Muhammad Alshareef – Wonder Woman, You Are Not

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the responsibility of individuals to care for others' health and social security, including COVID-19. They stress the importance of participating in community events and avoiding justifying actions. The speakers also emphasize the need for everyone to do things for others and ask for forgiveness in a day more than 100. They end with a recommendation to not forget to do things for others and to ask for forgiveness in a day more than 100.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you doing tuning in say Sudan where you from? We'll get started in like seven minutes. The riddle for today is

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what fills a room but takes no space?

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What fills a room but takes no space? Jason I'm where you're from.

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What fills a room but takes no space?

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Being a purveyor of Atacama Sadam

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what fills Dr. calsoft from Muscat

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takes your space

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Pamela Azim Sharif. I like Messina Sarah has tuned in in Spain Arctic masala

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What is wrong with this thing?

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My keyboard is not working

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but is not good. Maybe wants me to focus on up

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it's trying

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its keyboard since charging.

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However in the Maldives, radical Muslim have the radical Muslim phase and Dallas radical Muslim the singer in Cairo radical Muslim. I was going to put Superman for today's speech, but I figured there's going to be a lot of sisters here so I put Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman Yes. My battle Alec masam. Christine Farah Tamimi light the answer to the riddle light what fills a room but takes no space

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this is a new

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this is a new keyboard I upgraded my software and now it's doing weird things

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we are gonna get started in five minutes inshallah Tada like Mr. Nam

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my melodic Muslim

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Islam says the thing about Wonder Woman caught her attention Yes, I know my target audience

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what fills a room but takes no space. Some people say oxygen some people saying air some people saying this is marriage or even some algebra Yen It's like Manhattan. There'd be a hat and NASA I think Muslim of Charmin through radical Muslims Murabbi in Abu Dhabi, radical Muslim Salahuddin or like Mr. Lamb.

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We'll get started in four minutes.

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Massa in the UK, Radek Messina, the singer says Wonder Woman caught her attention

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for the person who asked him about faith essentials, it's not up to me. I don't think those decisions

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as the adult I knew Alec masam

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deuteron our best friend in Winnipeg, in durante

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NAS in London on ACHEMA. Sadam Zaha suggested in Pakistan, Radek Muslim, deja odic Muslim

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the answer to the riddle for those of you waiting for the answer to the riddle is, I guess, a couple of things could look could

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could satisfy the answer. The answer is light. The answer is light.

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What fills a room but takes no space?

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Answer is light. We'll get started in three minutes. Anybody got a question from previous sessions?

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While we're waiting

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is an alchemist Mina from Ottawa MSFD de France or Canada. What does that mean Ambassador de de France? The Are you the French ambassador?

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Oh, Canada. I never learned French it's really bad Canadian. never learned French. Those Winnipeggers they never taught me

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By the year in Nigeria Atacama Salam Shadowfall why are they going to Salam I mean it Annika Messina

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sometime it says can you give a shout out to my four year old Musa A Salam aleikum Musa ibn soltana How are you? We will get started in two minutes

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Seema Alikum Asana Mariam says that's the embassy

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embassy de France Ambassador of France or Canada

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you know, I was trying to search something but oh my keyboard is working now.

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Is it Yes, I want to find something before I start the story of Atlas

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carrying weight on his shoulders. What do you think the story is? We're gonna get started for those of you tuning in we're going to start in two minutes

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that's weird

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kind of miss messed up

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my bad says Can we get a shout out to ESA and hosts now who are currently listening to you so Andy Grayson has no

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and yes, Mina says seems like I tagged my embassy I will correct that. No problem

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we're gonna get started in 30 seconds. It's funny we actually had a higher number but I think I've been waiting and then they're like, hey, look, if you're not gonna start we're just gonna go something like don't go I'll start

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Bon Jovi Bonjour de France or Canada

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Sudan to slay man see my son Salah man. Right. The time is started his

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let's begin.

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Take one. I said I'm on a delay but I can do Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while earlier sabe Malala. And my bad Gu

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Good Morning Vietnam. How's everybody doing? Sokoloff? Hayden, it's Friday. So

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growing up, when we would watch superhero, cartoons, movies, stuff like that. The main theme of the story was one person, one human being

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who's responsible for saving the entire world, right? So think Superman, the whole world is like crumbling, global warming and all of these things. And then Superman, you know, gets so mad and then he reverses the earth. Like he spins super fast around the earth. And luckily he did that because everything went backwards and he was able to save everything. That's the story of Superman. Then you got Wonder Woman a lot of you said you tuned in

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a lot of you tuned in because I put Wonder Woman Wonder Woman the same case. One woman everything on her shoulders. It's her responsibility. If she saves the world she saves it if she doesn't, she doesn't.

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recent times, I think they started No, it's not up to one person is up to four people. Fantastic for something like that. Right? Or then nowadays, I think Avengers went and like say no, everybody needs to participate in this. Anyways, the point that I want to make today in sha Allah Tala is that the world does not revolve around you. The world does not revolve around you say one more time exactly like that. The world does not revolve around you. Now what do I mean by this? And how can this help you? So when the prophets have a lot of salams son died, his son Ibrahim, and that day there was a Eclipse

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believe it was a was a solar eclipse. So the people started saying the people started saying that the sun eclipsed because of the death of Ibrahim, the prophets of Allah they some sun and even though the prophets of Allah they said I'm was in great pain and greed, sadness, and it's a very,

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you know, a painful day for the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he still told the believers and told the Muslims in a Shem soil camera I attacked him in it

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Law that this, the the sun and the moon are signs from the signs of Allah subhana data, they do not Eclipse for the life of any of you and they do not for the life or death of any one of you, meaning that if something happens and then all of a sudden this is actually another. Another thing you find in typical in typical pop culture is that whenever somebody says something in a TV show, then there's lightning outside. So somebody say, Hey, did you take the cookie? And the person says, No, I didn't take the cookie. And then all of a sudden you hear this thunderclap go.

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And everyone's like, Oh, you must be lying. Look, the thunderclap had nothing to do with what you just said, this is human beings. This is human beings and how they think that the elements and the things outside of us are is like it's all me, it's all my responsibility and inshallah Tada today, I would like to share with you that the world does not revolve around you. So

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how to benefit from this concept? When I'm seen people you know, you might be in I try to I try to think of some nowhere place. So I don't want to mention any specific locations be so people won't get offended, but I'll call it nowhere Minnesota. Okay, for all the Minnesota is out here, nowhere in Minnesota. It's nowhere in Minnesota, there is a small messages where an imam who was a little bit, you know, kind of like not not clued up starts telling people in nowhere Minnesota, that the whole world, the whole world and everything that's happening to it is because of them. And because maybe there's some political issue that they didn't subscribe to, or maybe they voted for the wrong

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person or whatever. So the people in nowhere Minnesota think the whole world is under all this isolation and all this pandemic because of nowhere Minnesota? And the answer is you need to humble yourself and understand that you're not that important. You're not that important. And the weight of the world doesn't need to be on your shoulders. The weight of the world does not meet. It's not your responsibility. And and it's not because of you. So like you know newsflash breaking news. It's not because of you. It's not your responsibility. We all have things that we're responsible for, for sure. And the problem is when we think about these bigger issues, and we carry such heavy weights,

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we actually neglect the things that we are responsible for, such as raising our children and being loving and doing Toba to Allah subhanaw taala and praying to Allah azza wa jal and making our dogs and living a good life. It Lavina Amendola Arman Assadi Hi, because we start getting involved with all this I'm Wonder Woman, I'm Superman, the whole world is my responsibility.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, a verse that you know when you think that everything is your responsibility,

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I like this. Okay, I need to pin this one.

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Latif is saying that that's me. I thought the Corrado Coronavirus was my doing like all you right? How many people do you even have on Instagram? Why is your Coronavirus your responsibility?

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Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, we're in touch on one language study them Coleman muglia Welcome to Medallia Kuno

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Allah subhanaw taala says in this verse that if you turn your backs, your stepdaughter, calm and a lot of Mala will replace you with somebody else, and they will not be like you. And and this idea of Dawa sometimes I used to think you know, growing up like it's all my responsibility and you know if this if I don't do it, it'll never happen. And I realized that no, it's not me. We're just passengers on a train and Allah subhanaw taala is driving this train. You don't want to drive you want to be in the front cars of the train Fine, go to the back cars, somebody else will step forward and take take take the reins and start taking respond to actually take their award. It's gonna get

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done one way or the other because this is Allah subhanaw taala as dean, but it's just how much participation are you going to be in? It doesn't go around you.

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So when I was growing up in Winnipeg, which is kind of like nothing, nowhere Manitoba

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growing up in nowhere, Manitoba in the 80s, they built a masjid.

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They built a masjid in the 80s. And my father hamdulillah was participate in building the first message in that city in Winnipeg.

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And you know, it'd be like February time and nobody would show up for some up people weren't going to the masjid. And then in the 80s, if you remember back, you know, there was this problem with Libya, you know, back to the future. The

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terrorist back in those days were the Libyans and in the 80s and Olivia sent a lot of students to study in Winnipeg. And these students mashallah they weren't very religious when they came to Canada, but Subhanallah they came, they met my father. They were asking about hey, you know, where's the bar? And my father is like, you know what, let me show you where the masjid is. And you know, he took them to the masjid and they actually took their stipend, their students stipend and, and live near the masjid and they opened the masjid and prayed in it. Five prayers a day. I remember growing up in Winnipeg, I would like come after school, and there'd be nobody in the masjid for awesome. And

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there would be this one Libyan brother that I would watch. He would come to the masjid for us or prayer, open the masjid Savior then say the Acoma pray by himself, and then go home. And I used to say to my eyes to think like just a little kid, I'm like, why don't if you're gonna pray by yourself? Why don't you just pray at home, but He's establishing the Salah in the masjid. And then later on, as I grew up, I realized people across the street from the masjid who are nearby, didn't pray in the masjid. But Allah subhanaw taala brought people from other side of the world to Winnipeg to establish the salah. Meaning that it's Your Honor, if you participate in the things that you're

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responsible for, then it's your honor, honor to participate, but if you don't, then Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need you. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need you all of this Coronavirus is not you, okay? And it doesn't revolve around you. All we are here to do is focus on our responsibilities and do our Toba to Allah subhanaw taala of what's in our control and to emphasize the point about Allah doesn't need our worship look at them and Sajid now look at you know, the cabin and mission never we and and they're empty. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need us. We need Allah azza wa jal we need these massages. We need this Dean. The dean will go on with us or without us. The world doesn't revolve

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around us and we're very small. And we're only big in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala with our Taqwa with our Toba with our Salah. So don't forget to do that humble yourself Coronavirus is not you, the world doesn't go doesn't revolve around you.

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You're not that important, but your importance comes in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala with your Toba to Allah your Tuckwell, your righteousness, your actions, even if nobody understood. Nobody sees what you do and nobody understands or even if you don't have a large Instagram following or anything like that, it is your a bed and your tuck law that will raise you in ranks with Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what we all need now. And so to give you one final recommendation, it's something we spoke about earlier in when we started doing these community huddles

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but I'll share it with you again right now and that is don't forget to do is still far every day. 100 times the Prophet said a lot as Adam said to will it Allah who was still futile. Repent to Allah and ask Allah for forgiveness for ini a tubal filial Mumia Tamara For verily I repent to Allah and ask for forgiveness in a day more than 100 times.

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And so that's from the sin of the prophesy center that we're always doing stuff of stuff for Allah stuff for Allah stuff for Allah stuff should be on our on our tongues. Allah subhanaw taala speaks in the Quran. I don't like this talk about punishment, not punishment, but undoubtedly we're being tested. Undoubtedly, we're being tested. And Allah subhanaw taala says don't they see that a fitna comes upon them in a year once or twice the Minaya to Bono allow me and the Quran. And even though that fitna comes to them, still they do not repent to Allah and they don't remember. And so what is asked of us regardless of what is the intention of Allah Spano Tata, what is asked of because we

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don't know what was asked of us is when a fitna comes in child comes, we repent to Allah subhanaw taala and do his stuff fall. We do his stuff thought and we remember we do Toba and that's what's required of us the weight of the world is not on your shoulder, do what you can do. And that's it.

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And I'm done.

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Zack Allah Hi, Anna.

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We're finished.

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Your mammas questions is what's your opinion on the masajid that that chose to stay open in this time? So I'll

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I'll tell you it was actually a you might have heard me say the CMM and other things is I don't concern myself on issues where I'm not consulted. Like I'm not concerned like that message or that status.

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Open they're not going to ask me. What's my opinion? And me giving my opinion isn't? It's just an academic discussion. Now if I was in a city and I'm part of a board that's advising the masjid and I would tell them, hey, you need to close your message. Yes. But just busying ourselves with the academic discussions about should semester close or should around, like I said, focus on what's in your control, if everybody just focused on that things would be great.

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Law tallada.

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But yeah, I think they should be close.

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And where am I from? I'm originally Egyptian, ethnically Egyptian. I'm Canadian, ethnically Egyptian.

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Well, how can

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alright guys, take care.

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Have fun? Oh, yes, tomorrow inshallah Donna. Tomorrow in sha Allah is our our mental health summit. And we've been planning this from before from before all of this went down, and hamdulillah all the speakers we have shifted to focus directly on how to deal with anxiety during isolation, how to deal with stress, how to deal with hope, how to build community, how to what are tools to master your emotions, and show that data our summit is starting? Actually, it's starting tomorrow I was gonna say the exact number of hours that it's going to start but I don't recall at this moment, but it's starting tomorrow inshallah Tada. So discover you is the website discover and then you the letter

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and then dot

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online, I will type it for you. So you can go there right now and you can register and register is

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registration is open to it's like pay whatever you want registration. So want to come. You want to pay a million dollars Hamdulillah you want to pay nothing? hamdulillah go for it. You decide. Just join us in sha Allah

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discover you dot online that is the website. Okay, so now what I'm going to log in

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Yes, this minute says tomorrow it starts at 10am Eastern time.

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I come along

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Santa Monica Alaikum.

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