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AI: Summary © The importance of practicing Islam is highlighted in a series of segments covering models and plans used by Islamists to achieve their Islam goals. The importance of creating a plan to lead life to a new life is emphasized, along with the importance of building models and models used by Islamists. The importance of foundation and a palace for building buildings is also emphasized, along with avoiding the label "has been a" on Islam's image. The speakers stress the need for a strong foundation and a plan to achieve success in the business world.
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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva La mata matava Houma de la kita Baba kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati

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Tony Raji maybe smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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set up Allahu Allah Zim

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respected elders and brothers Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has granted us a Deen a religion, which is beautiful

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which he himself has chosen for humanity the way he says in the Quran and the oma multizilla come Dena come

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to Allah Cooney Amati what are the Tula como la Medina, I have completed my favorites upon you. I have completed and perfected Dean and I am pleased what Islam is your religion. Now Islam is a beautiful and a comprehensive Deen and religion. Unlike

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other isms, ideologies, which perhaps have one aspect of goodness or one aspect of guidance, Islam is a comprehensive religion. It's a deal which gives guidance on every aspect of human life.

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And for the sake

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of today's talk, to give us a practical example and manifestation of what I'm saying with regard to the comprehensiveness of our Deen, I'm going to give you an example of a beautiful building that has taken this most beautiful building of this Masjid, the houses of Almighty Allah, this house of Almighty Allah carita Ayub, sobre, la Li one of our great scholars, he came from India when he came to South Africa, he said, that everywhere in the world there is the houses of Allah in South Africa, these are bungalows of Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah keep us going that we have made our matches beautiful, the way we have made our houses beautiful Alhamdulillah Allah make us make our the mosquito also beautiful. Nevertheless, now when we put up this Bose beautiful building, your house or this Masjid, let us just go through what actually happens. The first thing that you have you have a plan, right? You have a plan, so that you know that this is the plan that I need to be able to build this building. Now take the example with regard to our religion. We need a plan, how to how to practice upon our religion, making our Islam alive. You need a plan. What is the plan for us to build our religion? The way you have a plan to

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build a Masjid opera house. You have a plan to practice upon our Deen what is our plan? Our plan is a Quran and if you

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can Kitab en Anza na whoa la Cali to regionals. Amina Zulu Mattila. No, it is a Kitab that Allah Allah has sent upon our beloved Tamiya Karim sauce alum, which takes you away from darkness into light. He takes you away from the darkness of disbelief and Cofer into the light of a man in belief. It takes you away from the darkness of superstition, and brings you into the light of conviction in Allah subhanho wa Taala he takes you away from the darkness of doubt. way many times people say today it is trendy. I'm an agnostic, I don't I doubt everything until I don't see it. We don't have such doubts in Islam. Ask a five year old Muslim child who created you He won't ever doubt the same

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Allah created me. Those people who are you know, have doubts, keep your doubts. It's a it's a terrible way to live. Allah has given us conviction. So Islam in Quran takes us away from doubt into conviction into proper belief. It takes us away from the darkness of transgression into the light of obedience. We've got a plan. Allah has given us a plan in the Holy Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of the Quran that this Quran Allah Dena

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Alif Lam in Delhi, Calcutta, Laurie, Buffy. This is a Kitab in which there is no doubt it gives you a plan. It is a Hidayat. It's a guidance for those people who want to feel muscleman Watada that is our plan. Many times after you create a plan you find many times

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Architects, they create what what to call it a dummy or row a model. To say that this is this is a plan that we have gotten paper, but this is the practical manifestation of how it will look so they give you a dummy. But we are not trying to use it in the same way but I'm just trying to make us understand after our plane that you've got the Quran has given us the plan of how to lead our life to how to lead our religion. We've got a practical example. Who is our practical example our beloved Nivea Creme De La Hoya de wasallam Wonsan la kuzzik Lee to be hidden in see man who's de la la him. We have revealed the Quran upon you, oh prophet of Almighty Allah for you to explain it to people,

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what Allah has revealed to you Lacan, Allah confy rasulillah He also worked on Hashanah. And Allah says, I have given you in the soul of Almighty Allah a perfect example of how to lead your life. You got your plan, you got your model.

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So, we are saying like for example a building you have a plan you have a model. Now after you have a plan you have a model align our Dean has given us a plane the plane is a foreign the law has given us a model

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our beloved Nivea creams, Allahu Allahu wa sallam, if you want success, then follow the example of our beloved nebia cream sauce alum that is a sample of out to you to for you to lead your life. Now, I just give an example of a person goes to a tailor, right? And he gives him a sample and after giving him a sample, he the tailor does everything right. But the sleeve he makes it two inches short.

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That makes it two inches short. What will you tell the tailor I gave you a sample I gave you the sample? Why did you make it two inches short?

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Now Allah will tell us I gave you a sample Why did you fall short? Then we don't ask is this sooner? What I mean by that is a sample and when Taylor does something no one says but is only little bit short. who say I gave you the sample and lucky tell us I gave you a sample go according to that sample. Then you do the you do his his appearance, his dress to try and follow him as much as possible. According to the example, After you have done them

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after you got a plane after you got your model, what do people first do when they want to put up a building they put up the the foundation and the pillars?

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Now you first put up your foundation your pillars, very important without which you can never ever put any building without first putting the foundation and sometimes the piling and the foundation is a very strenuous task. It's it takes a lot of money. It takes a lot of Finance. Sometimes you have to put so much concrete to be able to get the foundation and the piling right. Sinan is one of the great architects in in our Islamic history. Right He is the one who was the main architect of all of these many beautiful masjids and many beautiful buildings you see in Turkey, the Blue Mosque and the Sulaymaniyah mosque etc. Cinema everyone knows if you know architecture, you will know Sinan. He was

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a master in terms of his architect one day he was putting up a building. So he put up the foundation. And he after putting up the foundation. He went AWOL, he went away. No one knew when Sinan was everyone was worried he put up the foundation no one knows what is to follow the foundation. He came after a period of time and he said the reason why I came after a period of time I needed the foundation to set for a certain period of time. Now only we can build.

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How do you know what's our foundation booney al Islam Allah hums Allah subhanho wa Taala is made the foundation of Islam rests upon five principles, five pillars, Shahada to La ilaha illAllah, our Eman our Salah, I was a guard our heart our our fasting and our Hajj that is our palace. If you want to build a building before you do anything, you first put up the pillars. If you want to build a building of Islam, before you start any way you start any way you first put up your pillars and your foundation. Is your salad. Correct? How are you performing your salad? In a salad Mr. Dean, Furman Altamaha, comma Dean, woman taraka dama dama. Dean salad is a pillar of Islam. Whoever establishes

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this pillar, he has established Islam. Whoever destroys this pillar is destroyed Islam. If you don't put that foundation, you don't put this pillar you can put this whole particular dome. You can put the buildings you can put the window without

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Without in many times people want to put up fancy ideas of Islam without the foundation.

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It is made mention of Dr. Sayed Rama Rama Bernal booty. Sidra Madonna booty right now he was a scholar in Egypt. So many times people used to come and tell them about, you know, the problems of Islam in the world today this is happening. This is happening. This is happening to his Muslim and he used to ask them, Tell me, did you read yourself as a celebrity or not? I read it in his obituary. You know, when he passed away, someone wrote about him. He said, anyone came to complain about any aspect of Islam. Did you read your father Salah to do No. He said no. He said sorry, I can't take you seriously.

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I can't take you seriously. You were to talk about Islam. And you can even do the pillars. You went to put up a building like this year and you haven't put down the foundation that you're not serious in putting up a building. If you want to talk about Islam and you are not you have not performed your Salah Allah you are not serious with regard to Islam, therefore has

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an amazing thing he said in

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India Salah from an

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idea, the most important thing in my in my Deen in my Filofax, and today we want to talk of, etc Islamic State. The most important thing in my philosophy in my Islamic State is Salah, he who forsake salat, he is more likely to forsake all other aspects of Deen He mustn't talk about any other aspect of them. Now that is a policy we have put the foundation. But now, while the foundation is very important, I gave you an example of scenario without debt the building can continue without debt to Islam cannot continue. But have you ever seen a building that is opposed? Very, very strong foundation, very strong pillars. And the person said, I'm finished now my building is done. I put up

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the foundation and

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that building is incomplete. You can only put the foundation in place you need a foundation and palace, but you need something over and above it.

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Now you have done your salad. You have done your five principles. Now you put up the finishing touches of the building. No one will say this is a beautiful building. What a beautiful Masjid. Look at this aesthetics. Look at the beautiful calligraphy. What a beautiful calligraphy no one was saying beautiful building because the foundations are beautiful. No one judges the beauty of a building by the foundations, even if you need the foundations for the sake of building the building. Understand that point in a similar manner. You know, I went I went one went to Spain. During the course of pain we went with friends. So we just started taking a tie and we started driving. So we

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came to a place called Rhonda. We found it very beautiful. We came past, you know, a church there. It had all the hallmarks of a Masjid. There was like bukan outside. Where do you see a church with no water features outside? You'd look at the building. You look at the arches, it looked like a building. So you found it very interesting. So anyway, we came back I gave a report with regard to the trip.

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One alley one day for me and said Manila during the course of your talk you spoke about Rhonda, let me tell you I read something in the books of history about ron ron. He said there was a great scholar there by the name of Salah bin Sharif or rondi. And they had different places you know where they used to make seeker and they used to have turns in those hunkers those places where they used to make seeker and everyone they said 24 hours a day they used to be sicker in Ronda today not one machine. There is not one machine 24 hours they used to make sicker and they used to take turns right this time six hours we will make sicker and make the flower the other one will survive in this

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time I will make 24 hours they had a set pattern that they used to make. But that whole thing fell away. Perhaps why it fell away. Because the only remain on the palace.

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Now after you have built the palace, what do you do to make a building beautiful, right? You do the aesthetics, you do the painting, you do the outward, the beautiful decorating, you do the outside, you know the things that makes a building look nice. Now if you want to build Islam, what are the things that will make Islam look nice to others? two things. One is your business dealings with other people and other is you o'clock and your conduct and your interaction with other people. The way all of this is the beauty of the building, the painting, the calligraphy, the decorations, the beautiful doors, the beautiful carpets. That is the beauty of this building. The beauty of our Islam

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is into things in our in our business dealings with other people. Unfortunately, we only look at business as a means of making money part of the rat race. Someone had said, you know, one of the harms of the rat race is even if you win

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The rat race you still read.

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Even if you win the beat, the better you still read. We don't look upon business as being part of the rat race. For us business is a means of risk. It's a means of pleasing Allah it's a means of very great Baraka from Almighty Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah This is a religious obligation but after after the palace, after the palace, you put the decoration, not before the you don't put the decoration before the so you do the for either. After your salat

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wa salam said Allah skip 90% of risk in business. Online the Holy Quran has made mention of business together with going out in the path of Allah. Wa ha una de una

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una min father Lila those people who go out in business for the sake of risk, wha Haruna Ducati una de Sevilla, there are those people who go out to for for traveling for the sake of going out in the path of Allah. Allah makes mention of them together. This is the aspect of someone asked him Muhammad Ali, have you written a book on piety? He said, Yes. He said what book he said I wrote, wrote a book on business. The person who does his business correctly, he is amongst the pious people. That person who doesn't do his business correctly, he cannot be termed pious nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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I mean, man, he was sitting with Shahada. No, the, the honest trader will be in the company of the MBR will be in the company of the martyrs will be in the company of the Siddiq, who Lama right? The people who make the fear of it if they interpret they say, Why did Allah in four categories Rasul Allah commanded an animal or a man in the

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in the Hadith that is awesome said he will be in the company of the nabin. The Shahada, the city, didn't make mention of Salah him, because an honest trader who despite the challenges of trade remain honest, there is a possibility of making a great amount of money by being dishonest by being part of a wrong tender, and you then go and do that you lose the aspect of being pious. But if you come through that with flying colors, with honesty, you automatically become solid in therefore nobody saw Simon Harvey did not make mention of Sandy, because the honest Raider himself becomes a solid, he becomes a pious person. So this is now the aspect of loving Islam brothers. Our ibaadat is

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very important. Our Salat is very important. It's our palace, without which no building can exist, without which our Deen cannot exist. But no one will judge a building by the foundation and palace. No one will judge Islam, by your ibadah you're invited to leave it is between you and Allah you need it for your own self. And that doesn't need to

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be a cream sauce. Let's say even if you every human being becomes the most pious of human beings. If every human being makes history from now till the Day of Tiamat it won't make one iota of difference to the greatness of Allah. If every one of you don't make it, but it won't make one iota of difference in the greatness of Allah. You need a budget for yourself. Yeah, you are not eligible for para Allah, Allahu Allah.

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Oh people you have poverty stricken in front of Allah. Allah is honey, allies independent. He is worth your phrase. You may keep at it. If you don't be ashamed Hippo, Yaki, busselton, jetty llamada de cada la hippy Aziz. If you don't make you better, if you don't worship Allah, Allah will destroy you and create another nation who will remember him and you will suffer alone suffer.

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Now we density burdened, and people will never see the beauty only know you by that your prayers. No one is going to get you need for your own devotion. But no one is going to get the beauty of Islam or your prayers, he's going to get it by your interaction in the business world. How are you interacting with non Muslims in the business world? Are you being honest? Are you being dishonest? That's it. That's an image of living Islam. That is where people are going to gain the image of Islam. And there Unfortunately, many times we don't present it the best pitches. And the second, the second thing, now, now we're coming to the end of the building. Now the end of the building. Now you

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see, oh, this building is very beautiful. Why the aesthetics are not very beautiful. Now what is the aesthetics of our religion? Our silicon character? How do we deal with people that will show people the beauty of Islam, just as the aesthetics will show people the beauty of this building the beauty of this Masjid. And to give you an example of this

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when our beloved Teresa Lavalle he was Salam

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After he had complete and received his first Why

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does he frighten apprehensive of the strange experience? First time a person had seen someone coming in a huge, remarkable type of form and pressing them he saw slip almost to the point of death, telling him and he said my story and then after will say

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colossal, insane I mean Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in Santa mala, Mala. Maybe a cream sauce rush towards where did he go? He went to his wife, I always tell people I make the small humorous incident that you know, maybe saw silom when he had this experience, he didn't go to his friends, he went to his wife.

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Today a Muslim woman spends half her life looking for a husband, the other half wondering where he is. Because you know, he was he called to now. Now, when you have a problem, that when the first situation go to your family, let me so slim went to this family. Now many times if if a husband goes to the family with regard to some good news, many times the wife puts him off you to see delusions of grandeur. You only think you are very grateful, no support. But look at me, we we sacrifice Well, why am I the respective brothers? Sometimes and I think about this incident, I think that the way has reacted, we are all indebted to the wife of NaVi Silla.

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Let me saw someone was apprehensive whether you will be able to fulfill this responsibility or not at that particular time. What at that time when a person is that situation? You know, one one word of encouragement lifts you one word or something that is not encouraging could make you down. May we be sacrificed upon the beauty of our mother. What did she say? What did she say? And this is something oh my husband. Oh my husband Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala will never ever, never ever disgrace you in Nikola Tesla, no miracle.

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But we

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will let you know Beardy, you are all the time mending relationship. You are entertaining guests. You are bringing people together. You are very good. You are always taking the part of those people who are downtrodden and underprivileged. Whether other people accepting you and not as a prophet of Allah. me as your wife will not enough Swati jtbd eyeshadow unaka Rasulullah me as your wife I bear witness that you are the soul of Allah. You are such a person will la isla de que la vida Allah Wanda's grace you Why won't allow this grace you because you read long seller No. dude why why would Allah disgrace you because you are so great.

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Your conduct is so great.

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Therefore you are an amazing human being you are an amazing human being not because you're solid is great which is your foundation, you are amazing human being because that is the outside portion of your conduct that people will see. Now when you have done this 10 you will find a beautiful building the foundations are also steady. The pillars are also right which carries the decoration that comes over the pillars then afterwards a building is most beautiful, someone comes and say Alhamdulillah What a beautiful building.

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Now if you build that very same thing without the foundation, it will come it will come crumbling down. If you put a slab and your business without Salah it will come crumbling down. But after your foundation, if you want to show people the beauty living Islam then you have to show people the beauty in these two things in your financial transactions in your conduct. Then you will find and yo macmall tala calm Deena calm. Today we have completed deal for you I read an idea of the Holy Quran in the beginning of which I will conclude yeah you are Latina I'm gonna follow filmmaker for all you who believe enter into Islam wholeheartedly enter into Islam wholeheartedly bring every aspect into

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life. Just as a beautiful building will have every aspect to make it beautiful. Our Dean will only be beautiful if we bring every aspect the foundations are right the pillars are right our Eman is right and i will we follow the plan of Allah tala in the Holy Quran. We follow the soon after we saw Salaam is is a model of the plan. And thereafter we also do the aesthetics correct. The aesthetics is our business transaction and our flood through data.

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