The Positive Impact Of Hajj On Muslims

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The impact of Hajj on Muslims is discussed, including his ability to achieve success in Islam and the importance of unity and brotherhood in achieving success. The segment also touches on the impact of Hajj on Muslims, including his "empowerment" and "unsincere submit" in achieving spiritual health and success. The culture "slapping absorption" during Hajj is discussed, which involves finding one's true self, protecting oneself from evil thoughts, and creating a culture of patience. It also involves making oneself aware of the natural beauty of the world and developing a sense of purity.

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Mija bada while early he was hobby of mine, I will be let him initiate on shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim from be strictly surgery us certainly unreal. AKA tan melissani Yes. Who

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do your viewers a Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh meaning with a peace, mercy and the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon all of you.

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Once again, welcome to our program, why Hajj, we were discussing about the various aspects and the issues related to Hajj. We also mentioned in all the previous episodes that we have done so far, that Hajj is an obligation upon us. Hajj, my dear brothers and sisters, it helps you to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Hajj is the fulfillment of the pillars of Islam, as it is the fifth pillar of Islam.

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Dear brothers and sisters

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in this episode, we would like to share with you the impact of Hajj on Muslims.

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You see if there is no impact, then he has done Hajj with no background with no sense with no feeling with no experience. But we know that Hajj leaves a huge positive impact on the Muslims personality.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he shows mercy and he has done countless favors on us that he provides these opportunities these ways these reasons through which and by which we can develop ourselves. So what are those points that we could

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understand which empowers

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our Mr.

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Which has an impact on Muslims. Brothers and sisters. The first impact that a Muslim has who performs Hajj is that he feels that he is close to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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he loves that person. Because he gets so close to Allah subhanho wa Taala he empowers his remark and he does sincere and true submission to Allah subhanaw taala. If you realize a person who performs Hajj during the time of Hajj, he is in the state of submission to Allah subhanaw taala he does everything what Allah wants him to do.

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He prays for the sake of Allah, he sleeps for the sake of Allah. He does is therefore

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to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala he makes Toba to seek repentance from Allah subhanaw taala he does all the things in order to take him closer to Allah subhanaw taala so the first impact that a Muslim has

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after performing hajj is that he gets closer to Allah subhanaw taala his Eman is the man it becomes powerful. His Islam gets strengthened and that is the sense of elevation in spiritual life that he actually finds.

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As an impact of patch. This is the first thing that a Muslim feels that he is empowered internally. He is on a higher scale. He feels that he is light because his sins are removed. And he feels that he is good person. There is a new beginning. He feels that he is

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In the sincere wish, insincere submission to Allah subhanho wa Tada. This is the first impact upon Muslims. The second impact upon Muslims who perform Hajj many brothers and sisters, is that we develop the sense of unity, and brotherhood.

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We feed and we send them we develop the sense of unity and brotherhood, because people from different walks of life, from different backgrounds from we have never met, but we feel

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that he's our brother. We feel that she's our sister. We feel that integration.

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We feel that sense of unity and we celebrate the spirit of brotherhood

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as an impact of Hajj and this is very, very significant my brothers and sisters, unfortunately,

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apart from Hajj, we find this as a missing ingredient in the Muslim Ummah and that is to be united. But when we go to Hajj and as an impact of Huddersfield and we we develop the sense of unity and brotherhood.

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How we start, we start the same act of the of waiting around, we chant the same slogan of love, bake Aloma bake, we make the same Nia, wherever the person is, from wherever he's coming, he's coming from he Asia or or America or Europe affair from ever the person is coming, he does all these things, which signifies and develops the sense of unity, and brotherhood.

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The third impact many brothers and sisters that we see on Muslims who perform Hajj is we develop the sense of purity.

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You see, because the person he submits himself to Allah subhanaw taala

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as he ought to submit, but he submit sincerely and completely as we know, the eye of the Quran, from Surah Baqarah surah number two and number 208 in which our last panel Dallas is yet you under the nominee. Oh you believe Oh, the Hulu facil. Mika

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enter into Islam wholeheartedly, completely. Absolutely. If we get that sense of submission to Allah subhanaw taala during lunch.

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So we develop that sense of purity, the sense of purity, the moment we wear a Haram, the evil thoughts we try to subjugate it or we try to remove it even further. The sense of purity develops in our heart when made that means that everything is for a las panatela this journey is for Allah subhanaw taala my act of worship is for Allah subhanaw taala my sacrifice is for Allah subhanho wa Taala and this develops economic class purity and sincerity. The moment you get in to Haram in mustard Allah haram al Gabba, again that develops the sense of purity. Because you are away from this obscene world. You are away from this commercialism, you're away from this materialistic world,

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you are away from this new advertisements, you are away from the media bombarding you are away and you are absolutely in the place, which develops a sense of purity. So that's an impact that a Muslim has that it develops a sense of purity. The full impact my dear brothers and sisters, we develop the sense of patience. We develop the sense of patience, which is a training center. It trains your body, it trains your soul, it trains your heart, it trains your mind. So it is a training center. And that's how you achieve patience. During Hajj, during Hajj, mind your brothers and sisters, you basically are patient in what is the true meaning of patient, that you establish yourself on the

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You establish yourself on the truth. You carry on with the truth with that along with that purity in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. First of all, you establish yourself. Secondly, you try to move with that short forward and thirdly, you try to prevent and protect yourself from all the

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Other things which can harm and spoil and makes your acts you're about impure. You try to protect yourself. And that's how the sense of patience it develops during particularly Hajj.

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The fifth thing my brothers and sisters, which has an impact on our life, is we see a total development, a total life transformation in the lives of those

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who perform Hajj. Total development, starting from psychological development, psychologically, you develop yourself because you are in the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, you are in the submission of Allah subhanaw taala you obey Allah subhanaw taala and this is how you try to develop your psychology, that there is no one greater than Allah subhanaw taala so you kill your ego, you subjugate your pride, you you don't allow your ego to prevail. Psychological development,

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spiritual development, you get so close to Allah subhanaw taala your heart gets close to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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you draw yourself by doing all kinds of ibadah during Hajj, that takes you near to Allah subhanaw taala spiritual development, social development, you see all the brothers and sisters out there, you know different parts of the world, different backgrounds, they use us, you train yourself and you develop the sense of, of, of kind of a personality, who respects each other,

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who is kind to each other, who is soft, humbled to each other.

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The sense of social development.

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Also, you see an emotional development emotionally, you're moved. When you see the happenings during how much you are moved emotionally, you get so attached to it that you don't want to come back. You don't want to come back. So you see it's it's Toker development, physical development. When you do the word of Allah subhanaw taala you develop your physical personality. So this is the fifth impact that leaves on the Muslims who perform Hajj these are the things my dear brothers and sisters, which helps us recognize the favorites of philosophy, which helps us to recognize that we can do better, we can become better, not just in HUD even after Hajj, it is your determination that requires it is

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your willingness that requires in order to elevate yourself spiritually.

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I would like to end this episode with a prayer to Las panatela that may Allah subhanaw taala leave

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the best and positive impact on our lives so that we may be close to Allah subhanaw taala all the time till we die. Well, Aki Ravana Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen