The Blessed Day of Arafah & Eid al Adha

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the majestic, the Most High. We believe in him and upon him do we rely. He saved the ark of Noah on Mount Judy. And he spoke to Moosa on Mount Sinai. He hears the player of the one in distress and he responds to his silent cry. He revealed the Koran whose recitation with our voices we beautify. And he sent to us a prophet who sooner we tried to exemplify. He blessed us with a Shetty our that we strive to live by. And he taught us how to worship and and how our hearts to purify Mesa attend Salaam be upon one who's Prophethood no sincere person can deny as to what follows Allah subhana wa tada has reminded us to be conscious of him.

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When he says in the Quran, you have Latina amo topo la hapa Ducati what utter mutanda illa Anta Muslim moon dear Muslims we are currently living in and witnessing the most blessed time of the entire year. Many Muslims think that Ramadan is the most blessed month and it is the most blessed month. But in terms of days, these 10 days are more blessings than the days of Ramadan. And in terms of nights, the last 10 nights are the most blessed of the entire year. So we are currently witnessing and living through the single most blessing timeframe of the entire year. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminded us that no matter what good deed we do, outside of these 10

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days, it will never be as blessed as the good deeds of these 10 days, except for the person who gives everything for the way of a law including his life. FISA be the law, that person outside of the 10 days is better. But within these 10 days, we can rise to the highest of ranks, even with small good deeds, and especially dear Muslims, the ninth and the 10th is the culmination of these 10 days, the ninth which is the day of our alpha, the ninth and what will make us understand the blessings of that one day. It is a day as reported in Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim that a Jewish person came to him with no hotdogs during his Caliphate, and he said to rumor mill hotdog, that

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otomotiv no hotdog you have a verse in the Quran, that if we had this verse in the Torah, we would have taken that day that it was revealed as the day of celebration the day of rejoicing, or muda photography Allahu Allah said which I are you talking about? He said, aluma acmella Tula convenor come what ma'am to Allah come near Mati. What are the Torah common Islam Medina, today, I have perfected My favorite is upon you. Today I have perfected my favours upon you at the moment. And I have chosen Islam as your way of life or whatever. Bob said, well, law he I know when this idea came and where it came and what day it came down. It came down on the ninth of the hedger on the day of

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our alpha, which happened to be a Juma when our Prophet salallahu idea he was sending was performing the hajj, it is the day of alpha. and the yahudi did not know that, in fact, this is a day we already celebrate in our own ways. It is one of the holiest days of the year, the day of our offer. And in fact, the holiness of this day is not just linked to this verse. the holiness of this day goes back to before the creation of mankind, the very beginning of the creation of mankind. It is reported in the Hadith in the booster.

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That even a bus for the Allahu anhu said that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala extracted from the loins from the backbone of Adam, from the backbone of Adam on the plains of artifacts, he extracted the entire creation. Now our scholars say this is not in the Hadith our scholars add, it wasn't just in the plains of out of fact, it was on the day of alpha. It wasn't just physically out of fat. It was the day of alpha, that when Adam came down to this earth, after Allah azza wa jal brought him down, he repented on the plains of alpha, Allah accepted his repentance on the plains of alpha and then on the ninth of the hedgerow, according to

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our historians,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala extracted from our father Adam from his backbone from his soul but Allah extracted every single rule that was ever to be created. That includes me that includes you. And Allah azza wa jal then spoke to them. This is in the Hadith *a lemma whom tabula, he spoke to them directly. And he said to them, then our Profit System recorded the Quran. He quoted the horizontal or off verse 173.

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Wait, wait, wait for the love of what Allah subhanaw taala says, That way the Kadena when Allah azza wa jal to from us weatherable company. No, that's not the verse sorry. The verse in Arabic translates us when we took from the from the sought from the loins of Adam, the reata, whom his progeny was had a home either unforeseen, that's the verse what ashada whom are the unforeseen, and Allah azzawajal caused them to testify about themselves. And Allah said to them, LS to be Robic on this isn't the Quran, Am I not your robe? Although we all said Bella, you are our ob O Allah. Now this conversation is in the Quran. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained it, that on

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the day of our alpha, in the plains of alpha, Allah subhana wa, tada essentially created us, we can say, quite literally, that our birth day, understand what I'm saying here, our birth day, the day our room was created. And the place our room was created, is the planes are out of fight on the ninth of the region, that is one my room and your room was created. And it remained in the realm of a lot in Mohave until our mothers gave birth to us. And the angel came with the roar that was created on the ninth of the ledger in whichever your Adam came down. And that rule was then put into our soul and body at that point in time, which we have right here and now. This is the day of our

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offer. It is quite literally the day of the beginning of our creation. Why should it not be a blessing and holy day, it is the day that Allah subhana wa tada chose to be the most sacred days of the days of Hajj. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'll head you out of El Hijo out of El Hijo out of the Hadith is two words and had you out of three times he repeated those two words. What does it mean? The entire rites of Hajj are essentially that one day of our for witches, the ninth of

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the entire rites of Hajj are summarized in that one day, the ninth and hadoo our offer. It is on this day, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us strongly to fast. And he said that fasting on this one day of the ninth, I expect from Allah, that the entire Sins of the previous year that you have done shall be forgiven. And on top of that, the sins that you might do for the next year. There is no other day of the year in which one fast forgives the minor sins as for the major sins, you need to repent to Allah, the minor sins if you fast on this day with iemon expecting Allah to reward you understanding the wisdom and the reason of this fast if you do a good fast on this

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day, the ninth of June hedger, there is no other fast that comes equivalent to this. There are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the entire previous year sins and even the year to come shall be forgiven one day 930

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it is this day as well. There are Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the famous idea tempted me that others have followed da dee da Rafa, the best da that you can ever make is the drop of out offer. Now, obviously, the primary interpretation of this Hadeeth is the best draw you can ever make in your life, is that the other two shall make during the hedge when you're standing in alpha on the day of alpha. There is no question. The bulk of this hadith applies to the one doing hedge. But question to the rest of you. What about those of us and this year as you're aware, nobody from outside came for hedge along with STI We ask Allah for next year to open up the doors and make

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us amongst those who do hedge. How about the rest of us that we are not on that day. Notice our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best da is the dua of the day of alpha. Literally the Hadith says yome alpha, it doesn't say the place of alpha. And from this many of the Sahaba and tablet ruin including diplomatic and the famous tabea and Hassan al basri. They would spend the day of out of even when they're not doing Hajj they would spend it in Vicar and do our and worship. In fact on a Sydney mardik would leave his family and leave his business because he does you know back then they didn't have many houses.

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In many rooms and what, what not you want some privacy? Where would you go? He would go to the masjid. And he would sit the entire day the ninth of the ledger from morning to evening, he would sit in the masjid doing Vicar and or on and do even though he wasn't doing Hajj. So yes, the primary meaning the best do is the daughter of the one doing height when he goes to out of greed. But for the rest of us, should we just ignore that date? No, it is still the best we can do when we're not going for Hajj. So that is the day of worship and a day of fasting and a day of Vicar and a day of drought all day long as much as we can we increase our drop on that day. And your brothers and

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sisters, the 10th of Dhul hijjah is of course the combination of these 10 days. And it is according to the Quran itself. Yo mahadji Akbar, this is in the Quran, the day of the big hedge. That's the 10th Yeoman had Gil Akbar. And it is the greater of the two reads or either fifth or an angel

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is the more blessed of the two and the greater of the two. And it is a day that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when he came out on that date, he said yo more our way and when the hell what a young with tertiary, read una Lal Islam, the day of alpha, and the day of sacrifice little Aha, and the days of the ship, which are the two or three days afterwards. He said these are the days listen to this hadith. Read una Lal Islam. This is our EAD or people of Islam. This is one of the rare phrases I learned Islam occurs in the Hadith. We are the people of Islam. And the best and holiest days are the ones we're about to face. We're living them now and then the ninth and the

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10th. And of course, that is one of the reasons why the sacrifice of the old fire is strongly encouraged. And if some of you have not yet made the intention to sacrifice, I encourage you to make it now it's not a problem to make it right now because you need to do it on the day of night or the next two or three days after that. So it's okay to make the new year right now and it is one of the most beloved of good deeds. In fact Allah subhana wa tada references this good deed in multiple suitors in the Koran according to even abass in our clinical co author for son leader of deca one How is the reference to sunlight Salatin read one how to go and sacrifice on the day of read. This

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is even above said for suddenly Rob Baker one How is the reference to read on how to have and to read and to the Salat of the riddle and to the old way of the outhouse and this is a common interpretation and Allah azza wa jal mentions in the Quran, one of the wisdoms of the sacrifice is the guru small law here I'm arasaka hoomin behemoth and and I'm so that they can mention the name of a love over the blessings that Allah has given them with all of these animals with the wealth in other words, Allah has given you wealth. One of the ways we thank Allah is to purchase from our wealth an animal and to sacrifice that animal and to feed the hungry and the poor and ourselves and

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our friends and our families. So dear Muslims, these are the days of read these are the days of read of the people of Islam and read here is not just a time of rejoicing no yes we rejoice. Yes, we are happy Yes, we were our best clothes Yes, we were perfume, but the main concept of read which is mentioned in the Quran, the earth guru smell war here.

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What do you have bit Allah Allah Maha calm, that you may praise Allah because he has guided you will accomplish Quran and so that you may thank Allah subhana wa Tada. The ultimate purpose of read is not just in wearing good and smelling good and looking good. The ultimate purpose of read is to be happy that Allah has guided us to Islam to rejoice, we are al Islam, and there is no blessing that Allah has given us that is more blessing than the blessing of Islam and the purpose of your eat is to remind us of that blessing and to thank Allah subhana wa tada for that blessing May Allah subhana wa tada guide me and you with them through the Quran. And may He make us of those who is versus they

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understand and apply his head and help them throughout our lifespan. I ask Allah forgiveness you as well ask him for his liver for under a human. Yeah, man.

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He can't