat these problems, these issues, treat them we need to tackle them, there's a problem. Look at the sun. Now the last few years of Allah, Allah said, treat these issues, brothers, you know, it's not going to be solved by you know, some relief or some type of either some amulet or some water, you go to the chef and blows on you and it's done. Finished. It's not going to be treated. You know, people so many people have caused me and others as

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well. I will go problem. This is anything to read, there's no there's nothing.

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There's things to do. There's nothing to read, less things are this, you know, okay, I'm not saying it's haram, but it's not going to solve problems in this world. These things that I'm interested in, whether it's allowed or not, and what kinds of etcetera. But these things, we are overly dependent upon these things. No, but we should make dua to Allah the most, the greatest thing is two hours or whatever. But even if Allah doesn't accept that you're out, you're gonna want it. You don't need all these other things to up. And then she's the problem deal with it. How does one shirt wear this husband and wife visa issue and they came with the problem that we've got a marriage problem and

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this problem and so you find out found out all the details. And then he realized the problem is that you know what happens husband come whenever he comes home. He's very tired. There's very intensive like hard day's work. As soon as he comes in the house, the wife starts you know, shouting at him and saying things here and there. Okay. And you know, and he gets because he's frustrated, it's just coming out and he gives his back and that's it. It starts from there the whole night and everything and they've got major problems. He realized that's the bottom line. That's the main problem. They came to shove notes on what to do some dumb you know, the dumb blowing read something don't want to

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give it to us with a drinking problem with the Saudis trying to tell them no go and see someone go to a marriage counselor, go do this, go do that, you know, do some research or you know, shut us down whichever way they want to take a normal lens and the Schaeffler back to that okay, let me think of a story. Let me think of a waiting and you're waiting is it okay, I'll do some jumping come tomorrow. He gave him some nice big bottle of water internet great, all sorts of Quranic sutras and this dua and that this will be for this or whatever. Inshallah. Now you have to drink this now I'll tell you how to do this. This you know, you have to put in two separate bottles okay, this water so

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husband has to keep one button and the wife has to keep one button. When the until the husband wife or whenever the husband as soon as he opens a piece of the out of the door. As soon as he comes inside the house. You have to take the bottle in your mouth.

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Water and your cubicle tenants

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how long tenants

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and their husband, as soon as she does that, then wash is going to take minutes off the bottom of the water.

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She started doing that she wouldn't when he came in for 10 a month.

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She wants to say something she can't talk. Problem solved. That was the problem root of the problem. They pour the water into it, maybe they realize afterwards. I don't know. But anyway, so we need to tackle these issues. Not just husband, wife, but relationships around us, you know, children, do we give enough love? You know, that's a topic these are these are topics on its own just rights of the parents and right to the children. You need a two hour talk just on the rights of football for parents, and give it to people weeks ago in Detroit, just on the rights of parents about an hour and 45 minutes. It's a topic and so how do we treat our children? Do we give them that love? Do we give

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them that mercy? We we complain that they've left the path of Islam, but do we actually do enough to keep them on the path of Islam? Do we show them the love Do we give them the rights of messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kenny Azulon thought you would go and visit the children of Assad not his own children or the children these are low this is Serena Williams who some way suddenly him with a beard and he would say salaam to the children, not wait for the child you just around to me first. This is the messenger of Allah imagine that Allah He is greeting the children first and placing his hands on the heads of the children showing the rational and sharper and this mercy

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towards children. With all the children this this as soon as

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they come in and mercy to start slapping them around and telling them all you know these are children these are these are people who are the messengers of Allah love. He will show extreme hassle and crusaders your loved one He will kiss children once he was kissing his grandson of korabik heavies was sitting next to me said I have a ton of these now compelled to move ahead and I'm not kidding not even one messengers of Allah phytosome said Allah Emmerich another a lot more rock metal in Calbee What can I do if Allah is taken out mercy from your

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family another hola hola. Ramadan COVID This is the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has forsaken me Allahu Anhu that we will cheat them. And Marshall, you know, not just children, our extended family siblings. Sometimes we think we're practicing sooner. We are doing our schoolwork and this work and not work. We don't even talk to our own blood brother and blood sister because of one because of $100 monetary problems you know these are issues in the Muslim ummah. Why that's money but this Marcia you know with our relatives, the messenger so the love it when somebody said, let me know

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that you have a hobby,

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or manager or who

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has a doubt, do not desert your fellow Muslim brother or sister for more than three days and three nights. If someone doesn't eat does in that state for a month that doesn't enough he should enter the part of health that includes gender equality or right the one who brings out a lot

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of coffee, too, right? breaking of ties is probably one of the greatest greatest of since a person can ever can remember the problem is that you know, we only this is actually an issue we give ties back we maintain ties to people who are good with us. That's not really meeting time. Today son wants you to be McAfee that's just paying back. We expect things will be good to be good to them. And that's normal. If you don't do that, then that's that's been unable to do that. That this is no big deal and being good with someone who's good with you in common was the real maintain of ties. And then the last move was when people cut him cut him off. He may take the time. He was a messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the more Arusha social rules with these old social Sunnah the inward sunnah resorted to the Pajara, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the prohibition of of many sins, you know in order to survive. Yeah, when the Nina M and when Jasmine Versa from beloved in front of a Yahoo Oh, you will believe when someone comes a sinful person comes to you with some kind of news. But again, it hasn't been to verify the authenticity of that particular news. Verify don't do something and you'll see them open Beija holla for those be who either phytonadione you may regret later what you do without verification. Many of our problems in our communities our

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assumption when someone came and said something he said if she said this she said you know these are issues in the home in the community and then Allah goes on after that. You are learning English Telugu cathedra may have been avoided. saltburn gun avoid it's this is haram to have bad opinions about people. Personal run we should be giving everyone the benefit of the doubt

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Have you studied who cathedra may have been in the learning Isn't it simple activity? What are they just says who do not, do not spy on people? It's not my job, your job you don't work for the FBI. So we go and spy who's doing what is he involved in some unusual activity, not your business. That's what our job carrying the Quran Allah says, What are the justice? What are the year of the bar do kumbaya by biting in one of the greatest of sins in Islam? Imam Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin is Maria Bihari for the love and one of the great Imams How did he becomes a such great Imam. He says that since the time I knew that backbiting was haram, I've never backbiting in

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in my life, I've never bothered by it. It's a major sin and this problem is sometimes with most more the sisters and the brothers you know we have in England we have a cell phone and we have all these minutes three minutes right? I could give me a 101,000 minutes Mobile Minute to seven minutes. They're free read on it.

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We've been fighting for you know 1030 minutes because people just pick up two hours doing one talking about the whole world except himself. So these are martial issues that we really need to deal with, you know, have good relationships with other people and the whole outcome of this Marshall the lesson is Allah Are you certain says a Muslim woman Solomon was

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a complete believer is the one from pulling words from his actions and his word. Others are safe, even animals, even non Muslims obviously, you don't harm people. This is more Asha and then we have one but that's another category. I thought I was going to talk a little bit about that as Olympics but there's no time for more on that in just a couple of minutes on this. Miranda is the way we do our business financial dealings in one salah. It's not enough to dress and look like a Muslim but when I'm buying and selling the What am I doing? I'm doing fraud and I'm deceiving people and I'm you know, Allah says Sunita Mufasa even while you little coffee few distraction be to the people of

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faith. Who are the people Allah says to straightaway Alina electoral idleness is so full when it's time to take things from people from measurement and wait it takes yes to boot every great way that you who was a loom yourself. But when they give people when they have to give people through measurements and through when you're soon they give a bit less you know, the meter is slightly less. I don't know

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how much is Don't you people realize that the resurrection you will know your homeowners a little bit I mean, when the whole of humanity will be standing in front of me. Every penny you owe a person one penny more one cent. You have to give it with your gift on the Day of Judgment. No Toba no repentance or forgiveness, payment of the rights of other human beings before it comes before the rights of Allah Subhana Allah mandatory matches we have to be very careful the way we do our business. There are numerous Muslim in between the left submit nobodies as well as Khaled except with the consent of his heart. So we need to be very careful even in the family even the family

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between fathers and children the principle of Islam is that meet your transactions that I shall look at the one with the Iman Luca agenne live like brothers but transact like strangers you owe someone writes everything down clear cut even with between the Father if you've got a business for the children to have more capacity or children working one son comes and cries on business second, third fourth nobody's caring what is he a volunteer is he helping his employee does he does he ever shame the business? How much percent nobody can you tell him you need to do? Permanent okay. But when the father passes away when inheritance has massive argumentation, people don't talk for 10 years, they

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will talk to the game because money makes money router food was not money, love of money due to poor problems. So transact create and then you have another branch

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of avoiding removing all the blameworthy character traits on jealousy of hatred of dunya of ostentation, via and all these things, replacing them with praiseworthy character traits of suburb of Toronto of humbleness, of humility, of forbearance of you know, the love of Allah and the messenger for the long run. He was in central China. So anyway, I knew this I pray that Allah Subhana Allah give us grant as a call for you.

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To act upon the Sunnah of the messenger said Allah Almighty who said to me both externally and internally, inwardly, and outwardly as well Inshallah, Nicola was suffering