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To begin after welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah zildjian. Allah, the mighty and majestic says, Well,

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we have certainly honored the human being.

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We have certainly honored the children of Adam. And allows the agenda has honored the children of Adam in so many ways

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that he created them with his own two hands.

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And he created them standing upright, their faces aren't in the ground. And he created them with hands so they get the food to their faces not have to lower their faces to the ground. And he created them with a very unique, very special spirit that he created for them. And in so many other ways, but the greatest way Allah has ever honored the human beings which eclipses everything else, every other form of prestige, every other privilege Allah gave us is that he enabled us he gave us the opportunity to connect with him is kind of odd. Because if you think about it, how does that even work? Like logically speaking, how does a tiny, temporary, limited, we flawed human being which

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we are

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ever connect on any level, or understand on any level, or have a relationship on any level, with a God that is so mighty, and so magnificent, and infinite and majestic, and perfect and flawless? How does that even worse, it's a pure gift from him. Nothing you could ever fully understand nothing you could ever fully calculate.

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That's why For example, when a lazos isn't well upon the assignment for any victory, we made the Quran easy to be remembered to be recited to be rehearsed, epi best,

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great companion cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he commented at that point and he said, Lola and yes sir hula hula de sang, let me miss the

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word not for the fact that Allah deliberately, intentionally easy facilitated a to be repeated on the tongues of the children of Adam. No one of the creation would ever be able to repeat, to reproduce the words of the Creator, how does that even work? out? Does that make sense?

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You would be Mind blown if you heard an animal. Repeat the words of the human beings and these are two creatures. These are all creations. So how does the creation which cannot compare, ever repeat the words of the Creator, never met with my father in law, pure bounty favor from him. And so those that understood the value of this opportunity, and capitalize on it, the chance to get near to Allah and have a relationship with Allah, like the prophets of God, and the pious, who tried to follow in the footsteps of the profits. These people live truly special lives. They found themselves in a different world, a different atmosphere, where they were head over heels in love with Allah.

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And they could not resist, they could not resist adoring him. And they were willing to sacrifice anything found it easy to sacrifice anything that it took whatever it took, whatever the cost was, to please Him to kind of hold on

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to such a point that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes it even says, Only Allah He levena either whoo whoo Kira, la mujer, eila taala, those nearest servants of God, those who took the opportunity to get close, those nearest servants of God are those whom when they are seen by others, and they're seeing a lot of the Most High is remember, like their lives revolve around the love that if you would see them at any given moment, whether they're speaking or they're silent, they're acting or they're restraining themselves from action. It's all for Allah By Allah, Allah, they would remind you about the laws

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because they tasted what it's like, and to the refuse to exchange this for anything. You know, every single one of us knows what I'm talking about. We've all experienced this on one occasion or another, maybe a spiritual energizing moment you hear in a football or in Ramadan at some moment, any man Hi, and you man, this they call it when your faith is just revitalized. But what I'm saying is there are people who live there who live at that station. And I'm not saying that because I know because I live, but because I believe a lie surgeon and he showed us how some of the prophets lived there. For example, you know the story of units and he said, it's always worth mentioning here,

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Eunice Allah He says, no story, but how how? Explain to me how you get thrown off of a boat in the middle of an ocean get swallowed by a whale. That one

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Just people with you into the ocean. And in that chaos in that trauma, in that terror, you are collected enough to say, La Ilaha, Illa and sapan in the country when

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no one is worthy of being recognized not even in this moment, but you glorified you all

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he recognized that was glory and how you know glorified you are here with me in one United States have had a lot means glorify this a lot above any imperfection. So what would be the imperfection at this moment? glorified, you are all above and upon what's going on right now. glorified, you're not hearing me right now. glorified, you are above holding grudges and not forgiving me the way human beings hold grudges. glorified, you are breaking your promises when you promise that no matter how many times we fail, you're still going to accept our redemption except our apologies except our repentance and our tailbone. He has it in him. This is a gift from Allah

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that He worked for. And so Allah azza wa jal inculcated in him in niku. To me, nobody was me, I messed up, it was my fault.

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Or the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa do send in slack Muslim

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says, I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't fight the next day he was gone. And so I stretched my hands in the dark looking for him until my hands finally landed on his heels while they're erected, because he's Institute he's in frustration. And he's saying Allahumma inni will be kabiri or obiri. Block I mean, suffering will be more emphatic. I mean,

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what are you becoming less safe Anna and Ali, enter combat athletes and NFC. Oh Allah, I seek refuge in your pleasure, from your anger.

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And in your forgiveness, your pardon from your punishment.

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And I seek refuge shelter protection in you from you. How beautiful is that? Because his life revolves around him. I seek refuge in You from you. Then he says, I cannot count lis calculate the praise the flattery, the compliments,

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the attestations of perfection. I cannot enumerate the praise for you, you are as an appraiser yourself. So I said this is the point of reference Really? From the contrast? I had that moment she said, the abbey enta omiana sort of law lands efficient in what an efficient enough? me my mother and my father be ransom through an expression the Arabs would use this to say basically, may I be given a chance or an opportunity to show you how much you mean to me that I would trade off my parents just to keep me This is an expression of great veneration. She's saying me my mother and my father be ransom through Yellowstone, a lot of you are somewhere like you're in the middle of

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something. And I'm in the middle of something completely different.

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Like I'm getting up in the middle of the night, concerned, worried about where my husband is, and you're losing sleep over concern of what my station with Allah is? Is it still there? Can I climb higher? Is it in jeopardy, you're somewhere and I am somewhere completely different. You know those scenes now compare them with where we are, we're many times we get duped, we slip into not having an keeping Allah in the center of our life. But we become the center of our own lives, like we become self centered, where we start believing the world revolves around us. This like exaggerated sense of individualism, excessive individualism, or egotism where people think their lives are bigger than

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life itself. You know, long time ago used to be a mental disorder for you to think that you're like your life is bigger than life. But now, because everyone sort of like is, is showing signs of this kind of stuff, seeing it as a disorder, narcissism

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or peace, people need to know what I'm doing right now. status updates. People need to know what I'm eating right now. So I have to take a picture and upload it to the world as if the world cares. And then ask yourself is our life like better now that we do this that we become the center of our lives? Is life sweeter? Life nicer is life better?

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You know, many times one brother said.

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He said we even look at each other. And we're jealous of each other. And we don't realize that we're all faking it on each other. Like I look at this vacation picture on social media. Oh, I wish my marriage was this sweet. And then I find out three, four weeks later, Three, Four months later, Three, Four years later, status update. They've been divorced. See what like I lost sleep.

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Worrying about like, why can't I be like you guns? And then you see, you're supposed to stop and say, wait a minute, who's really happy now? Who's fulfilled nowadays, when we became so self centered, we've given up on trying to be happy. So many of us have lost hope on trying to be happy. And we've settled with convincing other people that we're happy. That's it.

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That's the best case scenario and many, many of us if that reality of ours does not show us remind us of the value, the priceless pneus of Allah telling you one more follow up to genuine insane Dabba doo. I didn't create the humans or the gym except

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to serve me. Not because I have any need. No, he's telling you that you have any. Allah is not just listening for you as an empty exercise of power.

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that these are your obligations, you must serve me night and day. He's telling you, this is how you were created. This is how you function. If you try to serve any other cause, you will not function you will be dysfunctional, you will be miserable. You will be unfulfilled.

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Just like the other Iowa surgeon says, Allah Devi green light, blue, certainly it is in the remembrance of Allah that the hearts find inner peace the hearts find dress.

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We don't say that the hearts find dress, in the remembrance of Allah in the plant doesn't exist. The Quran says in the remembrance of Allah to the heart's fine dress is different. The difference is what if you say the hearts crying dressed in the remembrance of Allah

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that could be the beginning of a list in the remembrance of Allah Kama and also in reputation and also in vanquishing people in arguments and also in money. And also in women and also in men. And also in fainting and also in food Benji, it could be the beginning of these also give us but what I was gonna say in the remember meaning only in the remembrance of Allah living a life mindful of God the way you were created to live. That is where you will find tranquility that is everything else is just a wild goose chase everything else is all a scam. You sell yourself a lie you need to get upset that you believe

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Hola Hola.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala nabina

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Muhammad Abu whenever you

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inshallah this evening.

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Semi related there will be a talking shop left

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at 737 at seven o'clock on

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another angle of dealing with a godless lifestyle,

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the atheistic worldview. So be with us and ChildLine. Bring your families. But what I wish to say to conclude the whole debacle is that a lot so agenda reassured us through His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that in the past the for this woman, and also in this room, they will constantly be people that understand the value of this greatest gift and act on

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it's a standing offer a standing opportunity, it is never too late so long as you're breathing,

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to accept this lambs proposition of the goodly life, the sweetness of life,

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and then becoming an asset for the rest of the world. Because you will not save the world from drowning until you learn how to swim

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until you become purposeful.

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And then thirdly, even at the end of your life, if you accept the proposition, even your death, then will be nothing but an upgrade in your relationship with a lot so kind of went out.

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And I'll give you two examples of this and close the whole flow.

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The first of them is Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as reported by 11 said

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that there used to be a man among the nations before you Who said I will certainly give us a hug tonight in private in the dark seeing and so he went out and he gave some thought. And you heard rumors in the morning that he had Allah said someone was giving sadaqa last night to a thief. Like some guys out and about robbing people. And this person put money in his hands voluntarily walked away.

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So the man said,

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I'm gonna give another shot.

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And you need to also stop here and reflect. If this was years ago, you wouldn't have to repay years ago. Because Allah does not obligate you to know all things only Allah knows all things, you're obligated to do your due diligence to do your best to assess and if you find out later that your assessment was wrong

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Let's say you did your part, you're fine. But he wanted to show a lot how bad you wanted to please Him. how bad he wanted to connect with you.

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So he a second night he goes and he gives another charity and it's another misfire. He hears the people in the morning saying,

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someone gave charity last night to a prostitute, a woman going out and about in the night, selling her body for honor for money.

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And he gave her money, and he didn't get any service became like a joke in the town. Like Who's this fool? He said?

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I'm going to give another charity tonight. And it's as if Allah azza wa jal was destiny, his lack of discernment, his inability to identify the rightful recipients for a greater wisdom.

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And he goes and gives again, another charity, and he hears the people in the morning See,

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someone gave charity last night.

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To a richer person. Someone gave money to someone who has more money than them came like up again amacher said hamdu lillahi Allah.

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The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam says and then Allah reassured him with a dream.

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And we Muslims believe that dreams are reassurance we are not prophets, dreams, a revelation for the prophets. We don't get that religion from dreams, prophets.

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reassurance we got the reassurance that his dream

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I heard the voice See, your charity has certainly been accepted in the heavens, Allah has lifted it into acceptance.

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And perhaps the thief, and perhaps the prostitute will stop their ways. Because you know, many times people do hold on things because they think they have to earn our income, they have no other options. So once they're

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landing a holiday option, they stop

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and ask for the rich person, perhaps you will become

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more generous.

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Maybe it will remind you that back then when he had less use to give more, maybe he'll feel guilty that someone has less than him is giving more.

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And so what happened?

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Number one, this man was so sincere and trying to connect with a law that he tried to keep it secret so that he's not doing it for multiple, we're alive for some phrase, he tried to keep it secret. So Allah made it a point made it a point

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that everybody hear about. The prophet SAW, send them this and told this, about this incident. And this man here in the hood, but 1400 years later, I'm repeating that he's a source of even more inspiration for more and more people. This is the power of connecting with ALMA, the benefit you are to yourself and to the world around you. And even look at the Buddha. He was trying to beat somebody. He was trying to give somebody some clothing or some shelter, some worldly benefit, but because of his sincerity, Allah made him a better mentor their deeds. They're here Africa, which is greater and more or less,

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they will repent and he will donate.

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And that's where the second

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we only have three, four minutes left. Incidentally, he

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mentions that there was a man who happened to become Muslim among the Sahaba

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right before a battle took place and it became Muslim and the Army's heading out into a battle. After the battle the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is giving up the spoils.

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And so this person is not well nowhere to be found to be sensitive this year. He comes back and he

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refuses he rejects you rejects the giving of the prophet SAW said no. And he says to him,

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I did not become one of your followers for this for worldly gains from material gains, though this would be highlighted by them, because I'm working on accepting and the prophet SAW Selim is the one giving so for sure it's

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so long, it's not your primary game. So why is he accepting it? He's afraid he's protecting his relationship with Allah. He's afraid that it tastes so good. That next time it becomes my number one reason my primary reason is I'm not law anymore.

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And so he's I didn't become your follower phrase it Why did you become one of my followers that Allah Allah, Allah has to be shocked right here. He pointed his neck.

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And perhaps the necessary disclaimer to make sure nobody gets uncomfortable. He's saying I want to lay my life down for God, meaning die for a just cause that God deem just, every single country celebrates people who they call veterans who they believe, according to their definitions of justice that they died for just causes is nothing shameful. martyrs are separate, celebrated everywhere.

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So he said, I want to do this, I want to lay down my most prized asset, my life for God. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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Be truthful to Allah, he'll be truthful to you and so on.

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Some time passes and another battle takes place. And after the battle, they come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam carrying this man's body with an arrow exactly what he pointed

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to the point of the Sahaba almost couldn't believe the province offered himself almost couldn't believe it. He said, Who is that? Really? Can that really be him?

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They said, Yeah, he

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said he was truthful to Allah. And so Allah showed his truthfulness and eye to eye as well testify the history.

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There are so many places where this opportunity shines in your lives and in the lives of your family. I want you to consider after the home on your own.

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How can I show a love that I want to get close? Make my relationship with Him more meaningful? Start praying a quality prayer on time with a slow pace, consistently not learn the meanings of what I'm saying, develop some sort of Allah, what's your in my prayer, so many other things in my ethical dealings, in my relationships, in my disagreements with people opportunities to get close with him, they all are. May Allah make us of those that appreciate every opportunity and act as best we can make us have those that taste the sweetness and faith and the firmness of conviction and the coolness of certainty in our DNA in our places in our lives and fuse the hearts of our children

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within our love of Miami.