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Mohammad Elshinawy
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I can hardly

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hear you

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who voted and Sydney

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after crystallizer legit, and asked me to send his finest Peace and blessings

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and aligning ourselves with you with a tough call of love to be conscious as

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best as he possibly can. Especially when we

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arrived at the store the tug of war that has begun to crumble.

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We begin

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by seeing this.

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And coming to the fore and knowing what you're supposed to walk away with is extremely important.

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And allow him to go and turn the lights on for you. prerequisite Is there a requirement for you to actually get illuminated by the smoke

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at the end of the show,

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even the process of above.

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Thus, by revealing this to and this fashion, and those we have inspired reveal to you a lot

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from our commencement

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address for the spirit for a very obvious reason it gives life gives life to our hearts, which gives life to the world as it continues to be.

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And then a lot of identity you see.

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you own a lot longer I

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did not know you had no idea. You didn't say

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you don't know what the book was.

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You did not have the slightest idea what those words mean you could never have come across it never came across anything like if you've ever had the ability on your own, to come across guidance this perfect is complete this.

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You had no idea what the book was whether it

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was even.

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And this is huge to recognize that even the poorest parts of our life.

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The curious mind is the mind and the body

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before us

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into our world

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we had no access to

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and you think about that.

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He realized something's wrong.

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And the most he could do as a human being was to separate himself from the world and into editing himself into bullshitting however he knew how the way that is possible from the remnants of our Abrahamic story. He went into a cave, the Cave of Iraq, and he continued to just appeal to allow for guidance. So he did not know exactly who he was looking for. He knew what he was running from. He knew that a lot some kind of added value to the actual content sources. And

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he could not get himself writing songs. It was never never shared with the people. He just said the best I can do is separate from the people separate from their sentence. And then I'm alive. So it just sets up for an treat everything possible shows me this is what you're looking for. This is actually what you need. You see human beings don't even know what they need. They may know they're looking for something that they find it then they realized what I was looking for to continue looking until they actually discover it unless guidance and this is

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the most pernicious

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Many people until today, the lights don't get turned on for them personally find themselves.

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There are so many people out there that see themselves and see, it's important to be nice

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to everybody

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until the end came to them, it's gotten them to realize that ice cream. And we're looking at the one that it's

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mandatory to be nice. I'm ignoring the one that I insisted Sue, I'm disregarding them in my life.

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realized in silicone and dry, you know, even the people that work there, it's very interesting how much the company sells its audio to our bodies when it's first released, they use associated partners with him, because they didn't realize they needed our restoration, almost three years to go live, to realize how big of a crime that is to equal him with anyone. And then other people without the exact opposite. They see that being good with God.

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ritual worship with this kind of the third, and they don't realize

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how big of a crime it is. to hurt the illustration.

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To be oppressive to people, you're permitted to die. These are, these are nice leaves. So how can you come off thinking you're close to him without that

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theme is brought the province of Ontario and brought to the world. through the slides were all the dark corners can be SLOs, where you can realize what it really looks like to live a life like that you couldn't get on your own even if you were genuinely even if it were the province of a love Adi consider themselves

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and construct that preferred equilibrium for us between, for example, the rights of a qualified example. And the rights

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to the

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And the dedication that is required the amount of on

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the same way we're supposed to be dedicated, so much more efficient. We're supposed to be just as dedicated to serving the poor and feeding them. Those sorts of facts in the feed the facts and the recitation of Scripture and the surface of humanity. When you think about

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the use

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of the ice in solitude, to worship, even there are a lot of audio and send them to ZV mcfd, Hydra TFV, for me to work out in theater healings of my brother, he completed his need for him, I fulfilled that entirely. I have the latest theory to read that to make exocraft. And this is a mindset

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for every single prayers.

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Together, which is a great act of worship, right, selling a business is great. He said for an entire month.

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That's how you have medicine and we love it.

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And listen to this final iteration about this issue that

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broke the world and we need to become once again a reflection of that to revise

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that will

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become the most generous which is more recognizing, recognizing

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that's the reason why he was generous.

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Because he recited the most what

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they are they have to be in parallel, or else something is gravely wrong. So if you're not

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in the masjid, and we saw a man with sadness on his face, and

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he said, You know, I don't have the money to pay back the debt. Should I speak to him for you? Notice he didn't say?

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He said No, there's nothing that I could go and speak to the guy to give

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some best practice

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Lobo you don't know what to do. You're there to get your act together.

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He said, Yes, sir, in the back towards the message. And he said I remember from the companion of history that occupy your history.

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He said the narrator says and he kind of bless his eyes welled up with tears and he said,

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it wasn't very long ago.

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That for us to walk out into the service of our brothers, it is better for us than to make after

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two years, though for every day of our lives, mobile devices such and such

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There's something also very beautiful about the end of the sky, a must as we make this for life by which we die, whatever we wish of our slaves that he meant.

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But then all of a sudden, somebody should get your attention if we're paying attention.

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It also open a new study, and you

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certainly guide to the straight path.

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There's something a little bit off here, from our expectations.

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We got it.

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And then the law says you've got to the Street Fighter. So who is the one that I never noticed before what the I

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have heard past study that there's two types of guidance, but I never,

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never, never caught my attention before. Only a lot of them get someone to embrace this guidance. That's one type of guidance.

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But the prophets of the love where it offers the guidance of convenience of sharing of teaching, that's why it says at the end of this, and you guide people, lo and behold, God assumed that that kind of like a phrase we have in English, that expression, you can take your horse to water, you can't make them drink the problems offer them as a guide to the path as to actually adopt the path that is only for a while, so that you show them the glory of this theme, the perfect nature of this theme. And to be very honest, and be extra honest. That is what I believe

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that this message becomes a place where people recognize the greatness to see. And that in all aspects considered, involves the equilibrium, observes the religious structure and serves that the humanitarian front that we have to bring people in as measured by every measure. So that as you said earlier, they realize, Oh, this is what I was looking for I was even knowing that I was looking for this delay actually landed up.

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And that is something that requires the full package to be available to be assisting people to come in. So finding out will they actually be more than the solidarity and maybe even be the financial assistance and the sense of community, they need something bigger, they need something that can substitute

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for longer and better than all of that

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may or may not make us like a reference

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guide to the street. In the fullest sense of the word show people the comprehensive nature of this theme that serves humanity on every front

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at least by the last minute.

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Sunday, a lot of my eldest

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has even his he had a wife

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a mother

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of 370 a month.

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Model must work out someone saw a model when Rocky

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Mountain in

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the Silicon Valley put this into a survey the ETFs are the ones that get the fee data.

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What the *

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