Muhammad Alshareef – What’s The Most Beloved Action To Allah

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The importance of finding out what people love in the prophets of Allah is emphasized, and the importance of praying on time and finding a partner for help with praying. The speakers also recommend praying on time, setting a time, and focusing on praying on time to calm down and allow the heart to flow. Prayerers are encouraged to use their experiences to determine which actions are most beloved, and to focus on praying on time rather than just praying in graduation. The importance of understanding one's words and not just focusing on them is also emphasized, and a free Facebook event called "ret vision and peace" is mentioned.
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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato How are you doing? Somebody's sitting in my normal spot and I didn't get angry

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but I had to change locations

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at least here I can be really loud because there's a highway behind me

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so say Saddam Are you from when you get like five people saying Saddam or if we hit 100 people we'll get started in

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this isn't my right hand. This is my right hand. I said Bismillah

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likoma Salam Hamza from Riyadh.

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Maryam in Switzerland lucuma Salah

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who else

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slams where you're from

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Manny Alima Salam

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welcome no bearer in the Sudan

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oh man

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Shazia Wichita hops with Mama welcome upset with Mama

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so my mama Sudan for everybody who wants to know where I'm at. For security reasons I will not be telling you where I'm at because some stalkers think come and find me Alright, so that's why please stop asking where I'm at Thank you

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Mr. Thomas

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alright, we need to hit 100 People can you guys share it please? Can you share this live please? If you share it

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I will come afterwards

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I will come afterwards and I will give a thumbs up on your comment because it says share afterwards. For security reasons or bad we're going to do the radio voice we will but after people share it

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when when you share it message message here that you've shared it let's get five people sharing it

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five people share and then we'll begin

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shared it I will call your name out to how about that? Share it there you go. Thank you Shazia in Wichita for sharing it Samina Sokoloff hat on for sharing it we need three more people

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As now I think you meant shared so that one more person and we will begin

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yeah man says lamb

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here says why they bought so Euro top fam I like Mr. Lamb sidecar. Last one in Sokoloff. And everybody, thank you for participating and sharing the fair or let's get started. The Smilla from the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah. All earlier Sabino Allah and bad Good Morning Vietnam.

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I want to see how loud I could say it.

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And if anybody's looking no so it's a good location.

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Today we're talking about holding on it's going to be bumpy, the province that Allah Allah has sent him there's an interesting thing that we find in a hadith when people would come to the prophets of Allah days and and they would ask this question, a yo Amelie a hobble Illa Allah, which action is the best and most beloved action to Allah because the companions that will be alone, they loved Allah so much. And it's almost like you know, when you want to give a gift to someone with a learn methyl Allah, you want to find out what do they love the most? Because that's the action that I want to do. That's the gift that's the aim

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added that I want to do. And so it's very interesting that the prophets of Allah Allah has said and used to answer this question differently to different people.

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So somebody would come along and he would say they would ask what's the best action and the prophesy centum would say as Jihad if he said that somebody else would come and say what is the most beloved action to Allah? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a Salah to Allah worked, yeah, to pray your Salah on time.

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And so the scholars of Hadith would would comment and they would say that the prophets that Allah has sent him would answer this question, based on the situation of the person who's coming and asking the question, that if one person was a very courageous person, you know, and very strong, and maybe had a lot of wealth, prophesy, centum would say, you know, go out in the battlefields, another person will come along, and maybe they're older, and maybe they're weaker. They're not necessarily built for those battles. The prophets of Allah, as Adam said, A Selaginella I'm just giving you example, I don't know the situation, those people who asked the question, but the situation that

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we're in, we're in our homes masajid have been closed around the world. And so you want to ask yourself this question, what is the most beloved action that I can do for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, was staring wound is sobering. All salah.

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What's the angel Ayana means to seek help, help me you need to help Allah subhanaw taala says, What's the angel and seek help the subsidy with patience while Salah and seek help with Astana with Saba with patience and with salah. And so Allah subhanaw taala is giving us the two ingredients. And we definitely need this right now in the situation that we're in, what's the angel the subsidy will Salah and seek seek aid and seek help with patience and with salah. Now when we say Salah and a lot of people are talking these days about meditation and getting yourself centered and focusing on your breathing and stuff, and that's great and I do stuff like that. I try to, you know, breathe deeply

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and all of those good things. But we have this in our deen we have it in our salah, and it's much better. But the thing is, you have to activate it, you have to activate it I've said these that we have you know 100 Allah, Allah but we have so far, but you have to activate it, you have to turn it on. So here are three suggestions that I would recommend to activate your Salah number one. As you're at home and you're in self isolation, you're still with your family, why not? You aim to pray in congregation. And so maybe you're not going to pray all your prayers and congregation and being realistic. If you can, that's great. But try to set a time say hey kids are or a family. Let's pray

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Maghrib and congregation let's pray ration congregation, let's pray Phaedra AND CONGREGATION pray us a lot in your home in congregation and a lot of people who are

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when you say hey, let's pray in congregation.

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They don't necessarily want to pray in congregation because it takes more effort. You actually have to activate your Salah more when you pray in congregation. And that's exactly what we want. We want people to be paying more attention concentrating more insula taking their time and Salah and that's the beauty of praying in congregation. The next thing that I want to recommend as you're at home, is that to pray on time is to pray on time. So and by on time, obviously on time I meant at the beginning time. So if Salah comes in it's the you don't have to say hey, I've got three hours until the next Allah let me wait for two hours and 15 minutes before I decided to you know, lazily get up

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and pretty much Allah asked her Do it like this. If Salah if Lord time comes in, for example, at 1230 Get ready for it, have somebody save you then in your house and do your Salah on time, this action of praying on time, the Prophet said Allah Allah as Adam said, that it is of the most beloved deeds to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So it's not something small. It is something very big in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And so that's one of the major takeaways, and I wish that we can make the NIA to start doing that is that I'm going to pray my Federer on time I do it on time. Sorry at the beginning time. Also at the beginning time mode at the beginning of the time. I said that at the

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time, the beginning of the time.

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a Salah to Allah. Another thing that you want to do in your Salah is concentrate. Now when we say concentrate, I know everybody's doing all these briefings and meditations and that's awesome. And I do those things too sometimes they're always telling you to focus, focus. And so Allah subhanaw taala before all of this Allah subhanaw taala says, are the f let me know and I love you, you know whom feeds on our team hogere on that successful are the believers. It's past tense, and Lavina Humphrey Salatin. Hi, Sharon, in this verse, Allah doesn't say, though, the believers who pray that's kind of a given. They're successful, they pray. Allah subhanaw taala says, Those who in their

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prayer have for sure. And this for sure is like a calm, a peace, a concentration, they are slowing down in their prayer. You know, a lot of times when we go to Mecca, in our hedge groups, or I'm going to groups and I'll tell people if you're really worried you want the camera to speed up, then slow down. If you want it to speed up, then slow down. Let me say that again if you want it because the law so as

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to speed up, then slow down your Salah, you will see the time just disappears when you slow down your Salah, and you calm down and you bring your heart into the Salah. So that everything that you're saying in your Salah, the other day we were talking about Allah Akbar. And so when you say Allah is greater than anything that's happening to me right now, and anything that's happening to the world, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than that. You started reciting Surah Fatiha Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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you're thanking Allah subhana Dawn and praising Allah, a rough man, the Merciful All of these things Sharla Donna, I hope I can do different sessions different daily check ins on these things. Rahman Al Rahim, most Merciful, the Most Merciful giving so you're paying you're concentrating. The other thing I want to recommend for you in your Salah, as you do your Salah is focus on your posture, focus on your posture. I know not often do we get told this but this is actually from the Sunnah when the prophets of the mighty Sam saw a man going and praying and just going really fastness Allah. And then he went and said Sudan to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Prophet said a lot. He said

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him, reply that to them and then said Elijah, for solving the inoculum to solving. Go back and pray for you haven't prayed. And we know so many times when we're praying at home, we haven't prayed, let's just be honest, we pray and we haven't prayed. Our mind is somewhere else. Our body movements are just not there. Our focus concentration not there. We don't know what we said in this Allah. And so if this companion was told to go back and pray for you haven't prayed, we, of course would be like from Bebi Hola. The what we've read is a really prayer. And so one of the things the prophets of Allah said I'm told this companion when he finally said teach me O Messenger of Allah, province

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of Elijah, and I'm told him to go in Wroclaw had Tacoma in Oregon, and told them to go into sujood hot Tacoma in Sajida. Ultimate is to be you know, the word you can translate like.

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I know that the word is,

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it's like to be reassured or to be at inshallah somebody can give me like a proper translation for the Word document in is to be reassured in your posture is to be in perfect stance. So you go into record, get into a proper stance, and calm down

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and say Subhana Obeah Aldine Subhan Allah being Albina Subhan Allah be at Aldi, and then you stand up at the ultimate in the car, get into proper posture had. So get into proper posture, standing, get into proper posture, and calm posture and focus on what you're saying. I wanted to kind of like give you this last, this last thing about

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when we say Subhana Allah BL Allah, I found that this is one of the most powerful thing that one of the most powerful things for Salah is to understand what Subhanallah BL Allah means. And you know what, maybe maybe I'll leave it for another it's a long it's a long discussion. But Subhana means how far Allah is from imperfection. Okay, Subhan Allah, how far Allah is from imperfection. Robbie is like from tetapi are the one who the Lord who raised me Allah has raised us when we're in the, you know, in in our from the womb to all

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We are to where we are now. So hot Subhan how far my lord the one who raised me up via Allah the one who is the most Hi Subhana apea lot of how far my Lord is from imperfection the most Hi So Pano apea Allah. And so you say that I tell myself, you know what, don't come out of suju don't come out of ruku until you've said that at least once with complete concentration, don't come out of recruit, don't come out of sujood until you said that with complete concentration. Alright, so let's wrap this up. We find that if you need to seek assistance, Allah subhanaw taala teaches us to seek assistance with patients and salah the Prophet said a lot is said and said the most beloved action

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to Allah is praying on time, and I'm giving you some tips on how to get at peace and really make your Salah count. Pray at the beginning of the time. Pray in congregation if you can pray when you're praying your Salah, pay attention to what you're saying. Focus on your posture, you said and recall and standing be calm calmness, get down into your sujood and at least one time try to focus completely on what you're saying. So Hannah Robin Williams

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does Zakka law Hi Ron, this Saturday, March 21. We are doing a visionair ask event it is called dua versus COVID-19. You have there's a link visionair When we do vision and Ramadan, we it brings hope for the future. It connects people with dua at a next level. It is builds community. And so during these testing times that we're in special times, we're doing it this Saturday for free and it's open to everyone all you need to do is register so that you can get the reminders and you can get access to our Facebook group and we're going to broadcast it from that Facebook group inshallah. Tada while Sofia says that she's looking forward to it. I am looking

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forward to it as well. Inshallah Tada. All right. That's it folks. I am done.

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I wanted to end these these daily things with a really cool quote. But I don't have any cool quotes, right.

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All right. I said I'm on a call. I'm going to live in Canada sending you peace and love all around the world. As Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah here, but I can't

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