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de la hora alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali. He was

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a beloved brothers in Islam saramonic ma La Habra cattle, just like Lafayette, thank you so much for joining us, Episode 43 of our series of listen women around the messenger sort of long while he was a lump. Now last episode, we completed our discussion around all 12 personalities of the CDs. And we mentioned how the prophets of Salaam, when he passed away, he had 10 of these 12 women that were his wives, Khadija rhodiola had obviously passed away. So Zane had been hoceima, the two of them had passed away and his team had remained, and we discussed how come the prophets of Salaam exceeded the limit of four. And this is, as we said, per instruction, but Allah subhanho wa Taala, as certain

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rules are specific to him, and then we concluded by saying that when the prophets are seldom off spending 29 days away from his wife, so because of certain issues, and because of certain demands they made of him, and they were only human, they were only they were female, they were normal people. They also wanted the nice things as the other women, as the wealth entered Medina, so they started putting demands on him. So he was separated from them for 29 days. And it was in that time, you know that the wives were separated from him when he came down. After those 29 days, he asked each of them, each one of them, he went to them individually, he offered them the chance, if you

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want to get divorced as Allah commanded, then it will give you in a good way we will release you in a good way. No, no sin on you, and you can live your life. But if you want to remain with me, if you want to remain with a prophet of Islam, they will be certain kinds of sacrifices. And I should tell us that all of the wives were asked and all of them agreed to stay with him. So the Lawson lamp. So this is a very strong indication that none of the wives of the Prophet lamb were compelled to stay with him. None of them were forced, they all wanted to be with him in many, many occasions, he offered them a chance for them to separate from him, but they chose the life with him. Obviously,

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it's how he made them feel and how happy how much happiness he gave them, even though it was tough being his wife. And so once they agreed to remain his wife, Allah Subhana Allah now says it is haram for you. Oh, Mohamed, Salah, I'm not local to you or Mohammed, or any additional women after this, you can't make any more of them. No is it for you to exchange them for other wives, you can't divorce them, I can't change these wives. Even if these other women, the beauty was to please you, you find the most beautiful woman on earth. You cannot have any woman besides these women, these are your wives in this dunya. And in the Philippines last revealed a year or two before the death of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Also something that you need to be in mind that the Prophet peace be upon him, several of them. He was put opposed to many, many times we find a number of Hadith, women would come to him at any occasion, and they would come into the hospital, I give myself to you. You don't have to pay me a dowry. It just take me I am us. And I Sharon would say she would feel so disgusted if she said what kind of women do this? Do they have no shame, offering themselves like this to you, without any without any doubting. And the prophets are seldom never in the history of the Sierra, did he accept any of these proposals? None of his wives were married in

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this regard. So he was constantly bombarded by these women. And whenever a woman wants to do also propose a question and Ayesha was they should be like, why do you want to ask why do you want to see him? What's the reason? Because she was nervous about these kinds of women that you know from afar, they fell in love with him and they gifted themselves to him. Yet he never ever, you know, accepted any of these proposals, something to be in mind about the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now we've completed the series. And there are certain other names that might pop up in your mind, you might say, Well, my name for example, a very good friend of mine, who I grew up a

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little bit with, we could say, his mom is Rihanna. And if you're asked her, you know, where'd you get your name from? She'll say, it's one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now you go through the list, but we didn't do a Rihanna. Where does this come from? How come it's not there? So there are a few other personalities or other question marks as to the professor marry this woman or not. And it's a matter of history. And if we can discuss this, so we find for example, in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim that there was a lady and we're not sure about her name, either Her name is mama or asthma either Her name is Ma Ma smart, she came from the June tribe. So this is she comes

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from the Kohler l juneja. The lady from June, this is a you know, we will call her the lady from June, we have authentic hadith of the prophets of Salaam basically married her, or Anika who was concluded between the two of them, and when the prophets of Salaam came to her to be intimate as a husband and wife would do to consummate the marriage. When he came close to her. She says, I will be learning that she says I asked a lot to protect me from you. And when she said that the prophets of Salaam said you have seek protection from someone we like you know from one who is very great. You've asked for protection from Allah so you get protection from Allah from me. So then the

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professor withdrew from her. And obviously the marriage was not consummated and Guernica was immediately dissolved, and the Prophet doesn't say to the Sahaba give her from the

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idol gifts, give her whatever she wants. Go back to a family. So we find this Heidi, you know, authentically proven in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim. There are variations of this one variation is that when he came, he found that that was that he said, and when he came near to her, she says, I want protection from you. And he realized she didn't want to be in this marriage. And so he said, then fine, go back to your family, no force on you. In another generation. When the problem came to her. She said, I'm a queen. And it's not befitting for me to marry someone like you. And so the promises are divorced from her. There is another authentic narration that another woman was married to the

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process alum. And when they were about to be intimate, you know, when she removed her clothing, he found that her body was covered in leprosy. He had a disease. And so the province was alarmed, you know, sort of announced the marriage. And this shows us once again that, you know, we should get to know our audience before we get married. Obviously, there's certain things we can't get to know until after marriage, but certain fundamental flaws and defects in the person if that person is deficient in any way, then of course, the marriage can be annulled in that regard. And so Professor lamb did not go further with this marriage was a lady who had leprosy. And we find again in the

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story of the June lady, that the Prophet peace be upon him, you know, contrary to what you know, Western media would like to portray this man that has so many wives and he's forceful and abusive, and all the prophets of Solomon very soft and gentle, and the Prophet peace be upon him. He loves to be in the company, you know, of his wives. What he enjoyed about them was that they loved his company. I shall love and nature competitive nature, to spend as much time with him as he could to show her affection. He liked this, there's no joy in it for a man to be with a woman that is miserable around you. That's not what what you want as a husband, you want your wife to be pleased

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and to be happy. And this is why when this June lady said that she wasn't happy in this marriage, perhaps her father married her off without her permission, the professor immediately sent her away. There is an as we mentioned, Rihanna, there is no Hadith in any of the authentic books of Heidi that mentions this lady, or a Hannah. Rather we find in Ottawa Katie's book of Sierra Ottawa, Katie is a historian. And but this is a technical, there is a difference between Hadith and history, history, of course, we compile stories, this battle and that event and, and he said, he usually is not tested for authenticity, one historian will say, they were, you know, 5000 people at this battle and other

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soldiers they were 10,000 people at the battle. We don't history is not usually tested for authenticity. Whereas the science of Hadith Hadith sciences, this is a far more accurate, correct science and the scholars of Hadith went to great lengths to ensure that the information that they narrate is authentic. So we find a story in the Hadith books, then we can rely on this a lot more than in the books of history. So we do not find in any of the books of Hadith To my knowledge, any Hadith, which mentions Rihanna, and when we talk about the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Ayesha, for example, when she lists them, she says across the land passed away, he had nine wives,

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she's referring to nine of them. And of course, Maria on that discussion, she's regarded as a concubine. Rihanna is not mentioned within that list. So we are squishy. If we look at his book of history, it's mentioned by Walker at that, as we said, before, that there were three tribes of Jews inside of Medina, the last of them was the Manu Corrado. And we mentioned how the Banu Cora betrayed the Muslims during the Battle of the trench, you wind your mind back to the Battle of the marriage of Sophia, Sophia, remember her dad when the and he convinced the strive to break the agreement, remember, so this time is the banjo Corolla. And of course because of the the sin because of the

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treason, the women were taken as when the men were captured and executed. The women were taken as concubines, so taking a prisoner of war. It's mentioned here that a lady called Rihanna became the professor salams concubine. Now in a luckily a lucky dimensions that she actually embraced Islam and the prophets, Allah married her, and then he divorced her. And other narration says that she never embraced Islam and she stayed a concubine. In the of course, as we said, many other narrations that doesn't even mention her at all, whether she exists would not exist, whether she was a slave and when the prophets of Allah invited her to Islam, she rejected it. So he set her free. As I

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mentioned, a law says to the prophets are now Hema only marry those women who embrace Islam. And therefore, when these women you know, many times, we find there were many, many battles and many concubines were taken. The prophets of Salaam never took one of these concubines for himself. We saw how Sophia came to him, and he offered her freedom and then he married her. The same with Joey Leah. She comes as a as a slave woman, he purchases her, sets her free, and then he marries up. And this is the son of nobodies Also, you can see from his personality, you can see from his history, he never enjoyed the keeping of slaves and to impose himself upon another human being that didn't want

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him as vanilla is not in his character. And it's not he would not give him personal pleasure or other being around a wife, a spouse that enjoys his company that believes in him as an OB. This of course is something which which I love

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was instructed to do. And that's why all these wives as Allah says about them in the Quran, they are not like any other women, these are the basis of women of the mother. These are the basis of all women, that Allah has placed on the earth and that is why they are only befitting to be his wife and his wife in the dunya. And in the Akira. So with that we have concluded our, our list and biographies of these 12 women will once again do our, our normal suniya in going through the list one by one, and I'll give a short description just to refresh your memories about them. So we said the prophecies column, up until the age of 25, it was a bachelor, he got married than 25. He got

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married to our mother, her deja vu hoilett. She was a woman of 40 years old. We say that she proposed to him she had two husbands before him. She was a very wealthy lady. And she proposed to him and basically in the process accepted and for the next 25 years. So the Prophet peace upon him up until the age of 50. Plus, he had known no other woman besides Khadija. So in the height of his youth, just something to think about when people dishonor the prophets of Salaam. When people speak about him as being a womanizer, he had to be law, massaging This way, you have to be law. Just remember that he lived in a society where there were no rights for women, women didn't have the

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right of divorce. In fact, you could kill your wife, you could bury your daughter, this was how it was. And in the height of that society, in the height of his youth, never had he touched another woman never had gone near another woman never had he married multiple wives for 50 years, the only wife he had, and the only woman he knew was Khadija. I remember speaking about the story recently reverted Muslim or someone who just basically embraced Islam. And when I spoke about the advent of the Ye, when the Prophet now receives revelation at the age of 40, he ran back to his wife, saying mommy loony Cover me. And then he said, which wife is this? Because your prophet has many wives? So

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I said, No, no, he only had one wife. And in reality, we know up until his death, when I said, Why do you keep mentioning this Khadija she's an old lady, she's a longtime did, Allah has given you better than her more beautiful women than her. The prophet will sit no woman was like her she was really the heart belong to her ultimately the heart belong to her teacher. And if we were to say the professor, yes, he loved all his wives, but the love that he had for Khadija was a unique love and if, if a long island if you know she continued to live, it would only have been her you wouldn't have married any beyond her. But of course Allah subhanaw taala plans about our planning, so for 50

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years, up until the age of 50, there was only this idea of Yolanda and she had born all his children, all six of them except Ibrahim, but right at the end, we'll talk about that in a minute. Then after her deja vu he said when she passed away the Prophet peace was devastated. And he was about 50 to 53 years old. When it was suggested that he married an older senior with a big lady mother sewed up in December. She said she was older than him. She was a physically big lady, but a very warm jolly kind woman, very domesticated that lady that loves being in the house that loves to feed everyone that loves to take care of everyone that wonderful, warm Auntie, that's what she was a

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mother soda. And the professors are married her he was about 5051 or 52 years old, and she was 55 years old. And she of course live they live together for 13 years as a married as a married couple. And these you know, if we look in the notes that is a discrepancy, we say 13 years which means the Prophet married her when he was 50 because he passed away when he was 63. About a year after marrying, you know, at the same time that he married soda, he got engaged to Russia, but only three years later to the province I'm actually live with her. So the prophet SAW Selim only spent about eight nine years as the husband of Russia, we have so much Hadith about, we said I shall was this

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young young girl, the daughter of abubaker. But of course at that point in time, she wasn't a child because she was already about to be getting married to another man, she was engaged but when the engagement broke off, and Allah subhana wa tada mentioned that, that Allah has instructed you to marry her, the Prophet salla malita. And we see what is the wisdom behind the Prophet, Allah, many Ayesha, she was the only virgin woman. If you look at all these wives, there will be women, all of them, in fact, were previously married. She's really the outlier. The only one that was young, even though she wasn't a child, as we said, Why did he marry her? One of the great reasons in wisdoms was

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the amount of information that we got from Russia. And of course, we said her personality was one that she really really took the, the cause of Lady so much further, she showed that a woman can really be on the highest levels of society, and yet you can be confident and you can be intelligent, and that you don't have to be subservient to your husband. Even though your husband is Mohammed Salim. You still have your own personality. We learn so much from her. And we are so rich because the prom Salim had her as a wife. Then a year after marrying Ayesha, we said hafsa, the daughter of Omar rhodiola and her husband had died in a battle and say now moving around looking for someone to

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marry his daughter. First man said no then abubaker basically didn't accept either. And so the Prophet Salim himself married hafsa rhodiola and we said that there was a talaq between the prophet of Solomon hafsa and and then Allah in

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instructed and then instructed to take half SOP back, similar time to have some maybe a few months off the hafsa zeyneb been to Jose my husband also died in battle and it could be a similar kind of battle as hofsas ex husband, Xena, bt hoceima her husband also died she was of course that lady who was known as in when scheme, the mother of the poor, and she was extremely generous. So the professor married her, and they only lived together for two or three months. She was 30 years old. The professor was in his mid 50s and then she passed away. So we only had Khadija soda Ayesha. hafsa Zainab and Cena dies and then the prophets Allah marry whom Salama, Salama, similar time. similar

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story. She was a woman with four children. Her husband, Abu Salah had also died in battle. He was injured, and she was deeply saddened by this, a woman with a big family in a refugee in Medina, having left the family Makkah, so many noble Sahaba can propose to her because not just out of pity we might think that they felt sad this lady was you know, she has four kids to look after. Now inside them. Of course, as we know, from ISIS, Heidi, she was crying so much when she saw them cinema. She was a very beautiful lady. But more than that, she was seen as a very diplomatic intelligent, high class refined, classy lady. Many of the Sahaba respected her in a in a time as I

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said, even before Islam, when women were not respected at all, she had a high level of respect because of where she came from coming from high society basically. And so in her mid 30s, and approximate 55, he proposes to her she of course, initially zero so I don't think so not a good idea you have otherwise I'll be jealous. I'm old. I have kids and the prophecies that I'm older than you and your children will be my children and inshallah, you will manage this jealousy between me and my other wives. So in cinema Now, of course, becomes his wife. Two years later, Zainab bint becomes the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Who was she, we said she was the cousin of an abyssal Salim.

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She was that lady that was so she was skilled and gifted with a hand she ran her own business. Very, very independent, strong willed lady. If anyone could challenge Ayesha in terms of a fiery personality, Zainab is perhaps even more firing in her. And we see even before she met her the professor Lam how many men proposed to her again and again. He said, No, no, not you're not you're not good enough. I deserve better than you. She had a high opinion of herself. Independent had her own business. I don't need to marry anyone. And then Subhana Allah, to her shock Allah subhanaw taala commanded to medisave who was a slave, and she thought I deserve better than Zaid, even though

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he's a good man. I want a man that wasn't once upon a time a slave. But she accepted the marriage because it was commanded by Allah. And after two years, basically, of marriage to date, it fell apart. They could no longer stand her basically. And again, we learn this panel, I'm dealing with mama protect us, I'm dealing with a number of couples that have come. You know, I think holiday time sometimes brings out the worst in us, you know, this rockiness in the marriage. Sometimes we try our best to maintain and to restore and every marriage is saveable. There is no marriage, no matter how difficult it is. But if both parties are willing to change for the better, you can save the

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marriage, but also, a lot does not command us to live in a loveless marriage. A lot does not want us to out of duty, persevere and struggle through a marriage. Therefore there are multiple avenues of divorce multiple avenues to end the marriage and even the best of people you have Zaid and Zainab, Zainab, the best of women has mentioned the Quran. Zaid, the only man mentioned in the Quran but Allah only Sahaba mentioned in name by Allah, but he doesn't want him Subhana lines. They get swept up by this and so they get divorced. We said he was the adopted son and after a divorce designer, a lot of course married her to the Navy. So solemn Nika. No doubt he, he's lost it today, basically

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saying that is your wife. So we have made her to you. She's your wife, you don't you yet. We don't ask you whether you want the stone when this is done. Why? To teach us about paternity. And we living in a modern age. We know the seriousness of genetics. We know that this issue of paternity, the issue of your hereditary line must be maintained in the past, it wasn't so important. You adopted somebody and they took your name and your family name. What's the big deal? Right today, we know Subhanallah that if you have a child, that that child carries your genetic marker, that will always be your child, even if you never will in that person's life. That person is always your

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father, always your mother. And this is this marriage prove that plus our mother's nfpt Josh, she was about 37 years old. The problem was 57 years old. They only stay together for about five six years. Then we see God Yeah. We mentioned our mother Julia prophets of Salaam was 58 and she was about 20 years old. We mentioned that her father was a chieftain who wanted to invade Medina and with a problem heard about this he attacked Julia's father first and he innovated her tried first the balloon static she came a tripod, the Panasonic so they were about to fight Medina so Medina came first and invaded them. When that

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And they were caught off guard. And she was taken as a prisoner. And being a princess, being the daughter of the chief, a high lady, she couldn't be a slave. So she went to the province of Salaam to say please help me out, help me to buy my freedom. I don't want to be a slave. And the provinces of them said, Look, I'll give you a, I can either give you your freedom, free of charge, no problem, you go home, or I'll give you something better, I will set you free. And your price of your dowry will the price of your freedom will be your dowry, we get married. And when we get married, your entire time will be set free because my Sahaba will set your family free. So she accepted that. And

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after her family was sick, three of the people had been released. So the Prophet said to Joe area, well, now it's time for you, you know, you can go home now a father even came to take her. And then she said, I don't want to leave. I still want to be your wife and I don't want to stay away from you. And she remained his wife sallallahu wasallam. So there's another similar story before then we had Habiba Rama Rama Habiba. We said, the prophet was 58. She was 34 years old. She was the daughter of Abu sufian enemy number one of the muslimeen and the Prophet seldom she embraced Islam long ago, and she lived she ran away from her father and a tribe and she lived in Abba, Sr. For many years for

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about 10 years. She lived in as a senior as a refugee, because her father was the main enemy of Islam. She was in her senior husband died while she was an EPA senior she was a mother daughter was Habiba. So you'll find this lady, her father is the number one enemy of Islam hunting for her looking for her. She's in the refuge in the senior far away from her country, mother alone with a child. So the prophets of Salaam proposes to her long distance, he's in Medina, and the king of Abba senior himself performs the Nika and she is married to the Prophet salam, only seven, eight years later, that she come back to Medina she comes to Medina and Allah Subhana Allah, they can live as

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husband and wife and they only stay together for about for about four years, the daughter of Abu sufian, Ramallah, then we had Sophia, another daughter of an enemy of the prophets of lamb. We said Sophia is dead who Yea, she was from a Jewish background. In fact, she's the only wife of the problem that was a Yehuda. She comes from the tribe of bunnies for him. She was from the lineage of Nabi Musa, rather than Abby Harun from his lineage. Her father was the chief of the tribe, one of the times of the Jews, the banana. And we see that he was the arch enemy of NaVi salam, one of the main main enemies. In fact, he was on many levels worse than Abu Sufyan. And finally, when he was

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captured, and he was executed, and her tribe were defeated, she of course, became a prisoner of war. And when the rossland founder, and he got to know who she was, now she was taken as a slave. Robinson I'm felt sorry for her. And of course, and for me, very tender moment in the seat. What I love about the series is a first meeting between Sofia and Ross alum, often knowing that Sofia's husband, father and brother had all died against the Muslims. That is, you know, he's the ruler of Allah. And he's on the hook. And beyond that he's a leader. He's a man, you know, he's basically a king of his time. Your family has fought me, they've been defeated. She's just, you know, a young

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woman that doesn't have to, he doesn't owe her any explanations. But when he gets to know this, Sophia, he feels so bad for her. And she says, He came to me, and he continued to apologize. Now he has nothing to apologize for, didn't do anything wrong, you'll find the time to kill me. But I you know, I understand the grief it's caused you I know that I have done something that has made you sad. So she said, he continued to explain his reasons, to the point where Sophia said she understood fully she got to see side of the story. And then after a long discussion, and she informed him that she actually wants to embrace Islam, the prophet said to her socialism, you can go back to your

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tribe, and I'm gonna force you all If you want, I will marry you. And she accepted the proposal. And so the process of the merits of fear, we said she was in her early 20s. She had two husbands before them. And the problem was in his late 50s, almost 58 years old, similar time to Sofia, a few months perhaps after that, the processor lemma received Maria, you know, we said she was this lady, she was a slave from Egypt, the ruler of Egypt gave her as a gift to the Prophet Allah, slave woman, but originally she was a high class girl, but donated to the church. So the problem Salam accepted her. Initially she did not embrace Islam, she remained the concubine, a slave. Then she embraced Islam.

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And of course, on top of that, what a great honor for her, she gave birth to the only child of the Prophet as a lump besides for Khadija, she may besides for the children from Khadija, the son Ibrahim, and the professor Lam Of course married her as the Heidi says that she is it free? Yeah, some will say in fact, the majority view is she remained a slave. Up until up until the death of asylum. However, there's a very clear Heidi Robinson said, her son has citavi meaning she's no longer a slave. And she became upgraded to this level called woman, the mother of the sun, she's now you know, I guess in our colloquial terminology, she's the baby mama, as we could say, like she's

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the mother of my child, and therefore she's not just any kind of slave woman, and so she was upgraded. This is Maria.

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Then, of course, the last of them the 12 personality more now, we said that her husband had died. She was the prophets uncle Allah boss was her in law was her brother in law. The boss had married her sister, when when my mother's husband died, she asked the prophets Uncle anibus Look, can you please send my proposal to then be so solemn, I'd like to marry him. And the prophets of Salaam try to use this marriage, he accepted the proposal. At that time, the Qureshi was still fighting with him. So he tried to use the snicker to bring everyone together. They didn't accept the invitation. But nonetheless, the professor married a mother, my mother, and we said about her that she is the

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only wife of the Lamb that died in Medina, but actually got transported to serif in Makkah, and she's very dangerous. So once again, not for the last time, but I hope by now, it has become ingrained in your hearts because these are your mother's. These, as Allah says, are not like any other women, these are the best of women. And surely when we look at them, in every single sister out there, you should try to identify with one of these women and try to aspire to be like her. It also shows us panelo What I love about them is there are so many different personalities and it's not one size fits all. They are the quiet ones, the loud ones, the ones were very strong, the ones

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who are soft, the ones who are rich, the ones who are poor, the ones who are independent, and those who are not independent. We find so many different women in this and all of them what unites them besides the marriage. The problem is the taqwa is the love and the obedience and the conviction to Allah. So we go through this list one more time, Khadija number one, number two soda number three Ayesha number four half saw number five Xena Binti hoceima number six on Salama, number seven, Xena vintage ash number eight Julia number nine m Habiba number 10. Sophia number 11, Maria Alka Priya and number 12 maimunah at all the Allahu Allah, Allah be pleased with him, and all the beloved

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family members of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and with this inshallah we've concluded our list of these personalities and in the next few episodes as I mentioned, we'll talk about controversies within Islam around feminism's the next couple of episodes will not be focusing on the biography. We'll look at the issues between the Muslim men and women certain rules pertaining to women certain issues, which might be controversial. We'll clarify them in the next episode, so please send through your questions, your comments, now's the opportunity for us to discuss to not feel shy to ask me anything in sha Allah. For any comments, questions, concerns with Mohammed till our next

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episode Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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