Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 274B Tafsir Al-Waqiah 1-9

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of reciting the shit and the power of the shit in relation to the court system is discussed, as well as the Day of Judgment, where reward is given to workers and people with high rank on their resume. The Day of Judgment is a major event where people will be rewarded with high rank on their resume, and the workers are given flexibility to handle it. The potential for people to be considered lowly in their ranks and their weight on the world is also discussed, as well as the potential for conflict and violent events during the pandemic. The concept of "slack" and "areps" are also discussed, and the potential for "areps" and "areps" to describe different types of people on the Earth. The segment concludes with a recitation of a motto used by the speakers.
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sudo TL worker,

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social worker is a murky surah. In fact, it is one of the early makin surahs. And it is from the group of myofascial sources meaning this surah like the sutras we have read so far from solid path is also very short. And the verses are short, very powerful. And with regards to Surah through ACARA, as well as sort of man and some other Sutras of this group of Mufasa alturas, there are certain common beliefs concerning Muslims, such as if the surah is recited or absolute of man is recited, then what will happen?

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What will happen? There will be an abundance in provision, baraka and provision. And some people make it a habit to recite the sutras as if they have a certain significance. However, what is necessary to understand is that the sutras Yes, they are very important in the sense that they're very powerful. Their message is very clear and very strong. The sutras are very effective. However, we don't find any narrations that tell us that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he encouraged people to recite the sutras for specific purposes. The entire Quran is worth reciting, because it is Quran after all, all of it should be recited. And yes, there are certain sutras for

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which there is a special significance. Like for instance, Surah Tolka have to be recited on Fridays, right? Likewise, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited to look off in Jumeirah correct, or he recited it in solitude or Eid. But with respect to Surah, Baqarah and surah. Two Rahman, there is no specific instruction with regards to when we should recite it or for what purpose we should recite it. It is part of the Quran, it is a very powerful reminder. And yes, it should be recited to soften the heart to awaken the soul. And these benefits a person will find when they will recite the sutras. So Surah Baqarah Inshallah, we will study part of it today. Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim,

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Surah whakaaro. This surah mentions the division of mankind into three groups.

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There is no fourth group on the Day of Judgment, when people will be resurrected, there will be three clear categories of mankind. There is no fourth group Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, either walk our ITIL welcome era, when the occurrence occurs, either work or not work got it happened and what got is past tense, however, when either comes before it, then either gives the meaning of future to work out. So, either work on meaning when it will occur, when it will happen, what will occur, unwell Clara the occurrence well off iron worker literally is to fall down from above. When something falls down, it draws everybody's attention. So, welfare is used for an occurrence, an

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incident something important that has happened, that which will take place. So either walk artillery worker, when that which has to occur, will occur when the day of judgment, the imminent event will take place. And why is the Day of Judgment called unwelcome era, because its occurrence is certain. And because its occurrence is not far, it is near and because when it will occur, many great things will happen on that day, many calamities will befall that day. It is another Aleem as Allah subhanaw taala says it is the great news it is the most important event. It is a very major event the likes of which have never been witnessed by humanity, either walk or ITIL well Kara when the occurrence

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will occur, laser there is not Lee Walker it her for its Walker. Walker is a noun meaning occurrence happening for its occurrence. There is no candy bar. There is no denial, meaning when the occurrence occurs when the day of judgment happens when it comes about then there is no caregiver for it. Gad diva

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As in Nef suncat diba there is no soul that can deny it, no person that can deny it. If you think about it today, there is much denial of the Day of Judgment. There's a lot of doubt and skepticism about its occurrence and possibility. There are many people who do not believe in the hereafter. Allah says, when this reality will occur when this work will take place, then no one will be able to deny it, no one will be able to reject it.

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galuba can also be understood as Kathy ganttdiva meaning Khabib just as Lally means low. So caliber meaning lie for its occurrence there is no lie, meaning its occurrence is not a lie. It is certain it is definite Lasha coffee there is absolutely no doubt about its occurrence, because there are many proofs that Allah subhanaw taala has given us has shown us with regards to the occurrence of the Day of Judgment, many textual proofs, many logical proofs that show us that the day of judgment is certain it is necessary. So lazily work RT hacker the ABA there is no one to deny it. Or there is no denial of it. Meaning this is not a lie. It is certain in sort of hedge is seven Allah says we're

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unnecessary data to tune loughrea Buffy her and that the hour is certainly coming there is no doubt in it into to Nyssa 87 Allah says Leia, Gemma, Omnicom Illa yo mil Pia Mati loudly Buffy. Allah will certainly gather all of you together on the day of judgment about which there is absolutely no doubt. Allah Subhana Allah says in surah, earlier Imran is nine

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that Robina in academia or NASCI li yo Mila Lee Buffy, that those who believe they say that oh our Lord, You are going to gather people on a day about which there is no doubt it is certain lazily karate high caliber. There is no person to deny it when it occurs. And its occurrence is not alive. Its occurrence is true. It is real. It is definite. What will happen when this imminent event occurs? Ha Phila tune off your tune harfield to raffia Hatfield ha ha fell blood huffed. huffed firstly means to be low.

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What does it mean to be low? So Hafizullah is one that is low. Well off Farah is the opposite of that one that is high.

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So the Day of Judgment, this welfare this great incident, this grid occurrence will be Halophila low. And then eventually raw Farah, hi. As you all know, the Day of Judgment will begin with the blowing of the trumpet. And the sound of the blowing of the trumpet will initially be coffee Allah, it will be low. So it will be heard only by those who are closer to that place or those who are alive. And then eventually the sound will increase raffia it will be high, so high, so loud, that even the dead will hear it imagined so loud, that the dead will be woken up from the state of death, they will be brought alive because of this loud sound. Hatfield law to raffia.

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Another meaning of the word coffee Allah is one that brings low,

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one that brings down

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one that humiliates and raffia means one that brings high one that elevates. So, the Day of Judgment, this worker is such that it will bring some people down and it will raise other people high.

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Some groups of people will be humiliated on the day of judgment and other groups of people will be raised high on the Day of Judgment Hafizullah tune raffia tune this is the day of judgment. Firstly what will happen Halophila all of creation will be brought low. Even the mountains that stand tall will be crumbled. Even the sky that is above us will rip apart as Allah says in surah in Fatah

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I have one either summer on photography with Adel Kawasaki on data rots, the sky and the stars, they will lose their greatness. How the sky will be ripped apart and the stars will scatter they will fall into little Carrera. I have five Allah says what Hakuna Ji ballew choleric milkman Fouche. The stall towering high mountains what will happen to them? They will be like carded wool. The entire creation will be Hafizullah it will be brought low. And Allah will hold the skies and the Earths in his hand and he will ask an Al Malik he will say an Al Malik, I am the real king and Elijah bow. I am Jack bow Anil Mata Kabir Aina Moluccas. Where are the so called kings of the earth? A ineligible

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rune? Where are the Jabaal rune the people with a lot of power, Anan, Watarrka. Barone, where are the people who thought highly of themselves, because the Day of Judgment is Hafizullah, it will bring everyone down, it will bring everything down, so only the glory of Allah shall shine, Hatfield, Alton raffia atone, and then when people will rise from their graves, then what will happen, some will be further humiliated, and some will be raised high, some will be elevated in their ranks. In this world, what is the case, there are people who have very high ranks, why on account of their worldly power, or their worldly riches, the fact that they have a lot of money, or

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the fact that they have power or beauty, because of which they are high, they have exalted status. And then there are others who are considered lowly, who are considered as meaningless or worthless, why, because they do not possess much worldly power, even though they may have Iman, even though they may have faith. So we see that in this world, it is quite possible that in reality, a person is very low, in the sense that in his character in his faith, in his treatment, in His dealing with people, he is really of the lowest of the low, but because of some worldly power, or because of riches of this world, he is considered as very high. So we see that in this world, people do not

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really possess the real rank that they deserve,

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isn't at all people do not possess or they're not given the rank that they are truly worthy off.

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There are certain people who should not be listened to their words should not be given any attention. However, they are famous. People love them, people die for them, people will agree with them, then there are others whose opinion whose words carry a lot of weight. Why? Because they're based on knowledge. They're based on facts, but what happens people don't really pay much attention to them, right. So on the Day of Judgment, what will happen Halophila tone raffia people will be granted their real ranks on the Day of Judgment. So some will be raised high and others will be brought low. We learn that firstly, a person will be raised high on the Day of Judgment, his rank

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elevated why because of Eman because of faith. Because of

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because of knowledge, because of our morale, because of righteous action. Good work. A person's rank will be raised high on the Day of Judgment, even though he may have had a very low position in the world. In total Mujaddid law is 11 Allah says young ferry law who Lavina Amman hoomin COMM When Lavina otter el mundo Raja, Allah will elevate the ranks of those who have Iman of those who have faith and those who are given knowledge, meaning a person of Eman and a person of faith and a person of good knowledge and good knowledge beneficial knowledge is which one, the one that affect the actions of a person. So such people will be raised high on the Day of Judgment. In truth Israel is

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21 Allah says Well, hello to Akbar udara Jatin were Akbar Ruta Lila, in the Hereafter, there are greater ranks greater preference, greater superiority for those who deserve it.

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We see for example, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on the Day of Judgment, there will be volumes of gold

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podiums of gold. I imagine these are not just seats, these are seats that are high stations on which certain people will sit and how

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Oh hi are these stations, they are high and then they are made of gold. For who? For the MO hygiene for those who emigrate in the way of Allah. And on these podiums, they will sit safe from any fear. This is raw Farah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said, the most superior servants on the Day of Judgment will be Hammad goon.

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The most superior servants, the ones who will be raised high will be who, those who are hammer Dune, who are hammered on those who do a lot of hand those who praise and thank and glorify their Lord very frequently Hamadan.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said, the best servants near Allah, on the Day of Judgment will be L mu foon. el mapa, ye boon, those who fulfill and complete their work, and Mata ye boon, those who do it well.

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They will be who they will be the best servants near Allah on the Day of Judgment. raffia the Day of Judgment will elevate the ranks of the righteous of those people who lived with a man who gained beneficial knowledge and who performed righteous action. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said that the more of the mean the people who give an will have been implore, will have more even more advantages, who one who gives the man the people who give a then they will have the longest next the tallest Next, on the Day of Judgment, meaning they will be the tallest of all people raffia the Day of Judgment will elevate it will bring high some people then it is also

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Hafizullah. The Day of Judgment will bring some people down, it will bring some people low as we learn about the Manasa clean a person who has an F out than in the limoneira Filipina fit dog kill us fairly Mina now, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths of hellfire.

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A person will be brought low on the Day of Judgment because of his pride and arrogance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you should all Mutharika be Runa yomo Kiana T. M Salah, the reefy So originally, Uriel Shah, who Madhu lumen kalima can, the arrogant people

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will be resurrected on the day of judgment in the form of ants, they will be like ants, meaning their size will be like that off and they will be human beings, human bodies, but their size compared to others will be like what, as if they were ants, and humiliation and disgrace will overcome them from everywhere.

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Hafizullah the Day of Judgment will bring the arrogant down. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the most wretched person in the sight of Allah on the day of judgment

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and the worst person and the target of His wrath would be the person who is called medical amlak King of Kings, meaning a person who in this world declares himself to be the king of kings, meaning he called himself with such a title. Then such a person will be who the most wretched person in the sight of Allah, the object the target of Allah's wrath on the Day of Judgment, coffee, Allah, he lived with a lot of fake glory in this world, pride in this world and on the Day of Judgment, such a person will be brought low. Then we also learn that people will be brought low on the Day of Judgment, on account of their excessive indulgence in worldly pleasures.

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That a person is given wealth, that a person has given worldly comfort in this world and he excessively indulges in them, as a result of which what will happen, he will neglect he will fall short in his duty to Allah, then such a person will be brought low. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that those who eat to their fill most in this world will be most hungry on the day of judgment.

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And this is something we all need to think about.

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Because how often is it that we say I am full, I am stuffed.

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If we can have any more space in our stomachs, we would fill it up. Even though we have no fear of being hungry in the future, over indulgence and this kind of indulgence, we all know what it leads to. What is it lead to? lethargy Ness, right?

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More sleeping.

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And then as we become physically unfit and physically unhealthy, then what happens? Can we stand for long can we sit for long? Can we read Quran for long? Can we help others if we can barely help ourselves.

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So people who eat to their fill, the most in this world will be most hungry on the Day of Judgment. In another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that the rich are in fact, for on the Day of Judgment,

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meaning those who are granted a lot of money in this world, a lot of riches, a lot of wealth in this world, a lot of things. And because of those things, they forget Allah, then what will happen such people will be poorest, on the Day of Judgment, except the one whom Allah gives wealth to, and he gives it in charity, meaning he spends it to his right and to his left, in front of him and behind him.

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Meaning he's constantly spending constantly giving, instead of thinking about himself all the time, he's thinking about others, he's giving such a person, such a rich person will not be poor on the Day of Judgment. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are four types of people.

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The first group is of those who are wealthy in this world,

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but they are poor in the hereafter.

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They were high in this world, but on the day of judgment, what will happen, they will be brought low,

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because they selfishly consumed the wealth that Allah gave them and because of that, they neglected Allah's rights, they neglected the alcohol, so they are wealthy in this world. However, they will be poor in the hereafter. Secondly, those who are poor in this world,

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but in the Hereafter, they will be rich.

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They have little right now.

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However, because of their suburb, and their acceptance, and they're doing what they could do, Allah who will make them rich in the hereafter.

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The third group is of those who are rich in this world, and rich in the Hereafter,

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whom Allah blesses with an abundance of provision in this world, and so they make good use of it. And so in the Hereafter, they will be raffia Allah who will raise their ranks, because they use their wealth as a means at bar Sabha but they use the means that Allah gave them

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not in overindulgence in the worldly comforts, rather using them as investment for themselves for Accra. And the fourth group is of those who are poor in this world, and poor in the hereafter.

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Plus dunya. Well, Fira? Well, yeah, the Willa Hafizullah. To rough era, the Day of Judgment will bring some people down, and it will raise some people up. And this is something we need to ask Allah for that, oh, Allah, grant me a high rank on the Day of Judgment, how concerned we are in this world, if there's ever a competition, or if there's ever an exam,

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or if there's any, you know, minor, something not even very serious or something, not even very major, but how concerned are we that we want to be the best of the best, if ever, people are being praised? We want to be the ones who are receiving most praise. So Hafizullah to rough era, when will this happen? Either when root jetty or Abu Rajah when the Earth is shaken with convulsion, either root jetty or do root jet Raja, same root rot gene gene,

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Raj is to put something in a state of commotion, violent motion,

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the word it the judge is used for a concussion.

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What is if to judge a concussion? What is a concussion? That a person when he gets injured something you know, he falls or somebody hits him, and he's shaken to the point that his bones and his inside has been shaken up.

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And this can lead to serious injuries. So this is what Roger is to put something in a state of violent motion in a state of commotion. Either would gentle or do right John? Look at Raja, a noun has come over here to emphasize for toe Keith, and to give you a keen to give certainty that yes, on the Day of Judgment, this earth will be shaken and moved violently over all of its surface and through all of its depths. There is no place on Earth, which will stand still

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On the Day of Judgment, as Allah says in surah Al della Iowan either Zillertal or do zils Zela her, shaken up to the utmost. So, what will happen when this entire Earth is shaken up, will boost settle Jeeva Lu Besa will boost set and it will be broken down what will be broken down LG Balou the mountains how bus crumbling, beset bursa same route by scene scene.

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Bus is the act of breaking something into pieces. It is the act of breaking something into pieces and then mixing it.

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So, crush crumble and then mixed together. It is a busser that he crumbled the parched grain, right roasted grain, or wheat or something like that. He crumbled it. And then upon crumbling it, he mixed it up with other things such as butter or flour in order to make better Cseh from the same root but Cseh is a particular kind of dish that is made with ground, wheat or green. And it is mixed with other ingredients. So this is Barcia we're busuttil DiBello and when Boosterthon DiBello. The mountains are crumbled. Besa broke, broken down, mixed up what do you think will be left of these mighty mountains then? What does it mean? It'll be turned into sand. It'll be turned into sand.

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Nothing of these mighty mountains shall remain in sort of how to higher 14 Allah says Wilhelmina till autumn do well gee ballew for Duke Carter, the cotton Wahida the earth the ground and we sit on that we stand on this earth will be lifted up along with the mountains that stabilize it and what will happen? Look at the curtain Wahida one blow and crumbled into it Muzammil I have 14 Allah says yo mythologie full of the LG Balou What can I tell Jabbar Lucas EBA Mahila

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for qanat so it will be habba and the mountains will become haba dust that is mum Bertha that is dispersed hubba hubba is used for fine dust particles that can be seen floating in the air in sunlight. This is how about fine dust particles. You just see them floating in the air. This is hubba Mombasa Betsa birthday, your Busuu is to spread to scatter something. So the mountains once they are broken down and crumbled, then they will become dust That is dispersing dispersing dust. If this is the state of the mountains, then what about the rest of the things on earth

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which are smaller and weaker than mountains? If you think about it, out of all the things on this earth, what is it that is the most firm? It is the mountains because they're solid. They're deeply rooted. And the mountains what are they are awasi they stabilize the earth.

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They have been created mountains have been created as old dad as Beggs legs stakes that stabilize the earth. So if the mountains are uprooted, if they're yanked out, and they're blown away, then what will happen to the rest of the earth. The entire earth will be flattened. Pseudo Taha 105 Allah says West Aluna Cardinal Ji barely for Cooley and sifu Hal Robina sfor they ask you about the mountains that how will the day of gentlemen happen? When these mountains are so deep? What will happen to these mountains? Allah says tell them that Allah will blow them away completely fire the ruhakana on sub suffer, so the earth will be left like a plane, barren ground, plane flat nothing on

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it. Work on to them, and you shall be or you people, you will be divided into as well done into groups. How many groups how many types selesa three, as why does the plural of xojo and remember that Zote means one of a pair or spouse but those also means no or type or category.

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So we'll come to him as well John fell artha you will be three as wedge meaning you will be into

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regroups there will be three types of people on the Day of Judgment. So a person will be in one of these three groups, what are these three groups for us how will may Minetti So, the companions of El manana have the right us how plural of Sahib, meaning those in and Maimana those of El Maimana

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Maimana is from the root letters yamim noon. And human human means Baraka, good fortune. So as hobbled my manner, the people of my mana, meaning the people of good fortune,

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the lucky ones, the prosperous ones, the fortunate ones.

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For us, Hubble May, Minetti, the first group that is mentioned over here, the fortunate ones.

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Secondly, the word Maimana

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is also used for the right wing of the army. So imagine an army, huge army. So the right wing of it Maimana is used to refer to that meaning Maimana the right as opposed to the left

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the people of the right as opposed to the people of the left.

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Who are these people have the right Allah says Mao was horrible, my manner? What are the people have the right, who are these fortunate ones? A question is being asked over here. And this question is to show amazement. It is to glorify the status of us herbal Maimana, that people have the right, the fortunate ones, what are the people have the right, what are the fortunate ones? Who are those lucky ones? This is glorification of their status? And secondly, this question is asked why in order to arouse curiosity, because when you hear the people of the right you wonder, who are they? So Allah mentions that question, mouse, how will my manner now you're curious, now listen attentively, and

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you will find out who the people of the right are. This is one group, another group, what else herbal mesh Emma, and the people of the left or the unfortunate ones. Mesh ama from the root letters, Sheen, Hamza, meme shorten, and shorten is used for misfortune. ill luck, calamity. So mush. Ama is hobbled mush, ama, the people have bad luck, meaning the unfortunate people.

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The unlucky ones, US horrible machinima, the failures, the losers, were there are the most horrible Maimana they are the fortunate ones here the opposite of that as being mentioned, the unfortunate ones us horrible mush, Emma.

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Then secondly, the word mush. Emma, is also used for the left side of something.

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All right, so as Hubble mesh ama meeting the occupants of the left, were the people off my mana or the people on the right side, these are the people on the left side.

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And the word chacma. Schema is used for left. And yes, straw is used for right. You strong right hand, or Yes, sir. As opposed to shut up? All right. Yes, sir. As opposed to shut them up. Yesterday is used for right and schema is used for left from the same is derived the word shun Shun, and sham, sham and sham. And the opposite of that is the Yemen. All right, because on the one side of the Kaaba is Yemen, and on the opposite side is Sham.

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All right, Yemen is to the south of Mecca. All right. And Sham is to the north of Makkah. So us horrible mush MIT, the people of the left be occupants of the left. Man, US herbal mush, Emma, are you curious? Who are the people of the left the occupants of the left, but listen attentively and you will find out. And Mao oz Hubble Mishima, again, this question is being asked to show what a terrible situation these people will be in.

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How, what a disaster they will find themselves in malice horrible mush, Emma. Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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This means you myrn You're walking

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either wa T

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li Salli wa T. V. Paul fee motto was

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either l Jatin. Borgia we're both setting G bus

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to as

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main man

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what else have we mesh

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