Allah Will Never Let You Down

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a situation where a man died at 54, leaving only six children and a woman in his life. The speaker warns that everyone is not helping him and that he will always tell himself to do his duty to him. The situation is described as a darker book and the speaker refuses to go down.
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Bismillah Walkman

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I need to tell myself like Allah Santana, never let her watch what he thought was in and out. Although he tested him.

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All his children died in his life, except a seed of often.

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And he didn't die at 90 or 100. And you say, you know, they weren't they were older. He died at 63 all his children

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or the girls

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or the boys, except Sita often she actually outlived him, died six months after he died. So the question is this, how I say to myself when I get down, when I feel nobody's helping me when I feel everyone is attacking me, immediately. I'm gonna say well, the best creation he did. But then he told him now a darker book.

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He will never let me down. That's what I always say to myself. He will never let me go. I need to do my duty to him.

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I need to do my duty to him which he is telling him what to do. And he will give me the support. Tell this to yourself all the time. He will never let you down. Everyone looks at me when I wear my free job. He will never let you down. Nobody helped me everybody hates me. He will never let you down. Everybody is not good with me. He will never let you down. This is your king. This is what he is giving him. Y'all came out with Docomo karma