Kamal El-Mekki – Life of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal #04

Kamal El-Mekki
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All right, Salam O Allah Allahu barakato Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was so happy

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about, if I recall correctly, this is the fourth of our series on the life of the Mohammed Rahim Allah. Now, if you remember last time we spoke about the creation, this idea that the Quran is not the speech of Allah that is the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And it was started first by a man by the name of God,

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who was caught and executed by the state, then a man by the name of Al Durham, Evans of one, the one that lgf me are named after continued with this with similar thoughts like that. And then Bishop is the one who is famously known as Bishop and Morrissey. He was

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he continued with these same ideas, spreading them around, and then Harun Rashid when I got when he heard of what he was saying, he basically was going to execute him as well. So visual muricy went into hiding, and he remained in hiding until Harun al Rashid died. And then he emerged again during the reign of Ed McMahon, who has managed to surround himself with those kinds of people and gave them positions and his government. So he was he had a lot of influence on the halifa and those around him.

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Just a little bit about the man himself before we continue. He's his name was his nickname. I will abus. So Father of Al Abbas, his name was Abdullah actually, Abdullah ibn Harun al Rashid. Now, he is known by his, what is known as a regnal name, a regnal. Name is like a like a title name, like how in our days, most famously, I guess, the pope who would have his own name, but he'll choose a regnal name. So the ambassador qualified, they had their name, but then he would call himself and was called moto kin. And in this case, Moon even though he named his name was Abdullah, as we said, and he was the seventh halifa from the ambassade dynasty. Remember, tabari Rahim Allah He gives a

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description of the physical description of a moon. He said he was of average height, he was light skinned, he had a light complexion, and he was handsome. And he had a long beard, that later on, started to lose its dark color as he aged. And he mentioned also that this Khalifa was eloquent, he was able to speak concisely and eloquently without preparation. And he was very generous had a lot of respect for the prophets of Salaam, a lot of respect for the religion, and he loved justice and, and poetry and so on and so forth. Now, all these things don't prevent him going astray, like in the fact that he went astray in the issue of the creation of the Koran. And then he started going

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overboard with when punishing people and threatening people. This can all happen while he has love of poetry and respect for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and so on and so forth.

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Even Abdullah Bay, who wrote a book, the book LSL ferried with the unique necklace, he also gives another description of a moon, also saying his light complexion. And then he mentioned he has slightly blond hair, a long thin beard and a narrow forehead. And about one had one wife that she was the daughter of his uncle, he married her when he was 18 years old. And he got two sons from her Mohammed Al Azhar and of the lot, and then he had many other concubines, and he, he got children from the other concubines, one of them. Specifically Her name was Susie got five children just from her.

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But and here's an interesting fact By the way, there is, you know, on the moon, our moon, you see these holes like the circles, the circles are impact craters. So, an asteroid or something would come and it would hit against the surface of the moon and leave a crater. There is in the, what they call the south central region of the moon, there is an impact crater that is named el maman or a moon which, basically they admit that they named it after the halifa Alma moon what led to that? I have no idea but there is a crater on the moon on the south central region of the moon called Alma moon

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crater, so you want to look that up. Anyways, we mentioned that he delayed coming out with his crazy or his strange thoughts on the creation of the Koran, because of men like he has either been the heroine, you know, the serious scholar that had a high rank, the one that used to have a sense of humor like to joke but because of men like him, he delayed coming out, out of fear that they might

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what's the

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word like basically oppose him. Now,

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just a recap on why it is problematic to say that the Quran is created number one, they began by denying attributes of a large region such as hearing, speaking, seeing, so speaking is one of them. So they said a law can't hear, because stuff for law, because then he would have ears like us, even though that makes no sense whatsoever. And if I just in the animal kingdom, I tell you, whales can hear. And we can hear, do you imagine that whales hear in the same way we hear? That's one, two, do you imagine whales will have human ears on them? Or if I tell you, the wolf can hear Do you imagine a wolf with human ears on its head? Or do you imagine humans with wolf ears it's just each one hears

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in a way that benefits them. So they denied a lot of attributes of speaking and seeing and hearing because then because they said Allah has no eyes, no ears, and

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that he's not able to, you know, something interesting. In the Hadith of the jungle, this is a little unrelated, okay? But

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he more than one Hadith, he wants us to realize how to easily tell if the journal I mean that the journal is that the journal, he says, If any of you gets confused, remember this. Rob, Welcome, ladies happy hour, we're in naraku Melissa be our and your Lord is not one either. Meaning has a defect in one eye. And what's interesting about that, if it were as the monitors either were saying that Allah has no eyes to see what wouldn't the problem say then instead, instead of your Lord is not one eyed, he would say your Lord has no eyes method. That's just something to think about there. So that was the first issue. They have the denied attributes of

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Allah subhanaw taala. Number two, we said everything that is created, is imperfect, has flaws, and has room for improvement. When you say the Quran is created, that means it's imperfect, it has flaws, and there is room for improvement. Number three, everything that is created has an end. And it's not a it's not like the most powerful one. But it comes in handy. You'll see later on in the story as we continue. And then the fourth, which is also very, very important. And that is no one before has ever come with this. Yeah, honey, from the time of the right leg go that far from the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, from the amazing and magnificent tambourine. None of

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them ever said that from A to B, no one ever said that. And then suddenly, 200 years later or so you come up with this. Like you're the only one who discovered that you're the only one who realized this truth. And all these 1000s of righteous people who live before you did not know what the companions didn't know what the President didn't speak of it. That should tell you there is a problem. And you can use this technique with with anything, especially today with all the crazy things someone will come into like, this is a true story.

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We were in one of the states here. I'm not going to mention which one and America and a guy came to me he tells me I see him every time I'll come to that city, that community, I would see him and he would always come with weird things. Very martingale type thoughts. So then he came to me, he said, I wrote a book about Adam and his Salomon shell is going to be printed soon.

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So that's great. He said, it has a lot of very new ideas. I said, I like no, he said Adam had a father.

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So you lost me which bus you lost me. Yeah. And I was like, I'm not interested at this point is like, yes, Adam had a father. And

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you know, you get to the point where someone says something so ridiculous. I don't even want to know you delete your evidence, because most likely your evidence is probably dumber than what you just said. That's how it works. Anyways,

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as we continue the story, two names you need to remember number one, even Abby do odd This is that minister, the right hand man of the halifa very deviant man. And he's the one who keeps rekindling the fitna and he keeps whispering in the ear of the halifa. You know, to get him riled up against people. The other name you need to remember is half of Abraham, we said, He is the the chief of police and during the absence, or like the deputy of the city, and in the absence of the halifa, he is the governor of Iraq, or of both about.

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So this is kind of where we left off last time and Matt moon wrote many letters to his hakab neighbor Rahim. And by the way, all these letters that he sent him, they're all preserved in the history books. And he asked him now to start testing people on their positions regarding the creation of the Koran.

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The first group, the group that agreed there was a large number, the majority of people said, Okay, yeah, and they didn't show any kind of resistance to this idea.

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Then we have a second group that adamantly said No, these are the three categories, the largest one, those who said, okay, the second group, small group, those who adamantly refused and said no. And then the third group would be those who didn't say yes or no, they're showing willingness to, to say that or to, to concede to that or to consent to that.

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An example from the second group, this man, I've been her son, or her son, as the D. So

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he comes now this is his husband, Ebrahim. And he's asking people who's testing and questioning them. So he comes in front of his Hakan Abraham who tells him, Martin duck, so what do you have? He said, Sal Amash it he said, ask whatever you like. So then he reached to him from this paper that says, I bear witness that there is no God, God worthy of worship, worship, except Allah hadn't forgotten. Nothing was before him, and nothing is after him. And doesn't resemble his creation in any meaning, or any way.

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So it looks good. But there is a hidden meaning in it when he's saying he doesn't resemble his creation in any meaning or in any way. or his realistically, they're saying his creation doesn't resemble him either. Right? So that's going back to their simple problem. If we can hear then it can't be the luck in here because nothing is like him. And remember the verse they never continuing, because laser chemically shake well, who was semiotica? Sarah needs the old hearing, all seen.

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So then he asked him for an AMA Hello Cunha. The Horan is recreated. So here Abu Hassan he says Al Quran kurama la, Wa La Hanako cliche. He says, The Quran is the speech of Allah and Allah is the Creator of everything. What am I doing Allah mahalo. And anything besides Allah is created. So he's like, you know, you know, move maneuvering around that direct question here. He's saying, and everything besides Allah is created. And ameerul momineen is our leader. He hears what we don't and he knows what we don't. And Allah subhanaw taala put him in charge of our affairs. So he establishes our Hajj and our prayers, and we pay him Zakah and we make Jihad with him. And we see his Imam as

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legitimate, like his leadership is legitimate. And we do we do what He commands and we stay away from what he forbids. And he calls in if he calls us to something, we comply.

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So it's happening but I him says, Al Quran. Mahalo Cunha, he says, The Quran is accredited or not. So he then he gives the same long reply. So then he took out the letter that moon sent him, he says ameerul momineen says, and he mentioned what's in the letter. So then, our scholar here, Abu Hassan, he says that could be his opinion, but he shouldn't force people upon it, nor coerce them. But if you tell me that ameerul momineen commands us to say so then I will. So he's saying, if I made it when he's saying, we have to say it, then I'll say it, but it shouldn't force people upon his opinion. So it's hard to remember him and remember, this isn't the beginning time yet. It wasn't

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forced. He wasn't forcing people to accept it. So it's Huckabee, Abraham says he didn't command me to force anyone upon it, and he just told me to see where everyone stands.

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Then it was Mr. molars turn and he asked he told him, mata portville Quran What do you say concerning the Quran? Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah is not going to go you know beat about the bush as they say. He said, he tells him who are Columbia Law. He said mahalo Khan, who is a creative, he said, who are Columbia Law? It's the creation, it's the speech of Allah. So it's hakob now Rahim tells him in this letter I read to you a lot. And he quotes the halifa saying Allah does not resemble his creation. If you watch him in Aloo wala Magnon man almani What do you say about that said when we said in any way, shape or form or in any, in any meaning, Allah does not resemble his

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creation. So Ahmed responded, laser chemically shake was semi albasini. There is nothing like him and he is the old hearing, all seeing. So someone from the audience who's watching this, he asked permission from his hackable Ibrahim to speak and he granted him permission. So then he got up and he said, Now he's basically this is just a person who wants to incite his hacker Ibrahim against him. Ahmed dislikes him Ahmed Rahim Allah so he's explaining why

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What's going on? He gets up and he says he meaning Ahmed says that Allah is all hearing from an ear and Basia with an eye, seeing all seeing with an eye.

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So his heart, Ibrahim said, What is the meaning of Samia and bossier? And he answered he is as he described himself. He said, What is the meaning? He said, we don't know. He is as he described himself. Yeah, he means how does he hear that's what he means. What is his hearing all hearing all seeing? How does he hear how does he see and

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amount Mohamad are no other scholar has the details to tell you. What part or what how Allah subhanaw taala hears. He says he's, as he described himself, he said, What's the meaning says we don't know. But he is as he described himself. Yeah. And he, it's the easiest answer really.

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If Allah subhanaw taala says he is the old hearing. He is the old hearing. That's how he described himself. If he says, he sees everything, then he is as he described himself, it's not your business. And it's not my job because I believe this to explain to you the mechanism because Allah subhanaw taala didn't describe that to anybody. So he said he is as he described himself. So then, so we're seeing now this Mr. Mohammed now being in that group that completely refused very clearly and did not beat about the bush or anything. There's

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others that were flexible. This is a scholar, his name is Abu Bakar acaba. He said, I'll quote this they asked him is the Quran created he said Allah Koran mudrooms. Because Allah says no Quran in jalna hope for an Arabic is the Quran is Maduro Maduro

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made me this like he said the Quran was made. Because Allah said we made it an Arabic Quran.

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So, and he said well for this, because Allah Subhana Allah says my tea him Minzy creamy, rub him more that in. There is not a daycare that comes to them from their Lord, not death, which the translator said recent revelation, but something is mundane is also new or recent. So then, as Abraham doesn't want all these games, he said, isn't what is madrone? must look isn't anything made created? So it was because he said yes, he said, then it's mahalo. Then it's created, then the Quran is created, if it's made, and everything that's made is created, then the Quran is created. He says no, I won't say Muslim. But I will say Maduro. So he doesn't want a direct head on confrontation

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with the hollyburn his government, but he also doesn't want to use their same terms. So he found some, you know, something else. So now it's hard for him. Then he wrote a report to the moon with all the responses of all the scholars like a detailed report of what everybody said.

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A man by the name of alphabet, urban Ziad, he said, I heard

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on the first day that his heart Tried him, meaning tested him, and after he left meaning, so after it was over, and that day was in Juma that era of the year 2018. He said at his place of prayer, Mr. Mohamed Salah, and his regular price of prayer, and a group of people asked him who had consented like the public wants to know which color said okay, and which ones refused. And it was as if this was a severe burden upon him, it was very hard for him to, to say who is meaning, you know, it's such a painful thing to say, this great scholar, or this great person, or this righteous man agreed to what they were saying.

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But so he said, not one of our companions consented and all praises for Allah. Then he mentioned those who can send those who agreed and said the Quran is created, and those who agreed to most of what they wanted and those who said it is something done and something new. He tried.

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Yeah, he says he tried them once. Yeah, and he would test them all once. And he would test me twice. Remember, this is after Mr. Muhammad started teaching at age 40. And he has incredible popularity and is well known. And he has this huge hallmark of a lot of students. So he's given special treatment, he tested him twice. He said to me, what do you say about the Quran? And this is the same discussion we just went through, but he's just giving it himself here. He says, What do you say about the Koran? So I said the speech of Allah not created. So he made me sit at the side and then question the others. Then he brought me forward again, and question me again and sought to use text

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whose meanings were not directly manifest. So I said, Lisa, can you give

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A number of verses from the Quran say mama tells him later can be cliche nothing is like him nothing is comparable comparable to him. This is the same incident but from the from the eyes of through the eyes of Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah Himself.

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So we said is Hakuna Ibrahim sends us letter back to a more detailed detailing all the answers the responses from the scholars. Nine days later

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he received a letter back from moon and his heart gathered everyone again. And he read the letter of moon, which is preserved it in its entirety. But to sum up what was in it, he begins by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. He says I've received your response to my letter. So my first letter, you wrote back a response to it. And then he starts to insult the scholars and accuse them of hypocrisy and theft, and of loving the dunya. And he insults them by name, but he's insulting the big shots who did not agree with him by name.

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As for so and so send him to me, and let him make Toba. And if he let him make his Toba publicly, and if you refuse to strike his neck, then he'll go on to the next person.

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He says, this is one of the scholars at the time. He said, he is a he's mentally a child, I consider him a child in his head, and he's mentally not mature. And because he refused to answer the question, he says he can't answer the question. But he will answer when he's beaten. After I beat him, he'll be able to answer and if he doesn't, if that doesn't work, then the sword. So he's threatening their lives to ask for Ahmed and ham, but then he doesn't insult him. So he doesn't say anything bad about him. But he doesn't. Well, he does say something he said, but I know what he means. Yeah, I understand his answer. I understand the message he's sending me. And I'm now aware of

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his ignorance. So he called him ignorant. So I guess in By comparison, he got off easy on us for an fuggle on him. I know what he did in Egypt and the wealth he gathered in less than a year. You see what he's hinting at? He's saying I'd forgotten him. He stole money in Egypt. That's how he became so rich in one year, how do you become so rich in a year

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and then he says, Whoever does not renounce his ship, so he's calling it shook to call the Quran the speech of Allah send them to my camp mascar because remember, he was out of the city now in out of Baghdad, he was in tester actually, which is an IT tester

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is, is in

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it's in Turkey, if I'm not mistaken. Just Just anyways, he says if they don't recant, they will get the sword. This was 2018 after the hijra, so they gathered all the scholars, and this letter was read to them with all its threats and insults. And they were told you either agree or you will, you will get killed. And this witness spread to all corners of the oma all kinds of scholars were questioned and those who refuse were sent to Baghdad even if there were far they were sent to Baghdad and prisons then became filled with scholars. And so they started one by one to break into agree yes to hold on is created. Just get us out of here. Mmm Ahmed, was very hard against the

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scholars who gave in and he used to issue fatwa fatawa. Those who given and say that the Quran is created Hadith should not be taken from them, you should not narrate a heartbeat from them. And no one should sit meaning to learn from them, nor any photo should be written from him. And if he dies, the top scholars should not attend his funeral prayer as a message, because he's not saying nobody should attend their funeral parents are still Muslim, but the top scholars should not go because it's a message and it's showing disapproval of what they did

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this and from the people in that group who consented. There were two who were his friends and his companions, one of them by the name of Abu Omar, and the famous yahaya event. Marine, they were from that group. One day Yep, the marine visited mmm and this was later on.

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And so so the family let him in and he came into the room where Mr. Mohammed is on his bed and he is ill. So when you have mine entered, Mr. Mohammed turned away from him and refused to speak to him the entire time. Another by the name was by the name of Al Hussein me. He visited Mr. Ahmed. He wasn't sick at this point in time and opened the door when he saw it was him. He slammed the door in his face completely refused to speak to them.

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An example of the scholars who stood firm was a great scholar by the name of no I'm a bin Hamad. He was a scholar animal had been

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If and he, he was known for having this position of responding to them to the, to the heretics, he would write volumes of books refuting them. And he was living in Egypt at the time. And he was a great scholar who studied with the likes of shame, even Bashir, I'm sure everybody remembers from St. Push him Bashir. Remember, his father was the cook and the judge came to his house and his father started to support his knowledge from that day on.

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So even Ahmed mentioned something about Imam Muhammad. He says he came as we were at the doors of Hussein, meaning when he came to us, we were studying with Hussein. And

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yeah, so and he said, Why don't you categorize the Hadith. And so you we used to just write the Hadith and then write the next one right under it and the next one right under it. And it was from this scholar name of the hammock Rahim Allah, that they got this idea of let's start to categorize the Hadith instead of just making one long list of all different subject matters.

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And also to show you how how much of a heavy heavy hitter named Ahmed was, he studied was to fee and ignore aina of the lightning robotic alphabet of

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those who narrate from him You have no marine narrates from him, remember her interest from him and the side notes from him. This great scholar was taken all the way from Egypt, to Iraq, because he refused to agree and to say that the Quran is created. And so he was imprisoned in Samarra, the city of Samara and Iraq, and he died there in his chains.

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And he's got the lava, what a waste, dying over what

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was just refusing to agree with this thing that the oma has never heard of before.

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This is sort of the son of Mr. Mohammed Rahim, Allah, He says, then the people were put to trial and those who refuse to consent were threatened with imprisonment. So all of them consented except for for, we said last time, if everybody stands firm, and everybody says no, then that weight and that pressure will be distributed amongst a lot of shoulders. But if just four people remain, then they bear all that pressure. He says, all of them consented except for for my father, Mohammed, they've been no and Alcoa, D. and n has hasn't been hammered, and hasn't been the hammer. He says, then these last two consented. So the last two also gave in and so my father and Mohammed have remained

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in prison for some days, then the order came from moon, that they were to be brought in change together. So send them all the way to the moon.

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Muhammad may know a little bit about him. So it's just a Mohammed now on this young man, his name is Mohammed north. He was a young man from the students of knowledge and from the top students of Imam Muhammad himself.

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Salah the son of Mr. Mohammed says my father and Mohammed Abdullah were taken from Baghdad, in chains. So we went out with them to amber

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to this area, then Abu Bakr

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was with me, asked my father, yeah, about the law. If they threaten you with the sword, will you consent? So this man who is with Saul, the son of Mr. Muhammad, and they're just going along with this group, they're being sent all the way to the halifa. But

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I said tester earlier, it's a source right to source and Tarsus in English. Anyways.

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So it says we were going with them. And then this man, a worker, well, he says, Yeah, of Abdullah, if they threaten you with the sword, will you consent? If they're going to kill you? Will you say yes. And even Ahmed answered, No. And I'm not gonna agree, even if they're going to kill me. Then they were taken. This is solid, the son of the Imam saying then they were taken. And I heard my father say, we came to this later on, he's now narrating from his father. Later on, he said, we came to a raba. And we left there in the middle of the night, and a man came up to us and said, so a man from the, from the Bedouins of from Arabia, came and asked, which of you is Ahmed Mohammed? So this

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procession, this group of people, he comes to me says, which of you is number so people pointed and said this one. So he came to me, this is Mr. Mohammed now narrating himself and his son is telling us the narration. So he says, so he agreed, my father then said, Oh, you, you are the representative of the people. So do not let them down. And you're the head of the people today. So don't don't ever let people down.

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By consenting to what they're calling you, so that people will then consent. Yeah. And if you say yes, then the people will say, yes, they look at you, as a leader, and people follow you. So if you say yes, they'll say, yes, he says, So don't ever let people down by consenting to what they're calling you to, so that the people will then consent.

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And then you will carry the sins of all on the Day of Judgment.

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And if you love Allah, then be patient upon what you're on. For there is not between you and that agenda, except that you're killed. And if you're not killed, you'll die. Yeah. And he's telling him, if you're not killed during this incident with this manner, you're gonna die at some point, you still die. So it's like choosing which death do you want? Do you want an honorable death, you're escaping from an honorable death until you just die in your bed. You can die in your bed or you can die. you're defending the religion. So he's telling him if you're not going to be killed, you're still gonna die. So

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really powerful. So he tells him Oh, you would if you were killed, right here. And enter Jenna, right here was Salah, and he left just like that. And Kim just gave this advice and just disappeared into the night. So remember, Ahmed said Who was that? And they told him he's a man from the Arab from the Bedouins from robbia, who recites poetry and his He has called job, Abner Amara armor

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among Ahmed says his speech was from that, which strengthened my resolve to stay steadfast in refusing what they were calling me to.

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He also mentioned this, his reaction to to what this man said to him in another narration here, where is it? He says that. This is Abraham Abdullah. He said, Mr. Mohammed said, I did not hear a word since I fell into this affair meaning this test stronger than the saying of the bed, one who spoke to me. But

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this is the same incident said nothing was a strong and strengthened my resolve as a statement of this person. I don't know him, but he said this, and it kept me strong, kept me going.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:22


00:32:24 --> 00:33:07

there were other people as well, who came to advise him this was not just the only piece of advice or words of encouragement, this is a bus adoree He said, I heard Jaffer. ambari say, I crossed the Euphrates to meet Ahmed. So I went just specifically to meet him, Ahmed. And actually when Mr. Mohammed saw him, he told him that he like a top 10 of sack like you basically burden yourself you know, coming all the way to see me still a good friend still still well mannered. So this man jafra Lombardi, he says, I said to him, today, you are ahead whom the people follow, you're a leader that people follow. So Allah, if you consent to the saying that the Quran is created, then the rest of

00:33:07 --> 00:33:51

the people will consent to it. But if you refuse, then many people will refuse. So even if the man meaning the moon, doesn't kill you, you will still die very similar to the bad one, right? He says, even if the man doesn't kill you, you will still die and death is certain. So fear Allah and do not consent. So, Ahmed, when he received this advice, he began to weep. And he said, Masha, Allah, whatever Allah wills, then he said, Yeah, about Joshua repeated to me. He loved it. He wanted to hear it again. He said, so I repeated it. And he he was saying, he kept saying, Masha, Allah and whatever Allah wills.

00:33:52 --> 00:34:36

So when they came close to the army of the hollyford, remember, now it's Mohammed menorah, and McGraham omala. And they're with the soldiers and, and all these people, they're being sent to the halifa. And they've been traveling for a while. Now. When they came close to the army of the halifa. Close to the camp. They came to the last resting place the rest rest stop before they reach the Haifa. A servant of the moon came to them. So Ahmed was praying at night and was praying fidget or prayed fudger and Mr. Mohammed narrated the servant of moon he says, He entered upon me while he was wiping away his tears with the edge of his garment. So he comes in and he's just crying and wiping

00:34:36 --> 00:34:37

his tears away.

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

And he says, saying, it is difficult for me. Yeah. Abdullah, indeed, Moon has unsheathed taken out a sword that he has not unsheathed before that. And he swears by his blood relation to the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah who was sending them that if you don't respond to saying that the Quran is crazy,

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

Did that he will kill you with that sword.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:57

On that he got up and he prayed. And then he lifted his hands in drop. And he said, say Ed, my master, lava Hill mocha hodel foger. He says, your patience and forbearance has deceived this transgressive graesser to the point that he resorted to beating and to killing, Oh Allah. If the Quran is your speech, and uncreated, then protect us from him. And no sooner had he finished prayer, and no sooner had he finished making this draw, and his hands are coming down, he starts to hear people yelling, and commotion and loud voices. And then the news comes to them of the death of Elmo, Moon died that that same morning,

00:35:58 --> 00:36:19

or maybe he died at night in the news reached him in the morning. But the point is, he made that law. And he asked to be protected from him and other others mentioned that he asked to never see him to never meet more. And even though he got to the final resting position, or resting post before they get to him, he never got to see me as answers that was answered.

00:36:21 --> 00:36:41

I just wanted to mention for what it's worth him, I'm on top of him, Allah, he mentioned the incident how moon died, like he didn't just die in his sleep. There was something that happened before. So he mentioned how moon was sitting on the riverbank, telling those around him how splendid and wonderful the water was so

00:36:42 --> 00:37:24

and he was they were dangling their feet in the water like that. So he asked what would go best with this water. So it was nice, cold, clear water. And you know, back then they drank that water. They didn't have you know, there was nothing wrong with drinking right up out of a river, something we would never do today, right? So he asked them what, what food would go best with this nice, cold, clear water. And they told him about a specific kind of fresh dates. And then he noticed that as the supplies were arriving, or supply caravan was arriving, so he asked someone to check if those dates that they mentioned was included with the supplies that were arriving. And they were so he invited

00:37:24 --> 00:37:34

those who are with him to enjoy the water with these dates. And then amount of property mentions all those who did so fell ill everybody who ate those dates and drank that water

00:37:35 --> 00:37:58

got sick. But others recovered, but moon died. And as you know his story where he encouraged his half brother who took over after him. So it wasn't his son Abdullah that took over. But he encouraged him to keep up to add as his minister and all that stuff that we mentioned last time.

00:37:59 --> 00:38:13

Anyways, going back to, to where we were right, so what to do with them now, honey, the halifa who wanted to see them died. So what are we going to do with these with these two men in their chains?

00:38:14 --> 00:38:39

So they sent them back to prison going back to Baghdad now, until the new halifa decides what to do with them. They'll toss him the new halifa so the two men now with the guards, and with this, you know this procession and with their chains are now being sent back again. But on the way the young man Mohammed No, no, he falls ill

00:38:40 --> 00:39:06

saw that said and every time I say it's all said or solid narrates it means all the son of Mr. Mohammed. He said so when my father and Mohammed bin came to pursues or Tarsus. They went they were sent back to Iraq and were placed on a boat. So then when they reached an apt Mohammed minnow died, and his change were removed, his chains were removed and my father prayed over him.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:51

Mr. Mohammed himself a quote from him, he says I did not see anyone along with his age a knowledge who was better and stood more firm for Allah sake than Mohammed ignore. And I hope that his actions were sealed with good Yanni. His end was that which was good. One day he said to me, so Mohammed is telling what have not said to him, he tells me about Abdullah Allahu Allah, you are not the same as me. You are a man who is followed, you have a following. So Mohammed did not discourage that even though he was knowledgeable but he was young. He didn't have a following. He didn't have students under him. He himself was a student of knowledge. So he says you are not the same as I. You are a

00:39:51 --> 00:40:00

man who has followed the people stretch their necks towards you, Yanni. When you're listening attentively you put your neck out like this, so is directed

00:40:00 --> 00:40:21

Being descriptive. He said that people stretch their necks towards you to see what you'll do. So fear Allah and be firm for Allah sake. And then he died and I prayed over him and buried him. So now it's just and it's just very, really, it's really heartbreaking. The death of Mohammed no has something that is just

00:40:23 --> 00:41:03

I just find it very, very heartbreaking. This young man, you know, who was a great student of knowledge who memorized and learned so much and he was good and other been a flop. And then he dies. in an unmarked grave. Nobody knows where he is, he was buried today. And he took the law he didn't have enough time to, to write or maybe get married and have children, he does over this issue. The issue itself he dies for the sake of Allah, that's the great part. And that's the mercy of Allah upon him. And the sad part is, it's not a worthy, meaning the whole trial of is the Quran, the speech of Allah or not just nonsense that these people started. And then they're forcing people upon

00:41:03 --> 00:41:06

it and filling the prisons with scholars and had nothing over what.

00:41:08 --> 00:42:03

So it's, he dies in his chains with no mercy given with all these soldiers traveling is ill and they're still traveling. And so Mr. Mohamad prays over him and buries him. And then he now is alone, continuing in this strange land with the soldiers and the people of the halifa on their way back to Baghdad. And he would say, prison is hated and chains are hated. And the beating is hated to me. And the threats and threatening is hated to me. But for the sake of a law, it is all easy. So he saw that says My father was taken to Baghdad in chains and remained a few days in Syria, and he was imprisoned in the house of Amara in the stable of the Amir Mohammed. Mohammed is half he is the

00:42:03 --> 00:42:04

brother of

00:42:07 --> 00:42:08

his hackable Abraham Ibrahim

00:42:09 --> 00:42:14

Mohammed Ibrahim his name this is the brother of his Hakuna Brahim.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:49

Then he was moved to general prison in mostly Lia Street. And so now can you imagine the great amount with his knowledge this great scholar is in prison, the general present with criminals and thieves and crooks. Not really a place for a scholar, but he's in prison with them. He said Mr. Mohammed said I used to lead the prisoners in prayer while and I was chained so in in his heavy chains, he's still leading them in prayer then in Ramadan 2019 his son says

00:42:50 --> 00:43:34

14 months after the death of moon 14 months, so you would imagine that okay, the moon wanted them. So okay, after he dies, let them go and if the next Khalifa wants them or God arrest them again, but they kept him in jail for 14 months. Then he says I was moved to the house of his half Abraham in Ramadan. 2019 I was moved to the house of his haka membrane. Another man are humble said he was imprisoned in a stable in Baghdad. And we already mentioned that he was severely restricted in his imprisonment and fell ill in Ramadan, then he was moved to the general prison. So just the same from a different narrator. And he remained in prison for about 30 months. Can you imagine that over what

00:43:34 --> 00:44:20

for 30 months, he's in prison and next Khalifa is still busy with the you know, tending to the affairs of the state and hasn't even freed up to look at them. But they can just sit there in jail until he's ready to look at them. But this man says we used to come to him and read the book and he read the book to me and other books while he was in prison, and I saw him lead the prisoners in his chains. He would take his foot out of the main monocle at times of prayer and at times of sleep. Well, now that Moon is is passed on we have the next halifa we said his half brother possum takes over what does he do Unfortunately, it does not get easier, we get more imprisonment and whipping

00:44:20 --> 00:44:40

and beatings becomes far more dramatic, but inshallah we'll continue it next Tuesday in sha Allah same time Bismillah Don't forget tomorrow we're doing the signs of the hour at the same time 815 inshallah Dr. Heron, for tuning in and for listening so long bottom Hamad was Salam aleikum wa barakato

Imprisonment of Imam Ahmed

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