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ft. Ali Shahrouk and Jamal Ud-Din El-Kiki.


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Jass, a man named Jamal, shares his experience in memorizing the Quran while living in Australia. He now understands the importance of memorizing the word "monarch" in English and discusses challenges he faced during his learning process. The host of a video encourages viewers to practice memorizing the Book of Allah on the Day of Resurrection, thank-you videos, and share favorite shots. The video ends with a thank-you video and a mention of a thank-you video.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to living Muslim hamdulillah we are still in the blessed month of Ramadan. The month of Ramadan is not only about fasting rather the month of Ramadan is just as important when it comes to the re citation of the Quran your relationship with the Quran hamdulillah joining me today in the studio, I have two very beautiful and very inspiring brothers, Brother Ali and brother Jamal who believe it or not, they actually memorized the whole book. That's right, there wasn't a mistake in my words. they memorize the whole Quran from cover to cover in Australia now we know that there are people around the world that have memorized that but these

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students specific actually memorize the Book of Allah they memorize the whole Quran while living in Australia these guys were born raised have you know they did everything that you and I do. But I managed to memorize the Book of Allah Jamal, what are your thoughts on this? You know, the fact that he had Arabic to begin with? Is the Quran only for Arabs, I don't think anyone can deny that Arabic does give you a really good head start in terms of being able to memorize but at the same time, I mean, I've had experience in competitions overseas where I've seen you know people from Central Asia people from the Balkans from Africa or being able to memorize the Quran and and do so you know

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without too many mistakes you know, they'd actually be able to read the whole end quite fluently and mistakes would be at a minimum. So these these are guys that are non Arabs who live in non Arab countries and yet to still come to memorize the whole book exactly and then many of them would be in their in their teens or even about 10 years old you know, so you know, it's not like they spent you know, decades of just trying to memorize because you have to solve

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the idea of memorizing the Quran is a beautiful one and you know, I've mixed with lots of people where you know, we've sat down and spoken about memorizing but when it comes to the implementation of it's a different ballgame Yanni even I know for myself, I've sat down many times I said, Yeah, this is it. And you know, I've cracked my with sorbitol Baqarah. And he comes the first five, I get it in there, but when I turn the page over, I almost have a heart attack. And then very easily I give up. I want to ask, what are some of the challenges? What are some of the things you go through in memorizing the Quran? m Hamad and memorizing the Quran isn't an easy thing in itself. Okay, it

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does take a lot of time, it does take a lot of effort, it does take a lot of motivation. So from the beginning, you're going to have to have something that it's going to help you memorize all the times you're gonna have something that's going to keep you motivated.

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One of the things as well is to stay committed,

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keep things super simple. Don't harden the memorization upon yourself, how else can we overcome some of these challenges?

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Allah subhanaw taala says was dying over somebody was

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so lost in this one of my favorite as Allah subhanaw taala says in seek help in patience, and in prayer, and inshallah so read what you are memorizing insular. It helps you memorize, it helps you strengthen your citation. Have patience was it's not easy. It's not like a walk in the park. It takes time. I memorize the Quran over six years, for example. It's not like I'm in my 70s. And this was with your schooling and this was juggling everything. It wasn't like an open call and one night and the next day I had under, you know, six years though, I want to ask, was the Quran a priority? Or did you do this in spare time? While I was a bit of both, it was a bit of life. Like I said, I

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set myself a program. I would memorize twice a week. Like that's really juggling, you know, my studies as a 11 year old boy up until I finished school HSC set myself a program and I didn't go too much over and too much under and I stayed consistent. That's the best way to do anything. Jamal, what are some of the things that you did while while trying to memorize? How did you you know, how, how did you tackle some of your challenges? You know, my own journey began when I was about two years and eight months I mean, that's, of course, you know, the Federal returns to Allah tala Firstly, and to my parents. Secondly, and in particular, my Mum, I think many sisters will be

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familiar with Anja Mel who gives listens to two sisters. She's actually a revert to Islam. She converted

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I think in the teens. So your mother's a revert and you started your memorization at two years and eight months Yeah, I mean that's just with you know, the very small sort of so we're talking about you know, cornhole overhead, Colorado Buffalo, Colorado openers and ceremony, small schools. These are the ones I'm still on.

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Wow, so So you started these at such a young age? And then your journey sort of really kicked off from there in general, I want to ask, I mean, after reading the Quran so much and I was having a chat with you before you said to me within the first three days of Ramadan, you've read the whole Quran in three days. I don't want to mention I know but wow, like

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Yeah getting that that that's really amazing

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you know as you read, do you have a favorite verse? And if so, can we hear it from you please? Sure. Miss Miller here rush man you're rushing in alladhina yet Luna kita Bella here alpha masala

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mean was Epona Hoon cielo. Nia

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yellow Juna TJ

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taboo debu well Masha Allah m Jamal you must be very very proud with a very fine product well Mashallah, that's very, very nice to hear it. What about yourself? Do you have a favorite? Favorite is a lot. It's a bit difficult. I know it's very hard to sort of narrow it down. But when I asked you let's also ask you now what's your favorite verse? What's the first thing that comes to your mind? Five minutes five minutes ago would have been something different so now falala

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the one I just mentioned for example, can we hear it from you please? I will.

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Always dine or be a slob anyone swana

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in na kabhi en el huashi I Lavina yob on

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whom Allah me him when home Isla de la Joe Mashallah. Well guys, thank you guys so much for joining us here in the studio. While we're here It's very nice. It's very inspiring to hear you know that you guys actually accomplished memorizing the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So bringing this back to you and I brothers and sisters back home. It is doable so there's no excuses Then give me Look, I'm you know, I'm not an arrow by come from this country. You know, for myself. I'm learning Arabic. So I'm still at the Elif better stages, guys, right? I'm learning Arabic. And what are the guys that are leading the class? The non Arabs, Gods from Afghanistan and Pakistan in India, these guys are

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non Arabs, and they're ahead of the game. So it is doable, it is achievable. And more than that, you know more than that, you know, for myself, you know, brother Jamal was speaking about his mother and how his mother was a big influence. You know, the greatest reward that you and I can ever give to our parents is memorizing the Book of Allah on the Day of Resurrection, you know, when everyone will be resurrected, naked answer, you know, naked uncircumcised barefooted. The parents of those people that memorize the Quran that will be given cloaks, like royalty, a garment and the last panel wattana we put a crown on their heads. So you know what a what a what a fantastic gift to give back

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to our parents, those people who made such an effort. And speaking of parents alley, we had a very nice, we had a very nice get together with your mother earlier today. We wanted to make this as a surprise for you and as a thank you for coming on to the show. We actually asked your mother as to how she felt about you and about you memorizing the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is what you have to say.

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La Vie Baraka to SR it has thank you very much for coming on set once then it's Ramadan and you have a tight schedule. We're very grateful. Thank you for coming on.

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Again, thank you for having me. Thank you, Sister it has Ali doesn't know you're here. And we want to surprise him on edge. Let's look into the camera and tell him how you feel.

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I love you so much. You and I have always told you that you are my eyes that I see you.

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I look at the eyes that I seen you and your brothers and your sisters. I love you very much insha Allah you'll be good in this dunya and you'll be good in the hereafter and I know you're a good role model for all that out here. And look man, and Sophie and Irish and all of them all my kids at hand a little bit longer ago than I love All My Children very much. They there's not one special one than the other. But Ali is my lifelong human Lockman they are they are the eyes I've seen because there are good role model for the community and understand that Allah gives him a good life.

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My mom's The reason why I started memorizing it and and I just want to say mom, I love you too. I lost my dad I give you the highest agenda like you know only for Rasul Allah insha Allah and making neighbors of the Prophet

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and likewise for my beautiful well look guys, well I want to thank the both of you very much. And I asked Allah smart Allah to bless both your parents both your mother's both your father's for doing such a great job and being such an inspiration to you guys.

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memorizing the Quran I ask Allah subhanaw taala that all of our parents are those people that are going to become parents to also be as influential and once again my brothers and sisters please make an effort in this blessed month of Ramadan you know don't think how could n you know think something basic something that you can achieve. Thank you all so very much my Allah subhanaw taala reward you and on this as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh