Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #24 – Forgiving Others

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hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala Nebia Vida Hammerberg. So tonight being the 25th night it is one of the primary candidates of NATO to Qatar. And so the topic that I have chosen is going to be a slightly more difficult one, because it is a blessing at night it is a night we aim high. So I have delayed some of these topics that should have been done at the beginning. I delayed them to these nights because I want to leave some very juicy and difficult topics of the clock of the movement. So tonight's topic is one that Wallahi it is quintessential to be a movement, and yet it is so difficult and that is to forgive others. One of the characteristics of the movement is awful.

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And wulfrun and Mo Farah, Allah says in the Quran, who the Laffel take the path of forgiveness. Allah says in the Quran, one tafel ACARA Buddha Taqwa. If you forgive, then this is the essence of piety. When Allah tells us to raise to a Jana whose width is greater than the heavens and earth, Allah azza wa jal describes them as saying, Those who give their money in difficult and easy circumstances. And those who control their anger will tell them in the wild, while fina and in us and those who forgive mankind forgiveness when somebody and by the way, forgiveness can only happen when somebody has done a legitimate wrong. If somebody hasn't wronged you, there's nothing to

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forgive. So forgiveness is so difficult, because you actually do have a hack. You have a right that has been taken away, you have a legitimate reason to be angry, there is a legitimate cause that you're irritated, you're frustrated, and at that stage to be the better of the two and to let go of grudges. To not wish ill will to forgive your Muslim brother and sister for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is indeed the essence of piety. Acropolis. taqwa, as Allah says in the Quran, and Allah azza wa jal describes the believers as those who will eat them. I'll hold the Boo home, y'all feel alone, even when they're angry, they are able to forgive. Isn't that a beautiful Quranic

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way of describing the pinnacle of forgiveness? What either Mojave boo, even when they're legitimately angry, somebody has irritated them, somebody has done something that causes them to be angry, even then they can forgive. And Allah azza wa jal allows us to have retribution, as Allah says, What Jessa will say he didn't say to me through her, the compensation of somebody who does wrong, you can do the wrong back to him. Then Allah says that which is that will say yet and say to me through her from an alpha, what a slap for a jewel who Allah, Allah, whoever forgives, and builds the relationship back together, that person, there is no agenda I can say only Allah knows that

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adjure and Allah will give him that adjure so Allah gives us a simple rule. And that rule is if somebody wrongs you, you have the right to do the exact same thing back. If somebody does something nasty mean somebody says something nasty to you, the Sharia allows you that you give the same nastiness. And notice Allah calls it nastiness, which is that will say yeah, it didn't say a tune. Allah doesn't call it good. Just because it's allowed for you to do it doesn't become good. It is still nasty, but it is allowed. You're not going to be held accountable. If somebody insults you, you insult impact the same manner, then you are squared. Back to square zero, you haven't done

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anything that Allah says from an alpha, what a slacker for a judo who Allah Allah, but whoever forgives and then brings that relationship back together again overlooks than that person, his agenda is with Allah subhana wa Taala and the highest form of forgiveness. And the most important form of forgiveness is forgiveness between family members, between spouses between children, and that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us especially disregard in the Quran that Allah says that Oh, you who believe some of your spouse's some of your children they might act as a

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enemies towards you. They might do things or say things that are going to be harmful to you. Then Allah azza wa jal says, But whoever forgives what antiflu or what tell Pharaoh what does follow, if you forgive you overlook you wipe away then indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So the concept of forgiving for the sake of Allah, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us, I swear about three things, he said, I swear about three things. Number one, whoever gives charity, his money will not go down, I swear by it. Number two, whoever humbles himself, Allah will raise him, I swear by it. And number three, whoever forgives Allah will increase his, I swear by it. The Prophet system

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gave us some, whoever forgives, he's not the weaker of the two. Whoever forgives us the stronger of the two, the more is, is the one who forgives. And in the beautiful Hadith and Musa Dima Muhammad, simple Hadith, il Pharaoh youfor lecan You can all memorize it, it will Pharaoh yo Furla come forgive others. Allah will forgive you simple Hadith forgive others, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will forgive you. And when somebody asked me to have been asked to describe the prophets of Allah why they he was setting them he gave a beautiful description is in the Shema elevated MIDI and a phrase in there is that and the Prophet system never took revenge for himself. Rather he would turn

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the other cheek and he would forgive and he would overlook suffer awful Mo Farah This is how our Prophet system was described. In fact, what is the entire Sierra except the default of forgiveness to one's enemies and friends kith and kin? What did he do and thought if he forgave What did he do when he conquered Makkah? He said to the people in hobble go phantom tilaka latter three Bali Kumal, Yom Yom federal law hula calm, this is our prophecy setup. There is no blame on you today, Allah shall forgive all of you. The default is forgiveness. So to forgive for the sake of Allah and dear brothers and sisters understand one point when you forgive, this is not a justification of that

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evil. A lot of people say how can I forgive he did so much wrong to me. No, it's independent. Your forgiveness does not validate the wrong your forgiveness is your internal mechanism to heal, the wrong remains wrong. So please understand, when you forgive, you're not justifying that wrong. You're not overlooking that wrong. It's your own internal mechanism. Because if you don't forgive what you have to have to not forgive, we're gonna talk about this very quickly. You have the hack to not forgive if you don't forgive. In reality, you have kept the wrong in your own heart, and the effects of the wrong will remain within you for as long as you don't forgive. So even non Muslim

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psychologists they say forgiveness is a stepping stone to internal healing. Forgiveness is the stepping stone to your internal healing to coping. It's actually one of the strongest ways to cope with your own trauma with anything that has happened to you an internal forgiveness cleanses your own heart. It's not a justification of that wrong. Now, before we conclude we have to be very, very frank and blunt here. You see the Shetty encourages forgiveness as a default, but number one, it's not wajib and number two, sometimes that default is not encouraged that God doesn't want you to be made a fool out of the shady or does not want tyrants and volumes to continue. They're loyal if

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everybody forgives them. So the Sharia has options for you. So you can take theoretically there's five options. One of them is haram. And that is somebody does it wrong. You do worse wrong back to him. This is haram so if somebody punches you out of Allah you Jani oh the villa killer something is something intentionally right this is you have done more wrong. Okay, this is home and his minor little your greater LOL Now you have to answer to Allah. That's obviously not allowed. Number two, you don't forgive. And you get revenge legitimately from within the confines of the Sharia, which is that will say you didn't say yeah, to me through how somebody insults you, you insult him back,

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somebody hits you, you hit him back, somebody does something wrong. You can't take him to court, you get your hack, or you make dua to Allah and you make dua of them as it is allowed to make dua of them of room. And if you do this, you are in your right now when should you do this Islamically generally speaking, when the person who does so it is understood that they're doing it out of an animosity to Allah and His Messenger, they're doing it and there's no hope for them. They're doing it and they're evil to the core, you know, evil tyrants around the world people they're doing evil to masses of mankind, those people you don't just forgive and forgive because your world is not

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going to work that way. Somebody has to call them to check right and so our profit system made dua against the leaders of the Quran. She didn't forgive them when they threw the carcass of the animal on him and they laughed their heads off when they did that evil thing. Yanni there's a there's a level of dignity that she'll come even in

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and hatred, they lost that dignity. So our Prophet says and raised hands to Allah and said, Oh Allah, I asked you to take care of and he mentioned fallen and fallen and fallen and fallen. And all five of those you mentioned, Battle of button and they were gone. It's allowed. It's you don't you don't turn the other cheek when you're being mastered. Could you say, oh, forgiven it? No, there's hikma. So, this is your and if you're not able to forgive, even if it's not voted for the sake of Islam, somebody has done done for your money, and you are angry at that person, you're allowed to not forgive, make dua against that person is just is you don't feel you don't have to feel bad if

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you're not able to, but try your best. So this is stage number two, you get revenge in a halal manner in this world, stage number three, a bit higher, but still, it's not forgiveness, that is, in this world, you leave their affair, but you say on the Day of Judgment, I shall not forgive you. And in the court of Allah, I will get my ASR back, this has also allowed right, somebody has done volume to you. And you say, You know what, Hollis in this dunya you are free, but I have not forgiven you. And in the court of Allah, I will get my hack from you. And once again, it is job is to do this, it's not wrong to do this. Right. And you are allowed, especially when it comes from a hope and

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evil, you know, person you know, and you know, Allah knows best any I'm also a human being. Sometimes I have done this as well people slander me release evil videos about me complete slander. And I know they know it's a lie, I don't have it in my heart to just forgive when damage has been global. So I say on the Day of Judgment, I'll get my ASAP i This is the way I am. And we're allowed to do this no problem higher than this. So this is level three higher than this, you forgive. But in this dunya you avoid relationship this is good. And there is a God, you forgive but you don't mend because Allah says from an alpha slug, two things you mentioned, you can do awful without a sly. And

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this was also a joke is somebody did a lot of wrong. And this should be done when the person apologizes the bare minimum shoot number four, no, usually when a person expresses regret and remorse, then you are it is most to have to forgive, it is encouraged to forgive. But suppose the harm was so much that you forgive, but you cannot mend the relationship. This too is jazz. And you have some adjure because you have forgiven and by the way, and again so that we understand our show, they are so beautiful, there is a spectrum and we have to find a place within that spectrum. Even the Profit System and wishy washy, you know who actually is why she killed who Hamza or the Allah

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one, the process and forgave. But he was never close to why she human being what you did to my uncle. I can't I can't forget it. So the process and forgave but he said to washi Don't be close, be in the back of the audience why she would always have to be there. It's hilarious, permissible, the trauma was too much. And the process of never had a strong relationship with this individual because of the crime he had done even though he had forgiven him SubhanAllah. So again, why am I telling you all this? Because sometimes preachers speak in theoretical, we are not angels. Sometimes the trauma is so hard that we cannot forgive. And I want to tell you, it's halal. To not forgive perfectly. You

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can forgive partially like washy. This is a partial forgiveness. It's good, you get a job, and no problem. The highest level from an Alpha was Lucha. And we can do this and we should try to do this, especially with family and friends. And especially if they have apologized and expressed regret. This is now the most difficult thing to do that you forgive and you forget what they have done and you mend the relationship back and you continue as if noval has happened from an alpha or Slava for Judo who either Allah Allah will give him the budget. Again, much can be said time is always tight. Please look up the story of Abu Bakr Siddiq and his cousin son missa. Look it up Mr. Hat did what he

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did miss lie spread the slander or oval biller and then he apologized. But Abu Bakr said Wallahi I'm never going to help you again. And you cut off all ties. He apologized. He expressed regret I will look at had the hack to cut off Allah revealed in the Quran. Don't use the name of Allah, to say that you're not going to give sadaqa to your relatives and to a Mahajan and to a person who attended by that as well, by the way, right? And to a mosquito At what age if he said well, yeah, full well yes, Pharaoh, forgive and turn over a new leaf. Don't you want Allah to forgive you? This is the essence of volume. He spread slander about his own daughter of workers daughter actually Allah

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Whina. Yet Allah said, Forgive, overlook, so aboubaker So they said yes, I want Allah to forgive me. Then he made a custom Wallah he as long as I'm alive mister who will get every month charity from me and he has established religions back to him. If Abu Bakr

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So the UK can forgive somebody who slandered our mother I issued the Allahu anha surely me and you can forgive whatever has happened in our lives when our relatives come our friends come and ask for forgiveness. Bottom line. Whoever wants to be forgiven by a law should forgive others to Hey buena and yellowfin Allahu Allah who is who you will further forgive others Allah will forgive you Allahumma indica for one to hit bull alpha for an Allah is Allah foo. He loves to forgive, when we forgive, Allah will forgive us So may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us the wisdom to trigger give when forgiveness is better and the wisdom to not forgive and make dua when that is better. May Allah

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Allah was to have pure hearts may Allah subhana wa Taala was always to be the better of the two in any engagement and relationship may Allah make us the best of believers and inshallah will continue tomorrow Santa Monica when I went to live with a cat you

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