Deceiving Yourself in front of Allah

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in Alhambra, Linda Hina hemudu who want to stay in who want to stop fiddle.

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When are we the winner him in Cerulean fusina woman sejati Molina

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de la hufa Mobile Allahu Allah uwchlan fehler her the Allah, wa shadow Allah ilaha illa ma hula Shri Cara y shadow animo hamedan Abdullah he was solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam said Sleeman kathira

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Yeah, you're hella Dina am an otaku? La ha ha ha to party while at mo tuna Illa en tu Muslim moon? Yeah yohannes otaku, Rebecca moon lady holla cocoon Min nipsey su wahida wahala farming has a region and caffi around one is

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what tabula rasa aluna v one or ham in Allah How can an eco merkiva Yeah, you're hella Dina tabula Hawa kulu Poland sadita your slack lecom Amala como la comme de Nova come? Ye alter Illa Rasulullah who funfairs if I was an AVI my, uh, my bad.

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One day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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was in the company of his young cousin.

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Abdullah hit me up.

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And he was a young child. He was what you and I in our age, maybe you know in year four, year five.

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And this young child the prophets, I send them said Yahoo Damn, my young boy, let me teach you

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important lessons for you to remember.

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Keep these things that I will say to you, as guiding truths and principles for the rest of your life.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began by saying a favela yahama.

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If you guard Allah, Allah who will guard you

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Subhana Allah when you hear that, am I how do I? What do you mean guard Allah protect the law. And of course what it means is if you guard your relationship with Allah, if you guard Allah means that you value Allah, you protect every moment that you have an opportunity to be with Allah. If you guard the times you have the breath, you have the Salah you make the charity you give the honor you demonstrate to your parents, the day time that you're awake and active the night time as it sets in, you fall asleep. If you protect Allah, as being important in all of those moments of your day, Allah who will protect you.

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For the love the rock prophets, I seldom repeated,

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turgid who you will find him when you need him.

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When it's necessary for only Allah to assist you. Because you have been with Allah in the times of ease and comfort, where you thought you didn't need a law. Now when you need him, Allah will be with you.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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and this is the message I want to stress with you today.

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He said that what was written for you,

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is going to come to you even if the whole world tries to stop it.

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If there was something good that was promised to you, written for you, by Allah, if all of the world

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from the beginning of time to the end of time came together with one effort to say no, you can't have it, but Allah said, It's yours, they would fail and the promise of Allah who will be true.

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And in the same way,

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that if something Allah ordered, was not to be given to you or to be received by you, if the whole world came together, to try to give it to you, they would fail because Allah has written it does not belong.

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To you.

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Sometimes as Muslims, we fail in our submission to Allah,

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in giving ourselves over to knowing a law is the master, and we are the slaves. Allah is the Creator. And we are the creature, that Allah is the law giver. And we are the ones who follow it, that Allah is the one who orders. And we are the ones who say we hear, and we obey.

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So Allah gives us a very powerful example from the whole end, about those who tried to treat Allah.

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In the nations that came before us, one of the laws that they were ordered to maintain was that they were not allowed to do any work on Saturday. And Saturday begins from the nighttime a Friday method of prayer, until the next day sold out to the US. That's the condition of Saturday from the night before, until the next day.

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These people they lived by the ocean by the coast, they were fishermen. And for Allah to test them to see will they obey my command, Allah causes them for the whole week when they go out to fish, they don't catch as much as they wanted or wish to. They weren't as profitable as they could have been. So there's this temptation. Nobody's going to go fishing on Saturday. How can I

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trick Allah? How can I do something that I can work without working? And technically, I didn't disobey Allah? So they said, How about we put our fishing nets on Friday, and leave them in the water fishing on their own, we're not going to be there. We're not on the boat, we're just going to throw the nets in the water, we're going to leave them and if they catch anything on Saturday, we didn't do it. It's the nets that were there.

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And then Sunday morning, we'll come and bring it out. And Subhan Allah and Sunday they came and they found that they caught lots of fish.

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So Allah condemns them in the Quran.

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As have a separate the people who disobeyed a law on Saturday, technically, outwardly, they didn't do anything really wrong. But they try to deceive Allah, their heart was not happy with what Allah provided what Allah gave, and they said, No, I want more, or I want less, and I'm not going to accept anything other than what I think I wish and deserve.

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So they threw their nets out in the water.

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And they waited.

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And in the time of waiting when they should be in worship, they were calculating how much I wonder how much fish I would catch.

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How many times do we say something that's not truthful and say, but technically, I didn't say anything. That wasn't true. I just didn't say the complete story. How many times do we know something? And technically I, you know, I just I ignored one part and focused on another.

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How many times do we see somebody being wrong, the fellow student

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and we turn away and say, well, it's not me. I'm not the teacher. It's not my responsibility and ignore what has occurred.

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How many times where we have an opportunity to set what's right and make it right do we remain quiet?

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How many times where we're asked to put forward honesty and testimony of truth. We find it difficult to stand up.

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Now Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, Johan levina am Anu

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Kunal, aware mean and Illa he Shahada a bill quist.

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Well are usually men a commissioner and Coleman Allah, Allah tadeu who are accountable for

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all mankind.

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Stand up for that which is truth and speak an unequivocal word.

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And in one eye, even if it be against your own selves of self incrimination the truth

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is more closer to justice.

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My responsibility and yours has always been the same in front of Allah, young and old. Those words of the prophets I send them to Abdullah having a bass are true

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that what belongs to you in what is written for you will be given to you even though the whole world hates it, even if the whole world tries to stop it, and what doesn't belong to you maybe in the dunya, but in the alpha may be given to you what is it meant to be yours now, will be yours eventually.

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When Allah permits it, or will never reach you, if a law has ordered it, not to arrive in your presence, and with your power and the power of the whole world, you cannot bring it forward.

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I leave you with one final example that I think is important for all of us to consider.

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In my life in yours, there is no greater duty

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that we perform, other than the prayer.

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Now Allah Subhana Allah tells us that those who have a deceptive process with others, their deception actually begins in Sala euro una and NASS. Well I have Karuna ilaha illa kalila. How do you protect yourself from being a dishonest person from not being a genuine person from being the person who tries to cut shortcuts and overlook things that you should pay attention to? How do you protect yourself from being unjust and dishonest and untruthful? How can you grow and mature to becoming a person of good character and a person of due diligence and honesty? It begins with your prayer mat as you stand before Allah.

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The moment you say Allah who know Allah is greater than you, is greater than your problems is greater than your success is greater than your situation is greater than your needs is greater than anything you've experienced and are yet to experience. And as a young person, as I say this to you, if there is one advice that I can give you

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is to try to pray better Allahumma inni Allah Vickery kawazu Creek was near a better take that I worship you better the next time. Oh Allah. May Allah give us strength in nurturing you and leading you here at Ameen college to fulfill the name of our school, and to be from those who provide an M Newell, a man, safety and security, but also trustworthiness for generations to come. akuto Cody had there was still federal law, the money will.

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Allah whom I know the critical issue chiricahua snabe editing,

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we always ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to support us and to assist us to remember him more, to be more thankful to him. And that Allah Subhana Allah allows us to worship him more.

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Three practical things that is requested of you by Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he teaches us and movement, a whole movement, a believer is the blood brother is the sister of another believer, you and I must always think of ourselves irrespective of our color of our age of our sex of our ethnicity, of our origin of our birth, that we are brothers unto one another in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and that which hurts one hurts all the prophets I sell them said that the oma the body of our nation, that if one part of it feels pain, the rest of it does. Second, as a practical, learned Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is to increase

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our Sadam and our greetings of each other, to be from those who have a genuineness of heart that we recognize when we say a set mo alikum. It's not Hi, how are you or Hello? Actually it is a do I where I asked Allah to send peace to you in whatever condition you find yourself in. One day the prophets I send them knocked on the door of Abu al Ansari and he could hear the people inside the house.

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But nobody responded. He knocked on the door and he said I said Mr. alikoum, yeah, let down and inside, they hear him and they didn't respond out loud. What are they called salami, rasulillah and open the door. So after a moment, he knocks again so I send them a step then I will sell them as

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Salam, O Allah, Allah, Tao, peace be upon you, oh, those who live in this household. And once again, although he can hear them inside, they didn't respond out loud. They didn't open the door third time, and the same thing occurred. So the sooner is that if you ask permission once, twice and three, and you don't get the response you want you leave and maybe you can come back later.

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And as he turns to leave the people inside, they open the door and they say, Why ecomo Salah ma rahmatullah wa barakato Rasul Allah, and he said, What's wrong? Why didn't you answer from the first time I can hear that you are inside, other Yasuda loss? I sell them. We love hearing your Doohan for our house. Meaning we would have kept you standing there all day. satana Santa Monica, Santa Monica, Santa Monica, because they understood it's not Hi, how are you? It's SLM on eco May Allah says peace descend upon the household of this family.

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The prophets I said Lem said do you want to know how to make it to Jenna? They said yes or messenger of Allah. He said f Xu Salam Alaikum I greet each other with Salaam. Really, it's not tahajjud prayer 24 724 hours a day, fast by day pray by night no be genuine in your love for each other.

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Third, and finally for our school, the prophets of Allah who are us sallam, he said

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also a haka volume an arm of lumen assists your fellow brother, your fellow man, whether they are wronging or being wronged whether someone is doing the wrong, or they are feeling and experiencing the oppression of another. They said yada Sula, we know what to do if somebody is being wronged somebody I see somebody being hurt, I know to stop them. I say Hey, leave him alone. But how can I help? How should I help the one who's doing the wrong? He said that you stop them from doing the wrong to others don't just help the one who's weak, but also help the one who's gone beyond where they should go by deterring them from committing further error. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give

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us a holistic approach to the sooner of the profits, I sell them, that we follow his path and we follow his tradition, that we do not seek to be deceptive with Allah, that we do not seek to change what is halaal and make our arm halaal that we do not seek to find shortcuts around our faith that we do not seek to dilute and loosen our Eman by not wanting to do what is asked of us as it has been asked of us and shown in the life of our Navy you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah Subhana Allah send light into our homes, into our hearts and upon our school. May Allah protect our staff and our students, our parents and our teachers. May Allah lead our principal and our board and

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managers to that which is pleasing to Him and protect them and us from that which is sinful and leading away from his cause. May Allah Subhana Allah open our hearts to each other so that we have love and a continuance of how you will suddenly now Homer was sending was robotic Allah CD now whenever you know Muhammad, Allah, Islam I will muslimeen was

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a dean Allahumma dinnerware him yamawaki mean Allahu Allah Vickery was yo Creek cricket was nearby that they had there was a new island heavy Mohammed in Allah, how am I

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in Qatar who you saw lunarlon maybe

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you hadn't done enough man who saw Lu Allah He was a limo. Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik. Allah said, you know whenever you know Muhammad Sallallahu it was selling them more often.