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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the principles of the Quran regarding sacred sacredism, including parents and children achieving their dreams and working towards their values. They emphasize the need to appreciate and respect others, work towards their parents' deeds, and give children opportunities to develop their character and personality. The speaker emphasizes the importance of giving advice and helping family members grow in their life, protecting them from traps of shavon, and learning from family members to advance in life.
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Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wasallam mushara Morimoto to Hakuna Matata timbira Bakula action Bala balada wakulla Gallatin now one of the greatest commands that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us in the Quran is the command of beware leading to be righteous towards your parents, Allah subhanaw taala and a number of occasions in the Quran he mentions this command alongside the command of Joe Hayden the worship of Allah xojo alone, because the greatest writer of Allah subhanho wa Taala has upon us is the right that he should be worshipped alone subhana wa Tada. And the greatest white from amongst the rights of the creation is the rights of your parents. So Allah azza wa jal joins between

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them and a number of occasions in the Quran. The topic of billing validation has been discussed, perhaps many times in you've had many hoppers on this issue. But I want to speak about it from a slightly different angle, an angle that we don't often think about, but one that the Quran gives us a number of principles regarding. And that is that each and every single one of us from our dreams from our vision insha Allah that we have, from the dance that we make is that we want our children to be righteous, not just because we want them to be wild and polite, mannered, not just because we want them to be successful academically, and in the careers that they choose and financially, but

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ultimately, because we want to be alongside them and with them in the ranks of gender by loss permission. That's what righteousness means for children. When you're righteous towards your parents or you have righteous children. righteousness, the word bill comes from the meaning of the whether you're pleasing Allah subhanho wa Taala and doing that which Allah azza wa jal approves of, and is pleased with. So the ultimate goal for everyone is that when we enter into Genova loss permission, escolares xojo on a specific day that he wants us, Jenna, that we don't just enter it individually alone, just me myself, or you yourself. But we enter alongside our families, our parents, our

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spouses, our children, our siblings, the people that we love and are dear to us. But in order for us to do that, we have to work at it. A number of the principles of the Quran with regards to righteousness of parents speak to the fact that if we want our children to be righteous we as parents need to help them along the path. It is collected as a statement of remember shabby rahimullah tiny in fact, is mentioned as a Hadeeth. But it is weak in its narration as a hadith that he said, Rahim Allah who are leading under what are the who are allowability May Allah's mercy be upon the parent who helps the child to be righteous towards them? How do you help your children to

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make better of you? How do you help your child to be righteous in terms of the way that they look towards you that the way they deal with you the way that they respect you and uphold your rights and fulfill them? Allah subhanaw taala gives us a number of principles in the Quran. But I only want to mention to you three in the short space that we have of time, and that is our last panel data tells us that in order for us to achieve righteousness within our children, we have to work on it. Because anything that is precious, anything that is valuable in this dunya requires time and effort and work. You want to be successful in your studies. You want to be successful in your job, in your

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career in your business, you want to be successful in your marriage, you have to work at that. And if you want children that are righteous, and God that will respect you and honor you not only in terms of your life, in terms of the way that they deal with you in terms of the way that they respect you their manners towards you, but more importantly, in terms of the deeds and inshallah Tada, you accumulate from them, in terms of the dollars they will make for you insha Allah, after you have long gone and passed away from this dunya and you're in your grave, in sha Allah from the sadaqa jariya that they will continue to do on your behalf after you've left this world. That is the

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true meaning of Bill. Beer we often think just means you have played good children. But we understand from our religion, that beer has a far greater, more important meaning for us as parents, but in order for us to achieve that you have to work towards

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with them. So the first principle that we find in the Quran that is mentioned in a number of places throughout the book of Allah azza wa jal is the principle of the US colossal panna tada that you have children that are righteous, not only children, but the word that is often used in the Quran. In the context of these two hours is the word Luria. And the word Luria means offspring. Children progeny, not just limited to a single generation, but many generations perhaps to come by the permission of Allah subhana wa tada and the prophets of Allah azza wa jal when they will make dua in the Quran for their children to be righteous. This is the word that they use of the year, because

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they don't just look towards their children, but they're looking towards their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren and their great great grandchildren and for as many generations as Allah wills when the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam, makes to our four children in the Quran, and the Prophet zekeriya and others from amongst the profits of a large zoa Gen. They mentioned the word Luria. And so Allah subhanaw taala bless the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam with the Luria that is righteous, not only his children, not only his grandchildren, not only his great grandchildren amongst them all for profit for for many generations to come every single profit that comes after the Prophet Ibrahim

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al Islam, as we know is from his line and he says, That's the meaning of this to her. But you have that in your mind. When they say for example, in the Dallas in the Quran, or be Gianni when when he says when when the Prophet circuity or the Psalms asks Allah azza wa jal for the return Paiva he says, I will lie when righteous offspring and Allah subhanaw taala gives him the Prophet yahia our Instagram and Allah azza wa jal mentions in the in the draft of the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam, the only really ask Allah azza wa jal for righteous offspring, but he linked it to the issue of Bill and righteousness indeed in action in worship in belief, Robbie, Johnny mopey, masala tea woman the

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reality he said Oh Allah make me from amongst those who established the prayer and for my offspring, those who come after them, not only making dua that I have healthy good children, but rather they are people of Salah people of worship, people of righteousness, people who tend to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and Allah azza wa jal instructs us as the believers from our attributes from the characteristics of the meaning and as Allah mentions towards the end of silicon for pan is that from the demands that they make is that they make to our for their offspring are up by the headland I mean as wodgina will react in

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our log one for us from our spouses and our offspring, those that will be a coolest for our eyes in this life, but more importantly on your multi ama as well. And so Allah azza wa jal gives us this principle. That's not just a desire that you make as your children are young, but it is advised that you continue to make even if you're in your 50s and 60s and 70s, and your children are in their 30s and 40s. And perhaps they themselves have their own children. Now you're a grandparent, that dua is an extremely important Duan to continuously ask Allah azza wa jal for the return Paiva for righteous offspring and perhaps Allah subhana wa tada from his wisdom will give you offspring that doesn't,

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isn't from your children or your grandchildren, but from generations to come from amongst them will be someone who Allah subhanaw taala blesses and honors in terms of their righteousness and piety. But Alonzo just gives you a share of that reward. Because you began that chain, you began the process of making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada. The second principle that we find in the Quran is the principle of giving them good and righteous tarbiyah of giving them testier of helping them in terms of developing them in their character and in their personality, especially in terms of their worship of Allah subhana wa Tada, the, our children take from us by example. You show your children,

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your worship of Allah azza wa jal, you lead by example, in terms of your upholding the solder and the book of Allah the Quran, and use the car and your child and everything else that you do. We learn from that. Allah Subhana. Allah mentions in the Quran in surah, two above, he mentions the command to be good to parents. And then he ends the verse by speaking about the righteousness of progeny. Allah says what we're seeing in Santa Barbara de Santa, we extol and and command the people that they should be righteous towards their parents. And then Allah says hamelech Tomoko what Dr. Cora, his mother carried him in burden, and she gave birth to him in difficulty, Wareham Lu Have you

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saw lucilla tuna shahara. And the period of her caring and weaning him was 30 months had tell you who should dehiwala harbor in the center until that person reaches full maturity and they reach the age of 14 years fall or up below zero knee and a score on aromatic allottee and I'm entirely here while I were leading they make to our to a law the robber law gives me the ability to show gratitude towards you for the blessings that you bestowed upon me and my parents who came before me when I'm Allah solly hunter ba and now you should

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do good deeds to please you was definitely feel the reality. And then Allah says, I know Allah make my children righteous. Allah begins by the command to make their own validation for me and you because when you lead by example, when your children follow, as Allah mentions at the end of the of the verse, so therefore, if you're a person who doesn't pray, we can expect our children to pray. If you're a person who doesn't give importance to the book of Allah azza wa jal is recitation and it's steady and it's understanding, and it's memorization, the new children will take from us, especially in the younger ages. If you're a person who your children never heard from your lips, the words

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occur, then don't expect them to have a concept of Zika and Hello, Majora, all of those examples that we know from our Sharia and our religion, we have to lead by example. And that is why we find in the book of a large religion in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam the narrations and the texts that speak about this issue, all of them point to this fact. You have to lead by example, you have to be the one showing them the way because when you put in the hard work and the effort, then Allah subhanaw taala takes that and he blesses it. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, when he speaks about in Surah, two calf in the story of moose and hada rally Instagram,

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when they come to the village and the people are in hospital, and they come towards a wall that is crumbling, and how the rally Salaam rebuilds it. Allah subhanaw taala says the reason why Allah honor those orphan children by the rebuilding of the wall, what can abou Musalia, their father, what dried and their infants, their orphans, their father had passed away, but he was a righteous man. So because of his righteousness, Allah doesn't just send to that child and their property. One Prophet, brother is sent to them to prophets or even send them. The third and final of those principles that we find in the Quran that I want to mention to you today is the principle of advice. giving advice

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to your children. It is something that we have become extremely terrible at doing, giving advice to one another as brothers in this religion, giving advice to our family members, giving advice to our children. Allah Subhana Allah mentions the whole passage in the Quran in the story of local man. And he sent him that he mentions a number of advices that he gives to his child, to his son, and he begins with the most important one, and that is the advice of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala alone. And then he extols within him a number of other beneficial advices. But within the midst of that passage, Allah subhanaw taala himself speaks about bitterroot Valley, then that verse of rural

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Valley, then, in the passage of luminaries, Sam is not from the statement of local man, but rather is the verse that Allah subhanho wa Taala adds to it and from the reasons an alarm soldier knows best, and because Allah tells us that one of the ways for our children to be righteous is when you advise them, you teach them, you allow them to understand the religion, you help them on their path to coming closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So in conclusion, in order for us to have that greatest of virtues that Allah subhanaw taala bestows upon whomsoever He wants, from his servants, that He gives to them righteous offspring, righteous progeny, progeny who will not only serve them in this

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dunya, but more importantly serve them after they have left that they will benefit from them in this life. And in the next by loss permission, you have to put in the hard work and effort from now by making dua for them by leading by example, by advising them and teaching them what is important in this dunya mailman subhanaw taala give us the abilities and the success to do that. So panna Colombo behind the shadow Illa Illa Allah and as the Furukawa Tobu.

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The reasons by which are one of the reasons for which then the loss of how to retire that will give us that that reward, the reward of Jenna, that each and every single one of us is aiming for that it is the golden objective our life, Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah twotone, speaking about the people of Eman and their children or offspring who follow them in the footsteps of Eman, Allah says we're live in harmony, whatever I can do react on the man, I happen to be him, Louis yet. Allah says those who believe and their children, the offspring follow them in the footsteps of a man, we will join them in the ranks of gender, we will unite them in the ranks of gender. Some of the scholars

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were of the position that that means that if a person enters into gender, and they are of a higher level than their children in general, or the opposite, their children have a higher level in them in gender, then Allah subhanaw taala will take those on a lower level and he will advance them to a higher level because Allah you might between people who are families in the era of Obama and others in this verse, the other brother is also mutawatir Allah subhanaw taala says we're living in the ANU

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What's better now home? realty him. Those people who believe and we make the offspring follow in their footsteps because when you turn to Allah subhana wa Tada, Allah azza wa jal not only makes them follow into your footsteps, they are people who then take from your lead, and they follow in your footsteps and Allah subhanaw taala unites you, not only in good in this life, but more importantly, in the next life We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he blesses us with righteous offspring, that Allah Subhana Dada makes us from amongst those people who show better to our parents in their lifetime and after their death mask Allah subhanaw taala that he makes us from amongst

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those people will largely Magellan the day of judgment will bless them and honor them another Allah subhanaw taala will forgive us for our sins and show His mercy upon them was Allah subhanaw taala to make our affairs easy for us, and that he protects us from the traps of Shaban and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us and our family safe from the traps of shavon and from the trials of this dunya Subhan Allah bicarbonate is