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Abdulbary Yahya
AI: Summary © The act of praying to God during Mecca is a reckless and honorless act, as it is not travel or traveling, and is not a honorless act. It is important to pray at the right time, even during busy times, to ensure enough water and supplies. combining praying with answers to specific laws is preferred, but not required, and protecting health is crucial. The pastor advises against combining answers to pray for a specific time, as it is not desired and can lead to negative consequences. The conversation also touches on the use of air conditioning in hotels and the importance of protecting one's health and protecting others' health.
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God did not make tomato right? Those who like for example, like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he made a lot, which is he was, he's complaining. So he's still in the State of Iran, but those who are not in a state of the Haram, they go back when the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam ordered the companions to do so after sunrise meaning Afters, you know, the time of Doha, then that's when you start going to Mina and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam prayed five prayer there, five prayers there. So he went to Mina. And Mina is a valley between two mountains and the messenger of allah sallallahu cinfed prayed five prayers so he prayed the his door

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prayer, a tour rockers, and of course, because you're on your traveler, some of the scholars are of the opinion that this Act is an Act of. It's the it's actually new. So meaning these are ritual acts of the prayer. So the people of Mecca themselves, they should also pray to, because it's not about traveling, they're not traveling. This is not travel or travel, this is an act of Hajj, one of the actions of Hajj and if it's one of the actions of Hajj, then if the Messenger of Allah pray to rock and then you pray to the rock has also even if you are in Mecca, so that's why some of the scholars and that's why even in media the whole time in MENA, some of the companions, the Companions used to

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always pray to but when of man have not found or the law, and we became the Khalifa, he prayed for. He prayed he completed his prayer he prayed for even though he was coming from Medina. And some of the companions were like, some of the companions. They were EMS, they were asking, Hey, why are we praying for and not to when the prophets of Allah has been prayed to? Right? And so, of course, there's difference of opinion. And actually, the majority of the scholars are of the opinion that people of Mecca, the methods don't show up in their prayers, because they're not travelers. It's like, you know, that's like, it's like for us going from Seattle, to to rent it.

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You know, CRO to Federal Way, it's not traveling for them, because they're in Mecca. And some of us might have not found out the law. And he used to pray. Or he completed his prayers, because why?

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Because actually, he was his wife was a mecca. And so he considered Mecca, his hometown. And why wouldn't you? If you didn't consider that your hometown, then and you're married from somebody there, then I'm like, you might get in trouble with your wife, right? So what if his wife, so let's say you go to Somalia, and you're like, you have a wife and Somalia and you have a wife in the US. And so if you go in there, you're like, I'm praying to rock as well give me this is not home for you.

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There's no word home that you're praying. You're a traveler here and your home over there. All right. So one of the afero de la vie was the wife that was in Mecca. And so he considered that he didn't consider himself a traveler. You know, you have your wife with you. Yeah, that means you have a place, it's your place, your wife places your place. Right. And so that's why he prayed for, and some of the scholars they differ, you know, whether this is you should pray for or not for the people in Mecca. Well, for those who are not from Mecca, then they should always compare these they should always pray to rock us. And why because you're a traveler. And when you when you are a

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traveler, then you don't pray the Sunnah, or relative in the suddenness before and after the prayers, with the exception of the fajr prayer, and the way to the prayer because those are two prayers, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam never left me he never abandoned it. And so that's why, you know, when the person is Amina, the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam was he, he couldn't he didn't combine his prayers. And that's the default for a traveler. For traveler, the default is that you pray each prayer at its time, you should never combine unless there's, unless there's a need for if there's a need for it, there's a reason for it. So let's say you're traveling,

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you should always pray, to rock and to rock. And each one of them at their time, like awesome during our summertime, mother of their mother tongue, a Chardonnay Chateau and so forth. And so you should not combine. When do you combine? If you have a need for it, let's say for example, you are planning to go with your family, you know, like you're gone and you're on vacation, and say you're on vacation, it's noon time you pay lower. And you know that, you know, between Dover and answer, you're not going to be able to hold in your hotel. Right, you're going to be out and about. So you can combine your answer as though a prayer the same time they were first then you pray, you're

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awesome. But if you know that, you know, it's like let's say it's a day that you're gonna stay in your hotel anyways. You don't have anything to do. You just have a meeting in the morning and in the afternoon. You're not

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going anywhere. So when is the last time you can phrase a horizontal time the answer prayer in each prayer at its time, that's preferred, but it's permissible to combine. But it's preferred to not combine. But it's always, it's always best to shorten. So the pastor may shorten your prayers to rock as and until rock as, instead of praying for, if you pray for Is that valid? Me your prayer is still valid, but you're doing that which is less.

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You know, it's better to shorten your prayer, and so forth. And so, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam afterwards, he spent he prayed all five prayers in MENA. And of course, you preparing everybody, every everything, give water to your camel, and you you, you make sure you have enough supplies, enough water, because you know, it's very, very hot and Hamdulillah. You know, nowadays, we make camera, and we make it will make homage. Everywhere we go. There's air conditioning, even in the prophets, of Allah, Allah says Masjid Masjid Al haram, in our hotels, it's very hot outside, you come back, and it's like, mashallah, like, the Kings didn't have that. And

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now, even in MENA, and all of these places, you have air conditioning, you have air conditioning, here, like before, I remember in MENA and Arafa. When we when I first made Hodge, like, in the, in the early 90s, we never had any air conditioning. You know, we never had air conditioning. And it was okay. We were we never complained.

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We never had we never complained about it. But then when you have air conditioning, you have more people complain about a complaint, and you wouldn't we didn't have.

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Why? Because I noticed that, you know, when I went when I used to make height, nobody complained about the heat or anything like that is a tense, you just dealt with it. Right? When you had air conditioning, then you have people arguing in hij. Like, brother, you know what, this is my place, and then fighting over the place. Why before you look at standing where you are at the same temperature, but now Hey, the air conditioning is right here blowing right at you. The other one is no air conditioning this place, or do I want to stay here? And then brothers, it's a cold, it's cold, closed air conditioning. You know, like the club, close it, and open it, close it and people

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are like, it's too hot. Now it's too cold. Because you have a lot of people and nighttime everyone and I'm hot. I'm still hot, right? Because it's, and there's another person like I'm cold.

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Like you, Mike, why don't you just close that to me turn off the air conditioning. And so there's like everyone's fighting over. Should you turn on the air conditioning? Or should you turn off the air conditioning?

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Right. And when we didn't have it, nobody complained. Right? Nobody complained. I remember Mina in Arafa we didn't have even an out of our tents were like, not when I think we just laid our whatever he had on the ground. And that was it. There were no trees and Arafa they didn't plant the trees before. The tree is just came now you have trees everywhere. And now you have even sprinklers. But people will complain more than before. Even though it's easier. It's easier. We will complain less because you know, Hey, you don't have dinner and you didn't feel hot. You didn't feel cold. You can't complain. You can't fight because everyone's hot.

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Right and if you're too cold or too hot or too cold, you can't do anything about a day is everyone just have the doula and have the law. So no matter what it is sometimes in hudge there's sometimes with ease comes in

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The battery's low

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the promise of love

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He says hives is all over. Whoever covers the day of gathering

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