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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a detailed travelogue book called "The Walkman," which is a tour of various historical sites and cities in Central Asia. The book provides detailed information on various historical sites and places, including notable figures and history. The speaker also mentions a book called "The Sharia School" that was written by a woman named Surah Al Mirto and is filled with images and information. The book is available in various retailers and online stores.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking.

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Marry Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah provide respected brothers and sisters As salam o alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. I would just like to share with you some good news today and hamdulillah one of the books that I have been compiling and watering for many months to finally arrive today. The book is titled, a trip to the land of scholars and saints, which I have in my hand and Hamdulillah. It's a very beautiful book. First time you know, when you hold a book that you've authored, you feel very pleased and very happy and Hamdulillah this book is basically a detailed travelogue

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of a journey that was taken to Uzbekistan, which is in Central Asia in April 2019. In the company of one of my beloved teachers, shareholder Islam with the Mohammed debate with Manny having a whole long dialogue. And we visited four major cities Bahara samarqand, pyramid and Tashkent, which is the capital. So if you look at the back cover of this book it tells you in this book provides an in depth information on various historical sites and biographies of key personalities who graced that part of the world. And also beneficial points learned from Chef multitap with Mary happy to hola during the trip has been gathered, including translations of almost all of his speeches delivered at

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various locations. So hamdulillah it's a very detailed travelogue

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of the top of Mehaffey the Hello Dinah wrote a foreword for it as well, on page nine. And I also then in the beginning, wrote a chapter introducing was Pakistan which is a detailed chapter

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that talks about the history of Uzbekistan, Central Asia generally, which was known as Mao, not the land beyond the river, a very historical place from where great scholars of Hadith and AHA jurist and scholars scenes and ODR, and many, many great scholars of this Omen hailed from that area. So there's a lot of history and background of these great scholars that lived there resided there, taught there, and passed away there. So there's a whole chapter introducing was Pakistan, in which we'll look at in about five, six pages, the history of Uzbekistan

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till today, and then the trip starts each day by day, you know, six days of the different places we visited,

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and the different cities we visited,

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and also a lot of detail in relation to the biographies of the great scholars there. So like, for example, on page 49, I have here, what page 43 Shamsul in Helwani, a great

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Hanafi jurist, we first headed to the resting place of one of the great Hanafi jurists called Shamsul Aima in Hawaii and then I've explained what the shrimps are,

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what does it mean and who was used for etc.

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On page 49, we have grave of Imam Bukhari

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we visited the birthplace of Imam and beheading of the Allahu Anhu. And then the grave of the moment Buhari and there's a bit of history about Muhammad Buhari and how he passed away and when he passed away, and then when we visited what happened in the company of nearly half of the hula, we read Hadith.

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There's a on page 55 Imam, a woman's a woman Surah Al Mirto led the great scholar of Islamic creed and Arpita.

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So I've written a bit about him about the Admiralty, the school a Sharia school even imam who hasn't actually so a bit of detail regarding them as well as Sharma there's a companion author Maven or Abbas Rhodiola died and who.

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And then also like other things, we did a reading of a while somebody

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meeting with a grand mufti Imam Buhari institute of higher education, what happened there

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and the various mosques currently mosques that we visited. And then right at the end of the book, we have color images of the blessed trip.

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And I've got approximately there's about 30 Odd pictures right at the end of the book.

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So, for example, there's a picture here of Imam Buhari is grave

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birthplace of Imam Al Bukhari grave with Imam Bukhari and Imam Buhari memorial complex and Research Center. So hamdulillah it's a very detailed book and I think it's a must have companion for those interested in or those interested in

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In journeying and traveling to was Pakistan shall Mount Ida. The book is 120 pages. It's it's filled and seems that it's a thin book because I was actually expecting it to be much thicker, but it's because of the paper used 120 Normally the size is quite thick. I compared it with other books that have like 120 pages.

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They seem very thick but because of the paper, white paper reviews which is a precise thinner paper, it seems like a thin book but under law there's a lot of information in there. So yeah, inshallah if you're interested in this book, multiple of many happy to hola rota forward as well for this book, which is right at the beginning, then please do purchase it and you will find this book to bookstores, maybe some online stores, and a link will also be provided under this video and Sharma Thailand where you can buy this book in sha Allah, Allah because I couldn't sell them why they come to light I know