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The speakers discuss the daily community and the "immility of the Sierra" movement, which they believe is a rational act. They also talk about the " strategies" of the previous generations, including the " strategies" of the previous generations. The strategy behind the operation Sierra was used to challenge the prophets of Allah, and they emphasize the importance of establishing a base of power to fight the oppression of the people and avoid becoming a liar. The "has" of the army's fighting strategies were used to build a base of power to fight the oppression of the people and create a piece of power for them.

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The library Academy welcome to day two of the mass daily community huddle. We will get started in two minutes. How many minutes? Two minutes. And in the meantime, you can say where you're from. As we prepare to get started, if you're tuning in later, you can fast forward to after, because you don't want to listen to this.

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We'll get started in two minutes. Say salah, where are you from? And you say salam I'll say salam and all of us will say Sam together.

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You get agile. I get agile. We both get agile.

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Remo our litmus Anam Faisal Alikum, Asana

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and Pennsylvania

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Tisha in Malaysia, Alec Muschamp, Tisha London good Rahila and Regina, Lebanon, Alec Muslim Nabil our like Mr. Ma sha, Allah Kamau Salam

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henna in India Alec Muslim.

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One more minute, one more minute.

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Khomeini and Monique Muslim Carroll in Montreal Tacoma Sadam Cynthia in Texas Sonic masala

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sending him out Alec Muslim Jasim tuning in from Dubai Alec Muslim

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Ron live in Canada oligomycin

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We will get started shortly

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number COVID-19

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Alright, we'll get started

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take one asset Alec Welcome to low better Canada Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. On early he was on the Yuma Wallah. And my bad.

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What is strategy? So I looked up this word strategy. And I was wondering, what is strategy in Arabic? What is strategy? What's the Arabic word for strategy? And so I asked Google and guess what the Arabic word for strategy is? And I would love to hear what you guys think it is. What's your guess? Don't Google it? I'll tell you what, what's your guess? What is the Arabic word for strategy?

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What is the Arabic word for strategy? I'll wait to like one person comments. And then I'll move on. There's like a 15 second delay 22nd delay. What is the Arabic word for strategy without googling it? What is the Arabic word for strategy?

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What's the Arabic word for strategy?

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Okay, premium girl Aisha says I have no idea Tell me Tell me. Okay, great.

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The Arabic word I just want somebody to guess.

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We're wasting too much time waiting for the for the leg.

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Okay, I'll continue on. And as you guys are commenting, then I'll put I'll come back to this inshallah Donna. So the AMA says she doesn't know Arabic.

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The Arabic word for strategy is is strategy.

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The Arabic word for strategy is L is still RTG. That is the Arabic word for strategy. So I'm like come on Google. Like seriously, there's no Arabic word for strategy except to translate the word strategy. But then I thought to myself, What if this is something like Kenya, like the Muslims invented Kenya and that was the Arabic word and then it became an English word, chemistry or physio and became physics like what if it stood out the G was actually an Arabic word? Obviously not. And it became English. It

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actually comes from. It comes from I think it's Greek. And it refers to having military strategy. And back in the day, its strategy as Farhan says, strategy, not strategy, Ally strategy. Okay? So as a Muslim, I want you to think of this like so somebody's making God that they want to run a marathon. They want to run a marathon, is it enough that they make the DUA and then they go run the marathon? So it's like, Here's what a 46 Kilometer marathon or something like that, or however long 26 miles, and then they're like, No, I'm good. I made dua. So I'm gonna go and run this marathon, what's going to happen in this marathon, maybe they'll get a heart attack, maybe you know, they're

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not going to arrive, or their bodies just gonna break down because their body's not ready for it. They apply no strategy in this. And the question that I asked and we really want to pay attention to this is,

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is that what Allah subhanaw taala wants that we just make dua and we take no action, and there's no strategy. And we just go ahead and go forward and just do it. And the answer is obviously not that strategy is part and parcel of the dean. So what's really beautiful about the Sierra, and if you look at the stories of the prophets, Musa alayhis, Salam and ESRs Anam, and, and when people call to those prophets, they'll tell them, you know, Jesus was keeping a miracle. Now, somebody could legitimately say, these days that Well, I wasn't there, I didn't see the miracle. So I don't have to believe in Jesus, or somebody will say, you know, Moses, God, part of the sea for Moses, and then

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somebody could respond were like, Well, I wasn't there. I didn't see it. Therefore, I don't have to believe it, Musa because they didn't see it. And actually, they didn't see the miracle. So what is the miracle of the Sierra, the miracle of the prophets that Elijah said, and that's why you don't have to go around telling people you don't have to go around telling people well, you just got to believe what you just got to believe. No, Islam has always it's rational, its intelligence. First word revealing upon is EPA Bismil optica let it fly atop, you know, will you not use your intelligence? So the Sierra is based on strategy and rationality and Allah subhanaw taala did it lay

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down this Deen with a collection of miracles that everybody is expected to believe in throughout time. Now, if you look at this rotten Mirage, which is actually interesting, it's run out when it happened. Then the operation Mecca set because that was a miracle. The operation Mecca said now we know them Hamid is crazy. The operation Mecca, they and then they went to Abu Bakar on the line or, and they said your companion says that he went to Jerusalem in one night and came back. So that was a miracle. But if you kind of like take a step back and understand the Sierra, you will see that that was their first opportunity to challenge the prophets of Allah and send them on basis of

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miracle because everything before that was not miracle based, and expect it to believe in something just because of the miracle. So the Sierra is based in strategy. And if somebody comes after the prophets of Allah, they said I'm and says, Oh, well, that was the time of the Prophet and they, they just had miracles coming down, and that's why things worked out for them. The answer is no, that's not the case. It's not that they had miracles coming down. We actually have a strategy for every facet of our life in the prophets of Allah Islam as Allah subhanaw taala says, no other cannula comfier was only worth one has, that you have in the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, the best

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example women can Abdullah will Yamanaka, you have the best example. And actually, you'd say you have the best strategy on every facet of your life, how to be a father, how to be a leader, how to be

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how to lead a flock, everything is there in the seed of the prophets of Elijah, which is actually a miracle that all this strategy is built into the Sierra of the prophets of Allah and he was. So let's look at slaves. Slaves in Mecca, were tortured for their belief we spoke in a few days ago, well below the law. I know you had the family of our mob have any asset or the Allah on home, the whole family and other slaves in Mecca? What was the strategy? The province had a license you actually see that there was a multi layered approach to to saving the slaves from the oppression that they were under number one was patience. So you'll see that the province of Atlantis and I'm

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came across some of the slaves such as the family of Yes, and and,

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and the prophets of Allah and he said I'm said to them in those early days of you know of the revelation and the prophets of Allah said I'm said to them somewhere

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On Alia surfer in Namo, dopamine Jana have patients or family of the asset for you have an appointment in paradise. So that and they were killed Shahid in their torture, you have another strategy which was collecting funds to free the slaves. So Abu Bakr Radi Allahu anhu, for example, he would go and find the slaves that were actually the weakest, the ones who couldn't handle the torture, that they may die from the torture, and he and welcome to the land didn't fight with those people, but he actually used his wealth to purchase the slaves and then free them for the sake of Allah. I'm one of those that he bought and freed was Bilal or the Allahu Anhu. Can you imagine? Can

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you imagine the reward? And so,

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as a model, the law needs to say he said, So, you do not Abubaker which is like leader Master, we spoke about that before. So you do not say either that our master who freed our master, Bilal belagavi line or whatever the line and below so using the wealth and compiling it, interestingly, Abu Bakr the alarm whose father wasn't Muslim at that time, and he was angry at his son a robocall for buying slaves were weak. And he said to him, Look if you're going to buy slaves, and you're going to

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and you're going to free them then by the strongest slaves so that they can have your back in life you know afterwards and that will work out all the learners argument back with his father was in nama od Duma od that I'm, I intend, why what I intend, like whatever I want or whatever I'm whatever my intention is, that's my intention. That's basically what I will talk about the law I know set and Allah subhanaw taala revealed these Quran O'Malley hadn't entered the home and never met in Judaism in love dua Gob Hill Allah, Allah selfie of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala says in these verses about the the intention of a worker that he sought no one except Allah subhanaw taala for freeing

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the slaves, and Allah subhanaw taala says, what a selfie Jamba and indeed I am going to please Him. And the action that Abubaker or the Alana did was using his wealth to buy the weakest lay of the Muslim Slayer the weakest Slaves and free them for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then you have other slaves, or sorry, the weak and oppressed, I'm being told to run away from Mecca.

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And this is like you see in the hijra, now the slaves weren't running away, like,

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like they weren't

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just running away. But so if there are weak people that are being tortured prophets that a lot is that, um, gave them permission to leave Mecca, and go to Abyssinian, they went to Habesha and you know, the stories of the Muslims and they went to the senior. So that was another strategy to deal with the oppression was to leave that area and establish a base of power, a place where they were saved, and a base of power somewhere else. If you actually look at the Sierra, and then people would comment on this, that it wasn't actually running away, that they were going to Abyssinia and if Quraysh had, you know, if the prophesy sound wasn't successful in Mecca, that was actually a backup

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plan plan B. So it may have been that Abyssinia could have become Ethiopia could have become the medina that you know that accepted the province. I said I'm and if things didn't work out in Arabia, they had a plan B in going to ever seen as you see people in the commenting, and they had that protection and safety and Abyssinia. The next thing you see to fight oppression, the strategy I want you to understand this, that it wasn't just a miracle, that all of these strategies are put in place. Another one is trying to establish a base of power to challenge the power of the people in Mecca. So you'll see the province of a lot instead of one to a pot if and in which time he used to

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go to different tribes and ask them who will support me who will protect me until I fulfill this message of Assam. So he went to a pot if and as you know in the story of a pot if when the aristocrats

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repulsed or pushed the prophesy sent him away and told everybody to stone him out of the out of the city. And in Medina aside during Hajj, time aside, some would ask people to establish a piece of power with them. And his uncle used to go around behind him and tell him don't believe him. He's a liar. He's crazy like that. And Einstein until finally, the

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Ellison husbands the people of Medina, they heard the prophets of Allah they said I'm speaking about this. They knew from the Jews that were in Medina that there was a prophet coming at the end of time they recognize the signs and they said we will beat the Jews to to the province.

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otherwise and I'm and they accepted Islam. Another thing that you find in the strategy of the prophets of Allah and SM to fight oppression is he had meaning.

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Mr. Kratz and the policymakers. But also in a previous session, we were talking about how the province of Eliason was told not to expel the weak Muslims many of them were black, many of them were slaves not to expel them from his gathering because the aristocrats were talking about saying to the prophesy said we won't sit with you unless you get rid of these people. When you get rid of them then we'll sit with them and Allah subhanaw taala forbade the process and um, from pushing them away, we spoke about that in our in our

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the other day so but that this these meetings did happen, the province of Elijah said I'm would give Dawa gift to the aristocrats that if the balance of sorry, if they would be guided at the highest level, they're the policymakers, then the people underneath that would be guided and depression would come to an end.

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And shall that's on as a final kind of like a cherry on top. So to understand this, when we hear about the Muslims fighting the Persians, the Muslims fight battle of a party. See, you had the Battle of Yarmouk when there, the Byzantine, sentience or Byzantines or how to pronounce it, all those battles, and they were said like the Persians were 200,000 and this one is 200,000, this is 300,000, the Muslims are like 30,000. So they're like 10, to one, and they still won those battles. They didn't win it because of a miracle, of course, is the tofield of Allah subhanaw taala. But the Muslims did not come into those battles with no strategy, no preparation, and no training and

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nothing like that. And they just say, you know, raise their hands, oh, Allah, you know, give us a miracle. So the Muslims always had the strategy and ask Allah subhanaw taala that we make that part of our lives as well, that when we're fighting oppression, when we're doing all of these things, that we build strategy into the actions that we take, take a moment, take a step back and say, What is my strategy? What is my plan, and how we're going to move forward with this? Is that in the long run, may Allah subhanaw taala grant victory to the oppressed Amin Solomonic Welcome to America.