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A group of students are discussing the title of the book "marriott Nokia" and how it relates to social norms. They discuss the importance of understanding children during education and the need for students to learn the language of their choice. They also mention a website called "marriott Nokia" that provides resources for students to study the title of the book.

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When we talk about instead of which we need to call the Marriott Nokia Mariquita Nicola aku capita will continue to see but sequels are rare because raiga yokkao Muskogee Anchieta Shadia Sogeti mosquito so what we already enter the CoCo she's winning in Qatar baby hog and Greta Twinsburg got to eat oh my god, stop stop

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first of all, thank you for coming in, you know, sharing the opportunity or the question, it's basically related to the norms of society that's going on these days for the people, young people, brothers sisters that are getting married, mama, mama, you can pinch in ticket. So basically, the question was, she wants to ask us how to counsel your kids.

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Like, you know, in med school or engineering, students are getting engaged with each other, and that their brothers and sisters and they get you know, affiliated with one another during the four years of education, okay, they develop an understanding throughout the whole course. And then when they're done to tell their parents that, you know, we want to get married to XYZ and all that and it becomes normal for them. And, you know, they talk to their parents or my boss about what do you do get into tiga batelco query stuck at the login? The question is for the individuals that don't have such an opportunity and the girls and boys that are left that you know, they feel kind of you know, in

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depression anxiety they are we did not make an understanding we did not you know, get the opportunity to understand somebody and now we're left with the leftovers I'm sorry to stay gay either we have to go down to our normal statuses or you know, we have to compromise our you know, basic things that because of the time and the age that we're getting all that we did not find anybody suitable during our educational journey. So the question she basically wants to ask it came up with it, but you're gonna guess it but I think it's okay. Gary says Rooney Nicolette Cuellar coming up to understanding Hoonah university can the UK education institution make ECB JOB reference

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considerably? I mean,

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he is be comparison camasta Anna because you are conductive Kasich historica superato Minister Yasukuni

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Kelly Kili hola hola maki from Alex situation, or kitch logo Sharika Gustavo University Konami Mila whare style she cooks Euro stimulator Allah Tala Niharika de casa toliko nowhere but yeah hyper comparison Jana Yi. This is the real problem here. Okay. Just because you lost on YouTube we are Rasta Haney is ridiculous.

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name is Kevin Jesse but his arrival today say Hoja thank goodness Hi Tamara. Get arranged.

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to Mattel every year can we do to begin? If it NightBot mathematical vada Bahasa hoga or your butcher young Lea your bit chunky Lacey's keyboard your voice Teisco accepting our sector Metallica. Thank you, Mara MC Wikimedia shy this way. Just say basically the context is that you hang out as normal and the people that are not

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arranged marriage

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Amina could she say restore Kenny happy society may families get Alucard or Danny

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Baiser Direk in the local community Cuco agnostic Assad John patch on Karna just my family supervision home cable bad cousin Sahaba present what Kia

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or hum niveau Durvasa Yato Brockhole the Purim and calvia over Jota dou extremely Colombian society Mina smudger normal Taos ko homenaje translator Katya

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storica Nick, see the arm Torbay bitumen, he is at the bottom, maybe from the lemony of garantita look Duda were thought about see creo que how to look.

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Or don't get us this nice honey so Coolio. The Hardys Kelly

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many years Cassandra still married Necochea Mariquita, Nicola aku capital contumacy but Seikos Araya was Raigarh Mushkin hoagie Allah Tala Na, e crosstalk is CEQA. A class that you're assigned here is completely unique because you're gonna establish skill here. You know, Latimer, Noma football Allahu Heba Docomo, Allah Don Tomas Chesky, harsh Nokia Cairo just make his Hinata legacy all prophesied at the end he doesn't open doesn't matter kakuro Anchieta Shadia Sogeti mosquito is someone we'll get into Coco she's been in gotta UB hoga Anca Toby's Hari Mirza orrible.

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Oronoco Dicker corner Chankanaab incubate me hoga and greater Twinsburg gotta Yep, oh my god Stop. Stop Mira MCSA the Achaean Kobato gave Jai Mata of kala Tala Yukina KR inshallah Allah Tala signing

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up Allah kalapuya Kyndra Canseco, baka Java

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Even though you can Palladian Kuala lumper Allah Tala ki Hidayat money Hedayat k cap do snowboarders like Nikki BJ of New Mexico de que some wacky I kept Zara MCSA okay I'm Nepalese society which is Yachty again on mistake a be here K Nikica sub several Amok so Johanna will Shadi Karna

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girl Bucha Italy Maria was lucky to start Tiger

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party had dunya may just skip what the comment was nobody cares shoddy a big the humble shoddy go party over points gay or Jukka shoddy. Kissena karate, or Zamia. The company bow

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or picket danger. Bertha la Jara chub pregnant JoJo Prinsep Kiko Jaga

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are Pinaka but chose to walk

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up to the childcare sector.

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Year formula whenever I'm lovin on

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this comedy The integrata look Nia Skarmory apne anxiety sit out okay, how many do cinco compare kar Kar k or Scooby Shaggy? Ubu scheming Yogi Muhammadi BT Bucha gooseneck I Bucha

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around if the kid asked her parents can be optimized, well, why did they come out? What do you maybe their social and maybe the parents are socially awkward and isolated and they should be more social? Exactly. Maybe they should be maybe the uncle should become social the grandpa should become socially

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