Don’t compare Tawaaf to a washing machine!

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The transcript describes a conversation between two speakers discussing the circumambulation of the Kaaba and how one person believes that they are getting cleansed. They discuss how the circumambulation of the Kaaba is related to a washing machine and how it keeps going round and cleans the whites. They also mention that the culture of the Kaaba is based on people's experiences and not just on a specific time.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah my brothers and sisters, I heard something strange. I'm hearing maca. And it was something that was funny. And at the same time, it was looking at things from a different angle, I guess. One guy was trying to explain to people how

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you get cleansed, here in Makkah, you and I know that when we are engaging in or fulfilling what is known as the minor pilgrimage, we circumambulate the Kaaba, and we go around it seven times, in an anti clockwise direction. And so this young man was explaining to someone saying that you get cleansed, and yes, you do get cleansed. And he was saying it's exactly like a laundry when you have a washing machine and you put your clothes into this washing machine goes round. And as it goes round, it becomes cleaner and cleaner and cleaner. Now, I do appreciate what he's trying to say that you circumambulate the Kaaba, and you're getting cleanse in that sense. But the example Come on,

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guys, come on, guys, we can't say that it's just like a washing machine because it's not.

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And a washing machine keeps going round. And every time it goes round, it keeps cleansing the whites they become whiter, and your clothes become cleaner. And subhanAllah the the the more it is washed, the better. It comes out. Well, the more pilgrimages you fulfill, as in minor pilgrimages, the Umrah or the Hajj, you definitely become cleansed, and the more tawaf that you make, you definitely are achieving a reward and earning the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa taala. But to equate the two I'd rather stick to that which a Prophet SAW Salem has taught us. So well done to the guy to when he was trying to explain it did. He did do it in his own way. We're just a small little correction to say,

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I don't think it's wise to equate the circumambulation of the Kaaba with

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a laundromat or with a washing machine now Allah subhanho wa Taala give us ease. frontals goodness and acceptance is Akuma Lafayette Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah