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The Prophet Muhammad Prophesied In Major World Religions

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Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show subscribe if you haven't already. Now, in this episode of the D show, we're going to be talking about Mohammed peace and blessings be upon them. When someone enters Islam Islam is simply an Arabic word which means to surrender a submit to the crater alone, to worship God Almighty, not to creation. And then you also agree that Mohammed peace be upon him, was indeed the final messenger of God. And this would automatically include not exclude all the preceding messengers that came before him, including Jesus, Noah, Abraham, Moses and all the other messages that God sent to guide out of his love humanity with the same message, worship the one God,

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the Creator, not as creation, but how can you be assured that Mohammed was a messenger? Who was this, this man that so many have written about, and there's no other human being that life has been more authentically recorded his life? So we're going to be talking about this on this episode of the deen show? Because we got to figure it out. Now before death comes was the purpose of life why we're here. And in Islam, we have all those clear answers. But how can you be sure that indeed, Islam is from the creator? We got to examine this man's life? We'll be right back with more Hannah Dean's show. Don't go anywhere.

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Please be with us along

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How are you doing good brother yourself. It's good to have you back on the deen show. Because I can look at my play all the way from Ozzy Australia, Australia's causes there the Ozzy's there 100 law. Now tell us when I open up the program I talked about, we had to examine the life of Muhammad peace be upon him because there is a message there. We want to look at the messenger see if his life evaluated, and you can in contrast, because he came with the Quran, so you can know indeed is the Quran. What's his motive? Did he do this for money for fame for power, or Z, the messenger, so you can call it's one man making a claim. So you could put him on the witness stand and evaluate his

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life? In contrast to for instance, the Bible, you have anonymous books, we're trying not to to insult anybody or disparage anybody. But if you want to do the same with the Bible, for instance, you have a lot of anonymous author, you cannot do the same thing as this, correct? That's right. Yeah. So that's why we're, we want to, it's in human beings nature to acknowledge that there's only one God worship to create an equation. But the other part of accepting Islam is to agree that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, how can we be sure of this show? Very important question. So let's go in different segments. Point number one, we'll see what the Quran says about Prophet Mohammed,

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then we'll see what does the other faiths speak about a person like this prophet Mohammed? And then we'll see the secular sources such as encyclopedia, and other great scholars of other faiths or even people with no faith, what have they got to say about Prophet Mohammed when they study or read through his his biography and this will give us you know, a very clear picture of what he is and what he is not. Now, point number one Allah subhanaw taala says to the Muslims in the Quran, in Surah Al Emraan surah number three animals 31 out of 100 Jim, well, in contrast to a boon Allah ha factor only you babe como la

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la foto Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala commands the Muslims and says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to them fully in continue to have been a law that if you love God, if you love Allah, factor only then obey me, then follow me. You become a law in return Allah, the Almighty God will love you, while your Philippians will overcome and forgive you your sense Allah for Rahim, Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful. There is not any sin in Islam. If someone repents, Allah will not forgive There is not a single sin like that. Allah is very merciful and very graceful, graceful. Now let's see what Allah is saying about Prophet Muhammad. He's saying, If you love God, you could obey the Prophet, if

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I was there at the time of Moses, and I believe in one God, who would I have to believe in to believe in that one God, I would have to believe in Moses, I can't say standing in front of Moses saying, I believe in one God, but I don't believe in you. I would not be a Jew at the time. So you can't bypass. You can't bypass Moses, and then I've come across the time of Jesus. And this is where the Jews have gone wrong in theological aspect. They said, I believe in Moses, and I believe in God, but I reject Jesus. So what happens according to Christianity, rejecting Jesus is wrong. That's what even Muslims say. So if you say, I believe in one God, but I, if you're studying from Jesus, you say

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to him, I believe in one God, I love Moses, but I reject you. You're gone, you're making a mistake. Similarly, at this time now, you can't say I believe in one God, I love Moses, I love Jesus, but I reject Mohammed, because the moment you reject the prophet of God of that time, it actually rejected the entire concept of God. Islam is not claiming Mohammed peace be upon him is the only prophet and have that Islam is actually claiming Prophet Mohammed is the last prophet, as mentioned in Surah Surah number 33, Anima 40, Mahatma Gandhi and he's the last prophet. Let's now see what Allah subhanaw taala says to Muslims regarding Prophet Mohammed who is Prophet Mohammed for Muslims. Allah

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says in the Quran in various places, up to Allah

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to Seoul, obey Allah and obey the Prophet. And this is same exactly for Jesus. He is the light the truth for the people of his time. So Prophet Mohammed, he has to be the prophet of his time. So Allah says up to law, what your soul, obey Allah and obey the Prophet. Now this is mentioned in the Quran in great detail. It's mentioned Surah limra, chapter number three, verse number 32. So the limit on chapter number three was number 132. So let me say chapter number four was 59. So denisa chapter number four was 69. It's mentioned in chapter number five, verse number 72. It's further mentioned in Surah, Chapter 24, verse number 52, as well, in Surah, Mohammed Sorento, 47, Anima 33,

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and sort of philosophy number 64. Number 12. In all these different places, Allah commands in the Quran, you have to obey Allah, the Almighty and you have to obey the Prophet. Let us now see

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what further Prophet Mohammed said about believing and following him. He said in the famous Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, William number nine, had this number 251. And this number 384, is it all my followers will enter Paradise, except the one who refuses to enter, and the companions has no prophet of Allah who would refuse from entering paradise. The Prophet said, anyone who obeys me will enter Paradise, anyone who disobeys me will refuse from entering paradise. So the equation in Islam is very simple and clear. You believe in one God and you obey that God and you obey the prophet of that time. If you obey the Prophet, and obey God, you enter Paradise, you don't obey the Prophet,

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you're not obeying God, and you don't enter Paradise. The question is simple as that. Now, what if someone are our brothers in humanity to Christians, they say, look, there was a lot of false prophets that came in they mentioned Joseph Smith, for instance, what would you say? Yes, now see, let's go to the Bible and see what Bible says about a future coming prophet. And this is very important. It goes into the Bible in the Old Testament, Book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 18, verse number 18, it says, God says to Moses, I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee like unto you, He will not speak by himself, but all that I shall command

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him to speak. Now this prophecy, Christians generally claim this is Jesus, but you got to understand, the verse is saying, I will raise them up, a prophet says they agree, this is Jesus, that he got to agree Jesus is the only the Prophet not God. Second, it makes a clear distinction that it can be Jesus because the verse is saying from among their brethren, so this is the Jewish community, the Israelites, and God is saying, this profit will be from your brethren meaning from your cousins, the cousins of Jews, the whole world knows or the Arabs or whatever, you know, issues we have it between us, we'll solve it, but this is between the cousins, the Arabs, and the Jews are

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the children of Isaac and Ishmael both were children of Abraham, Abraham. So both are cousins. God is saying they will be from among the cousins, so it has to be no one else other than the Arab prophet amongst the Arabs after Ishmael peace be upon me smile Elisa Lam, there was no other prophet other than Prophet Mohammed. So it has to be Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It goes further in songs of Solomon chapter five verse 16, it mentions the name he co mamita Kim vicolo Mohammed in the translation reads, he is altogether lovely his mouth is sweet Yes, we agree Prophet Mohammed is altogether lovely, but you don't translate the noun. So the worst reads, he co mamita came we call

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no Mohammed m. y m, inhibit you the respect is added by adding m ELO below him, Mohammed Mohammed him so even the name Mohammed is still there in the original manuscript of Hebrew language of the Bible is songs of Solomon so in songs a solid Muhammad peace be upon His name is mentioned mentioned there. Let's so how could you get away from it? Let's stop there. Take a break and right back with more here in the de show, don't go anywhere.

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Back here on the D show. So we're giving our brothers in humanity, the Christians who look to the Bible for guidance, they can reflect over these buys these verses from the Bible to see that there was a messenger coming after Jesus Jesus, it's not talking about the Joseph Smith or anybody like that. It's pretty clear you also even have Mohammed peace be upon his name in the song solid. Five was 60 give us something else to show reflect. We go further into the New Testament not in the words of Jesus peace be upon him. There are verses when Jesus speaks about another comforter, prophet or helper coming in the future. This is mentioned in the Bible in great detail in gospel of john

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chapter 14, verse 16, gospel of john chapter 14, verse 26, to 28, gospel of john chapter 15, verse 26, gospel of john chapter number one, verses 19, to 21. gospel of john chapter number one was in the 25, Book of Judah, chapter number one, verse number 14, as well. We'll see in some of the verses in detail. Jesus is saying that Jesus is asked a question by the Jews, and by in even to john the baptist, so the Jews are waiting for three people. And they asked john the baptist and gospel of john chapter one verses 19 to 21. They asked him, Are you the Elijah? the LDS?

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He says, No, they say, Are you the Christ? john the baptist says you

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No, they say, Are you that Prophet?

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So you see, there are three distinct personalities, Jews were waiting, according to the Old Testament. So one is the Elijah the ilias, which is actually john the baptist. The second is the Christ, the Messiah, that is Jesus peace be upon him. And they're asking a third person who is that Prophet, referring to Deuteronomy 1818, that Prophet from among the brethren. So these are the three distinct personalities that the Jews were waiting. They asked a similar question to Jesus and gospel of john chapter one, verse 25, they asked him the same, are you the Elijah? Are you the Christ? Are you the Prophet? So he says, john the baptist is the Elijah. He says, I am the Christ Jesus. And

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that Prophet is still anonymous is still remaining. We Muslims are informing our Christian friends, that this is referring to that Prophet, that is Prophet Mohammed. Let's go further, in the very words of Jesus peace be upon him, gospel of john, Chapter 16, verse seven. Now Jesus is saying in the red letters in the Bible, he says, nevertheless, I tell you the truth, it is expedient for you that I go away. For if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you. But if I depart, I will send him unto you. In this words, Jesus is making a very clear statement to His disciples, he's saying, I got to go, and the other one needs to come. Generally, the Christian said, This comforter

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is referring to the Holy Spirit. It was the Holy Spirit, Jesus always calls the Holy Spirit in the Bible, Holy Spirit. He never referred to the Holy Spirit or a Holy Ghost with another title, as converter. Why suddenly, in this world, Jesus is saying, He will come, unless I go, not away, he will not come. So for example, I'm coming from Australia, and you are here in America, brother Eddie, I say to you, unless I go not back to Australia, the other Australian speaker will not come. Can that Australian speaker be me, or you are our brother, you know, here with with us in the studio. Obviously, not because I'm saying unless I go not back, he will not come. So anyone else but

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not from this room. So when Jesus was saying this statement, the Holy Spirit was right then and there between them. And Jesus is saying, unless I go not away, he will not come to you. So it's a very clear distinction. It has to be a new person. And this comforter in the Greek language is perfectly toss, perfectly toss, translated would mean the one who is praised.

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The name Prophet Mohammed comes from that if good hand, hand means praise, and Mohammed means the one who is praised. So parently toss, meaning and Mohammed's meaning are really matching. Whereas Holy Spirit, is not the one who is praised, or the one who praises that's not the title given to him ever in the Bible. And parent letters, that Greek word in this word is not used for Holy Spirit ever in the Bible any of the time. So it cannot be the Holy Spirit. It has to be a future coming prophet. And let's complete the MIT gospel of john chapter 16, verse 12, to 14, Jesus further says, I have yet many things to say unto you, but you cannot bear them now. How Be it when He, the Spirit of

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truth shall come, He will guide you into all truth. He shall not speak by himself, but all that he shall hear that shall he speak, he will show you things to come, he shall glorify Me. Now Jesus is giving four amazing characteristics of this comforter. First of all, he calls that he is a spirit of truth. Once again, Jesus didn't call Holy Ghost. Once again, Jesus didn't call Holy Spirit. He said, Spirit of Truth. So a human soul is a spirit of truth in the Bible language. Second, he says that, I have more things to teach you, but I can't teach you you can't accept them. But when he comes, he will be all the truth.

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All the truth, how to clean yourself in the toilet, to how to do the country, from cradle to the grave, everything is there in this religion, whatever you want to do, friendship, family, marriage, divorce, death, whatever, everything is mentioned very clearly, you become the ruler of the country, what is the punishment? What is the process of education? How do you deal with all of this is very clearly mentioned in this in this in this scripture. So Jesus is saying he will teach you all things to come. Secondly, it also says that He will not speak by himself, but what ever he shall hear that shall he speak. This is again, a human prophets character in the entire Bible. The prophets don't

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speak by themselves, whatever they hear, they speak. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, is one of the Trinity according to the Christian belief. So does God speak by himself? Or does he take command? If the Holy Spirit is God, He gives command he doesn't take command. So it cannot be the Holy Spirit. It has to be a human Prophet, and the human Prophet, His Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him referring day. The last thing he says he shall glorify Me. The Prophet Muhammad is the only non Christian prophet who has made it an article of faith for all his followers, billions to believe in Jesus peace be upon him and glorify him. No Muslim is a Muslim, we don't take the name of Jesus,

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unless we add peace be upon him, we glorify His name. Hope that makes it very clear that Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet. You definitely got a lot of people, sincere people thinking, and we'll be right back with more here in the deen show.

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Don't go anywhere.

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Back here on the D show. And this is geared towards more people of people. I mean, even even Muslims, this only substantiates and also increases one's Eman faith, knowing that indeed, I mean, even in the Bible he's mentioned, we didn't even mention the Hindu scriptures, Buddhist scriptures. He's also there's prophecies there and people can go ahead and look this up. But now somebody who maybe like most people, they don't read the Bible. Some have even gotten away from it. Because attorney doesn't make sense. They don't they don't believe Jesus, they believe he was a messenger more like the Islamic belief. And what really fascinated me is when I really started to look into

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problem his life, not to talk about all the scientific facts that are in the Quran, the prophecies in the Koran that it's indeed, you know, booked has been preserved, it's authentic. But then I look back and I look in his life, you know, and you see that he was the most trustworthy sources that we have today. So he was a bright, honest man who was surrounded by others who are upright and honest men, why would he lie? What's his motive money, power didn't add up. He just gave his whole life to God. So what do you say to somebody who's kind of skeptical? They hear a lot of negativity about him on the news? Yeah. But they're seeking, what do you say? Yes. See, let's see it take it this way.

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You know, people of different faiths have different approaches, they have different scriptures to believe in. So if you say Islam and Christianity, the major two monotheistic religions, we've just seen that the Prophet Muhammad is a prophet according to both Islam and Christian scriptures. Let's see some of the other things people who don't believe in these scriptures, how do we speak to them about Prophet Mohammed and the prophecies? Let's see people who are atheists or rationalists, or humanists or they just simply believe in no religion, how do we speak to them about Prophet Mohammed and his prophecies, or his prophethood? Let's just quickly see Hinduism form for an instance

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Hinduism has a book called bhavishya Purana, which speaks about the future. It says in publisher Parana, pr 303. And the three shlokas, five to eight meaning verses five to eight, it says, There will come a man of Malaysia meaning a foreign person, who will who will be from you know, someone who will be on the deserts, he will come and his name shall be Muhammad. His followers will have beards and not Shin dislike the pundits, the Hindu scholars, it says that these will be the people who will eat all sorts of forfeited animals, the pet animals, the tamed animals except the swine. These people they will call people to prayer referring to as then it says, These people will not

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clearly purify themselves by dipping into the water, but by fighting against the enemies of God, referring to jihad. It further says that these people will be called musalman, the Muslims, so it is very clear in the Hindu scriptures, there is someone when it come by the name Muhammad will come in the lands of deserts and he will be the one who will go further it further says or Raja of India, you do not have to go to his land, he will come to your land and purify you. So, it is very clear for them that there is a future coming prophet and that his name, his name is Mohammed and they should also be following that. So this is mentioned even in the Hindu scripture, even in the

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Buddhist scripture, gospel of Buddha by Kerris. In page number 217. And further up, it says, Gautama Buddha was asked by his disciple, Ananda, what do we do after you're gone? Who will teach us so Buddha says, I was not the first Buddha nor will I be the last, after me, there will be another Buddha Buddha meaning the enlightened one. After me there will be another Buddha, he will be the one who will guide you. He says his name shall be Maitreya in Sanskrit, which is in Hindi language or Pali language, metta yoga mat, meta means meta is great, but Mohammed, Mohammed is great mithya Maha meta would mean the great person or the great mercy, Mohammed, the man who is praised or the man of

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mercy, Muhammad Mehta, and in Arabic we have Mohammed, Mohammed is pronounced in loose language as muhammet the Arabic word Muhammad and the Hindi word Muhammad, Muhammad Muhammad, same pronunciation little bit of different because of the language so this is even in the Buddhist scripture, there is a Buddha gonna come by the name Maitreya Sanskrit pronunciation Maha metta, Muhammad, which is enough, no one else other than Muhammad, WA and these will be the more enlightened enlightened, this is the these are the men This is the best guide you and Buddha says I have got followers in hundreds he will have followers and 1000s give us something for instance, the Encyclopedia Britannica which I

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was referring to discussing you know so now we'll we'll see how would we respond to people who have no faith for example, so Encyclopedia Britannica secondary sources in volume number 12. A massive detail from early sources shows that he referring to Muhammad peace be upon him was an honest and upright when he was saying that he's the best man. He's an honest person. He's an upright person. Let's see what Mahatma Gandhi one of the most peaceful nonviolent revolutionaries says in his

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In his speech, which was recorded in you, young India magazine in 1920, he said, I was sorry, when I close the second volume of the biography of Prophet Muhammad, for there was not more for me to read of the great life. Imagine a revolutionary person is taking inspiration from Prophet Mohammed. So anyone who is fighting for are defined to bring a revolution. Perfect Mohammed is an inspiration for them. Let's see what lamartine a French historian says in his book, historic dealer took published from Paris in the year 1854 world minima to page 276. He says, If greatness of purpose, smallness of means, and an astounding results are the three criteria to judge any human genius, who could dare

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compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Sir Bernard Shaw of vested intellect says in the middle of World War One and two, recorded in his speech in genuine Islam, published from Singapore, in the year 1936, volume number one, Page Number eight, he says he, Prophet Muhammad must be called the savior of humanity. If he were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would have solved all its problems, and brought the much needed peace and happiness. So I'm saying when these modern people, these intellectuals of the society, with no allegiance to the Islamic faith, or attesting to the character and the greatness of Prophet

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Muhammad, then how could any rational person reject the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, I would like to conclude by saying that if a person is appreciated and loved by his followers, he is great. But imagine a person who is appreciated even by his enemies. I call that person the greatest and let's see what Prophet Muhammad is said by his enemies. There is a group or lobby called Orientalism and one of the very famous orientalist by the name W. Montgomerie. His job is to abuse and uh, you know, take out mistakes in the character of Prophet Mohammed. He writes in his book, Mohammed atmaca, published from Oxford in the year 1953. In page number 52, he says, to assume Muhammad an

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it makes more problems than it solves. Imagine an enemy of Prophet Mohammed is saying, if I assume Prophet Mohammed as a false prophet, it makes more problems for us to prove him a false prophet than it solves to abuse him. He goes further and he says, moreover, the only person in the West who is poorly appreciated is Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So even the enemy is agreeing that Prophet Mohammed is an appreciative person is a great person has to be a true prophet of God, who else could be matching the Prophet? In conclusion, I would say as Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in surah, Surah Surah number 34. And number 28, woman, Sal Naka, laka Fatah, Lena Siva Shira

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wanna do well Akina Oksana sila Allah moon, and we have not sent you a Muhammad, except to the entire creation to all human beings, Muslims and non Muslims alike, as a giver of glad tidings and a winner, but many people are unaware of you, who are often the one on 100 Thank you very much, we're out of time. very beneficial. And for those who really reflect you gave him people a lot to reflect over and for the same person. This is very enlightening Allah guide all of us. I mean, thank you very much. And thank you for tuning in to the deen show. Again, subscribe if you haven't already. And I mean, it's very just evident. It's clear. I mean, when you look at his his life, and you and

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you just you scrutinize his life sincerely, if you want to make jokes, make fun and you know you don't do things sincerely, you're gonna find every excuse in the book, to turn away but for the sincere truth seeker, when these facts are presented, I mean, they're astonishing. And then it behooves you to really get to know this man, we cover the prophecies his name mentioned, he's mentioned by name in the Bible. So for the Christians, they're worried already having problems with this Trinity, Jesus being God. Now they look at the concept of God in Islam, and Islam obviously just means submission to the will of God, like in the Lord's Prayer. And they look at what Islam

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calls people to it just makes sense. And you look at what Muhammad his whole life, how it was lived, he fought for sick this whole world. And when some people try to bring up these silly arguments of jofa Smith or any of these, these people, you look at their lives, you cannot compare the overwhelming amount of evidence that we have to see that he was indeed I mean, he mentioned the Buddhist scripture, the Hindu scripture, Encyclopedia Britannica, you know, all these great sources that just say the most incredible things about him. So it definitely behooves you to get to know this man, while at the same time really reflecting what's the purpose of life, you're going to find

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one way or another, you know, but when you look sincerely deep in yourself, and you realize that this life is short, I've got to figure it out. And then you have people such as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, all of them coming with a proposition for you. You worship god alone, you do good deeds, you get to gender you get to paradise, or I'm just going to do things my way. And then what you're going to hit a dead end. So do things the right way, do it God's way. And that's why these messengers were sent out of God's love to direct you to the right way to

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Way to be successful in this life and the next to avoid the Hellfire and to get to the paradise because when death comes, it's too late. It'll be too late. And that's why we're doing these programs out of the love. So subscribe if you haven't again already call us. You know what, you're almost there. You agree that is nothing where the worship of the Creator of the heavens and earth Muhammad is His Messenger. And this would automatically include Jesus and all the preceding messages. Call us if you have some doubt, just one doubt, call us one 800 662 Islam, and we got operators standing by to answer your questions. We'll see you next time. Until then. Peace be with

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