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Assalamu Alikum if you're tuning in, see Salam where you're from

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five people salaam where you're from, and then we'll begin.

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Salam where you're from. And then we begin.

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Today's a special day because I have a tripod like the first time in like 50 years, so I don't have to hold it with my

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my hands. So I'm like I'm Sabina previz from the UK.

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That was fast. Hey, Facebook's working faster today Masha Allah Zerah in London while likoma Sadam bedrijven in Denmark. Are they good? Most of them Suparna in Arizona Atacama Sadam

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mele in France and RF Masha Allah Allah if you're tuning in multiple times wasting time on Facebook for tune in Minnesota like Muslim Abdullah like masala

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Amanda in Guyana nice Sharla you know I'd like to go to

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those places one day inshallah.

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is gonna say Caribbean but I don't know anything about those areas.

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IMANI polygamous Annamma Murni.

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Seder and Charlotte

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Solmaz ligament salaam

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Samia a Shafali on Amis ramp. Alright, let's get started.

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Don't you love this view, masha Allah, this place that I'm staying at. It's it's like open concept. So this place that I'm staying. If you're in the living room, there's no wall that blocks you from the outdoors. So you can see the rain. I'm under a roof here. You can see the rain behind me in the swimming pool. It's very nice. This is beautiful Indonesia.

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Alright, this Mala hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Malala. Am I bad? A cinematic Rahmatullah better Ketu. Today, the short reminder is going to be about your own personal leadership story, your own personal leadership story.

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So yesterday, I was reading a book about

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about leadership.

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And sometimes because people are afraid, people are afraid of the accountability or responsibility. They tend to think that leadership is something that somebody else has to do, and they get to criticize or they get to complain, because they're not going to accept it because they don't want to be you know, tested by Allah. They kind of like left it, but Allah subhanaw taala if you think about it, in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala there's a dua that Allah azza wa jal puts on our tongues and teaches us to say

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Allah azza wa jal teaches us

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what John L Mata Karina mmm what Jana al Motta, Karina Imam and make us Imams for the believers. This is a dua that every Muslim actually should make. It's Quran Allah subhana wa Tada says, about a bad ramen the servants of our ramen

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that their dog is Rob BANA habla Nermeen, as well Gina weathering, cold water Aryan or John Delphina. In

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so we're making dua for to to make the coolness of our eyes, our spouses, and our children and make us Imams leaders for the believers. So when somebody says that they want to avoid leadership, or they want to avoid accountability or responsibility, what you see is that the believer should have the opposite attitude and I was thinking just yesterday I go, What if every Muslim was the imam for the believers, like everybody you saw in the community was a shining example of leadership for somebody else. Somebody is a leadership in one thing somebody has a leadership in the other was Jana and Mata Tina Mmm. And so it's not something that a believer runs away from. In fact, it's something

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that a believer runs towards and takes accountability. Let me tell you a hadith that you all know

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All that you all know, but maybe you know, just kind of like open your eyes to this hadith

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Allah Hello Qumran, we'll call local mosque all on our right Yeti. Indeed every one of you is a shepherd, Shepherd, meaning a leader, a leader of sheep,

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Allah Kulu Kumar in a cool local masala and are yet to hear and every one of you is responsible for their flock. So not only is it that you're a leader, but your flock is your responsibility. So it's not just a hypothetical leadership that we're talking about. Every single person is a leader. And that includes you know, the mother who's at home with her children. She is the leader of her flock, whether that's her children or household, and the husband will be a leader and the this person is a leader, that person if you look in your life, there are people that you're responsible for. Even if you think of us living in the West. If we're the people that are around us we're we're leaders in

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being examples of believers for other people showing good examples a local local mine or a local muscle on Alrighty, so in your own life, I wish that the messages you take away from this is that it's not about you having a choice of should I embrace my my life's leadership story or not, you don't have a choice Allah subhanaw taala will hold you accountable for it. And so make your leadership story something that you grab by the horns and you develop inshallah Tada Zack Allah and that is our reminder for today. For those who haven't seen, I have a new seminar kicked off. We just opened it. It's called visionair 2030 visionair 2030 It's the decade edition. And sha Allah Allah

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check it out on tour talk too much about it. Somebody have some questions. Welcome.

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Who's got a question?

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This is my right hand.

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In case the picture is flipped, and you think it's my left hand? Should I drag it to my left hand so you think it's my right hand now? Who cares what you think

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a man he says When are you coming to Baton Rouge? That was that was the left field shot.

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Baton Rouge.

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Know, maybe in 2021 or something like that. And it's

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labor Thank you labor for your kind words.

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Sabina says love the videos from visionary 2030

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In visionary 2030 The challenge and you know, the task at hand is how do you design dream doors for a decade. So when we when we do Ramadan, visionair and we're designing dream gods in Ramadan. In this decade edition, I would like to lead myself and and lead others on how to design dream doors for 10 years.

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As Matt says the question, how do we inspire our younger generation? That's really general. But let's try to make it as specific zoom in or zoom out

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if you okay, how do we inspire our younger generation? That's obviously a very zoomed out type of question. Let's zoom in. I would like to say that when you inspire yourself and you take care of yourself, you have more to give. So sometimes your own leadership journey and taking care of your yourself. Like let's suppose somebody comes to me and they're in a really bad shape in their life and whatnot, and they want to inspire the younger generation but they themselves aren't they don't look inspired. And they and so how do you inspire somebody when you yourself are not inspired? And so what I said to them, the one thing that is in your hands now they will is to take care of

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yourself. Self Care, I see that a lot on Instagram and stuff like that. This is gonna be the year of self care. And I'm like you go you go. You can get yourself some self care and have a salad because in fact you will be able to inspire others when you take care and inspire yourself glide.

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Fathima Ben Taylor says are you coming to M fest 2020

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nobody invited me to film fest 2020 tell them hey, you should invite me. I didn't even tell me where it's going to be.

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Is he says, I'm the man and father must say As Salam Alikum so I say to Abdul Rahman and Fatima, Ali kkOma Salah rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh through

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the man he says, Love your videos. Thank you man. All right, well done. Thank you for tuning in and sha Allah Tala, maybe I'll get to some other really beautiful places in Indonesia. I'm in beautiful Indonesia right now, mashallah to Baraka Allah. I love Indonesia and I don't come very often

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but yeah, tune in for those so if you see me go live, I might later on in the day be in some really nice places. Mashallah. Alright, As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.