Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Book- Two Weeks in Pakistan

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a book called HamGeneration, which was uploaded online and eventually published. The book is a dedication page and has pictures and videos of various sites, including the Grand Mosque, the cemetery, and a tour of a cemetery. The book is not currently sold, but is available for ordering and is being distributed across the UK.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Dear brothers and sisters at Hamdulillah. We are very happy here today at Doublelift that a book that I have been working on for the past quite a few months, finally got published and finally arrived. If you see here Hamdulillah, we have all the boxes that just arrived two days ago, published in Turkey, each box has about 30 copies. So we have about 100 boxes, these and there's some more down there 100 copies. So we've published 3000 copies of this book Hamdulillah this book is titled two weeks in Pakistan. Some of you may have already know heard of this book, or you've already read it, seen it or maybe even read it because we

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initially uploaded this website, this book onto our website as an ebook, which is available on our website if you go into the book section, and you can literally download the book, which is available as an ebook Hamdulillah. But then we thought that we should publish this book because really real book is the book which you can hold in your hand. I mean, I personally, I don't feel that I'm actually reading a book, or get that real book experience, until I don't actually physically have a copy in my hands. So Hamdulillah we were happy that we uploaded the book online and people were reading it. But now when you see a book physically published and you have a physical

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copy, tangible copy in your hand, it feels much, much better. hamdulillah and you actually think that you've got a book in your hand. So this book is a travelogue. hamdulillah two weeks in Pakistan, which is a basically a travelogue of a visit that I made to Pakistan in December 2020.

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Here this is a dedication page, which the book I've dedicated to one of the great scholars of the subcontinent share Mufti Mohammed Shafia Rahim Allah who is the author of Mighty Foot Quran and then you have various sections with this afford from one of my colleagues, travel companion shall have been released from Northampton who actually traveled with me so he wrote a small introduction about his feelings and experiences then I've got a small introduction here. And then the actual travelogue starts there's some pictures as well. There's a section on the two shirts of darlin Karachi which is mostly adopted with money and with tariffs with money and then darlin Karachi. So there's a very

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lengthy discussion on that and Karachi. And then you see all the pictures,

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the Grand Mosque, different pictures of the mosque. And then we have the cemetery, published publishing houses bookstores,

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that the data if the Department of Neurology Karachi, so we have that, and then we have pictures on the director.

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And then the Hadith, Encyclopedia Hadith department where they're trying to gather all the Hadith Hadith encyclopedia department, the HERA school. So this is all about our room, Karachi. And then there's a whole discussion on the topic of money, a lot of the things that I've discussed with him and some pictures and then also visits to some other teachers here, and some other seminaries within Karachi. We have here visiting other Karachi seminaries, and some of the seminaries and madrasahs and dark rooms and a bit of history about them and pictures as well. And then we have also a visit to

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most done what we did in one time. And some of them are dahlias. And some of the sites that we visited, had mandible were headquarters. And then we had Jeremy Hill, my dad is in Milton, and then visit to Lahore, some of the places the badshahi Mosque, and then also Jeremy Ashrafi, Lahore. So basically this book, it's the back the blurb states that it's a captivating, descriptive travelogue in which the focus is on the various Islamic seminaries madrasahs and scholars and show you both past past and present. And the majority of discussion surrounds the world renowned Jeremy darling Karachi, and honorable chef moved in hermit depth many haffi the whole lot. And this travelogue is a

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must read for anyone in particular students of sacred knowledge to love with people of knowledge students of knowledge, who wants to learn about the great religious institutions, the great Medallia's seminaries in Pakistan and the great souls from whom they take their magnetic magnetic cans magnificence. So this is a book inshallah which is being distributed free of charge hamdulillah it's not being sold or anything like that at the moment we are distributing it amongst the various students of knowledge across the UK and then inshallah abroad as well. And then it will be available to order from our

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all websites are free of charge but with postage and package being paid of course inshallah just come along to Allah Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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