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The transcript discusses the use of " (on the word " ")" in Arabic, including the use of " (on the word " ")" to describe culture or groups of people. The use of " (on the word " ")" is also discussed, including the theory that the church is about to tell the next president how to live without the Internet and the importance of the Bible in guidance for life. The segment ends with a call to vote for the presidential election and a message of prosperity.

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Villa shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was a huge marine. We love his brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I will doing How was the first day of the pasa? Did we lose anyone along the way? Everyone survived the day will harm the law. Also we begin hamdulillah we thank him every day I come in is a new upgrade in the masjid. I don't know. Today we have a sound system improvement. I don't know who did that. But Allah bless whoever did that. And humbly like he helps our recyclers and it's more enjoyable for one of us. I think the bills now also need to upgrade as well they also need a sound system inshallah. So inshallah we continue yesterday we began with the very first idea of surah Yusuf Allah subhanho wa tilaka, I will be moving. Elif la these are the verses of the clear book of

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a book in which there is no ambiguity in Zen now who could earn an Arabian law Allah. Allah says, indeed, we have synced it down this book down as an Arabic Quran that you might understand that you may understand. So a number of things in this ayah Allah says, We have sent it down why we Why is the plural in a loss when he describes himself? And this is a question that people ask regularly. You find in the Quran, Allah describes himself in a plurality, yet we know Allah is ahead. He's one, this we is the Royal we, even the Queen of England, when she speaks, she says, I did this and I did that. It's more befitting to say we have decreed, and we have ordained that this is how Allah

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Subhana Allah speaks. Although, when you find Allah speaks in the singular form, it's usually to indicate a personal relationship with Allah. But it is a like a baddie, a knee when they asked you about me, that I am close, that I wouldn't need worship Me alone, come close to me, that Allah when Allah uses that singular pronoun me, then it indicates that you and Allah have a personal relationship. But when he speaks about his mind and His Majesty, when he says we in our grant and our power, and some scholars have also said, Allah says we have sent it down, because it wasn't Allah used angels as well like video. So there are multiple intermediaries in which Allah sent this

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Quran down. Then Allah subhanaw taala says unzila masala, you'd find this in the Quran as you recite unzila we said, and if you're not in Zen now, Laila related to Qatar Anza is the whole Quran being sent down in one go? Nasrallah is pieces that some of you might have thought, Allah says, we send the Quran down on Laila to coddle the whole Quran. But we know that obeso salam received the Quran over 23 years. So is that not a contradiction? No, Allah subhanho wa Taala seen the entire Quran down on one night and that night is later recorded in Ramadan. And then from the he made NASA and NASA his pieces Allah seen pieces of it down to the vessels alum who are an Albion, they are 11

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verses in the Quran that describe it as an Arabic Quran. The language the medium of this Quran is Arabic. As I said yesterday, the name of the Quran is Quran, Allah says, Allah mentions in the book and just for interest sake, the first time you will encounter the word Quran is now when you read the second juice, when Allah says Shahada, Ramadan, Allah The only Luffy and that's the first time you hear the word Quran is Shahada Ramadan, Allah joins the two together. So Allah says it's an Arabic Quran. Why in Arabic? Well, number one, the prophet that Allah sent the Scripture with was an Arab, and to every nation when Allah sent a revelation, it was to the language of the people. But we

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know and this is our belief, as much as some of you might dislike it, we are non Arabs, we know that the Arabic language has been given preference, not because it is great, but because the Quran made it great. And this language even today, if you compare the Arabic language and if you study it, it is a unique language and it is a language above other languages. And that's why Allah chose this language as the medium to capture the Quran. And if the Quran is not in its Arabic, then it's not Quran anymore. You cannot stand in salah and say Praise be to the Lord of the Universe, load king of the Day of Judgment, it does not work. You can only recite it in Arabic. Everything else is a

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translation. Also for sisters, therefore, if you were to read a translation in your head, no problem. But as for the Arabic You may not touch that except in the state of Whoo. So Allah says it really revealed it in Arabic Quran so that you may understand the U is plural, not just an IV so solemn. So all of humanity may understand why this this language is something amazing about Arabic. Something amazing about Arabic languages change all the time. If you open your study Shakespeare, that sounds sound like English. It's kind of like English, but it's not the English that we speak today. Why? Because languages change with time. The amazing thing about Arabic is that Arabic

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doesn't change is it the same length

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Which that we have now is the same Quranic language 1500 years ago. If you Google and you look at the Bible 1000 years ago in English, you won't understand a single word, the Arabic language strangely as it remains static has not changed. Till today it's the same language of the Quran. So Allah has made this language stuck so that the Quran is always told today, the Quran is understandable. Something again, as I said, I'm going back in detail here, but no religious scripture on Earth, the language that it was revealed in or written in, that language doesn't exist anymore. The original Torah, the original sense scripts, the V does that language is extinct,

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whereas this language of Arabic will remain forever. This is one of the ways in which Allah has preserved the Quran and that we may remember forever. Some scholars have said Allah says in Arabic Quran but inside the Quran, we have words that are not Arabic. Now we don't add up so we don't know what is Arabic and Arabic to begin with. But there are words for example, estaba rock is not an Arabic word, there are words that have come from different languages and put in here and some scholars have said we reject all of this like you have Shafi he says they must have stolen it from Arabic first, it was always the in Arabic and they took it the other languages and this is not quick

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as much as we love image Shafi. This is not correct. What happens is languages borrow words, I give the example The song was built on a banana, but it's not it's an Afrikaans word, but originally it's a melody word. Right? I hope you know that any

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song came from our forefathers lebaron right. So we take these words and eventually it is used in that language and it becomes it becomes part of that language. So these words in we find in the Quran about 250 words, not original Arabic words, but they have become aerobicized as we call it and therefore we don't have to worry sort of contradiction but as I said, this is very deep, high levels of seed. So then Allah also says we've revealed the squid onto you and Arabic Quran so that you will always say that you will forever understand that lakum tacky loon alaikum tacky loon when Allah Subhana Allah says, and I said the first three verses This is the last of the three all speaks about

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the Quran before we get to the story of the use of Now Allah says national Yahushua la casa cvma ohana la casa del Khurana but in condemning Cabo de let me know. Let me know hopefully, we relate to you, oh Mohammed The Very Best of stories in that which We have revealed to you of the square and although you will before it before we reveal it to you, you will have those who are feeling those who are unaware. So Allah says Nana, Casa su casa is a story in Arabic akiza is a story from teaching Arabic Now the word kissa is story. But it comes from the root word of footsteps, footsteps. Why? Because when you listen to a story, you are in the footsteps of the person living,

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you're actually walking in user's footsteps. You're going through his life. And as we said, Allah says this is the best story and I'm setting it up before he tells the story. Because I'm going to tell you the best story, the best story ever told is the story of Yusuf. And this is the story. That is a true story. And he's the greatest story in the Quran, right? That's a amazing thing for Allah to begin with. When he says, oh, hyena he like that this way, I've given it to you directly. This is divine inspiration. I won't go into much detail here. Why, as we know is divine inspiration, meaning Neville Salaam received revelation from Allah, how did he receive this? How did he how did how did

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the message come to an abyssal Salam question? How did this happen? In the Quran, Allah says, and it is not for any human being that Allah should speak to him. Allah does not communicate with any person, except in three ways through revelation, or from behind the partition of a speaks to the Navy behind a barrier, or we send a messenger meaning within gibreel. I show us that every so seldom, how do you? How do you get the revelation? What happens to you when this information comes down? Now remember, this surah is a big surah. And he came directly to the vision How did it download into him? You know, and understand my question, how was it downloaded into him? So there'll

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be some some says, the divine inspiration, how did it come to me sometimes he says it is revealed like the ringing of bells, I will hear a loud sound in my head. And it's very difficult on me, right for inspiration. And this is the hardest one for me. And after I've understood it, and it is inspired, sometimes he says the angel comes to me in the form of a man who comes to the man and he relates to the revelation and talks to me and I understand what he says. And then I should say Is she was with him one day when he got ye in this very difficult stage. He said, I saw the Prophet being inspired divinely on a very cold day. And it was so heavy that he started sweating. He became

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sweet sweet sorry to run down his face and other Sahabi said, then abyssal salams hand was on my leg. I wonder why he came down. He became physically heavy. I felt like my leg was gonna break something heavy.

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down. And then for just for interest sake, there are seven levels of why. The first one and it begins all the ambia. And it fits into our story. It begins with dreams, the NBR start to dream. And these dreams are like memories, and they will happen and they come through, they will dream about the future and will come through. Exactly. So it begins with dreams, when there's a type of way where they will hear the words it will into their heart and their mind. And sometimes it's like the ringing of bells, when there's a type of why would you video comes in human form, and he speaks and he teaches and he recites like in Ramadan God would revise the Quran wouldn't be so solemn, when at

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times, and this only happened twice in the life of an apostle Salaam, who was in his angel form, not in his human form, he went into Angel form. This only happened twice on the first day he received the COLA and on the night of Israel and the Mirage, and then the highest form, or this. The second highest form of ye is where Allah speaks directly to a newbie through an intermediary. It is the voice of Allah in a way which befits Allah's majesty it allows own words and this was never Moosa at the burning bush and the highest room above that even is where Allah speaks. And just between him and the Navy is a barrier and this was on Islamia has only happened once to the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam so Allah says we are about to tell you we tell you the very best stories in this Quran which We have revealed to you. We're in quantum in Kabbalah, he let me know how you're feeling that before you receive the Quran, you will have it now usually coffee is a negative word in the Quran, coffee used to be an unknowing, but with an ally saying that you did not know these stories. You were looking and searching you were still seeking you were lost in search of guidance. Now, this is Mohammed Salam. O Allah says, without the Quran you will last And what about us? Think about it. If the basis of creation without Quran is lost? How can we navigate life without the Quran? How can

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we go through life without this book, Allah is saying this book is your compass in everything, your business, your family, your day to day everything in this book, it will it will lead you are on the right path. And you cannot get to truth just by thinking on your own. You need guidance and therefore the greatest gift Allah gives is knowledge and guidance.

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And therefore in this month, especially we connect with the Quran, not just the dissertation, but above that we find the answers in it. We end up with the next idea and the next theme. So then Allah often he mentions the Quran that the Quran is a majestic wood under this mighty that every verse is an ayah that it will guide you you did not know Allah says if you Sufi Abbey here in Nero to either Ashoka was shamsul Kamara Lee Sajid in. The story begins with a dream. Remember we said a NaVi when he starts getting best before he becomes an abbey. He receives dreams sooner be useful as a boy of seven, eight years old. He tells his dad, dad I saw a very strange dream. I saw the sun and the moon

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and 11 stars making sudo to me they were bowing to me What does this mean? I don't understand this video. Maybe you got this dream reoccurring and he's very confused and never used to understand maybe Yaqoob is dead might be useless father understands this is a very special video. It's the beginning of why we continue tomorrow inshallah, what this means? Last night's question, what is the theme of this Ramadan today? Of course it's surah Yusuf, how many verses of the Quran? Does the Quran describe it as being an Arabic Quran? How many times Allah say this is Quran and Arabic and how many times 579 11? How many of them you we mentioned that in the slides.

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And then of course, just a few announcements. We hope that all of you inshallah will vote tomorrow. And we hope that we pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses whoever comes out of the elections to be the best for us and for our Deen and for our prosperity. We ask Allah to keep our country and our land safe. Maybe be no harm to anyone in sha Allah, may Allah guide our leaders, our leadership and place as a community. Allah bless us. I mean, we continue to model circular hate I said Mr. Moore, who lost over the cattle