I Hate My Parents

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On this episode: What do you do when you feel disappointed in something your parents did?

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Have your parents ever done something to make you hate them? You're watching hashtag with sad.

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So one of the questions I get quite often is that a person says to me that they grew up loving and adoring their parents, but they recently found out their parent does something, perhaps a sin that caused them to have feelings of hatred towards them. Now, first of all, there's certain things that I'm not talking about in this video. That's the exception, certain cases where that hate may be warranted and requires action cases of abuse, physical or sexual abuse. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about when a parent commits a sin, they do something that lowers them in our eyes. So what do we do? Look, we have to focus on their goodness. And remember that we

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all make mistakes, we all commit sins, and if our life was exposed, and we were put under the microscope, people would see all types of things about us. And many people would hate us and try to sympathize with your parents. I know you're not a parent, but one day inshallah Tada, you may be a parent, and imagine that your child catches you doing something or they see a sin from you, would you want them to turn from loving you to hating you because of this one sin? Obviously not. So looking past the faults of our parents, focusing on the goodness in our parents, because you know what? Our parents have made a lot of sacrifices. And if we just paid attention to all the goodness

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that they have in them and all the sacrifices that they've made, we would be eternally grateful to our parents. From the very birth our parents make so many sacrifices and this is what last panel to Allah after ordering us to worship Him. The next thing Allah orders us with is to be good to our parents well called autoboca and taboo in La Jolla. Were below a Santa that your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Allah, and then you'd be good to your parents. And the scholars mentioned how the proximity of the to issues shows us the importance of being good to our parents, despite their flaws. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Until next time in sha Allah, Allah, a Sarah Marie

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