What Is A Father’s Best Gift?

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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There's a father who gathers his children at a point and was asking them what was the best thing I did for all of you? One of those father you give us good education say yes, it was good, but that's not the best. And I will say you give a good tarbiyah we have good morals. Yes, it's good, but that's not the best. I don't want to say we never lacked any advice whenever we need anything. You always advance the Yes, that was what that was not the best. At the point they were tired is Okay, tell us further. What was the best you ever did for us? You said it best I did for you was an I chose a good mood for you even before you were born.

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I chose a good model for you even before you were born. In other words, the choice of a good mother will surely affect the quality of the children.