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Bismillah your Walkman you're walking

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It's the letter of money Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Rasulillah while he was talking to him about respected brothers, sisters As salam o aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa heeta. wabarakatuh.

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I would like to discuss today with all of you a very important issue and an issue that I personally feel very strongly about, but I haven't discussed it until now. And I actually don't like to talk about these issues, because they might be slightly controversial. I tend to stay away from these kinds of things. But I think it's really important that it was highlighted and it is brought to our attention and what approach you should take with regards to these issues.

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And the issue is that we live in a time where I personally feel that we live in a time of chaos and anarchy in terms of Muslims bickering, fighting, and bickering fighting to the extent that people are easily accusing one another of gopher disbelief and blasphemy, especially blasphemy. You've said something, you're blasphemous, you've insulted Allah's Messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, you've also insulted the Sahaba companions or the Allahu Anhu. You You have committed blasphemy against such and such imam or you, you've said this, you've said that etc.

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And this happens a lot. It's happening a lot very easily. People are labeling others as cough, or or others as blasphemers. This used to happen in the past as well, but it's become more common or more open. Because of the age we're living in. We live in the social media age, we live in the YouTube world, or the WhatsApp world. And if some of you are following do follow what's going on in the world. I mean, it's sometimes it's chaos and anarchy I see on YouTube sometimes of how ALLAH that is one video attacking another video and then this video is attacking this video, like a person in this video is attacking this person in this video. So

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the first point I want to mention here is that

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Islam first of all, of course, we take it very strongly and we will it's very important for us that we have love for Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi salam and the prophets and the Sahaba, or the alarm, animal companions and obeyed the family of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and all the other pious people, the Imams. The righteous is part of our deen, of course. But sometimes what happens that some people they restrict Islam to just that Islam is not just about discussing, debating

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past personalities like the Sahaba Radi Allahu anhu, like the only like real pain like the prophets. It's also about acting upon teachings of Islam in relation to our day to day life. Such as, you know, dealings, monetary dealings, social dealing Salah prayer, fasting hij, you know, how we treat our family members, marital issues, divorce issues, business, trade, commerce, you know, knit right on the neighbor's rights of parents rights of children, rights of people around us. There's so much in Islam day to day of our day to day practicing of Islam that we need to learn about. But some people the only thing they restrict Islam to. And I'm not saying it's not important, it is

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important, but to restrict it to just discussion and debate about the companions or the Sahaba, or the family of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and massive debates go along, but whether why we are the Allahu Anhu was better than it is to the Allahu Anhu was, so you don't have a bucket of battles in an area of their loved one who was better, etc, etc.

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And this happens a lot. And like I was saying, if you are following some of the events that are taking place, this happens a lot in the subcontinent, especially in India and Pakistan. I'm not too sure about Bangladesh, but it happens a lot in India, Pakistan and from India, Pakistan as well a lot in Pakistan. Sometimes we think that the Pakistani you know, community the public down there I don't know what's happening to them. It's a very powerful country it's a very strong country and the non Muslims they feel Pakistan it's and if Pakistan can become good then it's Hello Muslims can have a great ascendancy. But it's you think that it's someone making these communities in Pakistan do

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this were small, small issues on small small issues. Certain groups slash scholars continuously they fight and accuse one another of gopher of INS of blasphemy of insulting

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accused them of blasphemous statements, go for statements, and it's mostly on the basis of what they said or you know, just semantics.

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hairsplitting polemic polemics. It's all based on that. And it continues it's continuous like, and like I said, that this has become quite common in this day and age because of YouTube now, like if you go on YouTube,

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You will find Subhanallah like, there will be one scholar, or one imam or one share, has just sat behind a video and recording a 20 minute clip against this person because he said this. So this guy's insult of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or his accusing him of blasphemy against this, how do this companion, and then that scholar or his followers, or his supporters will then straight away, record a clip, it's like quite famous record a clip, make it go viral, how many views you have, and how many comments and then it causes chaos and anarchy. And like, because people just sit, it's like, everybody wants to sit in front of a camera and record a video for YouTube. I'm not

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saying that's wrong. This is what I'm doing right now as well. But

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it's just arguments, and then counter arguments, debates, counter debates, discussion, reputations, it's just continuous, continuous soap opera that takes place. And the public, they get confused. And this is why I think that, you know, this whole age, we're living in social media, is it causing more benefit for the Muslims? Or is it more harm Allah said about a hammer always or alcohol, alcohol and wine, or he will feed him if mon kabhi. Woman if you're an illness, there's harm and sin in alcohol, wine and

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But there's benefits as well. And this is what we thought that internet and social media, there's harms in it. But there's also benefit, benefiting in, you know, social media. But I think we're coming to a time where it seems as though that

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the harms are outweighing the benefits. So this is what happens. And then each person has their clip recorded and put online and then they've got their supporters. There's people against him people for him. The video goes viral, there's comments. And this becomes like an entertainment. Sometimes the public just loved entertainment, this color spoke against this color and this color spoke cleans this color.

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So the important point that I really want to make here is that look certain times sometimes certain people, they may make a statement, whether it's a written statement, whether it's a verbal statement, maybe in a talk in front of the public in the masjid, or whether online. Now that statement, number one you could disagree with. Another person could disagree with that statement. Number two, you might think it's inappropriate. It's something that can be taken as disrespectful towards someone, some Sahabi some companion or blasphemous could be taken like that.

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we will we have to remember that our deal,

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our deen that Allah subhanaw taala has given us the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that one noble meaning, give good opinion, have good opinions about other people. Now look, there's one person who is a non Muslim golfer, he says I'm a Catholic, or she says I'm a disbelieve, I'm not a Muslim, and of all the life they've been a non Muslim, you know, and they suddenly said, tweeted or wrote, or attend something which is blasphemous against Muslims or against the Prophet of Islam. Then, of course, you know, they themselves they have a whole history alive of what of disbelief, and they clearly say men are Muslims. We don't like the Muslims, or, you know, they clearly make a

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statement, which is a statement of disbelief. That person is different to another person who looks like a Muslim. Who dresses like a Muslim is always a Muslim prays five times a day, you know, especially if it's a scholar and adding a che all their life, wrote 200 books is serving the deen serving the community sacrificing, you know, I actually tweeted about this, that it's, you know, why would anyone especially scholars who spend their whole lives serving the deen deliberately make statements of blasphemy? Do we think that they were just pretending to be muslims this whole time?

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It's like, you know what, they just went out of hiding that for for 60 years or 50 years of their life teaching studying being an imam being a Muslim. So they really inside they were just, you know, really they hated Islam, and they were they deliberately committed but disbelief or blasphemy.

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The whole you have to look at someone's entire life that track record, like take this person you have to what they've said, the statement, the written of the said, has to be understood in light of the whole entire life. And then you think that this could be a slip of a tongue. Sometimes people make statements. It's a split, split, slip, slip off the tongue. It could be said in a better way you could

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Thinking. And and this is why we have this principle issue.

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Indeed which many Imams. Many Imams have said this, and it's commonly sort of accepted the marblo Abbe de la Rahim, Allah to either the great Hanafi jurists has made this statement as well in his books, and many others have said this, that when someone makes a statement, and there are 9999 ways of interpreting and understanding that statement to be a statement of disbelief. So you read it once and you think, Okay, this looks like disbelief, you read it the second time, the third time, 99 times, it comes across as a statement of disbelief. However, there's one way in one time, one reading of that statement.

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It comes across as a statement of Islam, then you will abstain from accusing that person of disbelief.

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Because you're giving benefit of the doubt.

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We were giving benefit of the doubt why are we giving benefit of the doubt, because that person's entire life, track record history, life is a life of Islam. And that person is not just going to deliberately, first of all, you know, we we're not here to judge anyone who's a Muslim and who's not a Muslim. But if if there's a need, then before saying anything, you go to that person that look, what I've understood from your statement is like to discover all this. Blasphemy is that will you really mean he'll clarify End of story? But what's happening today is that

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the person himself says, I don't mean this. He'll probably give a clarification video. Or you go and ask him and says, no, no, no, that's not what I meant. I don't know if you took it that way. Simple, just end of matter, end of story. Nobody wants to talk to the person. And straight away they wanted to sit behind a video, YouTube. Yes, today I am coming with a statement such as a shareholder Imam, he said this in his talk, he's committed blasphemy don't shoot contrary, you know, think of what to say? Are you committing Cofer and disbelief or blasphemy against the sahaba? The Companions, you know, who are you, you know, you have no knowledge and then it becomes personal. And then, you know,

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it's crazy. It's really crazy. And I feel very strongly about this. And I'll give you a look

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at a couple of examples. Before I give you the couple of examples, in that, you know, when the person himself is saying that, I don't mean it in the way that you've understood, he probably never even thought of that. Sometimes, by mistake, a slip of a tongue could have taken place. You know, when you're talking during the lecture right now, I'm talking to so many things in your brain. And, you know, you might just say something, actually, in the Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, you know, the famous Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari, where he said that Allah is more far happier

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than a person when when a person makes Stober Allah is far happier than someone who was in the desert with this camel and his camera got lost. And he looked for his camera and then he completely lost all hope and he went to a tree just to have shade, etc. and lost all hope, binning That's it, I'm going to die because I can't move from here and thirsty. And suddenly he sees his camera, and he becomes so happy and he grabs the camera, and out of the happiness, he says Allahumma and I'm doing another book Hola. You are my slave and I am your Lord. The messenger sallallahu alayhi salam, you know, said it in a in a positive way that this is how happy he became. So we chose that unhappiness.

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You could even say, Oh Allah, I'm your Lord. But then if someone said wake up, wake up. I know you're happy right now. Do you mean the yo yo, the loader? lessly Oh, is that what I said? Oh, no problem. But today what would happen? Straight out YouTube video.

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That man with a cannon is a coffin. He said that Allah is his slave and His Allah's node. go against him. And then what would happen? The followers of this person who made a YouTube video will say yes, tell him to make towbar repent, make a repentance in front of the public because you said it in front of the public go crazy behind him if you find him at the airport beat him up.

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Because then the public don't have the brain you know that those scholars have those people in authority, they sit in the rooms and make the videos and then the public, they get rage. And then you know, they go and attack. And it this this, I'll give you a couple of examples for this.

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You know, many, many years ago, two, three years ago, the incident that happened with gymnasium shade, the famous egg singer, then he stopped singing and then he turned to Islam. And they he became martyred. You know, he passed away Rahim Allah may Allah have mercy on him even at that time I was thinking about this, but I didn't say anything. And

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you know, he during his talks, or sorry, during one one of his talk,

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he said he was talking about either Atisha so the Acharya Allah,

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the wife of the messenger, so Allah when he was selling, you can see

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It, it's an auditory, it's on YouTube.

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And she said something like this. You have to be very careful nowadays that people say that oh, you said this word or that word. But anyway, he was saying something like this, that

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I shall the Allahu Anhu used to seek attention from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from the Prophet. And then he went on to say that a woman can't change even after staying in the company of a profit. So don't try to change her. She was created from a vendor trip. This is what she said.

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And straightaway, there's like hundreds of people they want their limelight. You know, everyone wants to be famous view two videos, tell him to make Toba his committing blasphemy against Sharia law and her the Mother of the Believers and all over Pakistan, and then you know, he was actually traveling somewhere and some people try to attack him and you know, they physically attack him some bandits, you know, and they thought they were doing something right. And people and he actually then had to come and he was crying and release another video to make Toba. I actually feel that he didn't even need to do that. Because if you look at the statement, okay, someone can say to him, the best

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way to deal with this would have been some shell, someone who, you know, if someone sees this approach, a great chef that he respects the look, he's a public figure. You know, maybe he doesn't have that much knowledge of Islam, he doesn't really know how to say things. His so maybe it's not the right way of saying it. So can you just have a word with him? The person will pick up the phone and say, Brother Jim Junaid, how are you handled? I told God you know, that day you give a talk. Maybe that's not the right way to say it. If you want to say the same thing, say this way. Okay. I didn't realize that it's okay. I shouldn't have said it had the end of story collapse finish. But

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like his committing blasphemy, and you know, go for and make Toba and retract, even if you look at what he said.

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If you look at it, like like I said, there's a right way of reading it. And there's a wrong way of reading it. There's a positive way of reading it. There's a negative way of reading it. There are people with keen hearts and minds they read it positively. People with you know, evil hearts, sometimes they read it, they see wrong in everything. Now, when he said she was seeking attention from the messenger, salallahu Alaihe, Salam he was mentioning the Hadith. Now whether it's authentic hadith or not, but what's wrong with that, if you're not going to seek attention from Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam who are going to seek attention from any wife, we would want Allah's

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Messenger to yourself, I mean, that is good quality. She wants a tension. And then after that, he went on to say that a woman can't change. Even if he stays with the Prophet. Of course, a woman can't change. If you want to look at his positivity, a woman will remain a woman, a woman can't become a man, a woman can't change because that's the nature, even the greatest of women will be a woman. And this is actually the nature of a woman. I've actually given talks on marriage. And I've talked about this, the Hadith of the messenger, salallahu Alaihe. Salam said, a woman is created from a rib, which means from a man's perspective, a woman is different, and she has more gentle,

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she's fragile, She's sensitive. And that's the beauty of a woman. If a woman doesn't have sensitivity, she's not that fragile, she's not gentle. She's not easily you know, upset, then that's not a woman, then you've married a man, a man wants a woman who doesn't have these qualities, then sorry, you can't you know, you need to marry a man or something. I'm not saying look, again, somebody might say You said you want to marry a man or stop and all that blasphemy gopher strike, you know, so

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no problem. You know, a woman can't change she will remain a woman. And that's the beauty of the woman the beauty of a woman is in being gentle, fragile, and that's why I see him and managed talks to women, you know, just tell her put a sticker behind your back if your husband doesn't understand that you've got these feminine beautiful feminine qualities fragile handled with kit. So there's nothing wrong with it. He there was no human need for him to make doba like as though he's coming to the greatest Cofer and blasphemy ever. But he had to and he did it still people didn't forgive him.

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So somebody should have just explained to him in a nice way that look, there are better words to use, maybe just use some better words. I know you didn't mean this, of course you love I shall do Allah and why would you leave singing and all of this and coming to Islam? Just what are you an agent of somebody and you were just hiding that you still like, you know, you're hating Islam. So, you know, you're trying to just you know, one day, you know, I will try my best to make people go against it? Of course not. It's just he said it in a way that, you know, came out and probably could have said in a better way, no problem, making small things into huge and massive things.

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But there was chaos and anarchy on social media about him. And then public as I said, they take the law in their hands and then attacked him and

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another incident, just recently one of the great scholars of currently scholars of Pakistan.

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This is the Grand Mufti of Pakistan.

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Chef Modena, Mufti Mohammed Hello fear I cost money. Have you thought Allahu Allah, may Allah protect him? He's quite old in his early 80s, maybe eighth

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Four years of age is hard to learn. I'm not saying this because you know, he's kind of my teacher. I mean, I've not studied in a classroom with him. But like I showed him a few things when I was studying. And he's a brother of my teacher, she called Islam to talk with money having a whole lot. And I'm saying this across the board, whether it's my own scholars or other groups, other communities. The third example I'll give you have, you know, someone who might not be related to me. Now, he recently number one in a gym or talk, he gave a talk.

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And he said he was talking about I mean, the whole tour people don't look at the whole context is half an hour Jomar talk. Now you have to look at the context. It is Pakistan, Pakistan again. Mahara month becomes volatile. Shia Sunni crazy. There's people I know when I was studying, we always heard every Muharram someone's killed someone X amount of people have died, the Sunnis have gone to a Shia place and they put a bomb and so many people died because a bomb was put in different shear shear worship places, and some shear as they just they've gone on the motorbikes and they've just gone and shot and killed and through the, through the dead bodies against the wall against a mother says I

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remember when the mother was I was studying, some students said, outside, there's about four or five different bodies dead on them on the ground. Who are they just random Sunnis, she has been on the motorbikes back by man, they shot them, just throw them against them, others are here, these are also new, this will happen tomorrow. Now, in this context, this is the great grand mufti of Pakistan, he is giving the talk that this Muharram we shouldn't make this where people are fighting and killing and murdering one another, the whole context was about that. So try to you know, try to reduce this or try to sort of

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try to explain this to the people. He was saying this and in the middle, he actually made a statement he said look,

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she are also our brothers, they are also Muslims. Then he said, some she has our covers, but the ones in Pakistan

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almost lose. They were together with us in building Pakistan, they work side by side as soon as Muslims in making informing this country of Pakistan, they were together with us when we fought against the Guardian is and you know, legislated against or sorry, we

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work together in making the state declare cardijn as non Muslim minorities in Pakistan. Now, this is what he said from the whole talk. Some people on YouTube they like this, you know, they like controversies that like you know, bring something which is sensationalist. So you get more YouTube clicks videos, and then have your adverts in your video as well. So then you can make your money. That's what it is. There's one YouTube channel that just took those three minutes, the whole talk is taken out just those two three minutes from the whole talk and put most of the review of money on share and then people are just listening to those three minutes as though he made a special

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statement. This was in a context of a talk number one. Now when that happens straightaway, within like Mufti Mohammed the the fear of money is known as Mufti Adam Pakistan, the Grand Mufti of Pakistan, a reverse scholar within those Muslims who affiliate themselves to the scholars that will connect it to the data or loan the open seminary okay, this is the way I like to describe because names the open these will have that I don't like that. So you know, they have their own, but within them straightaway on that day, some other scholars that said it's easy, I don't have to go anywhere YouTube phone Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. You know, we condemn Mufti Rafi with money for saying this

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for saying that. Relax, relax, take it easy. This is your scholar your own brother.

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Pick up the phone, you know, try to contact him. Sure, Salam Alikum. How are you? Is everything okay? Is everything well, this was a statement you've made? I don't think it's right. Is that what you meant? And if you disagree, you can disagree with that statement.

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Then say the look, you know, personally, I feel that this is a wrong statement. If you can maybe in the next Jumar or maybe this evening, just get a video recorded and just clarify, then inshallah things will be okay. But no, nobody wants to do that. He actually had to do that. Within two days, he released another two minute audio on YouTube to clarify and he said look, what I was saying was in a different contexts and these are my views about the sharer that there are certain shares, who hold beliefs that constitute gopher and some are not and this is our photo from Darren Karachi. And he clarified despite clarifying some people still because they were planning that video is still

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come out with videos and you know, crazy stuff. Now, what you said like I said, a positive person would think okay, that was a whole context number one, number two, what what did he say? If you look at it, you know, you could say

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Shia, our brothers, you know, sometimes when you in the context, when you say brothers,

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you don't really mean a Muslim brother as well, you know, brother in humanity, you can think like that as well, especially when he says these are our brothers who contributed and helped us in forming Pakistan. That looks like fellow citizens. You know, in the olden times when Pakistan was being formed, there was a slogan within great scholars of India, they used to say, Hindu, Muslim, Brother, brother, Hindu Muslim, like we don't want fights, Muslim Hindus, let's live like brothers. That doesn't mean they were saying Hindus or Muslims, Muslim, Hindu brother, brother. So he's saying they're our brothers that are citizens, you could have taken that if you were positive. And then he

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said, there are Muslims. He actually did say some are careful, but the ones in Pakistan, now again, okay, they are, they must be in Pakistan. And people were then finding old videos of some share are saying some really bad things. Look, this is what the share of Pakistan says is saying it is God. But if the reference man is saying that the ones in Pakistan are Muslim, so okay, you're not talking about every single corner, every single one. Generally, he's saying and even though you can disagree with him, you could say, no show 50% I think, hold beliefs of gophers. So just discuss it, there's no need to make it like a big massive issue of controversy and then start accusing him.

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And then he said, they made Pakistan with us. There's nothing wrong with that. Another scholar, you know, he made a YouTube video straight after that. And he said, you know, this, who made you move the arm of Pakistan? This is a younger, more junior, you have to also think through the fear of money, his old 84 Sometimes, you know, when you're old as well, you know, you, you have to you have to think someone in the 80s they're not they could they there's more likelihood of the slip of the tongue. That's where some of them will hide. They don't they used to say that when they used to relate Hadith. In latter, latter days, they stopped relating Hadith, because there's a lot you know,

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they could easily forget. Because your mind is weak, your body is weak. This is another one. He mentioned that there him releasing a YouTube video in front of the public. He said who made some of the ads in Pakistan. And then he said, This Mufti of rent, that's what he called, like, basically, someone's hiring him. Basically, he's being paid. This is an accusation. Now again, I can make a statement okay. I don't know why he must have just said it like move to your rent or whatever. But still, these kinds of words accusation are same, and scholar from the same denomination, maybe a student or the student or the student of the show. So these kinds of things are really really bad

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and you know, we need to sort of be very careful about this. And finally, another third example there's another scholar in Pakistan called Dr. Asif Ashraf Jalali

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having the hola he a very famous scholar, massive following mashallah speaks very well has a lot of knowledge I don't agree with with everything that he says but very passionate, a lot of good things as well.

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And he's affiliated to the scholars who follow the teachings of Molana Han al Barelvi. Rahim Allah has passed away, who has views that many of them I disagree with as well. Now within the scholars who follow the views of Molana Madiba Han,

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a massive, massive quarrel ensued, massive dispute I don't know if he's still ongoing, but videos after videos, fights, quarrels, disputes, accusations, this Dr. Oz Show of jewelry. Very Leonard scholar. He was talking about an incident of Fedak which is quite famous in the books of Buhari and I don't have time to go into it. But basically he was talking about when say Yoda fought him out of the lockdown and her daughter of Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when to say Dona Oba Casa de Accra, the Allahu anhu, after the passing of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe salam to ask for the the garden of fabric. So this is a discussion and overall the Allahu Anhu said that look, what

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I've understood from the Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whatever we leave, there's no inheritance, the prophets they don't leave inheritance, so therefore, there's no inheritance. So anyway, he was discussing that now this person is discussing, he has given talks and written books on the virtues of Fatima, the Allah. He's

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arranged special seminars just on the virtues and high status of Seda, Fatima Zahra, the Allahu Allah, all of that for years. He's talked about her. But in one talk, one minute he went discussing this issue. He just said that, you know, when falter model the Allahu anha and he didn't just say Fatima, he's saying like, so many times. Say you're the Fatima fee for

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are the pure the daughter of the Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, the leader, our beloved CEEDAR Fatima he knows all these words around the Allahu anha. May Allah be pleased with her. When she went to ask and demand for the inheritance to a book or something called the Allahu Anhu. In this particular incidents, she was mistaken. She was mistaken. There was hotter of Ha ha, there was a mistake. She did not she misunderstood the ruling, basically. That's it. And then he clarified as well after that, but people straight away like other scholars, straight to a jumped on him. You committed blasphemy you're committed. You know, Gopher, maybe I don't know if someone's had Gopher,

00:30:42--> 00:30:57

maybe someone did. Blasphemy. They accused him and then there was like people complain about him. And eventually he got arrested. And I think he's still in prison in Pakistan, accused of blasphemy just for saying this in this way. It's super crazy.

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this, this happens, absolute chaos. And the same thing too. And the same thing has happened. You know many great scholars of the subcontinent. Many great subcontinent scholars, those who are affiliated with the door open seminary like Chef Maulana Muhammad Qasim nanodegree Rahim Allah, Chef Modano Rashid Ahmed can go here I'm Hala chef Modena. Karela Ahmed Hassan Fuhrer, I'm Hala and Hakeem alum, a chef mo learner, a chef Ali eternally, Rahim mahalo hooter, Allah, these great scholars, they have been accused of blasphemy. This is a massive debate between those who are affiliated to the or loomed open and those who are affiliated to move on to the hunt. Now, this is

00:31:45--> 00:32:22

what happened. They made certain statements rather than reading them in the right way, in a positive way. The accusation against shareholder costs in the North American hola is that he just denies that the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam is the final prophet by the Chaldeans. Now he himself all his life he's reading hadith is teaching all his life. And he says, I believe in hotma Naboo. I believe in the finality of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam in other books are saying this, his daily His writing is teaching his students everyone knows this isn't his whole life. He's already saying this. But in one book, one statement when explaining your Hadith, he said something and in which you could

00:32:22--> 00:32:59

understand it in that way, so just to pick that out, and then accuse him that he denies that the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam is a final prophet. For me. It's just ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous. And the same with the others as well, your entire life. I mean, why would Hakimullah mushers will surely tell you I'm older who wrote 1000 books, you know, great books in order to in Arabic is teaching his sacrifice in all his life? In all the teachings of Islam? Why would he deliberately sit there and start committing? You know, sort of blasphemy why why would he do that? Like was he hiding when he was writing 100 books rather than that he could have just gone and played

00:32:59--> 00:33:23

cricket. Instead, why spend so much energy and time dedicating your life than you know, if you were hiding all of this? So he said something in a way you could read it in an in a positive way as well. He was trying to explain something else. And this is what happens when people have this in a community. And I'm ending with this, a community that easily gets raged and thinks negatively.

00:33:25--> 00:33:42

Today, you attack people from another group, or people who don't follow your own share, then you start attacking people within then you start attacking your own teachers on your own brothers and your own sisters. This is what happens. Because your mind is just like anyone said something which slightly

00:33:43--> 00:34:25

sounds blasphemous, you straightaway go and attack them. And the non Muslims are real enemies. They are having a field day. They're saying yes, Pakistan is a very strong country. Let's make them just fight. Let's create YouTube and social media. You know, before they were in their own mosques, so no one needs to fight that much. Now just make YouTube maybe who knows that could be the reason why it's designed. Let them keep on fighting, fighting. They are this fight about Fatima or the Allahu Ana constantly for months. Fighting fighting, was still busy fighting. What we're doing. Were uprooting busy. The lochsa We're building something is right, whatever whatever we want to do, we'll

00:34:25--> 00:34:53

do them you keep on fighting about you know, who said what and how he said it and could have used this word who could have used that term and could have done this, keep, make them fight, let them fight. And we can get whatever we want to do. get done. This is why my plea to the Muslim community whether you're in Pakistan, or you understand English, or you're in India, and you understand English is happens in India as well. Or in the Western countries as well. There are certain scholars sometimes and people connected to just fighting or arguing with one another.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

There's no problem in disagreeing. That's always happened. That's all it's happened.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Positive enough with a nice problem you can say the look, this is your view. And is this definitely your view?

00:35:09--> 00:35:24

I disagree with your view. And this is healthy debate people learn, you gain knowledge and you find more about Islam, positive, healthy, you know sort of discussion, dialogue and writing and speaking about things. No problem with that. But

00:35:25--> 00:35:45

attacking an easily accusing other people of blasphemy and gopher because of one statement or one sentence or one verbal utterance. This is what I'm cautioning against loss payments Allah grant me the ability to understand and all of you as well it is a common occurrence in American Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh